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What the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! cast thinks of LK's 'masterpiece'.

LittleKuriboh is a god among Internets due to his highly popular and original Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, a series of webisodes which aim to retell the plot of Yu-Gi-Oh! without all the fail and AIDS, but with more gay 4chan/Internet references to be lol funny. Since its creation, YGOTAS has developed a cult following and spawned over 9,000 ripoffs, which are all relatively the same as the original YGOTAS, but with even worse voice acting.

It’s pretty sad what LK has become. The guy has some decent enough chops that he could actually do something, but he’s become trapped by his own laziness, misery, and desperate need to be loved that he will lower himself to shit ... in order to get people to like him. It’s the same reason he was so obsessed with doing with con circuit, teaming up with Team 4Star, and sucking up to TGWTG. The breakdown of his marriage only made it worse and exposed him as the needy, sad person that is so plainly apparent in his videos now. He keeps doing these endless song parodies because it’s so much easier than having to come up with new material, since he painted himself into a corner on his own abridged series. There will never again be a season of YGO Abridged as moderately funny as the first one was.



Just was is an abridged series?

This card can only be summoned by sacrificing Dan Green. Also note the lovely neighborhood LK lives in.

As is well known, anime is hated by everyone but weeaboos for their ridiculous plots and retarded characters.

An abridged series attempts to rectify this by:

  • Remove the lame jokes, and replace them with lamer but moar edgy ones. Make gay jokes as often as possible.
  • Point out and occasionally avoid the idiotic choices of the characters.
  • Generally improve the overall quality by removing anything remotely Japanese. Funnily enough, LittleKuriboh wants the world to know that he actually knows about Yu-Gi-Oh! and makes references to the Japanese version and how 4Kids 'Ruined it'.
  • Makes terrible self-depreciating jokes in order to hide your massive, throbbing ego and to make your audience relate to you. Common jokes include how you don't update regularly, how down-to-earth you are, and how people overrate you, despite not taking the appropriate action to shut them up once and for all.

But why rely on ED when no other than DAN GREEN himself taught the Internet how to make an abridged series many years ago?

What? You're asking whom DAN GREEN is? Sure, he's some dude who's voiced Knuckles in...what's that? You don't give a shit about him and he can go suck a dick? Good.

Some argue that the best way to become an Internet celebrity is to create an abridged series, as it takes little effort and even less talent. As such, the Internet has been flooded with crappy, half-assed shit which essentially plagiarizes everything which made YGOTAS unique. Not that LK ever stumbled upon The Editing Room and decided to do the same thing with a Japanese cartoon everyone stopped giving a shit about since 2004, no siree. EVER.

JewTube career

LittleKuriboh's hilarious comedic style, which is based on Carlos Mencia styled-humor, attracted much praise and many /b/tards back in the day. At first, the lulz were plentiful, if you were an Uncyclopedia user or a 13-year-old-boy. Then, after a four week break, LittleKuriboh realised that no matter what he posted on the Internet, even if it took him eons to actually post his videos, they would all receive the praise and attention at the level of any work made by Leonardo da Vinci. Since then, the series became littered with Disney songs, YTMND memes, obscure references and canceled Adult Swim shows. Needless to say it was the beginning of the descending to major suckage for the Internet's favorite British anime redubber. The series has since turned into the Family Guy of the Internet.

Since late 2006, YouTube began a war on LittleKuriboh's supposed copyright infringement. Legions of armed interweb nerds fought loyally for their cheap laughs, while millions of cyber minions were manufactured. (Spoiler: LittleKuriboh regained his account on JewTube much to the happiness of his loyal minions.) Despite all that, the battle goes on and on and on, which led to a predictable pattern; LK gets banned, nerds rage, YT lets him return. Keep recycling this for over four years. Recently both his old account and his new account are reinstated as of late. LittleKuriboh seems to be fond of making references to how his videos were flagged, specifically by trolls, who apparently were ALL from 4chan (NO EXCEPTIONS) as he portrayed them as saying that the shows sucks ever since he started making longer episodes, even though it always sucked.

As of January 2011, LittleKuriboh's account has been banned and reinstated again for the usual reason; copyright infringement. Only this time, it wasn't YT or 4Kids who were demanding Ed Woo- Little Kuriboh's British ass getting banned, but an obscure Japanese company that ironically nobody cares about. Till now his main account is still as active as a snail, as to celebrate the reinstatement of his account he celebrates that through - you'll never guess it - THROUGH SONG!

If I see that fucking LittleKuriboh getting reinstated one moar time... and he got banned again. It's practically a drinking game at this point.

Beyond good and JewTube

Which translates to: Screw the EFFORT I've got stupid fans who fork out CASH! P.S You're a tool.

During his on again off again relationship with JewTube LittleKuriboh rounded up some of his friends back in 2007 in order to host his Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series episodes from their own domain. Now making use of Google AdSense, it was now possible for LittleKuriboh to make a profit off of his shit series and off his fans with their delicious fat wallets full of buttloads of easy cash. The forum itself has literally over 9,000 registered members, but who cares anyway. A smaller, but lesser form of profit comes from the shirts he sells, demonstrating that there is money to be made on the Internets. As long as you're not a whiny weeaboo who does the exact same thing with his own retarded fans, except that the prices for his T-shirts are ridiculously overpriced in comparison, thus making LittleKuriboh infinitely superiour.

It's kinda sad that LK is unintentionally better than the supposed "talent" at reviewing comics.

To get moar views, LK became affiliated with ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and now whores out the work of other members of the site in more recent videos. Also, SidBastard, the co-owner of the server, has since decided it is his place to order people around much like a Nazi or a Democrat. He often goes by the name of Magick, as he thinks he is 1337. He is actually a hippy in disguise. He overly taxes his fellow server owners, and black person. He's also working with a bunch of other Newgrounds rejects making yet another abridged series; this time concerning chargin' lazors, QUALITY and shiny banana helmets which is actually moar popular than his own original show. Not that it deserves the attention it gets.


The lovely couple when spotted during their honeymoon.

LK divorced his deliciously flat chested wife, Safty. That's what happens when you propose on JewTube, a place known for its forgiving nature, such as was demonstrated at a certain basketball game full of devoted fans. In the meantime, however, LittleKuriboh is openly bisexual as he enjoys going to conventions where he can have some bum fun with his site admin, KROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE. Too bad for him, that even after being divorced, LK will forever be a perma-virgin. What did you expect from a vision impaired, balding middle-aged man who makes money by redubbing a 10-year-old anime, and doesn't understand how basic math works, much less the actual game?


LK found love yet again, this time with Marianne Miller. Instead of a flat chest, he sought out some fat tits. Let's see how long this marriage will last.

Jumping the shark: Before and after

High point of LittleKuriboh's career, and THAT is saying a lot.

It can safely be deduced that from this point onwards, LK officially started sucking.

After the jump

It's only downhill from here folks.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 3D fanfic

In a brief moment of sanity, LittleKuriboh remembered that Yu-Gi-Oh! doesn't actually belong to him so he decided to promote a 3D movie about CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES in hopes of the original creator seeing just what a terrific guy he really is and that Mr. Takahashi doesn't sue his ass off just for using his characters in a shitty parody show. But it was pretty obvious right from the start that this was shameless promotion for his own take on this animated Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic, featuring all the YGO characters you love- if you love Jaden and that blue haired biker-wannabe from that YGO show that didn't involve card games in space. If you liked anyone else who's not Ghost (Noun), this movie isn't for you.

Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show

Originally an April Fool joke and it should have stayed that way, this one-shot episode eventually became its own short series, because easily giving into peer pressure is always a good sign when it comes to being a comedian. Seven episodes in, two shitfests mistaken for movies by people who don't know better have also been crapped all over JewTube. In it, Naruto is a chain smoking bisexual whom fucks everything that moves (even though in the beginning, Naruto is 12) except Sakura, because everyone hates her. It's still 2009 right? Everyone hates Sakura right? Sasuke is an emo cum-dumpster big surprise, Kakashi is a scarecrow- nope sorry that would make sense. He's David Bowie because LittleKuriboh felt like ruining Ziggy Stardust's image for a change, and Sakura, of all people, is the only likable character in all of this mess. All the rest depends on how high LittleKuriboh is when writing and making the episodes.

Also hilarity hilariously forgets to ensue.

It seems like this is all what Naruto Abridged is gonna get though thank god, since in LittleKuriboh's words, he "doesn't give a shit about Naruto Abridged. Don't be surprised when LK will make a Serenity-esque ultimate Naruto movie featuring the ill-fated Naruto abridged show because it was canceled too early. He's that angsty and pretentious to do that.

Naruto Abridged hasn't been updated in a year. It's officially dead. Just like Naruto AND abridging combined!

Little Kuriboh is a sad, pathetic shell of what he once was. This piece of shit is something a middle schooler would come up with (How do I know this? Because I made a similar crappy Naruto fan fiction comic in middle school!) Thank God those days of my life are over. All this guy is now is a basement dwelling anime man boy that bitches about how much he hates his life and post gay Marik/Bakura hentai on Tumblr (Seriously, go look at his Tumblr.)


—It's a bit sad really.

dude LK the fact u have all these dolls is a bit.. discerning...


—A fan, possibly realizing that all this time, he was worshiping a man who actually owns dolls.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged

Hey, remember Dragon Ball? Who doesn't? Dragon Ball and DBZ alone are almost 30 years old, with Dragon Ball GT tagging along. If you have been alive at least from the mid-80s onwards you must have seen a couple of episodes on television. It's almost assured that you probably grew up with both DB and DBZ on television, saw GT on cable and either enjoyed most its bullshit and found it harmless due to it being non-canon or hated its guts just for it being Dragon Ball GT (not because the villains sucked) and found Dragon Ball: AF completely ridiculous since you were already sick of everything DB-related by then and moved on with your life. Nowadays there's either still a soft spot for the series in you or you just forgot about it in general because you never liked Dragon Ball in the first place. Maybe you preferred watching Fists of the North Star or Knights of the Zodiac over Dragon Ball, but not these guys.

S1 summed up in a nutshell.

Freeza's official actor reel. He's still f-unemployed.

Possibly TFS' best episode yet.

Mystic Gohan sucks? I didn't know that!


Wut. When does this happen?

These guys are the probably part of the same sad people who petitioned for Toonami to come back on Cartoon Network just to see DBZ reruns on television once again, despite being well into their 30s. Because if there is something the world needs back, it's DBZ reruns. Not surprisingly, LittleKuriboh works for TeamFourStar and made a couple of plugs for them in the abridged series, just like whenever he gains a new friend. He voiced a couple of characters for the sake of a cameo until he got the role of Frieza, DBZ's least-liked villain because nobody takes him seriously as the series progresses and he doesn't know how to count. LittleKuriboh voiced Frieza until Trunks appeared to slice him up.

Playing card games for charity

Remember: it took Japan going through a massive tsunami and a huge earthquake for LittleKuriboh to make this video. Really, he shouldn't have bothered.


YGOTAS in a nutshell.

Remember when this show used to be funny? Me either.

In case you wondered just how quirky LK's movies are.

[insert unfunny ALLCAPS quote from the clip here]

An abridged series that's actually funny? HOLD THE PHONES!

Another one for good measure.


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The tl;dr series

There, now you've seen every single episode of every single abridged series ever made. Now go home and be a family man.

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