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    LittleCloud/Comment Logs

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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    LittleClouds's response to trolling is to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, so take lots of screencaps or risk losing the lulz forever.

    There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Starlight Zone.

    Deleted and soon to be deleted comments


    Cass-Catastrophe: Um...Just a quick question that I have for you, maybe it'll be quick, maybe not.

    The thing is, you say that ED loves you and ED wouldn't thrive without you but you obviously haven't read the HUNDREDS of articles ED has. I haven't either but I'm pretty sure the world would be able to stay alive without your existence. So if you wanna commit suicide, I suggest you do it first chance you get.

    If page views aren't that important as you state with those 'button' things at the top of your page, why are you so happy that ED's article gave you page views if 'art is the most important thing' ? Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?

    ED is very funny- you just need to take a stick out of your ass to enjoy it. And for everyone who has an article on ED- REALLY a lot of them deserve it.

    And don't say that ED users stay behind a computer because I assure you, a lot of ED users find addresses and do REALLY bad things. If you put your address on the internet, I'm sure they wouldn't be 'hiding behind computers' [RAISE THE ROOF]

    You started articles and then you claim ED is evil? lol. ED has proof that you started the articles but you can lie all you like. Truth is if you hadn't started an article, other DA members wouldn't be suffering from your airheadedness [Oh see now I'm getting mean lemme stop]

    You sure make yourself sound like you're the top shit- but EDiots are really laughing. No one is 'twisting in fear' or wetting their pants in the face of your 'curses' lol. If God exists, he obviously ain't on your side, hun.

    Make up your mind- Do you hate your article or love it? You whine like you're suffering from ass pains every couple'a days and all your friends act like EDiots really give a FLYING FUCK about what you do. The world doesn't revolve around you, sweetie.

    Please don't reply to this for fear I may just wet my pants because GOD IS GONNA GET ME. LOLOLOL.

    What are you now? A pharaoh? Gonna CURRRRRRRSE ME? Oh I'm so scared.

    Audrey-Tifa: I'll put this plain and simple, ready?

    You suck.

    Candi-Lollipop: Hate yaoi, Yet have yaoi in your gallery.. And what kind of person has a character that looks like a clone of cloud? DX I hope I dont get banned for this..

    Flash512: EPIC LULZ

    By the way, Christians are proof there is no intelligent life, on this shit hole of a planet.

    Don't believe gays should be in love?

    Don't take this personality but I know some gay people who are in relations and have adopted children, they have proven to be better parents and better lovers than most straight people whose brains are always at question in a relationship.

    I'm Straight myself, but for you to say " who can love what" is bullshit.

    Flying-Deth-Toaster: the people @ ED: internet super heros?



    also lulz

    PlayForTheLulz: Hmm... First you say that there's no such thing as love between gays and lesbians, and now you're suddenly changing your tune? Make up your fucking mind! You probably are just trying to kiss the dicks of the ones who give you little asspats for your great artwork.

    Ugh. People like you are annoying!

    beuse: ps, shit needs moar mudkip.

    SoulfulZen: You do realize that liking shota and hating child porn makes you a hypocrite?

    Discreet-Desperation: You filthy little otherkin furfaggot. And a pedophile to boot.

    Please become an hero as quickly as possible.

    Hassamu9: More retarded, sexually confused weaboos.

    Mis Anonymous: Discreet has he right idea. An hero time now, please? Hypocritical bitch who likes to hide every comment that gets her butthurt. Yea, dumb cunt.

    Deleted and soon to be deleted convos

    shad-zee: You say you dont read doujinshi or manga, but one of your interests is doujinshi. Can we say... hypocrite?

    Many luz to you.

    LittleCloud: Just because I don't READ something doesn't mean I can't MAKE it.


    shad-zee: I didnt say because you didnt read it doesnt give you the right to draw it, I said you dont read it, meaning you obviously wouldnt like it, but it's in your interests. Showing you are a bit of a hypocrite. I'm not being a troll, just sharing an opinion~

    Dont call people morons when you obviously dont know what the hell is going on. It's not nice. D8

    LittleCloud: So if I don't eat cake, then that means that I can't bake any, right?

    Maybe I don't LIKE any of the manga/doujin that are sold. I'd rather MAKE my own. If it's in my INTERESTS, that means I like to DRAW it. You can read it, you can draw it, you can fuck it for all I care. But just because I don't READ, doesn't mean I'm a hypocrite for being interested in DRAWING it.

    Here's a tip: Don't call me a hypocrite when you obviously don't know what it means.

    shad-zee: lol wut?

    kishona: How am I supposed to reply to the other reply you posted to my comment, you little bitch, if you block me and hide the comment you made before I could read it? You're a fucking little bitch, you know that? And you should just die, because I'm sick of you, sick of all the homophobes, pedophiles, and hypocrites like yourself. Go fuck off and die.

    LittleCloud: LOL WUT

    stalker-kun: I hope you get raped in the eyes.

    vthefourth: i mean you really should follow such a piece of good advice, it's as god intended.

    'LittleCloud: LOLWUT

    writtenimage: LOLCOW

    'LittleCloud: LOLWUT

    Endpiece: My name is Steven McCarthy. On 4chan I'm a namefag known as Anomalous. Everywhere else its generally a variation of Steven M. I'm not here to defend Encyclopedia Dramatica, but between you and them its a case of the lesser of the two evils.

    ED articles are filled with lies and slander all the time - most of the time its other peoples' lies and shitflingings. Some members on ED will document how butthurt people on the internet get, like Snapesnogger. Some particularly skewy people will make trap articles, describing popular people and items in a bad light (e.g Super Smash Brothers Brawl) for laughs.

    Other members will sign up, vandalise the articles, and get banned for it afterwards, sometimes ensuring bigger laughs if they try to stick around and stick up for other people. Often these members are sockpuppets, accounts created by the people being mentioned in the articles or 'fans' thereof. But you'll know this already.

    Of course I can't prove that when a member called BabyCloudie registers on ED and immediately sets to making flamefilled pages concerning the ex-fiance of a person on DeviantArt (you) whose shapeshifting OC occasionally goes by the name of the ED member, that the ED member is somehow you in disguise. But I can't prove it isn't, either.

    I also can't prove that you felt your argument was finished, and then tacked the girlfriend of your first target - ~Gaaralover - onto your argument later to appear self-righteous, while simultaneously demonising and dehumanising your opponents in a manner that gives decent yaoi-loving Christians a bad name. But again, I can't prove you didn't.

    Sure, go ahead and say ED made that shit up about Draco-dracini. But think about it.

    Someone gets mad at their internet-ex and thinks a good idea to get revenge would be to make a slanderous article about them and their new GF on a parody wiki. Then when they get their own article, suddenly they realise that ED is an unfriendly place and they don't like being targeted for potential attacks. Instead of doing the mature thing and emailing someone high up in the food chain, admitting you were in the wrong and asking for the removal of all three articles - because unlike what you may think not everyone on ED is a demonic monster (read: anthro) and may in fact be willing to reason with other people - you decided to take matters into your own hands by... vandalising articles and whining about it.

    You can't make this shit up.

    TL;DR - making several journals about a website that you apparently don't care about, isn't a good idea. The more potshots you fire at ED, the more they'll retaliate anyway. You'd be better off just giving up and moving on.

    LittleCloud: Think what you want, but I didn't make those stupid articles. Your opinion. And it's spelled Drago, not Draco. Get your facts straight.

    I'm not trying to appear self-righteous. That's your OPINION. I could say many bad things about her (but why waste my time?), but I would never poke fun at anyone's psychic abilities (being psychic myself). That's it.

    How am I making yaoi-loving Christians look bad? Many of my best friends are gay, bisexual, lesbian. I am against gay sex, but not love. I don't like YAOI, get it? Just shonen-ai. Again, your opinion.

    I can say whatever the hell I want. I don't care what they'll keep posting about me. I'm just doing my part to state the truth, and make them look even more like the fools they are. Besides, I've said my fill. Or haven't you noticed?

    I don't need to vandalize anything. I'm the one that's being molested here. I am the real thing. I am in control.

    Endpiece: Oh, dear. TLDR time again.

    Like I said, I can't prove you made the articles. I can't prove you didn't. And it just seems too big a co-incidence.

    Whoops on the Draco thing. Fair enough.

    Yes, its my opinion that - by you saying a "bunch of anonymous cowards" whose sole purpose is to fabricate "filth, lies and evil intentions" (who apparently think with their rectums, who apparently aren't people, at least in comparison to Gaaralover), somehow get off to your batshit theatrics and are simultaneously frightened of you - you are dehumanising teenagers on the wrong side of the internet.

    It is also my opinion that by saying "No, it's not funny about ANYTHING. It's not just me. Even if I don't like =GaaraLover85, it's not funny that you made fun of her for saying that she talks to Jesus and sees animal spirits. How dare you? Yes, I would defend anyone -- even her. In fact, why not her? She's a person, too", you appear to be trying to act on behalf of every pure innocent thing on the face of the web, in an edit of a journal you already made flinging words at ED - and thus being self-righteous.

    The yaoi thing is a different kettle of fish. I could care less if you were into shitting dick nipples or masterbating over dead ducks. I like futa and yuri. That's not the point. But you're sitting here saying "I like this (Shonen-Ai), but not this (Yaoi), even though that's basically an edgier version of what I like". As though you're defending what you like in the first place (Shonen-Ai) by saying, "Hey, it could be worse, its the Diet Coke version, I'm not completely and utterly into seeing two guys mess around".

    Like I said, I care less about what you like. Just admit you like seeing boys of all ages together and be done with it. Same reason I edited the quote of yours to remove the thing about animal spirits - I could care less if a friend of yours has visions, even less so bother to mock it.

    Yes, you can say whatever the hell you want. So can I. So can they. And as a matter of fact I hadn't already noticed you'd had your fill, because you made ANOTHER journal pointing a finger at ED after you finished this one. Yes, granted, the new journal defines why you like seeing male-bonding over male-'bonding', but you're still picking scabs off your face. Please, stop for your own sake.

    Vandalising? Of course you don't need to vandalise anything. You may have already tried that that in the past and come up against something called "BLANKING IN PROGRESS". Yes, you're being molested, because you're constantly inviting people to grope you.

    Lets try this one more time. Would you like to know how to win the game? If you don't even so much as mention ED anymore in the future, eventually you'll be seen as 'unlulzworthy' and they're stop picking on you. Don't see that as a threat, look at that as a point of common sense - stop making a target of yourself and people will stop shooting at you.

    LittleCloud: Even if I stop defending myself, the article will never go away. The damages will never go away.

    You must understand that, with people like me, regardless of what I say or do, I will always be mocked. In case you haven't noticed, more has been added about me that has nothing to do with the last few journals.

    So, who cares? You don't. I don't. They obviously don't. Quit acting like I'm embarrassing myself. They've already done that for me. If they mock what I say in my journal, that makes them the insecure retaliaters. I live. I am here. I simply am. The truth is here, whether anyone sees it or not. But that article is an attempt to clone my reputation and twist it. Am I helping them do that? Perhaps. Not intentionally, no, but with their 'maturity', it is going to happen. And like I said, I don't care.

    Also, the final word WAS what I was referring to by making my latest journal.

    Dehumanizing teenagers? I think they've done that to themselves already.

    No, I won't admit to that, because it's not true. I don't like elderly men, for instance. Let's just put it this way: Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and preferences. Does the fact that mine is mind-boggling make it any less valid? Face it. You can't judge what you can't understand.

    Endpiece: Even if the article never goes away, and even if people add more shit to it, why care? By ignoring it and people who come to your page because of it you can show us that you truly don't give a shit about ED. Instead of simply saying you don't care about ED - several times over - which will make some people think you do.

    You think I think you're embarrassing yourself? Well, yes. It seems like you are.

    As a teenage human yourself you may want to reconsider your words. Then again you claim to be a dragon and the underage version of a Final Fantasy character, not to mention you're Invisible on the gender and your talk of not being a human and the whole "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe" angle, so there you go. Not a furry, but a scaly instead.

    You don't like elderly men? I'll change my words, then. "Just admit you like seeing boys under the age of 30 together and be done with it". Borderline middle-aged as an upper limit should work for you to age-balance out the whole shota thing.

    Does the fact that your sexual fetish (pretending to be a child and being raped) is "mind-boggling" make it any less valid? No. Is it going to stop people posting your fanfic? No. Fair enough.

    LittleCloud: I'm only 'teenaged' in human years. And a 'scaly' is an anthro reptile. You need to educate yourself better before labeling people.

    I'm the real thing. Who cares if I'm a dragon, anways? We're all people.

    Again. Get your facts straight. The fanfic has nothing to do with rape, except on Walter's part. In his flashback.

    Endpiece: "I'm only 'teenaged' in human years. And a 'scaly' is an anthro reptile. You need to educate yourself better before labeling people."

    A lot of people like to pretend they're animals of different species. Some go further than others.

    "Who cares if I'm a dragon, anways? We're all people."

    The main reason people pretend they're animals is to escape from being human. That or fuck chickens. Either works.

    "Again. Get your facts straight. The fanfic has nothing to do with rape, except on Walter's part. In his flashback."

    The fanfic still concerns a child being raped. And another child being molested and ass-fucked... and then turning into a dragon. The problem there isn't just the content (which is enough to appall quite a few people), its the possibility, the idea in peoples' minds, that you'll take these ideas too far and eventually hurt someone in real life. If you don't turn against friends and family first.

    You've already deluded yourself into believing that you're a real-life mythical creature thats long been extinct, if ever existed at all. Whats to stop you from kidnapping a child off the street with the belief that he or she is your younger self? And then reenacting your fantasies upon the poor kid?

    (Typically enough I was blocked sometime after this post. If anyone else managed to save the super awesome convos from her page and journals before she deleted them, put them on this page. Kthnx.)


    Random Deviant: then you wait this off mean while i'm bored what do you want to do?

    Little Cloud: Do? What is this "do"? By suggesting a desire to mingle with me, are you implying that we are now friends of some sort?

    I get the feeling that we are 'allies' now, but what would you want to "do" with me?

    • blinks*

    ... Well, yeah, I'm bored, too. But what is there to do besides continuing to exchange thoughts with each other? o.o;

    Random Deviant: well there RP,spaming,randmimity,plot on concering the world,ect

    Little Cloud: Spam? I eat spam for breakfast! >D

    Randomness, let's see. That comes naturally to me ...

    As for the world, I'm already doing my part, I guess.

    Roleplaying is good. I used to do it a lot, but most of the time (9/10) it was erotic. XD I first tried it with my ex-fiancee (yeah, that one). He got me into it.

    Random Deviant: Erotic rp? you mean Cybering? XD

    Little Cloud: *slaps head* Yeah, I guess it was 'cybering'. X3

    I do regular RPing, but since I've tried cybering first, it seems kind of dull.

    Random Deviant: i did rping first the cybered with my first and second girlfriend. and i had a friend who actually had ecperince in real life it was pritty fun lol XD but we did strange things cuase we both have the same strange fetish lol. i miss her ;~;

    Little Cloud: I have some real life experience, but that was after the cybering. It was with the same guy, but I think he was using me for groping and stuff. o.o;

    I have a few fetishes. Nothing extreme, though.

    Random Deviant: rly? whats ur fetishes then? XD

    Little Cloud: <<; ... >>; .... Oh, what the hell. :shrugs:

    I like spanking, tickling, playing as a guy sometimes (big surprise there, right?), and I am always the uke. The seme is usually devious (or pretends to be) and tortures mildly.

    Pretty strange stuff, but sorta vanilla, too.

    Random Deviant: Tickling is fun XD so is Torture i've have a trange one. ever heard of NBM?

    Little Cloud: No, I've never heard of NBM, and I wasn't able to find out what it means by searching, either. ^^;

    Random Deviant: lol it basicly a fetish ralting to the magic trick sawing a woman in half,miss made,head remove,ect it a rare one XD

    Little Cloud: Okay, that is a weird one, but whatever floats your boat ...

    Random Deviant: meh there more weird ones out there this is just one of them :3

    Little Cloud: Well, at least it's better than vore. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can get off from something like that. o.o;

    Random Deviant: nbm is just body seperation with out gore and the girl (or guy sometimes) still has control and feeling of there desimbody limbs. rofls XP

    Little Cloud: That's pretty interesting.

    Random Deviant: wanna try? :p

    Little Cloud: Getting cut in half? ^^;

    Random Deviant: yes :3

    Little Cloud: Maybe I would. X3

    Random Deviant: *tackles you down*

    Little Cloud: *squee* XD

    Random Deviant: now then hold still FP *pushes my finger in to ur waist* this should tickles a bit

    Little Cloud: *giggles* Okay, heehee ....

    Random Deviant: *digs in to ur waist some how creating 2 skin covers seperating ur upper half to ur lower half*

    Little Cloud: Wow, I feel like an amoeba. *lol* Now there are two of me!

    Random Deviant: sorta rofls :3 *pokes ur foot*

    Little Cloud: I can still feel everything, right?

    Random Deviant: yeah that is nbm *picks up ur legs and drag them next to ur head* touch ur self lol

    Little Cloud: *pokes my face with my toe* Hey, cool! XD

    Random Deviant: ...foot fetish? lol X3 *hugs ur thighs*

    Little Cloud: Wow, you're quite ... affectionate. *^^* We can move this convo, in case someone sees. >>;

    (OMG! She's trying to mate! Stop her! Stop her!!!!)