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    Littlest Pet Shop

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    Littlest Pet Shop is an animated show created by the same idiots who produced the piece of shit known as My Gym Partner's a Monkey and is essentially a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ripoff, if not, its even more retarded twin brother due of them belonging to the same company, Hasbro, and being aired in the same channel, The Hub Discovery Family.

    Its paucity of original ideas is such that some argue it makes FiM appear halfway decent by comparison. For instance, the antagonists of the show are a pair of twins called the Biskitt Sisters, and they fall in the oh-so-original archetype of popular whores that rival with the bland heroine Blythe, who is also the biggest Mary Sue in existence, and the group of main characters has your typical hyperactive happy-go-luck retard that obviously you have seen in many other cartoon shows. The show also homages characters from other shitty shows; Zoe Trent, nb. Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, and Minka Mark, nb. Pinkie Pie being just two examples. The animation is consistently terrible, although the retards who watch the show completely fail to acknowledge this fact.

    Just like Friendship is Magic, the shows audience consists of pre-schoolers and the socially-retarded, the latter would seemingly, based on the plethora of R34, have wet dreams about the character of Blythe and the dog Zoe every night.


    Blythe Baxter: The whore of the show. Has the ability to talk to animals like she's very high and tailors clothing. Her personality is a prime example of a Mary Sue, who is considered absolutely perfect in every way by all the other characters who kiss her ass and worship her all day, every day.

    The pets go so far as to state that they cannot live without Blythe and pretty much talk all the time about how perfect she is. In other words, what a Mary Sue and an attention whore she is. Blythe Baxter also hates Lucy Van Pelt.

    Zoe Trent: A Twilight Sparkle copycat furry that yiffs with Blythe every time and provides the only decent source of beastiality porn.

    Russel Ferguson: A spoiled hedgehog that fucks the whole place up.

    Sunil Nevla: A dumb skunk that does magic tricks.

    Minka Mark: Pinkie Pie if she was a monkey.


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