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Lord Shadrach, more commonly described as just Shadrach is someone who is totally not Christian Weston Chandler, and to prove it, he makes videos of him complaining about it to try to prove it, much like someone else does. On top of this, he is his own brand of autism craziness, believing himself to be a super awesome ninja and thinks he goes up against the rock star from Mars often.

Shadrach describes himself

Lord Shadrach is a whiteknighting badass ninja brony who has recently been noticed getting into a frenzy of assdamage on Chris Chan videos. He also has an army of Ninjas to do his bidding. Lastly, he has a habit of challenging his arch nemesis Charlie Sheen into debates. Each time with Shadrach coming out on top with victory.



What he ACTUALLY is (i.e. not what he wrote above this)

LordShadRach is what appears to be a manchild who has USI and takes YouTube too seriously. His interests include My Little Pony: Autism is Money, Legos, White knighting, flamboyant hand gestures, and more pursuits commonly found in people on the autism spectrum.

Also, he doesn't go fast.

Origins (according to him)

The origins of LordShadrach lie in the depths of youtube. At one time, he was known as Cyraka, a loser nobody who did piss poor comics. After a time of silence and self discovery, he found a source of power which enabled him to become the White Knight know him today as well as a badass Ninja. His ninja armies which are on his channel and various other places, he also has powerful allies and supporters who agree with his awesomeness. He charges into the fray with no fear as he knows victory is in his hands.


—His origin, as written by himself.

If it isn't funny already, LordShadRach seem to accidentally dox himself in response to his ED article.


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