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    moot haet lolichan

    Loli-chan is the name given to a 13-year-old girl named Dolores who posts pictures of herself on imageboards and enjoys hearing from her older male fans.

    She posted for a time on AlmightyLOL when she began her camwhoring phase. She notably made a thread about having her first period.

    The classical approach.

    She currently isn't interested in sex or relationships. This of course doesn't stop her pedophile fan base from frequently asking if they can stick it in her pooper, often spawning flame wars with her fans who don't want to rape her.

    Loli-chan has done many request photos for her fans, and is open to most non-cp requests. She won't do nude photos, regardless of how often she's asked.

    Recently there was drama on the loli-chan board over at lurkmore.com. It appears that a member of the GNAA, Jacqueline Singh, contacted lolhat i's school and told them about all the pictures that loli had posted. It also appears that her school wasn't too impressed and therefore suspended her and referred her to a Psychiatrist (who apparently said loli is healthy and this is normal behavior). During her suspension loli got a stern telling off from her distraught parents and then sat and played video games.

    On the 9th September 06 Loli-chan said goodbye to her fans as she's now given up camwhoring. Her -chan status has now been revoked. Some conspiracy theorists suggest that Loli turned to the GNAA in order to have them help her get out of camwhore in a highly dramatic fashion. Loli denies these rumors but strong evidence suggests otherwise as there are many unanswered questions.

    "loli-chan 06/09/08(Fri)05:30 faggot, do you expect me to be some kind of magical wizard with the answers to everything?"

    As you can see, Loli gets evasive with the truth.

    Loli and the Party Van

    Last February, Roderick Vosburgh, a doctoral student at Temple University who also taught history at La Salle University, got a complimentary visit from representatives of the Fucking Ballbusting Imbeciles, partly due to his interest in CP. One thing that came out during his trial was his visits to Loli-chan's image gallery. The future goatse impersonator is scheduled for sentencing in April.

    Camwhoring again?

    A new folder popped up featuring Loli in some rather interesting poses. A majority of the collection is Cleavage shots and even some Upskirt, as well as a few of her in her unmentionables. Lately photos of her pretending to be Cracky-chan have been posted (who she wishes she was) so she could get more attention. She protests that she doesn't post the photos despite that being an obvious lie and something an attention whore would say.

    Dead Frontier

    On the completely unknown site of Dipshit Fagtier, in 2010 there came a user by the name of Lolichan. As there is no way to discern whether this is The Lolichan, it can assumed that both are the same person. This user despite repeated claims of being a ten year old girl, refused to post pics of herself, this of course can only mean that It is a forty year old man living in it's mother's basement. Although even with this unprecedented level of faggotry, it turned out to quite skilled in the art of trolling, causing the closet homosexual admin known as Xaelath (Pronounced "Faggot") to shit bricks in sheer frustration, finally resorting to teh raeg, and perma-banning Lolichan. This has opened up a way of trolling, as simply questioning who Lolichan is will cause much lulz as a flamewar erupts over the identity of It.


    As of now, she can be found at Crackyhouse either posting on the board or chatting/sometimes video camwhoring on the Tinychat under the name "dolores". She can also be found on Unichan and claims to be "addicted" to the site.

    Breaking news

    On August 28, 2012, a now legal Loli-chan was capped on whoring website MyFreeCams. Her noodz were uploaded to chansluts for all to enjoy. She also has a social justice tumblr.


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    CrackyChan Cosplay

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