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    Losttrap in all of his not-so-busty glory!
    Being Canadian, he'll lick maple syrup off of any surface, including dicks.
    In case anyone is confused, I'll spell it out for you; You're queer.

    Losttrap (real name Ben Spurr) is a Canadan crossdresser who thrust himself into the chan community when he needed help smuggling illegal estrogen from the United States. He needed American Anons to order hormones online then mail them to his home address so his mommy and daddy wouldn't find out what a gigantic faggot he is and disown him. When this failed he resorted to posting fake pictures of himself to attract innocent anons.

    Although this did make him quite popular and infamous on /b/, no one wanted to donate time and money to help a prancing, prissy cunt. In desperation for feminizing drugs he posted pictures of his ass in various positions. His fame increased tenfold, but his wallet/purse/anal cavity remained empty.

    Losttrap is mainly known as Bendilin on gaming sites. He can be found under that name on furfag sites like Sonic CulT and Fur Affinity. Losttrap may just rival CWC in his love of Sonic the Hedgehog. Lately he's taken up the tripfag name "Amy Rose" on chan sites. He can be even found at 4chan's /v/, bumping Minecraft threads and talking about nothing relevant to the thread.

    Losttrap is living with his parents and currently having problems with his parents since his dad tried to beat him up but instead his mom got the hand.

    Past Drama

    As mentioned, before Ben Spurr became most known as Losttrap he was Bendilin. He used this alias in almost every site that caught his interest, including deviantArt and MySpace. There was even an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about him before this one existed, but it was nothing more than a shitty attack article with no drama and was baleeted.

    Ben's main hangout spot was a Donkey Kong fansite where he would troll 13 year old boys and bitch about how much he hated Nintendo & Mario. The last straw was when the Super Smash Bros. Brawl website announced Lucas as a playable character, making Ben to fly into an outrageous outburst as he believed Ness would be replaced by the blonde shota.[1]

    Fuck Nintendo, fuck Sakurai, fuck Brawl, fuck everything relating to them. It's fucking EarthBound 64 being canceled all over again. I fucking hate these idiots and literally want to see them die.


    —Bendilin, welcoming Lucas' inclusion with open arms.

    Of coarse, his bitching was completely in vain as Ness was later announced as one of the characters returning from Melee. The admins also caught on to his shenanigans and soon enough gave Bendilin the banhammer. He was later unbanned following a controversy surrounding another member's reinstatement, but had his account deleted by request. Sometime after quitting the site forever, Bendilin would become Losttrap.

    A Failed Scam

    Losttrap tried spending a few months befriending the community, which divided 4chan into two very distinct groups; One that wanted to rape Losttrap, and one that wanted force feed him a tank of gasoline before sticking a flamethrower up his ass (10,000:1 ratio). He advised the uncountably small group that he was going to the Anime North convention this year and wanted to sit on as many dicks as he could find. Once there however, he and his group of lip-licking clowns were photographed and openly mocked, excluding the one dressed as Pedobear.

    Since that failure, Losttrap has left 4chan and migrated to 420chan's /cd/ due to how retardedly modest and praising they are. For weeks he put on live cam shows which were overridden with advertisements for his online store and fucking awful drawings, most of which he would reuse due to a lack of new material. For whatever reason, he was able to trick fellow chan-whores andrea, Nicky-chan, and Ryo-chan into joining his cam show for a brief period in an attempt to up his status in the crossdressing community.

    After being banned from BlogTV for airing an unregulated amount of faggotry and getting kicked out of his parents' house he has been mooching off of his friends and any willing Anons he can find. It is assumed he is currently working as a male prostitute. A cheap male prostitute.

    For quite awhile, I was extremely sick. Despite having very little emotional bonding with my parents, I was stricken with guilt. If I hadn't of skipped school that day, my dad would have taken the truck and wouldn't have almost died. Luckily, the air bag DIDN'T go off by a fluke. If it had, the air bag would have killed him.


    —Losttrap, on almost killing his father.

    Fun Facts

    • Losttrap got his name when two Anons attempted to find the "lost trap" after he bailed out of his failing campaign to get free oestrogen.
    • Losttrap is claimed to have the best ass and pair of legs of all the regularly seen traps.
    • Losttrap's favorite Pokemon doll to penetrate is Cherrim.
    • Losttrap actually does shit on cam instead of just sitting there like an air head, such as playing his Nintendo DS.
    • Losttrap attempted to start the "Confirmed for Brawl", Wowser, and "Did you know that, daaaaad?" memes.
    • Losttrap rips off hundreds of cosplayers and weeaboos a month with his overpriced TWEWY pins.
    • Losttrap doesn't require hormones due to how unnaturally gay he is.

    They were pornographic polaroids of that ugly, fat assed beast who gave them the maternity book. They were laughably disgusting. I've never seen so many rolls in my life and it was a mystery how anyone managed to get all of that fat onto such small photographs. To make it worse, the fugly whale was also hairy.


    —Losttrap, on fat people.


    Losttrap Pictyahs About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    anyway I can get nice and loud

    when I'm LAWLing and humping?


    —Losttrap, on... God knows what

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