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    LiveJournal Roleplay

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    LiveJournal Roleplay

    LiveJournal Roleplay is the term used to describe when two or more people pretend to be animu characters (or, in entertainment roleplay, celebrities) in elaborate settings. These scenes can be played out in a variety of places, such as AIM, IRC, Gaia, Neopets, and online message boards, as well as IRL. One of the more popular venues for this activity is LiveJournal, which has over 9,000 roleplaying communities.

    Basics of LJ roleplaying

    To roleplay properly, one must be an elitist, having thoroughly dissected the personality and actions of the character, or "muse" they have decided to play. They will spend hours writing up entries detailing their muse's life and spend an equally long time working on comments to other characters in the roleplay. Everything they type must be the pinnacle of perfection, lest they be mercilessly ripped to shreds by fellow roleplayers.

    LJ roleplayers are notoriously passive-aggressive and will use any means necessary to attack lesser roleplayers while never having to confront them directly. The most commonly used shield is that of Anonymous. Entire communities have been created for the sole purpose of anonymously tearing other players down.

    This, naturally, leads to epic wank and lulz.

    Common LJ RP terms

    Terms you will almost definitely run into in the LJ RP world. Feel free to add more. Thanks to the ever helpful anons at the rp_anon_meme, here's some moar:

    • Muse - What some people call their characters. Some also use this to mean the thing which gives them their inspiration, which is typically the character that lives in their head.
    • Pup - Another term for characters. Short for "puppet".
    • Kid - Yet another term for characters! Apparently, muses are goats.
    • Mun - What players call themselves, which most likely is derived from the word mundane in that all humans are boring and only fictional characters are awesome!11!1 This may or may not be some weeaboo shit.
    • Log - A roleplay interaction written in prose.
    • Mod - Short for moderator. These players should be kissed up to as much as possible to earn favoritism privileges.
    • PB - Stands for Played By (or Picture Bitch). Used when players use a celebrity's picture to represent their character in icons.
    • CR - Stands for Character Relationships. Used to describe what characters your character talks to.
    • BNF - Big Name Fan. Kiss these people's asses and become their lackeys to feel important. They are the gods of the RP world, along with mods.
    • Shooped Vendetta - Getting caught with delete or edit buttons on your self-praise secret and claiming that someone photoshopped them in there to make you look bad.
    • orz (also ORZ, OTL and/or otl) - A little man bowing. Definitely some weeaboo shit.
    • SCRE - God I don't even care, that's fucking retarded.

    Bad Roleplayers Suck

    Dear mod:

    I hate you. No, seriously, I do. And, coming from me, that says something. You give me this sick, panicky feeling in my chest simply by talking to me OOC. You stress me out in ways I can't even begin to explain. You're insanely high and mighty, like your (insert deity name here)'s gift to the roleplaying world. And you know something? You're not. Congrats, you can write, but you still can't create a decent character to save your life. And you're a bloody attention whore. Nothing can be about anyone else. If someone starts talking about something in their life, you just pop into the conversation with some asinine comment like "*flails wildly*" or "*makes noises for attention*" You make me want to cut myself.


    —typical BRPS post

    File:Lj-favicon.png bad_rpers_suck, also known as BRPS, was created in 2002 for roleplayers to vent about other roleplayers they consider unworthy of their presence. Since its creation, it has caused much wank and lulz. Sock puppets are commonly used here so that people can bitch about their bffs and not get into trouble with them over complaining about how much they fail.

    More often than not, people find out that they're being bitched about on said community, and come and cry moar to all of the BRPS regulars, from whom they expect sympathy. They never get any.

    RP Secrets

    rp_secrets was created in mid-2008 as a companion to File:Lj-favicon.png fandom_secrets, both of which are rip-offs of Postsecret. The point was to create moar wank among the LJ RP community. While there is the occasional ass-patting secret, the majority are personal attacks, though noone is sure what the criteria is for a personal attack getting censored - leading to lots of cry moar responses from the community at large

    Nearly two months after its creation, however, one of the mods, in a fit of butthurt, deleted the community. She restored it a few hours later, citing hackers, but everyone knew it was her and when they accused her, she deleted the community again, forever this time.

    LJ RPers, dramawhores that they are, quickly created an assload of copycat communities. The one that most people fled to was File:Lj-favicon.png roleplaysecrets, as it was created and maintained by two of the same mods from the original rp_secrets, minus the butthurt mod, but including File:Lj-favicon.png queen_qing, responsible for the introduction of shooped vendettas to roleplaysecrets thanks to posting a secret praising her own Kanda and getting subsequently butthurt about being caught at it, and her friends/defenders from File:Lj-favicon.png polychromatic.


    The File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme was started in August of 2008 as a free-for-all Anonymous bloodfest. The meme was created for the sole purpose bitching about other roleplayers, and seemingly worked, sending a lot of butthurt roleplayers packing. It amassed just over 11,000 comments, though its reign of terror was cut short by Anonymous spamming it with Beowulf. And let's not forget the cameo by Seaking, in which Beowulf began buttfucking said fish. (Yeah, you heard me.) Unfortunately, most of that was bahleeted by the creator of File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme, who apparently had a limited sense of humor.

    Part 2: Fail All Around

    It was revived in October of 2008, but there has yet to be as much drama in the sequel (typical, amirite?). This is fail on the part of the meme's creator for barely giving the community a month to amass new butthurt and drama. Most threads were just rehashes of threads from the last meme, and most anons were professing boredom. As of October 8, however, the File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme has withdrawn...for now (insert ominous music here).

    Fail spinoffs

    Another anon hate meme was created shortly after File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme's death, at File:Lj-favicon.png rpanonmeme, but it suffered a premature death before reaching 150 comments. Not much of a hate meme.

    During the October revival, an anon was intrigued by the notion of making the same comments while shedding anon and logging in and created File:Lj-favicon.png fuckrecaptcha (in reference to reCaptcha, LJ's test to prove that you are not a robot when making anonymous comments. Anons, the whiny little bitches they are, complained about its existence with comments on File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme, often and loudly). However, because LJ RPers are pussies, this meme fell flat on its face with a grand total of 82 comments.

    As shown in the RP Anon Meme post dated October 8, two more anon memes have sprung forth - this time, File:Lj-favicon.png rp_talk, which promises to be a rather boring waste of time ("No wank or bashing or anything like that"? Aw, dammit), and RPG Chan, which likely will fail because, as we all know, LJ roleplayers rarely leave the womb of LiveJournal.

    And of course, every time a big wankfest shows up in LJ RP land, a love meme must be created to counter it. Asspats for everyone!

    Part 3: Why do people still care?

    For a while, File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme provided a monthly place for people to spew bile all over, but eventually the creator herself get bored of it, and it was up to the masses to find a new pit of voles. File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_redux lept forward to fill this hole, but didn't enable anonymous commenting, defeating its own purpose. The creator seemed to think this was hilarious, but after getting repeatedly called on how retarded this was, the creator wanked all over the meme and everyone left.

    File:Lj-favicon.png rp_anonmeme soon filled the gap, and seems to be the victor of the RP Anon Meme War. Their victory is bitter sweet and tastes faintly of hangover vomit.

    RP Anon Meme Memes

    • how is rp formed

    how game get wanked on

    They need to do way instain mods> who kill thier games. becuse these game cant frigth back it was on the anon meme this mroing a mod on lj who had kill her three games . lj staff are taking the three game back to the server too mod to be purged my pary are with the players who lost their plots ; i am truley sorry for your lots

    • so ur with ur rp partner and yur smuttin wen the phone rigns. u anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my mod?" u tell ur patner n she say "my rp is ded".


    I feel like I'm the only one.

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