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Lolcows: Anisa Jomha

Cult Hitlist: Wilhelm Henry Probst

Pedophiles: EDP445

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Give us this day our daily milk

If you're looking for milk, look no further then Lolcows. These tard-guzzling snowflakes can be found in every faucet of the internet, imbedded in every community imaginable, some moreso then others.

- Posting their SSN
- Swatting
- Calling their personal #
- Fucking their S/O
- Leaking their lulzy DMs to us

Easy ways to tell is their eccentric and impulsive actions they post to social media. No matter the reason why, every single Lolcow has one common trait: Being an attention whore on the internet. Whether they become a cow from the start or over a period of time, they almost never recover.

Once they start going downhill, it only ever gets worse. This is usually required in a Lolcow, the more they are faced with taking any sort of responsibility is usually the time they provide the most milk.

We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica are focused on obtaining the freshest milk on our Lolcow articles, promising to bring you every type of milk that makes the whole experience both fucking disgusting and sweet to consume.

Shit that goes here

  • Lying Twitch Thots
  • That one dude you know who's homeless and cries on twitter
  • Most people on DLive
  • Anyone with a Kiwifarms thread

No rape, just hamsters.


Chris Chan

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