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LordElthibar (powerword: Michael Klein, born February 9th, 1993), on the outside, he may seem like any sort of Autistic Tarlet, only LordElthibar is a total fucknut manchild who is so stuck into his religion, that even God thinks he's nuts. He's your typical Evangelist Christfag, he hates gays, people from other countries, abortions, Non-Christians, and everybody else who disagrees with him, all while masturbating to his Autistic Disney fanart and guns. He's also a proud Disney fanfic author, writing about the evil liberals taking his freedom away, all while he denies it to people who don't agree with him. He talks like it's 1513, but don't let this fool you, this is proving how autistic he is.

A good Christian

Being the washed up fucknut he is, LordElthibar is one of the most outspoken, if not the most by far, Pro-life Tartlet on the whole site. His art tends to involve a lot of his far right political views. His idea of pro-life is so outspoken, that he goes and attacks people who disagree with him because he thinks if he attacks enough people, they'll become good Christians and be pro-lifers like him. Unfortunately, being the dense Christfag he is, he fails to understand what other political views mean other than his own. Try to get into an intellectual debate with him against his strong Christian conservative values, and he'll block you before you can even respond to him. He will then go write a journal about how you're persecuting him and getting more people to feel sorry for him because he's such a nice and poor Christian boy who's getting persecuted by people like you everyday.

Political views

This picture alone proves the delusion that this manchild has acquired in his small Autistic brain.

LordElthibar is a very strong member of the Tea Party Movement. He along with his fellow rednecks, feel good denying the rights to others while they give themselves everything. It appears he is under the impression that the reason people hate him is because he is Christian. This is partially true, people hate him because he is a washed up fucknut and delusional Tea Party Activist, redneck, and conspiracy theorist. He, of course, has failed to see the point numerous times and continually tries to make everybody else think he's another struggling Christian dealing with persecution everyday, while he goes and persecutes people for their beliefs and political views.

Autism at its finest

Outside of being the usual fucknut he is, LordElthibar's main hobby is making Disney fanart, mostly of the movie Tangled, along with other movies, like Rise of the Guardians and Brave. Criticism should not apply to him, because he is an amazing artist who draws well, yet still uses Crayons to draw and resorts to MSPaint for digital drawings because he's wanting attention so badly. His drawings are so lulzworthy, for a second, you think that this is a joke. He expects everybody to give him a positive comment on his drawings because if you give him a negative comment, he's going to whine about being persecuted. He has at least 3 whole pages on his DevianTART profile of hidden or marked as spam comments from people that disagree with him, and constantly bitches about these people coming to his page in his bitchbook hoping to get attention from the few people that support him. He even has a most wanted list that makes no sense at all, putting further speculation on how Autistic he is. His JewTube Channel on the other hand is all about his drawings and poorly edited crossover videos. He thinks he can be a voice actor for simply voicing over his drawings.

His apology video to somebody he pissed off

His fanfics

LordElthibar has recently gotten tons of attention from people because of how bad they are, almost all of them are about Obama turning into a super villain and taking the freedom and rights away from the conservative Tea Party Disney heroes! Along with almost every user that LordElthibar has blocked because he thinks that making them the villain in all his fanfictions will make him awesome, in reality, the fanfics are nothing more than tealiban propaganda because a black guy is president. His fanfics are so bad, it makes My Immortal and Twilight look like literary masterpieces. He also has a wiki dedicated to his fanfics, which brings us to....

The Elthibar Wiki Attack

On December 1st, 2013, while LordElthibar was busy fapping furiously to his Hero, a lulzworthy group called the Coalition of Egg Smoking Assholes raided his page and removed all content regarding his fanfics, within 24 hours, when LordElthibar finally got done rubbing his penis with sandpaper to his hero, he realized what has happened and b& the member responsible for ruining his wiki for 100 years. (Which is a false statement, his wiki was shit before the edit.) He now thinks that CESA is some sort of liberal conspiracy, he then bitched about it on his journal about it, he thinks that ED is serious and a legit source, and that he's being targeted by nonexistent atheist terrorist groups. He also thinks he's won simply for banning CESA from his page and protecting his articles. He hasn't learned, like usual....

Conspiracy theorist nutjob

Another claim to that LordElthibar has gotten his 15 minutes of fame from is his wild conspiracy theory that in 2017, The United States will be some apocalyptic wasteland Obama started imprisoning his own citizens, this obviously upsets Elthibar, for it his duty to not understand the power of lulz. He thinks he is going to be the leader of a resistance movement fighting the New World Order! Perhaps if he quit watching a certain Fucktard, he would realize he's nothing more than a forever alone manchild that will indeed die alone, either that or he'll go crazy and give everything up for the glory of God.

The Great Wiki Raid

Eventually last Thursday some faggots were reading this wiki page and found out lordbutthurt had his own wiki for his shitty fanfics. Thinking that this would be good for some potential ED fodder and lulz a raid was planned in an attempt to smoke him out. Lead by grand faggot CutestSith of deviant-art infamy he and his partner in crime Mocha raided his wiki and made it 100% better and more truthful. Changes made to the wiki were facts such as Eithlibars love for big black cocks, his latent lust for his boyfriend Jamal, how Elsa from Frozen was on a quest to save the white race and how Hitler did nothing wrong. An example can be shown below.

Just a small example of what went on.

Naturally the autist got butthurt and went online to try and save his precious wiki but it was too late. Though unknown how many they had as soon as he would change one article another would change or it would be re-edited. This caused him to go into an even bigger autistic panic. Seeing that their work payed off Mocha decided to bait Lord Dickslurper on DA. The reaction was typical of his caliber This lead to even greater lulz of him flipping out and bitching how Mocha was a big meanie poopy pants who should be banned for hate speech for wanting to gas the Jews who he feels solidarity with since they are God's people AKA blood sucking parasites like he is that only use welfare. Then he found out she was a Christian too and tried to get her on his side by licking her clit. Naturally the sight of this greasy manlett she proceeded to bitch slap him and rape him with a strap on. This made him so butthurt that he actually decided to take the war to ED. There he got butthurt enough to make a shitty one paragraph article on her on how she is mean and wants to gas Jews, not realizing that by gassing Jews this makes her perhaps the most charitable person on the planet for dealing with this vermin. He then actually got on this page and tried to edit it. Not realizing that

A. We keep a saved copy of every page.

B. We can just ban him.

Which then proceeded to happen. This can be confirmed to be Lord himself since the only pages touched or made was the one on Mocha and this very article itself. What is even funnier is that the article on his wiki about himself still has not changed about him molesting his bible and liking black dicks.

LordElthibar is confirmed for liking big black dicks.

The Trolling Campaign

Sadly for the little manlett it didn't end there. mocha-frappuchino moved the trolling from his wiki to his main DA page. This caused even greater autism explosions then they could have possibly imagined. Lord Elthibar decided enough was enough and that like the libtards he was going to show this troll the error of it's ways. Sadly he did not know that she was guided by divine providence of trolldin in the form of CutestSith and blessed by KEK to temporary have the stumping powers of Trump. What resulted was the great Lulz war on Elthibar in which she cruelly and unjustly trolled and triggered him with simple facts, logic, and trying to make him and other autists productive members of society for once. In typical fashion for him he took this as srs bsns like he did ED and much like what happened with him and this site he ended up being a source of entertainment for everyone else.

Her old account egomaniac-monster and teapartycup got banhammered by DA mods or some reason(despite feeding them shekels, proving them to be Jews) causing Lord asshurt to gloat. Though much like his ejaculations (JK,he doesn't get any pussy) it was premature as she just popped up again with a new account. And not only that she was able to make the first strike by actually reporting on of his shitty fanfics to the DA mods and getting it banned for child porn. Yes, in the archives of the DA mods this sad pathetic waste of human life now is marked down for possessing child porn. This caused even greater agony and rage for him which was only egged on by Mocha who then proceeded to make fun of his waifuism for Merida from Disney's Brave. First by pointing out that no women real or fictional would want to be with this greasy tartlet and second pointing out that she's fucking underage. To which he didn't care and actually tried to justify his lust for an underage character by saying it was okay in the past. Ironic as that is used as the same excuse by Musfags. After this bought of autism he got pissy and started whining to the DA admins to do something about her and her legions of minions that are attacking him.

During this time is when people stopped laughing mostly and decided to try and throw the fucktard a bone by alerting him not to feed the trolls and that Mocha isn't so much as milking this lolcow but strapped a fucking milk machine to his utters. Instead of taking their advice seriously he started flipping out at everyone. Even of his who tried to help him or friendly strangers were deemed as enemies and cussed out by this lolcow. This only resulted in more and more people approving of the raid and hoping this failed abortion would get his B&. Needless to say their wish was granted as a bunch of dank memes of his waifu Merida was made in a Nazi uniform triggering the fuck out of the kikeservative and causing him to call for the shut down of nearly all of DA for being like annuda shoah!

Great Elthibar Raid

The Great Ethlibar raid was an event that took place during the current year+2 in which the autistic fuckwad known as Elthibar got really pissy at the Irish for being Catholic and making traps legal. He decided to show his displeasure by posting an anti-meme which is against the Geneva convention, of the Irish flag burning. Problem was he is very defensive about his own heritage and flags making him easy to fuck with. He did not realize this because in his own words he has high functioning autism and is on his way to becoming the next CWC. The battle was started when an adorable trap waifu found this advanced faggotry on DA. Wanting to do a social experiment on just how autistic he was he sent a request to the author for it to be featured in a political tartlet group on DA. Elthibar was in fact dumb enough to send it to DA proving that he indeed has no brain. Elthibar in his mind expected to receive praise from his hatred of the Ireland. Instead what he got was 10 way beat down that was justly deserved, his reputation crumbled, his fanbase imploded, and becoming one of the biggest jokes on DA.

The Great War Begins:

It took very little time before the great anal rekoning began. Immediately people flocked to his page to tell him but a dumb piece of shit he was. Elthibar reacted in typical fashion: autistic screeching. People were incredibly confused by his antics. For one he apparently was ethnically Irish to some degree yet was shit talking his own race calling them sub-human terrorists. You'd think that would mean he himself was sub-human but no, he was apparently master race from being from a superior nation. This however also confused people since before Elthibar did not even considere his superior nation to be a superior nation and did not even trust his fellow Americunts, instead identifying as a Confederate. In all honesty this is par the course for mister master race and we now know that Hitler tired to stop this and we regret ever trying to stop him in WW2 especially since the Nazis were gay Irish men.

However that was only part of the problem. The real reason he hated the Irish was because of this horrible fact: they made traps legal. This was not a valid reason for the other tartlets on DA and everyone made fun of him for it.

Fighting the Evil Globalists.

The Irish has been consumed by the evil globalists which is why they are evil (along with making traps legal) according to Elthibar. So instead he supports an Imperialist nation that spread globalism through much of its fucking history by taking over most of the known world at the time. People tried to point this out to him but this did not register for Elthibar and thought they were all evil peat eating SJW shills.


Instead they were simply trying to point out the inconsistencies in his logic. Lord did not care for he is master race and always right. The screeching retard would freak out whenever someone pointed out not so nice things that the U.K had done in the past. Lord Elthibar in amazing feats of logic only he is capable of thought this meant that people wanted to let in ten bajillion muslims to rape English girls and make England Muslamic. No one, absolutely no one suggested that but that the kind of mental shields he has up.

The Irish are Mean :[

His next great feat us trying to justify why he hates them. His main reason is that "the Irish were man to me!!!!111 :'[ " This is despite the fact TheArtFrog tried to be friends with the little shit head and got bitched at non-stop then told to fuck off when he tried to help him. Or the fact he started calling Pixiefairy a cuck and that the Irish contributed nothing to society. Clearly it is the Irish who have to show their worth to this majestic master race. Ireland is a nation full of terrorists and cross-dressing traps after all. Based Pheasant attempted to drop some help to him

iconpheasant-one::If you're going to call a group of people sub-human terrorists, of course they're not going to treat you nicely.

Now in a rationale world he responds with

"Oh you're right. This isn't helping me with my problem with them. I should be nice and maybe I would have a fucking point if they were dicks to me at least."

Which is exactly what he did.

HAHAHAHAHAHA JK he sucks dicks.

This is how he responded


MissouriPatriot 9 hours ago New Deviant No, it's because most of them have been harassing me and not once have I received a kind word from the Irish.

Perhaps they don't say kind words because there's nothing to kind to say to an abortion gone wrong?

He's a History Major

Yeah no one is buying that either.

The End

Finally it ended when Elthibar could no longer take the criticism Cyber-bullying from all those evil secular muslim trolls. No srsly. He actually thinks they are secular Muslim trolls. He disabled comments. Thus ending his embarrassment and we will hopefully all forget this faggotry............

JK. I got an archive.


Eat Shit Michael Klein! AKA Elthibar

H̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶a̶n̶

L̶M̶A̶O̶ ̶H̶E̶'̶S̶ ̶B̶&̶!̶!̶!̶1̶!̶ He's back as of January 12th, and is mad.

As stated above Michael went and got himself banned. The cause of this is when he felt the need to go to the main page of the onwer of DA and DEMAND that DA remain a safe space for him since it was an anti-Christian site in his own words. Apparently the bot that runs the site even recognized how damaging this autism is to braincells and banned him. Michael shut up and not a word was heard from him until he came back on January 12th, bringing with him several thousand tons of salt he dug from the great salt lakes. There was so much salt historians claim that it rivaled the last great salt mining of November 9th 2016. He responded in typical lolcow fashion which gives us more reasons to laugh at him.

I'm officially done! I've been threatened by the overreaching over abusive authority of the staff. The enemy is gone so there is no defeat but neither is their victory. I was expelled for telling the truth and for that I'm leaving. When I'm punished for something that is within moral parameters for being tolerant of another culture and forced to abide by laws of a state that legalizes prostitution, you know there is something wrong with this so-called community.

Enough is enough guize!

His yummy yummy tears

He changed to a new account called "MissouriPatirot", thinking his trolls couldn't find him and he could continue to post his narrowminded autistic bullshit, but they did find him.

Things that Elthibar hates

  • Other religions
  • Pre-marital Sex (because it leads to more abortions)
  • Having common sense
  • Thinking
  • Mocha despite asking for forgiveness multiple times and wishes to kiss her clit
    What happened to being a Christian?
  • Donald Trump
  • The Irish (he even burned their flag in public)


Some idiot messed up my wikia page just yesterday. The bright side is I repaired all the damage and was even able to remodle the page itself. Even after I had made repairs, those same jerks who messed up my wikia harrassed me on youtube. Don't they see that they have already been defeated? They are proud supporters of Encyclopedia Dramatica and thus I no longer am convinced that the Encyclopedia Dramatica is reliable what-so-ever. There can be no peace with the likes of them! If this is what our culture is being taught as okay, then they deserve the coming chaos that will put society in its rightful place.

NOTE: Be aware, this group of hags are known as the Coalation of Egg Smoking A%$#%les. Put saftey restrictions on whatever you have online so they may not destroy whatever you have.




The comments on my ElthibarXMerida picture got even worse. That same person declared that the baby Merida was carrying insider herself should be killed to help Merida. Never in my days did I fell like I would ever see such a foul comment on my artwork. If anyone else makes one more comment against my artwork where Rapunzel or Merida are pregnant, they are instantly going to be blocked and reported for harassment! I hope I made myself clear!





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