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    Little Big Planet

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    100px Little Big Planet looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
    Look out for unfunny Uncyclopedia bullshit, boring in-jokes, and angsty teen-ery.
    You could also add in actual humor.
    This is the best that the Playstation 3 has to offer us.

    LittleBigPlanet is an incredibly gay 3D sandbox game by Media Molecule where you can "Play, Create, and Share!" with a network of under-aged Playstation 3 gamers who are not yet ready to play the imamature rated first person shooters. Little Big Planet is known for being one of the games that makes the Playstation 3 the best console out there!!!!1 LittleBigPlanet is now free on the PlayStation Network Store as a "Welcome Back" present due to the PlayStation Network outage of 2011. However, only 300 rednecks on average play this game since its update, Little Big Planet 2, was released. Last thursday, Sony unveiled Little Big Planet 3.


    The standards for this game are worse than Call of Duty and even Runescape. This game is populated by the typical:


    You take control of a Sackboy who can only run, grab, and jump in over 8 million of the exact same levels. You can also play dress-up with your Sackboy so he can have anime-styled hair, hipster glasses, and perhaps a schoolgirl outfit so he can be a sackvestite in front of all of the other 1 to 3 players in your cardboard box ("Pod"). You then go to the "Cool Levels Page" and select either a Bomb Survival level, a Jumping level, or a well decorated platformer. These are the only 3 types of levels you can play which are all the exact same because players can have the option to copy someone's level and publish it as their own.

    • Bomb Survivals consist of being a flat empty level with a gay mainstream theme (such as Transformers, Smosh, or Family Guy) getting fucked up by emitted brown bombs and score bubbles with no rhyme or reason. The level usually lasts for 10 seconds before you die and have to restart the level. Play it over and over to be ranked on the Scoreboard full of hardcore gamers.
    • Jump Levels consist of running to the right of the screen jumping on deformed obstacles over gas or spikes collecting score bubbles, 9.99999999 times out of 10 you won't even make the first jump so you might as well leave the level and go play a Bomb Survival.
    • Kill Justin Bieber Levels sound promising but end up being just as gay as listening to Skrillex. You fly around grabbing bombs and throwing them at cardboard Justin Biebers until you realize that you've been in the level for 15 seconds and you're already bored as shit. Every one of these levels has hearts everywhere and a pink background so you can be in your element of faggotry.
    • Free Costumes and Stickers Levels make up 98% of the levels on the Cool Levels Page offering fuckloads of emo pictures and scene costumes so your girlfriend on this game thinks you're hot.
    • Shark Survival Levels you swim in shit creek without a paddle getting killed by sharks 2 seconds upon entering the level. This may bring lulz the first time you play it.


    You won't find LittleBigPlanet anywhere online (it's amazing that LittleBigPlanet is even on here) because most of the players on this game need parental permission to go on the internet, LittleBigPlanet is barely featured on anything over the internets except for websites related to LittleBigPlanet.


    When LBP 2 launched, it was pretty average. It was full of emos but in early 2012 a legion of the most beta faggots around emerged. They called themselves the Greenskeepers and their "goal" was to rid LBP of the meen truels. Despite most ignoring them because they were too busy fapping to CP it turned out the leader was a "gurl gamer" who was like 35 and a complete loser. Her name was DebonaireToast. The neckbeards flocked to her like niggers to KFC and a protest to stop bullying took place. What the betas didn't realise was her goal was to revoke the right to downvote levels, which succeeded. This fucked the game in it's ass so hard it got prostate cancer. This allowed a faggot called Latin_Player to stay on the front page with stolen levels using 50+ accounts. Realising the shit they had caused, the betas ran leaving DebonaireToast alone. Unfortunately, she had became too close to the mods and got whatever she wanted including an Mm pick for a shit level.


    DebonaireToast, aka Mandi Cook, @DebonaireToast, @_PookiePoo, @HFantastique, [1], is an artist, photographer and self-proclaimed model (if you like cellulite?!?) from Huntsville, Alabama. She founded the LittleBigPlanet group Greenskeepers [2]. To make themselves known, the groups' first endeavor was to advertise itself by asking well-known creators in the game to lock their levels and publish a copyable version of the Greenskeepers propaganda level, but was met with little support from community members including LBP Vita's Tarsier Studio's Syroc calling the movement "ridiculous". The group advertised itself as "model" LBP citizens that promote safety and kindness within the game, but DebonaireToast's behavior has come to more resemble that of the trolls and bullies in game so much so that she is now known as one of the worst bullies in the game, and people who once supported the Greenskeepers' movement have since distanced themselves from her and her massive thighs.

    Mandi Cook, aka "DebonaireToast" - 170lbs

    In 2012, Debonairetoast started a petition to get Media Molecule to add a block feature to the game: [3]. Even after months of spamming links to it on twitter and in the game, she still has less than 200 signatures, and the community at large largely ignores her and her efforts as her behavior has become more and more irrational. Her repeated harassment of community manager Steven Isbell has gotten to a point that both he and James Spafford have publicly accused her of being a bully herself - a claim which made her lock her Twitter account so that no one could see what she had been doing. She was then briefly banned on PSN for reporting upwards of 250 "bullies" on lbp.me within a span of four hours.

    Little Big Planet Karting

    Last thursday the new installment of the littlebigplanet series was released, a kartracer called "Littlebigplanet Karting". The story is about a group of rats named "the hoard" stealing everything and everyone for unknown reasons and sackboy is trying to stop them. The gameplay is just the same as every other kart racer except you can create levels, but because the create mode was in 3D it was to hard for the avarage players to create levels and they started BAWWWing.

    Little Big Planet 3

    Sony was previewed Little Big Planet 3 at E3 in September 2014. This time adding a bird, sock, an obese Sackboy and stuff.

    13 year old boys , 16 year old girls (who are furries) and beta fags complain about how shitty this game really is, spam every video that the official LBP channel on jewtube makes,saying "DUH DUR WHEN YOU FIX LBP3 ALREADY AND STOP WITH THE FROZEN DLC U DUM ASS BITCHES! ILL 360 NOSCOPE YOU!" and rage and get owned by smart 13 years who have autism. In fact..."70% of kids in lbp has autism" who said by a trolls jailbreaker. DID WE MENTION THEY STILL HAVEN'T PATCHED THE GLITCH TO GET EVERY DLC FOR FREE!!!!11


    It is incredibly easy to grief all of the little kids who play this game, but one report from them and your PSN account is B& faster than you can say fuck. So prior to trolling, make a new account if you're too much of a pussy to lose your account with over 500 trophies. Now that you're ready, here are some ways to troll on LittleBigPlanet:

    • My Stickers Will Blot Out the Sun - Load up a large sticker and hover it over a surface that's in front of everything else and expand it until it takes up the whole screen. Nobody can see shit until you move the sticker, which makes this a good way to ruin a tough platforming sequence or just waste everyone's time since they can't see a damn thing until you get rid of the sticker.
    • Copy someone's level and insist to them that you were the original creator of it.
    • Create a level called "FREE EMO SCENE COSTUMES!!!!11" that will freeze the PS3 of any fag that plays it.
    • Take a Playstation Eye picture of this, this, or this and place it all over their Pod and levels.
    • Join them when they are in create mode, delete/save their whole level, place a bunch of stickers so they can't reverse, laugh at them and call them a fag.

    Since the co-op create update in LittleBigPlanet, griefing has been made even simpler than before. Inappropriate and offensive levels usually get moderated rather quickly, but it's still possible to emit some goatse images in the level for a moment or such. Good ways to grief in online create mode would be:

    • Magic Mouth spam. Infinitely making an emitter emit Magic Mouths, which makes it impossible to commit any actions, although some more experienced players know how to counter this by tapping the PS button to go to XMB, then pressing it again, and before the game can load Magic Mouths, press the start button to leave the level. That makes this an in-effective method of griefing in LBP. THIS NO LONGER WORKS.
    • Making everybody's PS3 crash. This is my favorite method of griefing. There are many ways to make everybody's PS3 crash. I have attempted it with copypasting unstable materials in each other (in-effective as it makes you crash as well), creating massive lag that forces the game to freeze (sound bombs, over-complicated objects and such, in-effective as well cause it might not always crash everybody), but the most effective, by far, is the ROBOCROC, what was originally a boss monster made by DreadsRose2118 for his friend, became an evil instrument of lulz. Namely, if one were to kill the beasty via the brain attached to it, the game crashes for some odd reason (NOTE: Dreads made his level with ROBOCROC copyable, but it has some pieces from the MGS pack, thus requiring you to own the MGS pack to use it.). I had the idea to modify it into a "bomb", I attached a timer of 15 seconds, made a small space for the CROC to be emitted in, attached an emitter, did a little wiring, and voilâ. Now, if one has a bomb like this, griefing is easy:

    1. If you have some newfags in your PSN friends list, who at the moment are playing LBP, join them.

    2. Ask them to go into create mode. If they refuse, keep asking.

    3. Invite as many other people as possible.

    4. Place the bomb.

    5. Trigger it. (I used a grab switch to trigger it, inverting it activated a piston that activated the timer. MAKE SURE THE PISTON TIME IS AT LEAST 30! That's exactly 15 seconds, ten of that you need to return to pod, five is the time you need to press return to pod in after having triggered it.)

    6. Return To Pod.

    7. Wait.

    8. ????

    9. PROFIT!!

    A 9/11 level.

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