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Waaaaaaaaay tl;dr chatlog, many lulz to be found here if you can read through it.

Round 1

Junior attorney at lol Drunkenlazybastard presiding.

Session Start: Sun Aug 19 21:32:44 2007
Session Ident: #arbchat
[21:32] * Logging for #arbchat started
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[21:42] <DLB> hello
[21:42] * Retrieving #arbchat modes...
[21:42] * DLB sets mode: +v gwendolyn
[21:42] * DLB sets mode: +v BURK
[21:42] <gwendolyn> Hi.
[21:42] * DLB sets mode: +v subseven
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[21:43] * DLB sets mode: +v Blargh
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[21:43] <BURK> hello
[21:43] * Sherrod_ has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving�)
[21:43] <DLB> all right
[21:43] <DLB> give me a minute or two
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[21:43] <DLB> I'd like at least another sysop or two to be present for this
[21:43] <gwendolyn> Okay
[21:44] * Sherrod sets mode: +o JailBait
[21:44] <BURK> wut i thought i was gonna be an op presiding in assistance
[21:44] <Sherrod> are we ok with perms in here?
[21:44] <DLB> give BURK ops too
[21:44] <DLB> I asked him to help
[21:44] <Sherrod> burk has ops
[21:44] <DLB> as he is skill'd
[21:44] <DLB> oh
[21:44] * Sherrod sets mode: +o BURK
[21:44] <DLB> all right
[21:44] * Sherrod sets mode: +o subseven
[21:45] <DLB> now then
[21:45] <BURK> thxu
[21:45] <DLB> gwendolyn: for the record you are also known as Little Cloud are you not?
[21:45] <Sherrod> are there are legal claims by the defendant?
[21:45] <gwendolyn> I am.
[21:45] <DLB> alright
[21:46] <DLB> could you tell us what your claim and or request for this arbchat proceeding is?
[21:46] <DLB> specific complaints as well as general
[21:46] <gwendolyn> I'd like to request that the article written about me be taken down. I have reasons why.
[21:46] <BURK> and those reasons are?
[21:46] <DLB> could you elaborate on those reasons for the record?
[21:47] <DLB> specific issues in particular
[21:47] <gwendolyn> 1) The libelous information about me has caused a lot of spamming on many accounts that were publicly given out by the ones who made the article.
[21:47] <Sherrod> oh my god this is so slow
[21:48] <dr_g0sp> Could you point to specific statements, on the record, that you consider libelous?
[21:48] <gwendolyn> I've had a lot of sexual harassment, and even threats made against me.
[21:48] <BURK> dlb please tlel me when i may begin my prosecution
[21:48] <dr_g0sp> In addition, would you care to elaborate upon the legal definition of libel?
[21:48] <Blargh> can i be defense
[21:48] <BURK> gwen can you produce evidence of said harassment and prove that it is linked to said article?
[21:49] <gwendolyn> Libel is written insults.
[21:49] <Blargh> gwen: what parts of the article are untrue?
[21:49] <BURK> and can you tell us what information in the article is libel
[21:49] -Homicide- you have got to let me be her defense :3
[21:49] <dr_g0sp> That is patently untrue, ma`am.
[21:49] <DLB> ok, all of you don't talk at once
[21:49] <DLB> one at a time 
[21:49] <DLB> or this just gets retarded
[21:49] <BURK> gwen please answer mine and blarghs question
[21:49] <DLB> first: as to blarghs question
[21:49] <Blargh> gwendolyn if that were true satire wouldn't exist
[21:49] <gwendolyn> Well, first off, I'm not gay. Also, I'm not a pedophile.
[21:50] <Blargh> do you have proof?
[21:50] <gwendolyn> Satire is one thing, but harassment stemming from it is another.
[21:50] <DLB> gwendolyn: you do however enjoy drawing shota, is this not true?
[21:50] <BURK> gwen did you or did you not draw this image
[21:50] <Blargh> but the article does not condone harassment per se
[21:50] <BURK> also we are not responsable for any harassment or molestation of your internet tubes
[21:50] <gwendolyn> No, but it encourages it. See under "How to Troll"
[21:51] <Blargh> it does not encourage it
[21:51] <Blargh> it merely offers instruction
[21:51] <BURK> gwen the site is satire and therefore not literal
[21:51] <Blargh> if and when somebody wishes to troll you
[21:51] * Freeze has joined #arbchat
[21:51] <BURK> answer the question gwen, did you or did you not draw this image:
[21:51] * Fail-chan has joined #arbchat
[21:51] <gwendolyn> Just a sec.
[21:52] <DLB> gwendolyn: you must understand that satire is protected as free speech
[21:52] <gwendolyn> Yes, I did draw that.
[21:52] <DLB> and ED is in essence a satire site
[21:52] <gwendolyn> Yes, I'm aware of that.
[21:52] <BURK> gwen tell me what the percieved ages of those two characters is
[21:52] <Blargh> gwendolyn as a fellow christian i am surprised by your moral inconsistency
[21:52] <gwendolyn> But also, why does the site say that you cannot upload copyrighted images?
[21:52] <DLB> gwendolyn
[21:52] <gwendolyn> My art is copyrighted.
[21:52] <DLB> images posted in the public domain
[21:53] <DLB> is just that
[21:53] <BURK> gwen answer the question
[21:53] <DLB> also: fair use 
[21:53] <BURK> and dlb is correct
[21:53] <Blargh> you know you aren't bad looking
[21:53] <DLB> images even copyrighted are able to be used under fair use in satire etc
[21:53] <DLB> also: those images were never formally copyrighted
[21:53] <Blargh> how about tit pix
[21:53] <DLB> just because you slapped a (C) on it doesn't mean anything
[21:53] <BURK> blargh this image disagrees
[21:53] <DLB> the image that is
[21:53] <gwendolyn> I don't know how old the characters are, but I assume they're of aged. If one looks like a kid, it's because I can't draw adults very well.
[21:53] <dr_g0sp> DLB: Copyright protection attaches as soon as the picture is drawn
[21:54] <DLB> g0sp: i stand corrected on that part
[21:54] <DLB> but fair use still applies
[21:54] <dr_g0sp> DLB: However, for there to be any legal action associated with copyright, there must be formal registration
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[21:54] <BURK> gwen they are final fantasy characters correct?
[21:54] <gwendolyn> I have a Creative Commons license on my artwork.
[21:54] <Blargh> burk: no she is plain but still fuckable
[21:54] <BURK> which would mean they are almost surely not of age
[21:54] <BURK> gwen having said that is that image also not ment to be erotic
[21:54] <gwendolyn> Will you not talk about me in such a way, Blargh?
[21:54] <Blargh> gwendolyn: it says you support androgyny
[21:55] <Blargh> please explain this
[21:55] <dr_g0sp> DLB: In addition, there is an extreme legal grey area in reproducing images freely put on internet websites, especially in the context in which ED uses them.  In the future, I would advise the defendant to avoid making arguments based on what she believes the color of law to be.
[21:55] <gwendolyn> It's not meant to be erotic, no, but it is a pairing.
[21:55] * Picatta has joined #arbchat
[21:55] <BURK> is androgyny not related to homosexuality?
[21:55] <BURK> a "PAIRING"
[21:55] <BURK> now i am aware as to what that means
[21:55] <BURK> but can you explain it for the court?
[21:55] <Sherrod> dr_g0sp: I think all of this discussion is moot, as it appears ED is licensed to use those images under the CC
[21:55] <gwendolyn> Also, there have been some unauthorized modifications of my work.
[21:56] * Jewbacca has joined #arbchat
[21:56] <gwendolyn> What is the question?
[21:56] <DLB> gwendolyn: again, satirizing a work includes modifications such as that
[21:56] <Blargh> gwendolyn: we don't require permission to modify your work
[21:56] <dr_g0sp> Sherrod: I disuss it briefly for the sole purpose of suggesting to the defendant that she might want to change her tactics in this proceeding.
[21:56] <Sherrod> and honestly, gwendolyn if you Creative common licensed them, ED can do whatever they want.
[21:56] <gwendolyn> A pairing is a romantic couple, consensual or non.
[21:56] <BURK> gwen are those two characters male
[21:57] <Sherrod> non ? like non consentual sex? WTF
[21:57] <DLB> gwendolyn: so you advocate non consensual underage male couples?
[21:57] <DLB> that is ok?
[21:57] <Sherrod> that is basically child rape
[21:57] <Sherrod> WTF
[21:57] <Sherrod> that is fucked up
[21:57] <BURK> gwen are those two characters male
[21:57] * Picatta has left #arbchat
[21:57] <Blargh> gwendolyn so you support dickgirls or what
[21:57] <gwendolyn> Fine, but I don't think it's right to manipulate without permission, at the very least.
[21:57] <Blargh> what is with the i support androgyny thing
[21:57] <BURK> gwen are those two characters male
[21:57] <gwendolyn> No, I don't advocate underaged couples.
[21:57] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: read the CC, you already gave permission
[21:57] <gwendolyn> I am androgynous.
[21:58] <DLB> i would like to enter this into the evidence
[21:58] <DLB>
[21:58] <BURK> gwen are those two characters male
[21:58] <BURK> gwen are those two characters male
[21:58] <BURK> gwen are those two characters male
[21:58] <DLB> as a rebuttle to not adcovating underage characters
[21:58] <gwendolyn> I know they are of age because, dA does not allow underaged nudity, and a drawing of both characters, nude already exists and has been approved.
[21:58] <Sherrod> fuck you, she's a dragon
[21:58] <Blargh> rebuttal
[21:58] <BURK> gwen you did not provide an age
[21:58] <Blargh> lol @ sherrod
[21:59] <BURK> and said you are unsure
[21:59] <Blargh> gwendolyn: what do you mean by supporting androgyny
[21:59] * paz has joined #arbchat
[21:59] <BURK> and they are not nude
[21:59] <BURK> they are shirtless
[21:59] <BURK> either way you are eroticising young boys
[21:59] <DLB> I would also like to enter this statement by littlecloud as evidence
[21:59] <gwendolyn> I'm referring to art someone else made.
[21:59] <DLB> Do you really think it's not possible that I don't like Yaoi, but like Shota? How shallow of you. Here are two seperate clues to take into account: I don't like two men fucking; and I consider myself as a child-like entity. Take what you want from that, but as long as it makes sense to you that I am no hypocrite.
[21:59] <DLB> Shota = underage couples
[21:59] <DLB> but you just said you were against that
[21:59] <BURK> dlb shota= underage MALE HOMOSEXUAL couples
[22:00] <DLB> you consider yourself a child like entity? but you are not a child yourself
[22:00] <gwendolyn> The only underaged coupling I am involved in is with myself and someone else.
[22:00] <DLB> it sounds to me like you are delusional
[22:00] <DLB> BURK: i know
[22:00] <dr_g0sp> I would like to enter into evidence that the defendant could probably be at least a solid four or five if she stopped making herself up to look all sarah plain and tall and got the snakes out of her head.
[22:00] <BURK> and gwen please explain how you are androgynous
[22:00] <BURK> do you have male genitals?
[22:00] <Blargh> do you realize that the book of mormon is a fabricated lie and that the eastern orthodox church is the only true church
[22:00] <gwendolyn> That's hermaphroditism.
[22:00] * DLB sets mode: -v Blargh
[22:00] <BURK> gwen the two terms are interchangable
[22:00] <gwendolyn> No, they're not.
[22:01] <DLB> so, the pedophilia is ok when it is only between yourself and another individual?
[22:01] <gwendolyn> Look it up.
[22:01] <BURK> and to be andro you would have to be a crossdresser
[22:01] <BURK> explain to the court your definition of "androgynous
[22:01] <gwendolyn> I have personality traits of male and female. It has nothing to do with physical traits.
[22:01] * DLB sets mode: +v Blargh
[22:01] <BURK> so you are bisexual
[22:02] <gwendolyn> No, I only like men.
[22:02] <Blargh> gwendolyn: what are your male traits
[22:02] <BURK> then how can you possess the personality of a male and not like women?
[22:02] <Blargh> maybe she is part gay?
[22:02] <gwendolyn> Gender traits have no affect on sexual orientation.
[22:02] <BURK> gwen yes they do
[22:02] <BURK> "      Mm, I'm not familiar with this"Yuna" character, but I used to think Tifa was just a slut. Now, Idon't really have a problem with her -- she only LOOKED like a slut.People can't really help it if they have big ones. I have man boobs,and I'm happy with them. :3"
[22:03] <Blargh> "Flagg's other hand moved up to the boy's mouth, stroking his lips. Little Cloud stuck out his own tongue and licked the fingers, which followed his tongue into the tiny, wet mouth, where they were suckled on. At the same time, he was beginning to grind his bottom against the other two fingers, moaning a little bit harder."
[22:03] <BURK> please explain what you mean by "man boobs" in this statement
[22:03] <Blargh> did you write this passage?
[22:03] <gwendolyn> And no, I'm not attracted to children.
[22:03] <BURK> blargh dear jesus
[22:03] <gwendolyn> I did.
[22:03] <gwendolyn> "man boobs" are small breasts.
[22:03] <subseven> gwendolyn...please explain this quote:
[22:03] <subseven> ED is the one whose butthurt, not me. They're the hypocrties. Because they have to keeping adding shit about me, in case someone doesn't believe it already. But anyone with an ounce of a brain will side with me. 
[22:04] <Blargh> generally a boy is someone under the age of 18 at least
[22:04] <Blargh> a male
[22:04] <Blargh> of course
[22:04] <gwendolyn> It's not up to me to determine that.
[22:04] <Blargh> i believe it does
[22:04] <BURK> gwen no but it is up to you to decide you like that
[22:04] <Blargh> it describes the rape of a young boy
[22:04] <Blargh> by an older male
[22:04] <gwendolyn> Maybe it does, but it's about me.
[22:04] <BURK> and it is up to you to say that you do not like it
[22:04] <gwendolyn> And no one was raped.
[22:04] <BURK> no gwen that does not excuse it
[22:05] <gwendolyn> Excuse what?
[22:05] <Blargh> so the story is about you?
[22:05] <BURK> that is the molestation of a young boy
[22:05] <Blargh> are you the young boy being molested?
[22:05] <Blargh> by an older male?
[22:05] <gwendolyn> Yes.
[22:05] <BURK> excuse the fact that you wrote about a young boy being molested
[22:05] <gwendolyn> It's based on a roleplay I did with a friend.
[22:05] <Blargh> gwendolyn: so then you fantasize yourself as being a male
[22:05] <gwendolyn> Yes.
[22:05] <Blargh> you do not like the gender you were born with
[22:06] <Blargh> and since you like boys yet you want to imagine yourself as a boy
[22:06] <Blargh> that would make you sort of a faggot
[22:06] <BURK> gwen please explain how mormonism excuses sexual dismorphia but not homosexuality
[22:06] <dr_g0sp> I would volunteer to make her feel like a Natural Woman, under certian stipulations.
[22:06] <gwendolyn> Not entirely.
[22:06] <Blargh> dr_g0sp i second that
[22:06] <BURK> nevermind that you are discribing homosexual behavior
[22:06] <BURK> also what is your age
[22:06] <gwendolyn> It doesn't excuse it.
[22:06] <gwendolyn> I don't have to tell you my age.
[22:07] * Lolwut has joined #arbchat
[22:07] <Blargh> is it true you were born through rape?
[22:07] <BURK> yes you do to ensure that you are underage
[22:07] <gwendolyn> My mother was never raped.
[22:07] <BURK> and not lieing about fantasizing about underage males having sex
[22:07] <Blargh> what about your father
[22:07] <DLB> I agree with BURKs statement
[22:07] <gwendolyn> How could I prove my age, anyway?
[22:07] <subseven> gwendolyn: would you like her to be?
[22:08] <gwendolyn> I'd like you to shut the hell up about my mother.
[22:08] <subseven> you've fanatasized about your own molestation
[22:08] <DLB> alright
[22:08] <DLB> I'm going to steer this back on track
[22:08] <DLB> so
[22:08] <Blargh> have you ever been molested or sexually abused by an elder
[22:08] <DLB> the facts are
[22:08] <DLB> shut up blargh
[22:08] <BURK> gwen you have admitted to believing you are a young boy and being sexualy molested
[22:08] <gwendolyn> Yes, I've been molested in school a few times.
[22:08] <BURK> and then saying homosexual love is wrong
[22:09] <DLB> gwendolyn has written and drawn shota related material
[22:09] <BURK> even though you write about and fantasize about it
[22:09] * Picatta has joined #arbchat
[22:09] <BURK> and even draw it
[22:09] <DLB> although she claims that the participants are only herself and another
[22:09] <BURK> gwen would you say you were almost raped?
[22:09] <gwendolyn> Look, I'm not proud of some of my guilty desires, but I'm not flaming anyone else who has them.
[22:09] <BURK> yes you are
[22:09] <gwendolyn> No.
[22:09] <DLB> gwendolyn: so you do feel guilty about what you write and draw?
[22:09] <BURK> you said that homosexuality was the work of the devil
[22:09] <BURK> I've come to the conclusion that I don't need to be against homosexual love, because there's no such thing. 
[22:09] <BURK> I don't believe in it. It's a sickness of the mind. Confusion. Nothing but an illusion. A devil's lie.
[22:09] <Blargh> it is
[22:09] <gwendolyn> That's a belief.
[22:10] <DLB> gwendolyn: and yet you get off on the idea of two UNDERAGE males getting it on?
[22:10] <DLB> even though you believe that being gay is the work of the devil
[22:10] <gwendolyn> Yes, I feel guilty about some things that I write. It's lessened, though.
[22:10] <DLB> and isn't really love
[22:10] <BURK> yes gwendolyn why do you not write about older males having sex
[22:10] <Blargh> gwendolyn you are correct in this regard but you betray christ by fantasizing about gay sex
[22:10] <gwendolyn> No, not two underaged. Never.
[22:10] <DLB> so if it's only one underaged then it is ok?
[22:10] <BURK> gwendolyn you wrote about a young boy being molseted
[22:10] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: I am sending a legal notice to DA right now.
[22:11] <gwendolyn> I suppose I do, but I'm not proud of it.
[22:11] <BURK> "Flagg's other hand moved up to the boy'smouth, stroking his lips. Little Cloud stuck out his own tongue andlicked the fingers, which followed his tongue into the tiny, wetmouth, where they were suckled on. At the same time, he wasbeginning to grind his bottom against the other two fingers, moaning a little bit harder."
[22:11] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: you will likely have your account suspended tomorrow
[22:11] <DLB> BURK: agreed
[22:11] <BURK> sherrod: gg *high five*
[22:11] <DLB> now, everyone quiet for a sec
[22:11] <gwendolyn> Why would my account be suspended for writing a fanfic?
[22:11] <DLB> so, gwendolyn, you come here claiming libel over your article
[22:12] <gwendolyn> Yes.
[22:12] <Blargh> it is a fanfic involving underage children
[22:12] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: nope, for taking copyrighted images and altering them... these images ARE NOT released under CC and are NOT available for alteration or republcation by you.
[22:12] <DLB> yet you validated just now with your own words many of the accusations brought forth in said article
[22:12] <DLB> what exactly in the article is libel?
[22:12] <gwendolyn> I don't think that I validated that my mother was raped, or that I'm a pedo, no.
[22:12] <DLB> gwen: 
[22:12] <BURK> gwendolyn you just admited to writing a story about a young boy being molested
[22:12] <DLB> you just said that you write fan fictions and draw pictures about underage boys being molested
[22:12] <DLB> HOW
[22:12] <DLB> in gods name
[22:13] <gwendolyn> Also, I didn't write those articles about my ex and his girlfriend.
[22:13] <DLB> are you not a pedophile?
[22:13] <DLB> can you explain that?
[22:13] <BURK> gwen you are a pedophile
[22:13] <DLB> fictional or otherwise
[22:13] <BURK> and you admited to almost being raped
[22:13] <gwendolyn> I don't like kids, I AM a kid.
[22:13] <DLB> gwen: no
[22:13] <BURK> gwen you are not a child
[22:13] <DLB> at "heart" you may be
[22:13] <gwendolyn> I never said I was almost raped.
[22:13] * Picatta has left #arbchat
[22:13] <Blargh> gwendolyn: so how old are you?
[22:13] <DLB> but you are of age
[22:13] <DLB> what you are jilling off to is pedophilic material
[22:14] <DLB> underage male / older male coupling
[22:14] <DLB> = 
[22:14] <DLB> fucking pedo
[22:14] <DLB> so
[22:14] * Lolwut is now known as seconded
[22:14] <DLB> correct me if i am wrong
[22:14] <subseven> clearly pedophilia
[22:14] <gwendolyn> Prove that I'm of age.
[22:14] <DLB> but where did we err in your article?
[22:14] <BURK> gwen prove you arent
[22:14] <DLB> gwen: you look around 18 from your picture
[22:14] <DLB> even if you arn't
[22:14] <DLB> you are writing about boys ~12 years of age
[22:14] <DLB> that is fucked up
[22:14] <BURK> yes
[22:14] <BURK> very
[22:14] <DLB> and god hates you for it
[22:15] <DLB> you are making baby jesus cry
[22:15] <gwendolyn> God hates no one.
[22:15] <DLB> god hates you
[22:15] <DLB> you fucking sick pedophile
[22:15] * seconded is now known as JEWS
[22:15] <BURK> gwen you yourself have said god hates homosexuals
[22:15] <DLB> you said god hates gays
[22:15] <subseven> fact: your art makes baby jesus cry
[22:15] <gwendolyn> You people believe that God is dead, so...
[22:15] <BURK> and you support not only homosexuality
[22:15] <DLB> and yet you fantasize about gays
[22:15] <DLB> gwen: no we dont
[22:15] <BURK> but pedophilic homosexuality
[22:15] <DLB> a lot of us are christians
[22:15] <gwendolyn> I never said God hates homosexuals!
[22:15] <DLB> blargh is especially so
[22:15] <BURK> and i myself am a devout protestant
[22:15] * MikeJonez has joined #arbchat
[22:15] <gwendolyn> Hate the sin, love the sinner.
[22:15] * DLB sets mode: +v Jewbacca
[22:15] <Blargh> gwendolyn: i am a conservative christian
[22:15] <Jewbacca> ok
[22:15] <BURK> gwen the god of christianity said that
[22:15] <Jewbacca> gwen
[22:15] <DLB> so that is your justification for sinning?
[22:15] <Jewbacca> how about this
[22:15] <Blargh> i do not believe god is dead
[22:15] <BURK> not the god of mormonism
[22:16] <DLB> and being a pedophile?
[22:16] <Jewbacca> we know you are a pedophile
[22:16] <Jewbacca> as a 12 year old isnt' capable of IRCing on this level
[22:16] <Jewbacca> underage or not
[22:16] <BURK> blargh please get leviticus and tell gwen what god thinks of homosexuals and pedophiles
[22:16] <Blargh> okay
[22:16] <Jewbacca> it's indisputable that you would diddle my little brother if you got a chance
[22:16] <DLB> BURK: he knows levit by heart
[22:16] <Jewbacca> you sick fuck
[22:16] <gwendolyn> Really? I used IRC when I was eleven years.
[22:16] * Shash has joined #arbchat
[22:16] <DLB> ok
[22:16] <Jewbacca> good for you, to have wasted that many years of your life
[22:16] <Jewbacca> good for you, to have wasted that many years of your life
[22:16] <subseven> gwendolyn: not at this level
[22:16] <DLB> everyone hold for a moment
[22:17] <gwendolyn> What level?
[22:17] <DLB> gwendolyn
[22:17] <Blargh> And with a man you shall not lie with as a man lies with a woman; it is an abomination.
[22:17] <DLB> I would like to get back to your argument
[22:17] <Blargh> If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.
[22:17] <DLB> that this article
[22:17] <DLB> is libel
[22:17] <DLB> yet
[22:17] <DLB> with your OWN words
[22:17] <DLB> time and time again
[22:17] <DLB> you have proven it to be truw
[22:17] <DLB> *true
[22:17] <BURK> dlb the article is after all at least half quote
[22:17] <DLB> and I'm not even TOUCHING the otherkin "dragon" shit
[22:17] <DLB> BURK: truth
[22:17] <Jewbacca> haha
[22:17] <gwendolyn> Pedophiles are attracted to children. I'm NOT.
[22:17] <DLB> you write about pedophilia
[22:17] <Jewbacca> FUCK YOU SHE'S A DRAGON
[22:17] <Jewbacca> OK
[22:17] <Jewbacca> what do you call it
[22:17] <DLB> gwen: you are not a child
[22:17] <DLB> gwen: you are not a child
[22:17] <DLB> gwen: you are not a child
[22:17] <DLB> gwen: you are not a child
[22:17] <DLB> gwen: you are not a child
[22:17] <DLB> for the last time
[22:17] <Jewbacca> I want to know what she calls it
[22:17] <DLB> you are a legal adult
[22:18] <DLB> or close to one
[22:18] <gwendolyn> Prove I'm not a child.
[22:18] <gwendolyn> How old is a legal adult?
[22:18] <DLB> what you are writing about is 12 year old boys being molested
[22:18] <DLB> what you are writing about is 12 year old boys being molested
[22:18] <JailBait> Prove you are a child
[22:18] <Jewbacca> you are at least >11
[22:18] <gwendolyn> Answer the question.
[22:18] <Blargh> gwendolyn: show us your tits, that is proof
[22:18] <BURK> gwen according to certain state laws the legal age of one that can be tried as an adult is usualy 15
[22:18] <Jewbacca> a natural 12 year old wouldn't be writing graphic fanfiction on an obscure website about FUCKING OTHER KIDS
[22:18] <DLB> BURK speaks the truth
[22:18] <BURK> the sexual age of consent is usualy around 16
[22:18] <DLB> Jewbacca is also correct
[22:18] <gwendolyn> I wear a size 36A, what would that prove?
[22:19] <DLB> that you have mosquito bite tits
[22:19] <BURK> and the burden of proof is not against us
[22:19] <DLB> so what?
[22:19] <Jewbacca> haha
[22:19] <DLB> so does emoskank
[22:19] <DLB> and that slut is 19
[22:19] <Jewbacca> yeah
[22:19] <BURK> as you are claiming we are wrong
[22:19] <Jewbacca> but I like emoskank
[22:19] <Jewbacca> as she is not a pedo
[22:19] <DLB> i dont
[22:19] <DLB> well
[22:19] <DLB> yes
[22:19] <DLB> she isnt a pedo
[22:19] <Blargh> gwendolyn: can you provide proof that your tits are indeed of this size
[22:19] <DLB> she has that going for her
[22:19] <Jewbacca> and I can talk to her about other things than fucking children
[22:19] <DLB> hold
[22:19] * DLB sets mode: -v Blargh
[22:19] * DLB sets mode: -v dr_g0sp
[22:19] <DLB> jewbacca has the floor
[22:19] <Jewbacca> ok
[22:19] <Jewbacca> so what we have deduced
[22:20] <Jewbacca> is that you are NOT of an equal age
[22:20] <Jewbacca> as the children you graphically depict
[22:20] <Jewbacca> in fact, you have OPENLY admitted it
[22:20] <Jewbacca> and by the very pictures we possess
[22:20] * runrun has joined #arbchat
[22:20] <Jewbacca> that you have self-identified
[22:20] <Jewbacca> you are DEFINITELY not pushing close to 12
[22:20] <Jewbacca> even if you have tiny pedo tits
[22:20] <Jewbacca> the fact of the matter is
[22:20] * kraeloc has joined #arbchat
[22:20] <Jewbacca> you are asking us to mask your shame
[22:21] <Jewbacca> when the whole purpose of ED is to make it very blatantly available.
[22:21] * ZigguratHead has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
[22:21] <Jewbacca> it makes it that much sweeter that we aren't making this shit up.
[22:21] <Jewbacca> so
[22:21] * ZigguratHead_ has joined #arbchat
[22:21] <BURK> and since you can not prove that you are indeed under 15 or 16 in the court of law (as opposed to the internet court of law) you could be tried for rape
[22:21] <Jewbacca> the point of this arbchat is for you to convince us
[22:21] <gwendolyn> I don't think so. It's NY law that if I feel threatened by any abuse caused by this that the law is on my side.
[22:21] <BURK> or at least publication of obscene materials
[22:21] * ZigguratHead_ is now known as ZigguratHead
[22:21] <Jewbacca> OMG INTERNET D: isn't a defense
[22:21] <BURK> gwen i have bad news
[22:22] <BURK> the legal system is opposed to pedophilia
[22:22] <Jewbacca> that's right
[22:22] <BURK> even the worst scum in prison are opposed to pedopihila
[22:22] <gwendolyn> Giving out personal info is illegal.
[22:22] <Jewbacca> and who's threatening you? the 12 yr old boys?
[22:22] * falsion has joined #arbchat
[22:22] <BURK> pedophiles are the bottom rung
[22:22] <gwendolyn> Who the hell did I ever rape?
[22:22] <subseven> my eyes!
[22:22] <BURK> and all personal info posted on ed is readily available on the internet
[22:22] <DLB> gwen: not if it is found on the internet by information you yourself posted in the public domain
[22:22] <Jewbacca> my eyes.
[22:22] <BURK> that is how it is retreived
[22:22] <Jewbacca> yep
[22:23] <subseven> you have raped the eyes of the world with your pedophilia
[22:23] <Jewbacca> currently you have handed us every shred of evidence we have.
[22:23] <Jewbacca> now that we got it gift-wrapped for the world to see
[22:23] <Jewbacca> you are having a shitfit and have provided no reasoning other than threats to have it removed
[22:23] <Jewbacca> honestly, you have no basis for a legal claim
[22:23] <DLB> everything that has been said in the article
[22:23] <DLB> YOU
[22:23] <gwendolyn> I don't think so. You keep saying stuff that isn't true, and going off-topic. That's not gonna look so good for you.
[22:23] <Jewbacca> you would be laughed out of a lawyer's office if you tried to have them file a civil suite
[22:23] <DLB> yourself have said here
[22:24] <DLB> you like drawing shota
[22:24] * JEWS is now known as Lolwut
[22:24] <DLB> = underage boy sekhs
[22:24] <Jewbacca> in fact, you just threatened me.
[22:24] <DLB> you fantasize about young boys being molested
[22:24] <Jewbacca> I feel internet threatened.
[22:24] <DLB> little cloud
[22:24] <Jewbacca> In Arizona, if you feel threatened and unload the whole clip into them, you were justified.
[22:24] <DLB> can you tell me
[22:24] <gwendolyn> No, fantasize about myself.
[22:24] <DLB> gwen: YOU ARE NOT 12
[22:24] <DLB> gwen: YOU ARE NOT 12
[22:24] <DLB> gwen: YOU ARE NOT 12
[22:24] <DLB> gwen: YOU ARE NOT 12
[22:24] <BURK>
[22:24] <DLB> you are drawing images of older males raping 12 year old boys
[22:24] <DLB> and writing about it
[22:25] <DLB> this
[22:25] <BURK>
[22:25] <Jewbacca> exactly
[22:25] <DLB> is pedophilia
[22:25] <BURK>
[22:25] <BURK>
[22:25] <DLB> and you are a sick fuck
[22:25] <gwendolyn> Prove it. Prove my age, and my gender. No matter what I say or don't say, you can't prove anything.
[22:25] * Cherri has joined #arbchat
[22:25] <JailBait> CRUISE CONTROL ON
[22:25] <gwendolyn> False.
[22:25] <DLB> ok
[22:25] <DLB> gwendolyn
[22:25] <BURK> PROVE IT
[22:25] <DLB> this thing
[22:25] <DLB> is a give and take situation
[22:26] <DLB> your article will not be removed entirely
[22:26] <DLB> but
[22:26] <DLB> something can be worked out
[22:26] <DLB> however
[22:26] <DLB> you need to give us something in return
[22:26] <gwendolyn> And what's that?
[22:26] * Negroe has joined #arbchat
[22:26] <Jewbacca> I would settle for tit pics with "IHBTBED"
[22:27] <Jewbacca> but that's just me
[22:27] * Lolwut is now known as TITS
[22:27] <DLB> Jewbacca: i think that would be acceptable
[22:27] * fyra is now known as TITSORGTFO
[22:27] <DLB> we can remove most of the content of the article and links to your personal website
[22:27] * TITSORGTFO is now known as aTitisfinetoo
[22:27] <BURK> gwen you still can not prove any of it is libel
[22:27] * Negroe is now known as titsorgtfowhore
[22:27] <BURK> in fact this chat log is admissible as evidence in a federal court of law
[22:27] <gwendolyn> What about the rape statements?
[22:27] * titsorgtfowhore is now known as Negroe
[22:27] * Freeze is now known as asl_lol
[22:27] <Jewbacca> yep
[22:27] * Negroe was kicked by DLB (DLB�)
[22:27] <Jewbacca> I am logging this chat as well :)
[22:27] * asl_lol was kicked by DLB (DLB�)
[22:28] * Negroe has joined #arbchat
[22:28] <gwendolyn> I know I can't settle this by court, that's why I'm here.
[22:28] * asl_lol has joined #arbchat
[22:28] * aTitisfinetoo is now known as fyra
[22:28] * asl_lol is now known as Freeze
[22:28] * Negroe is now known as sorryohgr8andpowerfulop
[22:28] <gwendolyn> Molested doesn't mean the same thing as rape. And it has nothing to do with my mom, who was also never raped.
[22:28] * sorryohgr8andpowerfulop is now known as Negroe
[22:28] <Jewbacca> JUST ALMOST RAPED
[22:28] <Jewbacca> haha.
[22:28] <Jewbacca> you are such a head case.
[22:28] <gwendolyn> You don't even know what happened to me.
[22:28] <DLB> alright
[22:28] <Jewbacca> You blame all of your problems on being so fucked up
[22:28] <DLB> then tell us what
[22:29] <DLB> evidence of this sort will be taken into account
[22:29] <BURK> gwen yes tell us if it is all lies
[22:29] <DLB> concerning what action we will take
[22:29] <DLB> BURK: stay on topic
[22:29] <gwendolyn> The worst is someone touched me, but I did have my clothes on.
[22:29] <DLB> BURK: stay on topic
[22:29] <BURK> dlb this is related
[22:29] <Jewbacca> wow
[22:29] <DLB> allright
[22:29] <BURK> as it is supposedly about her having a 21 year old fiance
[22:29] <DLB> i'll allow it
[22:29] <Jewbacca> you are that fucked in the head from a little groping?
[22:29] <DLB> continue
[22:29] <gwendolyn> Engaged? Drago-dracini proposed to me.
[22:29] <Jewbacca> I've had worse going to the movie theatre
[22:30] <gwendolyn> I'm not fucked in the head for any of that. 
[22:30] <BURK> and yet the post exists
[22:30] <BURK> as does you speaking of attempted suicide
[22:30] <DLB> gwen: i would like you to explain this then
[22:30] <DLB> if you are not fucked in the head
[22:30] <DLB> I was thinking about suicide for a bit.
[22:30] <DLB> "I don't want to live anymore! I just want out! I WANT TO DIE!!" I remember someone telling me that suicide is one thing, and willing yourself to die is another. Personally, I think they're both giving up on life, but I'd rather choose the second option. "I am ready to let myself die. Please, come and take me away" I kept chanting over and over. But then I heard the angel of death. He was in my room with me. "If you really want to come with me, you're going to have to be totally prepared. You are not ready to die now. Your feelings betray you. Call me ... but only if you are completely ready to come with me." So, I guess, dee
[22:30] <gwendolyn> Yes, we were going to get married, even though we were underaged.
[22:30] <gwendolyn> Parents permission.
[22:30] <DLB> gwen: that's just wierd, not wrong
[22:30] <DLB> we are not against you for that
[22:31] <DLB> ED is wierd
[22:31] <DLB> what I want to know
[22:31] <DLB> is what makes you tick
[22:31] <BURK> 21 is not underaged
[22:31] <gwendolyn> what do you mean?
[22:31] <gwendolyn> what makes me the way i am?
[22:31] <DLB> why are you so fucked in the head that you fantasize about little boys fucked and want to kill yourself?
[22:31] <DLB> and think you are a dragon
[22:31] <BURK> not just little boys
[22:31] <BURK> but little boys being molested by older men
[22:31] <DLB> BURK: truth
[22:31] <gwendolyn> I don't want to kill myself. I'm too scared to. I just don't want to live sometimes.
[22:32] <Sherrod> live as a dragon
[22:32] <DLB> be free
[22:32] * fyra is now known as thatcanbearranged
[22:32] <gwendolyn> Because I want to be a little boy.
[22:32] <DLB> shed this mortal coil
[22:32] * thatcanbearranged is now known as fyra
[22:32] * Timer 1 activated
[22:32] * DLB sets mode: +b *!*
[22:32] <Sherrod> wow, this is a huge arbchat
[22:32] * Timer 1 halted
[22:32] * fyra was kicked by DLB (DLB�)
[22:32] <DLB> and be free with the dragons
[22:32] <DLB> it's not that hard
[22:32] <DLB> xbox heuge arbchat
[22:32] <Jewbacca> [22:31] <Shirk> Dude if baby-cloudie is her then she is 19
[22:32] <Jewbacca> [22:31] <Jewbacca> can you provide proof/
[22:32] <Jewbacca> [22:32] <Shirk>
[22:32] <Jewbacca> [22:32] <Shirk> 	1988-05-02
[22:32] <Jewbacca> [22:32] <Jewbacca> ok
[22:32] * Sherrod sets mode: +o Cherri
[22:32] <DLB> there we go
[22:32] <Jewbacca> well now
[22:32] <gwendolyn> I'm not human, whether you believe me or not. I have things that I can't explain.
[22:33] <subseven> well well well
[22:33] <Jewbacca> excellent work Shirk
[22:33] <DLB> gwen: why don't you try explaining
[22:33] <DLB> make us understand
[22:33] <gwendolyn> That took longer than I thought *lol*
[22:33] <BURK> oh me oh my
[22:33] <DLB> *lol*
[22:33] <BURK> that makes you full blown pedo gwen
[22:33] <DLB> gwen: why don't you try explaining
[22:33] <gwendolyn> Naw, it doesn't.
[22:33] <DLB> gwen: legally 
[22:33] <Jewbacca> yes
[22:33] <BURK> yes it does
[22:33] <DLB> yes
[22:33] <DLB> it does
[22:33] <Jewbacca> it really does
[22:33] <Jewbacca> now
[22:33] <DLB> not sorta
[22:33] <BURK> you wrote about a BOY
[22:33] <BURK> A BOY
[22:33] <DLB> not kinda
[22:33] <Jewbacca> the law HATES pedos
[22:33] <gwendolyn> Besides, you can't prove my age, anyway.
[22:33] <Jewbacca> I COULD
[22:34] * gijake has joined #arbchat
[22:34] <DLB> gwen: we are internet detectives
[22:34] <Jewbacca> if you want me to
[22:34] <BURK> its one thing if you fantasized about a high schooler or something like that
[22:34] <Jewbacca> if you REALLY want me to pursue this
[22:34] <Jewbacca> I mean
[22:34] <gwendolyn> I'm NOT a child molester. That's the key thing.
[22:34] <DLB> gwendolyn is [email protected] * Rose
[22:34] <DLB> gwendolyn on +#arbchat #ed 
[22:34] <DLB> gwendolyn using anonymuncule.irc Was that your plan, Ray? Get her?
[22:34] <DLB> gwendolyn has been idle 11secs, signed on Sun Aug 19 21:43:03
[22:34] <DLB> gwendolyn End of /WHOIS list.
[22:34] <Jewbacca> no, but you are a pedophile
[22:34] <DLB> gwen: but you PRETEND to be
[22:34] <BURK> but you fantasized about a BOY
[22:34] <Jewbacca> being a pedo doesn't mean going around molesting children
[22:34] <Jewbacca> I bet
[22:34] * Bupkis has joined #arbchat
[22:34] <Jewbacca> you just haven't been presented with the opportunity yet
[22:34] <Jewbacca> because
[22:34] <Jewbacca> as you admitted
[22:34] <DLB> PEDO = child PHILIA = obcession
[22:34] <Jewbacca> you are afraid of death
[22:34] <DLB> you obsess
[22:34] <DLB> and sexualize
[22:34] <gwendolyn> I know that, but pedophile = attracted to children.
[22:34] <subseven> you're a time bomb waiting to explode
[22:34] <DLB> children
[22:35] <DLB> you are a sick fuck
[22:35] <Jewbacca> I certainly believe you are afraid of being owned in court and getting caught
[22:35] <Sherrod> yeah
[22:35] <gwendolyn> I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of suicide.
[22:35] <DLB> coward
[22:35] <Sherrod> that is fucked up... and this is coming from a bunch of ED users
[22:35] <Jewbacca> orite, mormon suicide beliefs
[22:35] <DLB> Sherrod: inorite?
[22:35] <Jewbacca> but
[22:35] <DLB> lol
[22:35] <Jewbacca> BUT
[22:35] <Jewbacca> If I'm not mistaken
[22:35] -TITS- Getting sloppy, make offer for tit pics and wrap it up. This is going nowhere
[22:35] <Jewbacca> Mormons believe in spirit prison
[22:35] <gwendolyn> Yes, that's why.
[22:35] <Jewbacca> where they can repent for ANY sins, including suicide
[22:35] <Jewbacca> gwen
[22:35] <Jewbacca> My step-father is a mormon
[22:35] <gwendolyn> I wouldn't be free.
[22:35] <DLB> we will pray for you
[22:35] <Jewbacca> AH
[22:35] <DLB> if you become an hero
[22:35] <Jewbacca> so you are afraid of imprisonment
[22:36] <Jewbacca> we are getting somewhere
[22:36] <Sherrod> do dragons have souls?
[22:36] <DLB> and get you out of spirit prison
[22:36] * BallsOfSteel has left #arbchat
[22:36] <Sherrod> did jesus die for dragons?
[22:36] <Sherrod> or...
[22:36] <BURK> yes gwen do dragons have souls
[22:36] <Sherrod> IS JESUS A DRAGON HIMSELF?!!?!?!?
[22:36] <Jewbacca> so I was correct
[22:36] <gwendolyn> Of course I have a soul.
[22:36] <BURK> do fictional characters which EXIST IN ALTERNATE DEMENSIONS have souls
[22:36] <DLB> *dimensions
[22:36] <gwendolyn> Yep
[22:36] <BURK> gwen no you are a pedophile you cant have a soul
[22:36] <Jewbacca> you WOULD be a kiddy diddler if presented with a guilt-free chance
[22:36] <Jewbacca> you WOULD be a kiddy diddler if presented with a guilt-free chance
[22:36] <Jewbacca> you WOULD be a kiddy diddler if presented with a guilt-free chance
[22:36] <Jewbacca> you WOULD be a kiddy diddler if presented with a guilt-free chance
[22:36] <DLB> <BURK> do fictional characters which EXIST IN ALTERNATE DEMENSIONS have souls
[22:36] <DLB> <DLB> *dimensions
[22:36] <DLB> <gwendolyn> Yep
[22:36] <DLB> so
[22:36] <BURK> we are asking if your alternate personas have souls
[22:36] <gwendolyn> No, I would kill anyone who harmed a child.
[22:36] <DLB> these characters you write about fucking underage kids
[22:37] <DLB> those kids have a soul in an alternate dimension
[22:37] <Jewbacca> gwen: Liar.
[22:37] <Jewbacca> you obsess about corrupting yourself at a young age
[22:37] <BURK> jewbacca and being a male at that
[22:37] <Jewbacca> yeah
[22:37] * DLB sets mode: -b *!*
[22:37] <BURK> being molested by an older male
[22:37] <Jewbacca> well I was corrupted at age 12
[22:37] <BURK> which is of course homosexual
[22:37] <Jewbacca> but not by an older male
[22:38] <gwendolyn> So what? I have the body and mind of a child. I'm innocent.
[22:38] <Jewbacca> I referred to my partner as lefty
[22:38] <Jewbacca> and sometimes righty
[22:38] <Jewbacca> he was a little too rough at first though
[22:38] * fyra has joined #arbchat
[22:38] <BURK> jewbacca i too was corrupted at 10 but that was by the internet whose large electonic phallus reamed my innocent little mind
[22:38] <DLB> you do not have the body of a child
[22:38] <BURK> gwen no you do not
[22:38] <DLB> you are a legal adult
[22:38] <DLB> and have responsibilities as such
[22:38] <DLB> your fucked up mind may be like a childs
[22:38] <gwendolyn> My body is small.
[22:38] <BURK> the minds of children do not comprehend sexual intercourse
[22:38] <Jewbacca> gwen
[22:38] <BURK> which is precisely why it is illegal
[22:38] <Jewbacca> you know who you remind me of?
[22:38] <Jewbacca> MICHAEL JACKSON.
[22:38] <Jewbacca> Everyone
[22:38] <Jewbacca> shut up
[22:38] <BURK> and you are a 34A THAT IS NOT SMALL
[22:38] <Jewbacca> and hear me out
[22:38] * DLB sets mode: +v Blargh
[22:39] <Jewbacca> listen
[22:39] <Jewbacca> she thinks she is a child
[22:39] * runrun has quit IRC (Quit: Out...muhuhahaha�)
[22:39] <Jewbacca> she thinks she is innocent
[22:39] <Jewbacca> despite molesting kids
[22:39] <gwendolyn> I am.
[22:39] <Jewbacca> or at LEAST dreaming about it
[22:39] <gwendolyn> I have never touched a child.
[22:39] <Blargh> dlb let's get out the offer
[22:39] <Jewbacca> she also is afraid of imprisonment
[22:39] <DLB> gwen: you sound like someone who would
[22:39] <DLB> given the chance
[22:39] <Jewbacca> so much that she won't even become an hero because she's afraid of her immortal soul getting caged
[22:39] <gwendolyn> Opinion.
[22:39] <BURK> gwen you have fantasized about molesting children
[22:39] <Jewbacca> my opinions are objective.
[22:40] <Jewbacca> ask anyone here.
[22:40] <Jewbacca> subjectivity is not a factor when WE are in control.
[22:40] * TITS is now known as Lolwut
[22:40] <gwendolyn> I'm not human. I have responsibilities, but I'm not the same as other humans.
[22:40] * Negroe is now known as voiceplox
[22:40] <DLB> so
[22:40] <DLB> being a dragon makes it ok to molest children?
[22:40] <BURK> fyiad
[22:40] <Blargh> i will make you feel like a real woman gwendolyn 
[22:40] <BURK> of course
[22:40] <gwendolyn> I am still a child in non-human years.
[22:40] <DLB> because you are not human in your head makes it ok to be a sick fuck?
[22:40] <Jewbacca> gwen
[22:41] <DLB> gwen: how old are you in dragon years?
[22:41] <DLB> gwen: how old are you in dragon years?
[22:41] <DLB> gwen: how old are you in dragon years?
[22:41] <gwendolyn> I'm not a sick fuck.
[22:41] <Jewbacca> if you are a dragon
[22:41] <BURK> gwen you say you arent human
[22:41] <gwendolyn> Everyone has fetishes.
[22:41] <Jewbacca> if you are some arcane eldritch being
[22:41] <BURK> and then say you are not sick
[22:41] * voiceplox is now known as fortheloveofgodvoice
[22:41] <DLB> gwen: you write about underage boys being molested
[22:41] <BURK> and this is a little different 
[22:41] * Timer 1 activated
[22:41] * DLB sets mode: +b *!*
[22:41] * Timer 1 halted
[22:41] * fortheloveofgodvoice was kicked by DLB (DLB�)
[22:41] <BURK> pedophilia is not a fetish
[22:41] <BURK> it is a criminal act
[22:41] <DLB> BURK: yes
[22:41] <BURK> and a most dispicable one at that
[22:41] <DLB> bondage is a fetish
[22:41] <DLB> watersports
[22:41] <BURK> you are also guilty of being a hypocrit
[22:41] <BURK> and a furry
[22:41] <DLB> hell, even being a furfag is a fetish
[22:41] <BURK> yes
[22:42] <DLB> but pedophilia is a disease
[22:42] <gwendolyn> I don't like kids. The character in the story is me. She/he/I = not human.
[22:42] <subseven> pedophilia is a perversion
[22:42] <gwendolyn> She is not a human child.
[22:42] <BURK> gwen that does not excuse the fact that you fantasized about molesting a child
[22:42] <Jewbacca> rationalize it all you want
[22:42] <Jewbacca> THE POINT IS
[22:42] <BURK> gwen the story says HE
[22:42] <BURK> gwen the story says HE
[22:42] <BURK> gwen the story says HE
[22:42] <BURK> gwen the story says HE
[22:42] <BURK> and BOY
[22:42] <Jewbacca> AND YOU ARE FAILING HARD
[22:42] <gwendolyn> And then she. Did you read the end?
[22:42] <Blargh> okay
[22:42] <DLB> blargh has the floor
[22:42] <Blargh> gwendolyn: here is the deal
[22:42] <DLB> blargh has the floor
[22:42] <DLB> blargh has the floor
[22:42] <DLB> blargh has the floor
[22:42] <DLB> blargh has the floor
[22:42] <BURK> gwen that does not excuse the fact that you fantasize about the RAPE OF A CHILD
[22:42] <DLB> shut up
[22:42] <Blargh> if you want this article removed
[22:43] <Blargh> you can do 1 of three things
[22:43] <gwendolyn> NO CHILD WAS RAPED!
[22:43] <Blargh> you can 
[22:43] <gwendolyn> ...
[22:43] <Blargh> a. make a video stating that jews committed the wtc attacks
[22:43] <Blargh> b. post pictures of your tits
[22:43] <Jewbacca> WITH IHBTBED
[22:43] <Jewbacca> very important
[22:43] <Blargh> or c. make a video stating that jews committed the wtc attacks while exposing your tits
[22:43] <Blargh> personally i would go with c
[22:43] <gwendolyn> Ah, who is the sick fuck now?
[22:43] <BURK> gwen any sexual activity involving a minor is rape as children are mentaly unable to understand sexual intorcourse and therefore unable to consent
[22:43] <BURK> gwen you are a legal adult
[22:43] <BURK> so its not sick at all
[22:44] <Jewbacca> I'm a sexual deviant, but at least I'm not a dragon.
[22:44] <DLB> gwen: if you want your article removed
[22:44] <DLB> do one of those choiced
[22:44] <DLB> *choices
[22:44] <subseven> DLB: i'd like to propose that the defendant be requested for said tit pics or vid with the phrase IHBTBED while holding a sign that says "my art makes baby jesus cry"
[22:44] <DLB> subseven: motion seconded
[22:44] <gwendolyn> She's not human, though.
[22:44] <Jewbacca> subseven: motion thirded
[22:44] * niceveosevere has joined #arbchat
[22:44] <gwendolyn> She knew what was going on.
[22:44] <DLB> motion carried
[22:44] <gwendolyn> You don't get the plot.
[22:45] <Blargh> i'd like to explore your body with my tongue gwendolyn 
[22:45] <gwendolyn> Flagg called her "child"/"boy" because of what she LOOKED like.
[22:45] <BURK> no
[22:45] <gwendolyn> A demon can appear as a child, but it doesn't make it such.
[22:45] <BURK> you sayd HE
[22:45] <BURK> you discribed it as male
[22:45] <DLB> gwen: that doesn't matter
[22:45] <DLB> if you think about it
[22:45] <gwendolyn> I'm a gender swapper -- it's even in your article.
[22:45] <DLB> that is just your justification for writing such things
[22:45] <Blargh> listen gwendolyn all will be forgiven
[22:45] <BURK> "i am not insane because i am sane" =/= sane
[22:45] <Blargh> if you post pictures of yourself nude
[22:46] <BURK> jesus loves camwhores
[22:46] <Blargh> with "IHBTBYED" written on your tits
[22:46] <BURK> this is fact
[22:46] <BURK> gwen you are not innocent
[22:46] <BURK> you are the most diabolical evil which afflicts modern society
[22:46] <BURK> you are in fact several of them rolled into one
[22:46] <Jewbacca> ok
[22:46] <DLB> alright: this has gone on long enough, we have our demands if you want your article removed
[22:46] <Jewbacca> guys
[22:46] <Jewbacca> I have another question
[22:46] <DLB> alright: this has gone on long enough, we have our demands if you want your article removed
[22:46] <Jewbacca> wait
[22:46] <DLB> ok
[22:46] <Jewbacca> one more question
[22:46] <DLB> carry on jewbacca
[22:47] <DLB> final question
[22:47] <BURK> species, sexual, and gender dismorphia, combined with hypocricy and pedophilia
[22:47] <Jewbacca> This is for personal use
[22:47] <Jewbacca> but
[22:47] <Jewbacca> Can you provide proof that the mormon religion allows otherkin?
[22:47] <Jewbacca> like dragons?
[22:47] <BURK> yes
[22:47] <Jewbacca> but basically
[22:47] <DLB> agreed
[22:47] <Jewbacca> like non-humans
[22:47] <BURK> please tell me where in the book of mormon it says dragons have souls
[22:47] <Jewbacca> Well
[22:47] <BURK> i recall dragons being the instruments of the devil
[22:47] <BURK> leviathans and such
[22:47] <gwendolyn> Ask God.
[22:47] <Jewbacca> I have my book of mormon right here
[22:47] <Jewbacca> personal revelation doesn't cut it
[22:47] <DLB> they are often used in tratitional religious art to represent the devil
[22:48] <Jewbacca> you aren't a prophet
[22:48] <DLB> *traditional
[22:48] <Blargh> gwendolyn how do you feel about facials
[22:48] <BURK> gwen oh no, im pretty sure god isnt ok with the homosexual rape of children
[22:48] <DLB> the dragon = the snake that tempted eve in the garden of eden
[22:48] * dffasd has joined #arbchat
[22:48] <DLB> you are an instrument of satan
[22:48] <DLB> repent
[22:48] <BURK> in fact i recall him saying something to that effect
[22:48] <Jewbacca> and decisions about the entire "chosen religion" such as who's allowed are decided by the prophet
[22:48] <gwendolyn> You'd rather be a fundie and take text literally than hear the voice of Gid himself?
[22:48] <DLB> and jesus will forgive you for your sins
[22:48] <Jewbacca> i mean
[22:48] <BURK> i also recall dragon being derived from dagon which means devil
[22:48] <DLB> Gid?
[22:48] <Jewbacca> gwen: no
[22:48] <Jewbacca> look
[22:48] <JailBait> Lol Gid
[22:48] <Jewbacca> in the 80's
[22:48] <DLB> HAS SPOKEN
[22:48] <BURK> gwen i am not a fundie
[22:48] <gwendolyn> Satan can take any form.
[22:48] <Jewbacca> niggers were not allowed to be mormon
[22:48] <Jewbacca> something about the mark of cain etc
[22:48] <DLB> gwen: and in this case
[22:48] <gwendolyn> It doesn't mean that snakes are evil, either.
[22:49] <DLB> that form is YOU
[22:49] <DLB> pedophile
[22:49] <DLB> burn in hell
[22:49] <DLB> repent sinner
[22:49] <Blargh> gwendolyn: do you realize that your book of mormon is a satanic lie and that the eastern orthodox church is the only true church
[22:49] <Jewbacca> however, somewhere between then and now the mormon prophet decided black people have souls too
[22:49] <Blargh> gwendolyn: do you realize that your book of mormon is a satanic lie and that the eastern orthodox church is the only true church
[22:49] <DLB> even jesus thinks you are a sick fuck
[22:49] <Jewbacca> so
[22:49] * BURK sets mode: -v Blargh
[22:49] * k-hate has joined #arbchat
[22:49] <DLB> lolk
[22:49] <Jewbacca> basically
[22:49] <BURK> as mormonism is not even good enough to be a jewish conspiracy
[22:49] <Jewbacca> I am probably one of the more familiar EDiots with the religion
[22:49] <Jewbacca> and I can tell you
[22:50] * BURK sets mode: +v Blargh
[22:50] <DLB> Jewbacca: then continue by all means
[22:50] <Jewbacca> using a religion as a scapegoat for your failure of an ideal
[22:50] <Jewbacca> is exactly what makes the religion look bad
[22:50] <Jewbacca> Knowing your location
[22:50] <Jewbacca> and what you look like
[22:50] * k-hate has left #arbchat
[22:50] <Jewbacca> and knowing how lines of communication work within the church
[22:50] <Jewbacca> how hard do you think it would be for me to find your bishop and have him identify you with a picture and a chatlog?
[22:50] <gwendolyn> I am rejecting your offer. It's blackmail and sexual harassment. And even if I were retarded enough to do that, you wouldn't hold your end of the bargain anyways.
[22:51] <BURK> gwen its not sexual harassment
[22:51] <BURK> this is the internet
[22:51] <BURK> we arent showing you our penises
[22:51] <Jewbacca> I mean
[22:51] <gwendolyn> Also, a lot of the shit you said was.
[22:51] <BURK> gwen no
[22:51] <BURK> what you said however
[22:51] <Jewbacca> basically you are defacing the religion you claim
[22:51] <BURK> was directly against your own religeon and against DA TOS
[22:51] <Jewbacca> yeah.
[22:51] <BURK> and you will hopefully be swiftly dealt with by both
[22:51] <Jewbacca> you are a steaming heap of hypocrisy
[22:52] <Jewbacca> and I think it will be my personal pleasure to have you excommunicated.
[22:52] <Jewbacca> mainly because my 3 best IRL friends are mormons
[22:52] <Blargh> gwendolyn: how do you feel about dp
[22:52] <Jewbacca> and you are a mockery of them
[22:52] <BURK> jewbacca yes we must make this known
[22:52] <Jewbacca> The last person that disgusted me as much as you
[22:52] <BURK> that when asked if she would accept christ and his teachings
[22:52] <Jewbacca> had their presence ERASED from the internet
[22:52] <BURK> gwen sayd "FUCK YOU IM A DRAGON"
[22:52] <gwendolyn> I'm ignoring that threat, as none of my dA submissions are against policy in anyway.
[22:53] <BURK> gwen your submission of a YOUNG BOY BEING MOLESTED is
[22:53] <gwendolyn> WHAT SUBMISSION????
[22:53] <DLB> that is against TOS
[22:53] <BURK> and sherrod has already reported you
[22:53] <BURK> your fanfics
[22:53] <gwendolyn> that's not on dA, dumbass.
[22:53] <gwendolyn> it's not anywhere
[22:53] <BURK> and why do you only capitalize the A
[22:53] <Blargh> gwendolyn can't you see i have feelings for you
[22:53] <gwendolyn> deviantART
[22:54] <Jewbacca> DEVIANTART
[22:54] <BURK> DeviantArt
[22:54] <gwendolyn> hence, dA
[22:54] <Jewbacca> devianTART
[22:54] <BURK> hence DA
[22:54] <BURK> gwendolyn what do your parents think of your pedophilic tendancys
[22:54] <BURK> im sure they have seen some of your writings
[22:54] <BURK> and artwork
[22:54] <Blargh> gwendolyn: do you swallow
[22:54] <Sherrod> i didn;'t report her for fanfics
[22:54] <gwendolyn> I have no fanfiction on dA.
[22:54] <Sherrod> i reported her for taking copyrighted images and using them without permission
[22:54] <Sherrod> which is a federal offense
[22:54] <BURK> ah
[22:55] <gwendolyn> Hah.
[22:55] <Jewbacca> uh oh
[22:55] <DLB> gwen: do your parents know about your pedophilic tendencys?
[22:55] <Jewbacca> someone got caught red handed
[22:55] <Sherrod> trust me, your DA account won't last long
[22:55] <DLB> *tendencies
[22:55] <gwendolyn> Liar.
[22:55] <BURK> gwendolyn, you are not a server, and are not protected under free speech
[22:55] <BURK> DA is
[22:55] <BURK> you are not
[22:55] <BURK> ED is
[22:55] <BURK> you are not
[22:55] <Jewbacca> keke.
[22:55] <Blargh> gwendolyn i'd like to cum all over your pretty otherkin face
[22:55] <gwendolyn> You lie like demons.
[22:55] <Jewbacca> that's right.
[22:55] <Cherri> gwen, i apologize but please refresh my memory: how old are you?
[22:55] <BURK> gwendolyn and you think you are a demon
[22:55] <BURK> cherri: 19
[22:55] <Sherrod> dragon
[22:56] <DLB> gwendolyn: that's right, make yourself feel better by pretending we are also minions of satan
[22:56] <DLB> but you know what?
[22:56] <gwendolyn> This is getting me nowhere.
[22:56] <DLB> we are righteous instruments of god
[22:56] * gijake has quit IRC (Quit: imma read teh logs tomarrow�)
[22:56] <gwendolyn> I will not be bribed.
[22:56] <DLB> destroying internet pedophiles
[22:56] <DLB> like yourself
[22:56] <Cherri> do you think gwen that this ia proper behavior for a 19 year old?
[22:56] <Blargh> gwendolyn when will you ever realize my love for you
[22:56] <Jewbacca> I am going to shove his holy glroy right up your ass gwen
[22:56] <Jewbacca> *glory
[22:56] <gwendolyn> Would you at least take off the personal links? Also, direct linking is NOT allowed on Youtube, plzthx.
[22:56] <DLB> even jesus thinks you are a sick fuck
[22:56] <DLB> gwen: no and no
[22:56] <Jewbacca> God hates fags, gwen.
[22:56] <DLB> not without something in return
[22:56] <DLB> not without something in return
[22:56] <BURK> gwendolyn are you aware that i am personaly aquanted with one chris hansen?
[22:56] <Jewbacca> yes
[22:56] <BURK> and that he has your ip number
[22:56] <DLB> give us pictures of your tits with IHBTBED 
[22:57] <Jewbacca> Burk has had at least 3 encounters with him
[22:57] * Bupkis has left #arbchat
[22:57] <DLB> and we will delete the whole thing
[22:57] <gwendolyn> I'm not going to exploit myself, you pedos.
[22:57] <DLB> the whole article
[22:57] <DLB> no 
[22:57] <DLB> no 
[22:57] <DLB> you are the pedo
[22:57] <Jewbacca> haha
[22:57] <Jewbacca> You're older than me
[22:57] <BURK> gwen you are 19
[22:57] <Jewbacca> :)
[22:57] <DLB> you are fucking 19
[22:57] <BURK> you are legal
[22:57] * ninjagumby has left #arbchat
[22:57] <BURK> you are far from innocent
[22:57] <Blargh> dlb i think she put me on ignore
[22:57] <DLB> post tits with IHBTBED written on them
[22:57] <DLB> and we will perma delete the whole article
[22:57] <Blargh> please tell her that i would like to fuck her in every one of her holes
[22:57] <BURK> as you fantasize about the corruption of the innocent and take for yourself the very visage of evil 
[22:57] <DLB> that will be enough lulz for us
[22:57] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: oooh, i just found another one on your LJ... say good by to hat too
[22:57] * Bobich has quit IRC (Quit: gone�)
[22:57] * Lolwut was kicked by BURK (BURK�)
[22:57] * Lolwut has joined #arbchat
[22:57] <gwendolyn> But I look like a kid, just like the me in my fanfics. So I can accuse you of what you're accusing me of for the same reasons.
[22:58] <Jewbacca> oh yeah?
[22:58] <BURK> gwen no
[22:58] <DLB> we do it for the lulz
[22:58] <BURK> that is no excuse
[22:58] <Jewbacca> except
[22:58] <DLB> you do it because you want to diddle young kiddies
[22:58] <Blargh> i will make you into a real woman gwendolyn 
[22:58] <Jewbacca> your accusations will get you nowhere
[22:58] <DLB> you sick fuck
[22:58] <Jewbacca> we do it for the lulz
[22:58] <BURK> you have a period, you have hips you have undergone puberty
[22:58] <Jewbacca> and we ALWAYS get our lulz.
[22:58] <gwendolyn> Lulz this.
[22:58] <BURK> regardless of how you "look"
[22:58] <BURK> lawl
[22:58] <Jewbacca> oh
[22:58] <BURK> what now?
[22:58] <Jewbacca> trust me
[22:58] <Cherri> gewn: why do you insist you look childlike, and like just noe- "like a kid"
[22:58] <DLB> gwen: ok
[22:58] <Cherri> *gwen
[22:58] <Jewbacca> I've been masturbating for the past 5 minutes
[22:58] <Blargh> yeah
[22:58] <DLB> take a picture of yourself with a signs saying I HAVE BEEN TROLLED BY ED on it
[22:58] <BURK> and gwen you do look old
[22:58] <Blargh> word
[22:58] <Cherri> i don't agree at all, you actually look pretty old because of the length of your face
[22:58] <DLB> and we will delete the article
[22:59] <DLB> we have had our fun
[22:59] <DLB> take a picture of yourself with a signs saying I HAVE BEEN TROLLED BY ED on it
[22:59] <gwendolyn> Laugh while you can. You are terrible, terrible humans.
[22:59] <DLB> and we will delete the article
[22:59] <DLB> we have had our fun
[22:59] * ninjagumby has joined #arbchat
[22:59] <Cherri> but i'd like to hear more about why you think its important to be like a kid
[22:59] <Jewbacca> hahaha.
[22:59] <Jewbacca> I will.
[22:59] <DLB> gwen: pot kettle, kettle pot
[22:59] <DLB> both black
[22:59] <DLB> both pedophiles
[22:59] <Jewbacca> When me and thor are in valhalla
[22:59] <BURK> gwen are you aware that my scattergun is able to deal with dragons?
[22:59] <DLB> lol hypocracy
[22:59] <gwendolyn> Like I would trust you.
[22:59] <Jewbacca> this will be a common dinner topic
[22:59] <Blargh> gwendolyn how do you feel about huge thick greasy dicks slapping against your face
[22:59] <BURK> i also have a larger bolt thrower
[23:00] * DLB changes topic to 'SHOTA != PEDOPHILIA DUH GAWD!�'
[23:00] <Cherri> i would appreciate an answer gwen
[23:00] <Jewbacca> g0sp will also dine in the meadhalls of valhall with us
[23:00] <Jewbacca> as will reph
[23:00] <BURK> i use it to deal with peasantry but it i smore then enough to deal with a dragon
[23:00] <DLB> BURK: fuck the prols
[23:00] * BURK changes topic to 'SHOTA != PEDOPHILIA DUH GAWD! | [00:58] <+gwendolyn> Laugh while you can. You are terrible,terrible humans.�'
[23:00] * NeoLobster has joined #arbchat
[23:00] <DLB> kill the dragonfags
[23:00] * Fail-chan has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving�)
[23:00] <Blargh> gwendolyn how do you feel about huge thick greasy dicks slapping against your face
[23:00] <DLB> Neo: you are a nancy come lately
[23:00] <Cherri> i would appreciate an answer gwen
[23:00] <BURK> dlb yes i will save my bolts and gasoline for her
[23:00] <DLB> BURK: <3
[23:00] <DLB> alright
[23:00] <DLB> alright
[23:00] <DLB> shut up
[23:01] <DLB> everyone
[23:01] <DLB> Gwendolyn: 
[23:01] <DLB> you have shown us no evidence to contradict the essence of your article
[23:01] <DLB> you are a sick pedophilic otherkin fuck
[23:01] <BURK> if anything you have given us proof of its validity
[23:01] * Lolwut was kicked by Cherri (snus�)
[23:01] <gwendolyn> You still haven't mentioned about my mother being raped.
[23:01] <DLB> and should either become an hero or have yourself committed
[23:01] <gwendolyn> Now, answer!
[23:01] * Lolwut has joined #arbchat
[23:01] <Jewbacca> almost raped
[23:01] <DLB> may god have mercy on your dragon soul
[23:01] <Blargh> gwendolyn i will go elbow deep in your otherkin cunt
[23:01] <BURK> gwen prove that she was not raped by a dragon
[23:02] <gwendolyn> Prove that she was!
[23:02] <BURK> and that you are not the souless spawn of satan
[23:02] <DLB> gwen: no human could have born you
[23:02] <BURK> gwen i can draw a picture if youd like and say that is evidence
[23:02] <DLB> you are the unholy union of a serpent and satan himself
[23:02] <DLB> you are an abomination
[23:02] <DLB> a sin against nature
[23:02] <gwendolyn> My mother is a good human.
[23:02] <DLB> and a dark stain on humanity
[23:02] <DLB> your mother was a goat whore of satan
[23:02] <Blargh> dlb did gwendolyn put me on ignore
[23:02] <Blargh> ask her that please
[23:02] <Jewbacca> your mother is an abomination to god
[23:02] <Jewbacca> as are you
[23:02] <DLB> she is just as guilty as you
[23:02] <DLB> for spawning you
[23:03] <DLB> she should have had you aborted
[23:03] <BURK> gwendolyn what does your mother think of you believing you are a dragon?
[23:03] <BURK> and of your molestation of young boys
[23:03] <BURK> and hatred of homosexuals dispite wishing you were one
[23:03] <gwendolyn> She doesn't have to, because she knows it's not true.
[23:03] <BURK> gwen
[23:03] <gwendolyn> And she doesn't care about me being a dragon.
[23:03] <BURK> you have just said it was true
[23:03] <BURK> gwen you arent a dragon
[23:03] <DLB> gwendolyn: then I'm sure she wouldn't mind us showing her your work?
[23:03] <Blargh> FUCK YOU SHE'S A DRAGON
[23:03] <DLB> gwendolyn: then I'm sure she wouldn't mind us showing her your work?
[23:03] <DLB> gwendolyn: then I'm sure she wouldn't mind us showing her your work?
[23:04] <DLB> this can be arrainged
[23:04] <DLB> if you so wish
[23:04] <BURK> gwen yes would you like us to send her a copy of that steamy little story?
[23:04] <gwendolyn> And how would you reach her?
[23:04] <gwendolyn> empty threat
[23:04] <Jewbacca> heheheh/
[23:04] <BURK> our tendrils reach throughout the internet
[23:04] <Jewbacca> not for much longer
[23:04] <BURK> wherever there is information
[23:04] <Jewbacca> however it's rather late to be contacting your bishop
[23:04] <BURK> we can get it
[23:04] <gwendolyn> Bitches don't know about my momma. ;p
[23:04] <Cherri> :[
[23:04] <Jewbacca> not yet.
[23:04] <DLB> lol using a 4chan meme?
[23:05] * Shirk has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
[23:05] <DLB> you are an even bigger failure than i thought
[23:05] * Shirk has joined #arbchat
[23:05] <gwendolyn> No one sitting here knows who my new bishop is, not even me.
[23:05] <BURK> gwen are you aware that you can not hide from the truth
[23:05] <gwendolyn> I haven't been to church since the other one dieda.
[23:05] <gwendolyn> I am the truth, baby.
[23:05] <BURK> gwen fly to texas and strike me down
[23:05] <DLB> you are the lie
[23:05] <BURK> if you are indeed a dragon
[23:06] <BURK> come and get me
[23:06] <Jewbacca> gwen: no matter.
[23:06] <DLB> you are the embodyment of sin
[23:06] <gwendolyn> Why waste my time?
[23:06] <BURK> me and chris hansen will be sitting on lawnchairs in my back yard
[23:06] <Jewbacca> knowing what stake your in helps quite a bit.
[23:06] <DLB> i bet you would fuck baby jesus himself if you could get away with it
[23:06] <DLB> you sick fuck
[23:06] <BURK> sipping beers
[23:06] <BURK> gwendolyn have you ever fantasized of jesus years as a boy in egypt?
[23:06] <BURK> gwendolyn have you ever fantasized of jesus years as a boy in egypt?
[23:06] <BURK> gwendolyn have you ever fantasized of jesus years as a boy in egypt?
[23:06] <BURK> gwendolyn have you ever fantasized of jesus years as a boy in egypt?
[23:06] <DLB> gwen: you have proven nothing to contradict the article
[23:06] <DLB> you have only dammed yourself further 
[23:06] <DLB> with your OWN words
[23:06] <DLB> you
[23:06] <DLB> are
[23:06] <DLB> a
[23:06] <Jewbacca> The Syracuse Stake....
[23:06] <gwendolyn> My mother and I can curse. If you want proof, just wait till something bad happens to you.
[23:06] <DLB> pedophile
[23:07] <DLB> gwen: oh really?
[23:07] <Cherri> curse?
[23:07] <DLB> curse me then
[23:07] <BURK> yes everything you say can ad will be used against you in a court of law
[23:07] <DLB> curse me then
[23:07] * jihad has joined #arbchat
[23:07] <Cherri> what kind of curse?
[23:07] <Jewbacca> well
[23:07] <Jewbacca> that was easy.
[23:07] <gwendolyn> I am the descendant of Abraham.
[23:07] <DLB> i thought witchcraft was for satanists
[23:07] <DLB> no
[23:07] <Jewbacca> Hahaha.
[23:07] <Cherri> you're not arabic
[23:07] * jihad has left #arbchat
[23:07] <Jewbacca> 90% of the population are "descendants of abraham"
[23:07] <BURK> gwen i have more of abraham in me then you do
[23:07] <BURK> you are a fucking mormon
[23:07] <Jewbacca> just because your patriarichal blessing makes you feel special
[23:07] <Jewbacca> you aren't
[23:08] <gwendolyn> I didn't have one yet.
[23:08] <Jewbacca> at 19?
[23:08] <Jewbacca> kind of late, innit?
[23:08] <BURK> gwen tell me, how exactly would you curse me?
[23:08] <BURK> would you use your hex to call forth the dark spirits?
[23:08] <Cherri> i'm half lebanese, you don't know shit about abrahim
[23:08] <gwendolyn> Nothing dark is involved. Just Karma. God does it all.
[23:08] <BURK> do you even know what the evil eye is?
[23:08] <BURK> gwen karma is not a monotheistic ideal
[23:08] <DLB> Karma is a buddhist belief
[23:08] <gwendolyn> God 0wns your asses.
[23:08] <BURK> and personaly
[23:09] <DLB> that is incompatiable with your monotheism
[23:09] <BURK> i dont get off on thinking of molesting children
[23:09] <BURK> so i think god is going to side with me
[23:09] <gwendolyn> well, you lie
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <BURK> no i do not
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <BURK> i spread the truth
[23:09] <gwendolyn> You lie hard.
[23:09] <DLB> Gwendolyn: in all seriousness, do you think god approves of the stories you write and the pictures you draw?
[23:09] <Jewbacca> gwen
[23:09] <Cherri> yes, what does god think your pedophila?
[23:09] <Jewbacca> you neglecto ne thing
[23:09] <gwendolyn> I'm not perfect.
[23:09] <BURK> gwen i troll you out of love
[23:09] <BURK> because i know 
[23:10] <BURK> that christ would want you to repent
[23:10] <DLB> gwen: does he or does he not approve?
[23:10] <BURK> and stop being a pedo otherkin faggot
[23:10] <Jewbacca> God allows us all to live freely due to free agency, correct?
[23:10] <Jewbacca> God allows us all to live freely due to free agency, correct?
[23:10] <Jewbacca> God allows us all to live freely due to free agency, correct?
[23:10] <Jewbacca> God allows us all to live freely due to free agency, correct?
[23:10] <Cherri> then why dont you pull the plank from your eye?
[23:10] <Cherri> then why dont you pull the plank from your eye?
[23:10] <Cherri> then why dont you pull the plank from your eye?
[23:10] <Cherri> then why dont you pull the plank from your eye?
[23:10] <gwendolyn> ANything I've done is FAAAAAR less sinful than what most other people do all the time.
[23:10] <Jewbacca> So?
[23:10] <BURK> gwen no it isnt
[23:10] <Jewbacca> Answer my question.
[23:10] <Cherri> and that makes it okay?
[23:10] <Cherri> that sort of circular logic is alright?
[23:10] <DLB> gwen: no
[23:10] <BURK> you fantasize of the rape of the innocent
[23:10] <DLB> trolling does not = pedophilia
[23:10] <Jewbacca> everyone shut up and let her answer my question
[23:10] <BURK> that is one of the worst and most diobalical of the sins
[23:10] <DLB> trolling does not = pedophilia
[23:10] <gwendolyn> I don't like rape.
[23:10] <DLB> trolling does not = pedophilia
[23:10] <Jewbacca> everyone shut up and let her answer my question
[23:10] <Jewbacca> everyone shut up and let her answer my question
[23:10] <Jewbacca> everyone shut up and let her answer my question
[23:10] <Jewbacca> everyone shut up and let her answer my question
[23:10] <BURK> gwen you fantasize about rape
[23:11] <gwendolyn> I hate rape.
[23:11] <BURK> gwen then why do you write of it
[23:11] <BURK> why do you sexualize it?
[23:11] <gwendolyn> WHere did I?
[23:11] <BURK> is it because you crave attention?
[23:11] <BURK> is that also why you feign suicidal tendencys?
[23:11] <gwendolyn> Walter was raped, when he was 14. Stephen King wrote it.
[23:11] <BURK> and this whole thing about being a dragon?
[23:11] <gwendolyn> THAT was in the flashback in my story.
[23:12] <Jewbacca> Gwendolyn
[23:12] <Jewbacca> ANSWER MY QUESTION
[23:12] <BURK> so you plagurized the works of stephen king
[23:12] <gwendolyn> He remembered it, but I didn't go into it in detail.
[23:12] <BURK> and no you spoke of a young boy being molested
[23:12] <BURK> and you did
[23:12] <BURK> you talked about finger sucking
[23:12] <gwendolyn> I just do it.
[23:12] <Jewbacca> LIAR.
[23:12] <Cherri> you don;t have the right to judge others
[23:12] <Jewbacca> You are not a mormon.
[23:12] <Cherri> under your own god
[23:13] <gwendolyn> I'm not a liar. I know way more than most people do.
[23:13] <Jewbacca> for that blasphemy alone you would be excommunicated
[23:13] <gwendolyn> I'm a venetian child.
[23:13] <Jewbacca> for that blasphemy alone you would be excommunicated
[23:13] <Jewbacca> for that blasphemy alone you would be excommunicated
[23:13] <Jewbacca> for that blasphemy alone you would be excommunicated
[23:13] <gwendolyn> I don't judge anyone.
[23:13] <Sherrod> ok gwendolyn you have been reported to DA, LJ and photobucket. This will be hilarious.
[23:13] <BURK> gwen i am innocent, i have sinned, i have repented, i know god loves me because i spread truth, all of my sins are laid bare
[23:13] <gwendolyn> In fact, I don't even NEED to say "I curse you".
[23:13] <BURK> i do not deny a man the love of another man
[23:13] <DLB> gwen: well
[23:13] <DLB> youknow
[23:13] <DLB> you did
[23:13] <DLB> apparently
[23:13] <DLB> and god listens to you
[23:13] <Cherri> first you were of abrahim, and now youre venetian?
[23:14] <DLB> just like the angel of death am i right?
[23:14] <Sherrod> no, now she is dragon
[23:14] <gwendolyn> You don't even know what I'm referring to.
[23:14] <Cherri> you are indeed judging us when you say god owns us, and will smite us
[23:14] <Cherri> thats not for you to know
[23:14] <DLB> But then I heard the angel of death. He was in my room with me. "If you really want to come with me, you're going to have to be totally prepared. You are not ready to die now. Your feelings betray you. Call me ... but only if you are completely ready to come with me." So, I guess, deep down, I really want to live. For now.
[23:14] <Cherri> or judge
[23:14] <BURK> gwen are you aware that tin foil can block all karma waves?
[23:14] <Jewbacca> I have a tin foil condom
[23:14] <Jewbacca> as long as my precious balls of steel are protected
[23:14] <gwendolyn> DLB: your point being ... ?
[23:14] <Sherrod> Jewbacca: will it fit a dragon?
[23:14] <DLB> that you need help
[23:14] <DLB> and lots of medication
[23:14] <Cherri> i absolutely know what you;re reffering to.
[23:14] <Jewbacca> probably
[23:14] <DLB> you sick fuck
[23:14] <Jewbacca> anyways gwen
[23:15] <gwendolyn> I trusted you.
[23:15] <Jewbacca> I know what stake you are in
[23:15] <DLB> gwen: you trusted me?
[23:15] <Jewbacca> and it just so happens
[23:15] * NeoLobster has quit IRC (Operation timed out�)
[23:15] <Jewbacca> we have an EDiot right up your alley
[23:15] <DLB>
[23:15] <DLB> :(
[23:15] <DLB> :'(
[23:15] <DLB> also: you are incorrectly using memes
[23:15] <gwendolyn> Are you the drunkenlazybastard?
[23:16] <DLB> your internet licence has been revoked
[23:16] <DLB> lol
[23:16] <DLB> what the fuck do you think DLB stands for
[23:16] <DLB> you fuckwit
[23:16] <gwendolyn> Forgive me for being rusty with human slang.
[23:16] <DLB> lol
[23:16] <DLB> what would i be in dragon slang?
[23:16] <Jewbacca> gwen
[23:16] <Jewbacca> do you consider yourself a higher being?
[23:16] <BURK> lawl
[23:16] <Blargh> lol human slang
[23:16] <Blargh> lol human slang
[23:16] <Blargh> lol human slang
[23:16] <gwendolyn> No.
[23:16] <Jewbacca> so
[23:17] <Jewbacca> if you are not on a higher plane of consciousness
[23:17] <BURK> gwendolyn in human slang you would be a retarded pedo cunt
[23:17] <BURK> just fyi
[23:17] <Jewbacca> which is the ONLY thing that makes one a superior being
[23:17] <Jewbacca> what differentiates you?
[23:17] <gwendolyn> When I speak as a dragon, I just squawk and growl. There aren't any words.
[23:17] <Jewbacca> if you have no higher function
[23:17] <DLB> so you speak in tongues then?
[23:17] <gwendolyn> LAnguage is images and universal telepathy.
[23:17] <BURK> gwen no
[23:17] * DLB changes topic to 'I just squawk and growl. There aren't any words.�'
[23:18] <DLB> no telepathy involved
[23:18] * Tinal has joined #arbchat
[23:18] <BURK> language is the visual representation of thoughts, its not telepathy
[23:18] <BURK> hence why we cant read forgotten languages
[23:18] <Jewbacca> exactly
[23:18] <gwendolyn> DLB: Well, I thought you were nice to me. You had a helpful aura.
[23:18] <Jewbacca> HAHAHAHA
[23:18] <BURK> gwen he was using tor on his aura
[23:18] <DLB> lol
[23:18] <gwendolyn> Verbally, I make beastly noises.
[23:18] <DLB> i was being helpful
[23:18] <Jewbacca> ask what happened to the last chick he talked to with 36As
[23:18] <BURK> he has a aura router
[23:18] <DLB> you just turned out to be a sick fuck
[23:18] <DLB> sorry mate
[23:18] <Cherri> irlollin
[23:19] <DLB> that's the way the cookie crumbles
[23:19] <DLB> i am not a pedo
[23:19] <DLB> otherwise we would have been BFF
[23:19] <DLB> !!!!!!!!
[23:19] <Cherri> idk my bff little cloud
[23:19] <DLB> cherri: werd
[23:20] <Cherri> please explain to me the childlikme thing, gwen
[23:20] <gwendolyn> All I ask before judging me, is that you get to know me first. But of course, that probably requires a certain level of intelligence/understanding.
[23:20] <DLB> gwen: i dont care that you are an otherkin, i dont care that you are a furfag, i dont even care that you are an emo suicidal confused mormon
[23:20] <DLB> i care
[23:20] <DLB> that you want to diddle little boys
[23:20] <DLB> you
[23:20] <Sherrod> lol lol lol i took away her LJ
[23:20] <DLB> are a sick fuck
[23:20] <Sherrod> god this is so funny
[23:20] <Sherrod> she is fucking screwed
[23:20] <DLB> and should be euthenized
[23:20] <DLB> Sherrod: LOL LINK
[23:20] <Cherri> i am asking you earnestly why do you think you are childlike and what are the qualities thereof
[23:20] <BURK> gwen intellegent understanding people dont say "FUCK YOU IM A DRAGON"
[23:20] <Sherrod> I have cut her off from all her stupid sites
[23:20] <Jewbacca> gwen: intelligence dictates that you are not capable of anything but grunting liek a retard and calling it "TELEPATHY"
[23:20] * NeoLobster has joined #arbchat
[23:20] <Sherrod> DLB: its a private support request, can't link
[23:20] <DLB> lolk
[23:20] <DLB> A+++
[23:20] <Sherrod> hahaha
[23:20] <Sherrod> funny
[23:20] <DLB> the great lj strike through strikes again
[23:21] <DLB> just a tad late
[23:21] <gwendolyn> god, you're dim
[23:21] <Sherrod> yeah
[23:21] <Sherrod> ha~
[23:21] <DLB> gwen: god, you're a pedophile
[23:21] <Jewbacca> oh yeah?
[23:21] <Cherri> gwen, why won't you answer me?
[23:21] <Jewbacca> I'm dumb?
[23:21] <Jewbacca> according to most
[23:21] <BURK> gwen you do know sodomy is not only a sin but is illegal in many states?
[23:21] <Jewbacca> I am a highly functioning sexual deviant
[23:21] <Jewbacca> yet you have nothing to claim but retarded grunts and some SICK FUCK SEXUAL IDEALS
[23:21] <Cherri> gwen, why won't you answer me?
[23:21] <Cherri> gwen, why won't you answer me?
[23:21] <gwendolyn> Why are all these jackals in here, anyway? We dont' need this many.
[23:21] <DLB> gwen only listens to gods
[23:22] <DLB> not harlots like you cherri
[23:22] <Cherri> apparently
[23:22] <Jewbacca> I have a PHD in trolling
[23:22] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: you seriously think LJ and DA and photobucket won't handle this? They are legally bound to. It has nothing to do with pedophilia. It has to do with you taking copyrighted images and attempting to re-license them under CC. Which is illegal and against all 3 TOS
[23:22] <BURK> gwen they are masturbating to shota you wrote dont mind them
[23:22] <DLB> BURK: iknowrite?
[23:22] <gwendolyn> Fufufu. When did I steal a copyrighted image? XD
[23:22] <Jewbacca> wow
[23:22] <Sherrod>
[23:22] <Sherrod> :]
[23:22] <Jewbacca> is dat soem dragonspeak
[23:23] <Sherrod>
[23:23] <DLB> lol
[23:23] <gwendolyn> it's a screenie
[23:23] <Jewbacca> got our copyright on it
[23:23] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: yes, of copyrighted content. 
[23:23] <Jewbacca> innit
[23:23] <BURK> gwen the work contained is still copyright
[23:23] <gwendolyn> you don't own the internet
[23:23] <Jewbacca> oh yes we do
[23:23] <DLB> we ARE the internet
[23:23] <Jewbacca> nigger
[23:23] <BURK> and you may be retarded enough to not understand how copyright works
[23:23] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: but i do own all of those images and the text on it.
[23:24] <BURK> but ed has been through enough shit to know
[23:24] <DLB> Sherrod: you own even my sig?! >:0
[23:24] <BURK> gwen are familiar with dennis feltcho?
[23:24] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: and it doesn't matter at all what you think, the legal notice has been submitted to the sites. They're required to act.
[23:24] <Jewbacca> gwen
[23:24] <Jewbacca> what you do not understand
[23:24] <DLB> hahahah
[23:24] <Jewbacca> is that WE are a religion too.
[23:24] <gwendolyn> Haha.
[23:24] <Sherrod> DLB: read the ED TOS - I am the designated agent for all material on ED - even what you create. AS you agreed to when you signed up :]
[23:25] <DLB> sherrod: i know I was just doing it ftl
[23:25] <Jewbacca> IA IACTHULHU FGHATAN
[23:25] <DLB> XD
[23:25] <Jewbacca> anyways
[23:25] <Sherrod> ok i am out
[23:25] * zero_cool has joined #arbchat
[23:25] <Sherrod> bye!~
[23:25] <gwendolyn> You don't own that pic.
[23:25] <Cherri> bai!
[23:25] <BURK> no no no we are just joking
[23:25] <DLB> Sherrod: !!!!!!!!!!! :O
[23:25] <BURK> later sherrod
[23:25] <Cherri> ilu
[23:25] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: oh yes... but i do
[23:25] <subseven> bye Sherrod
[23:25] <DLB> D:
[23:25] <BURK> we follow the lord weevus christ
[23:25] <BURK> and do as he taught
[23:25] <BURK> and go forth and ruin
[23:25] <gwendolyn> were'd you get it, then?
[23:26] <gwendolyn> google it, and then upload it?
[23:26] <Cherri> gwen, why won't you answer me?
[23:26] <Cherri> i am asking you earnestly why do you think you are childlike and what are the qualities thereof
[23:26] <DLB> gwendolyn: it was a gift from god
[23:26] <DLB> we recieved two golden tables
[23:26] <DLB> *tablets
[23:26] <DLB> but you cant see them
[23:26] <DLB> because we lost them lulz
[23:26] <DLB> :D
[23:26] <gwendolyn> I am a childlike non-human entity.
[23:26] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: easy as pie. I own everything on there. And you copied it and posted it on LJ and photobucked. You also used the ED logo to create little stamps. All of these things are infringing. 
[23:26] <Cherri> do you play with toys?
[23:26] <DLB> just take our word for it
[23:26] <Cherri> what is childlike then?
[23:26] <Sherrod> You can think what you want, but the sites will remove you.
[23:27] <gwendolyn> The "ae" symbol is a font text.
[23:27] <Sherrod> gwendolyn: when used in conjunction with ED material it is infringing. Sorry. 
[23:27] <gwendolyn> æ
[23:27] <gwendolyn> æ
[23:27] <gwendolyn> æ
[23:27] <Sherrod> Honestly, argue all you want. I have like 3 lawyers and run the most ridiculous internet website there is.
[23:27] <gwendolyn> BAAAWWW
[23:27] <Sherrod> I have been through plenty of legal battles. i know my rights and I know the law.
[23:27] <Cherri> when used in conjunction its infringment
[23:28] <BURK> ya i mean gwen do you think you are the first?
[23:28] <Cherri> using just the ae is not, but using it and siting ED is
[23:28] <gwendolyn> You stole my pics without permission, so go figure.
[23:28] <BURK> and using the actual copied image from the ed front page is
[23:28] <Sherrod> gwendolyn:  are you arguing that you own that?
[23:28] <BURK> gwen you published those images under CC
[23:29] <BURK> but ed doesnt work the same way as lj or DA
[23:29] <gwendolyn> they're still mine.
[23:29] <Cherri> the images of ED are not under CC
[23:29] <BURK> no
[23:29] <Sherrod> BURK: exactly... the problems really start when she attemped to re-license them.
[23:29] <BURK> you reliced the images to public domain
[23:29] <BURK> released*
[23:29] <Cherri> these are unfamilar terms to her, its obvious
[23:29] <Jewbacca> gwen
[23:29] <BURK> then tried to lisence privately owned images under public domain
[23:29] <Jewbacca> why are you still here
[23:29] <Jewbacca> you are not going to win this battle
[23:29] <Cherri> she doesn;t understand that we eat CC for breakfast and public domain for dinner
[23:29] <gwendolyn> I've already won. *grins*
[23:29] <Sherrod> Cherri: lol
[23:30] <Sherrod> and pussy for dessert!
[23:30] <Sherrod> uhh
[23:30] <Jewbacca> alls you do is make empty threats of "FUCK YOU I'M A DRAGON"
[23:30] <gwendolyn> Never said that.
[23:30] <Cherri> teeheee you said pussy :x
[23:30] <Cherri> <3
[23:30] <Sherrod> "fuck you I'm a dragon" is NOT an empty threat
[23:30] <Jewbacca> fair enough
[23:30] <Sherrod> besides, she admits to being a child, so technically has no rights
[23:30] <Jewbacca> yeah
[23:30] <Jewbacca> well
[23:30] <Jewbacca> FUCK YOU I'M A WOOKIE
[23:30] <gwendolyn> So if you admit that I admit that I'm a child, stop calling me a pedo.
[23:31] <Sherrod> ha
[23:31] <Sherrod> ko nite nite
[23:31] <Jewbacca> you can love children and be one.
[23:31] <BURK> gwen no you are not a child
[23:31] <DLB> You have the brain of a child
[23:31] <Sherrod> rly this time
[23:31] <Sherrod> B"YE
[23:31] <BURK> legaly you are an adult
[23:31] <DLB> but legally an adult
[23:31] <Jewbacca> A LA MICHAEL JACKSON
[23:31] <DLB> sorry
[23:31] <DLB> plz try again
[23:31] <DLB> pedo
[23:31] <DLB> even jesus thinks you are a sick fuck
[23:31] <BURK> fat ugly retarded pedo otherkin furry
[23:31] <Jewbacca> with fat tits
[23:31] <gwendolyn> Fat? Since when is 120 lbs fat?
[23:31] <Jewbacca> that are STILL 36As
[23:32] * IgneousRock has joined #arbchat
[23:32] <gwendolyn> Some humans are so silly. You people amuse me. Gotta hand it to you.
[23:32] * IgneousRock was kicked by BURK (MetamorphiRock says FUCK YOU FAGGOT�)
[23:32] <DLB> you are not human then?
[23:32] <BURK> gwen tell me do you have human dna
[23:32] <Jewbacca> you are easily amused
[23:32] <BURK> do you bleed red blood
[23:33] <BURK> do you bleed every month and ovulate?
[23:33] <Jewbacca> I bet her vagina bleeds centipedes
[23:33] <gwendolyn> Everyone is born with a human body here.
[23:33] <BURK> because if it bleeds like a duck has a ducks dna and shits out eggs
[23:33] <Jewbacca> lots and lots of centipedes.
[23:33] <gwendolyn> It doesn't mean that all people are humans. This is just a test.
[23:33] <BURK> gwen where else is there but here?
[23:33] <DLB> gwen: but you are SPECIAL
[23:33] <DLB> because you need that validation
[23:33] <DLB> so you dont kill yourself
[23:33] <DLB> you fail as a human
[23:33] <BURK> i hate human beings for the most part
[23:33] <DLB> pedo
[23:33] <gwendolyn> I'm not special. Or honorable. Or perfect.
[23:33] <BURK> but i am perfectly content being one
[23:33] <DLB> so you must be a DRAGON
[23:33] <Jewbacca> burk: iawtc
[23:34] * IgneousRock has joined #arbchat
[23:34] <DLB> that is an understatement
[23:34] <DLB> you
[23:34] <DLB> are a pedophile
[23:34] <DLB> deal with it
[23:34] <DLB> that's not sorta not perfect
[23:34] <DLB> or kinda flawed
[23:34] <Jewbacca> however
[23:34] <DLB> bad
[23:34] <Jewbacca> once they outlow internet violence
[23:34] <Jewbacca> I am going to probably commit suicide by cop
[23:34] <Jewbacca> no joke
[23:34] <Jewbacca> and I will record it on stickam
[23:35] <DLB> once they outlaw internet violence only revolutionary lulzists will wear masks
[23:35] <Cherri> lollin
[23:35] * IgneousRock was kicked by BURK (KILL IT WITH MAGMA�)
[23:35] * DLB sets mode: +v zero_cool
[23:35] <DLB> zero cool has the floor
[23:35] <Cherri> this arbchat is breaking down
[23:35] <Cherri> this arbchat is breaking down
[23:35] <Cherri> this arbchat is breaking down
[23:35] <Cherri> this arbchat is breaking down
[23:35] <DLB> zero cool has the floor
[23:35] <Cherri> this arbchat is breaking down
[23:35] <Cherri> focus
[23:35] <Cherri> focus
[23:35] <Cherri> focus
[23:35] <Cherri> focus
[23:35] <zero_cool> lol
[23:35] <zero_cool> gwendolyn
[23:35] * Cherri was kicked by DLB (focus�)
[23:35] * Cherri has joined #arbchat
[23:35] <zero_cool> you said previously that this is just a test right?
[23:35] <zero_cool> a test for what exactly getting into heaven?
[23:35] <Jewbacca> I think in reference to humanity
[23:35] <gwendolyn> This life.
[23:36] <Jewbacca> so in heaven are you gonna be a dragon
[23:36] <Jewbacca> oh wait
[23:36] <Jewbacca> I forgot
[23:36] <Jewbacca> you are a mormon
[23:36] <Jewbacca> and as such for all your strange eniquities
[23:36] <zero_cool> �06�(��gwendolyn�06�)��: answer me please.
[23:36] <gwendolyn> This is the stage. You live. You learn.
[23:36] <Jewbacca> you are going to the telestial kingdom
[23:36] <Jewbacca> where all the other fuckups go
[23:36] <DLB> This is the stage. You live. you fuck little boys. *fix'd
[23:36] <zero_cool> yes well done
[23:36] <zero_cool> now please state what you thyink the end result is
[23:37] <gwendolyn> End result? There is no end.
[23:37] <zero_cool> that we go into the kingdom of heaven?
[23:37] <gwendolyn> You keep learning.
[23:37] <gwendolyn> Only the highest will be gods.
[23:37] <zero_cool> just answer.
[23:37] <zero_cool> wow
[23:37] <zero_cool> that cant be right
[23:37] <zero_cool> already breaks a commandment.
[23:37] <gwendolyn> What, you think there's only one god? lmao
[23:37] <DLB> thou shalt have no other gods before me
[23:37] <gwendolyn> God was once one of us.
[23:38] <Jewbacca> kekeke
[23:38] * Lolwut is now known as WHA
[23:38] <DLB> that can't be keeping with mormon dogma
[23:38] <zero_cool> " thou shalt not have any other gods befor me" - er yeah- i do actually.
[23:38] <gwendolyn> Well, dur, you only WORSHIP your own one God.
[23:38] * DLB sets mode: +b *!*
[23:38] * Timer 1 activated
[23:38] <Jewbacca> one of us? not one of you.
[23:38] * Timer 1 halted
[23:38] * WHA was kicked by DLB (stop�)
[23:38] <zero_cool> �06�(��gwendolyn�06�)��: so now you state God was once human?
[23:38] <zero_cool> so then
[23:38] <gwendolyn> It's in the Bible that there are other gods.
[23:38] <zero_cool> how does human create human
[23:38] <zero_cool> yes
[23:38] <zero_cool> the bible does
[23:38] * JailBait has quit IRC (Quit: User has been permanently banned from immunitysec (abuse)�)
[23:38] <BURK> gwen no
[23:38] <zero_cool> false gods
[23:38] <gwendolyn> We never were created.
[23:38] <zero_cool> that have false agenda's
[23:38] <gwendolyn> We have always been
[23:38] <zero_cool> works of the devil
[23:38] <zero_cool> satan
[23:39] <BURK> the bible says elohim, meaning god is more then one, or transcends the idea of being a singular entity because it is all things
[23:39] <BURK> and you are not god
[23:39] <gwendolyn> Human minds cannot comprehend most things.
[23:39] <BURK> you are a fucking pedokin furfag
[23:39] <gwendolyn> no, not yet.
[23:39] <BURK> gwen obviously
[23:39] <DLB> <gwendolyn> Human minds cannot comprehend most things.
[23:39] <DLB> but yours can obviously
[23:39] <Jewbacca> I can
[23:39] <DLB> you know what the truth is
[23:39] <DLB> and you are here to tell us it
[23:40] <gwendolyn> No, I can't. I just know a few bits and pieces.
[23:40] <zero_cool> �06�(��gwendolyn�06�)��: mormonism is based on the word of a farmer that said he saw a conversation between God and his Angels, and was given 2 tavlets of gold.(btw, no witnesses)
[23:40] <gwendolyn> Through visions.
[23:40] <zero_cool> tablets*
[23:40] <BURK> gwen you know you arent a dragon
[23:40] * Sherrod has left #arbchat (Leaving�)
[23:40] <BURK> you know you are a pedo
[23:40] <zero_cool> am i right in saying that is what it is based on
[23:40] <BURK> you know you have a rape fetish
[23:40] <BURK> so... *shrug* whats not to comprehend
[23:40] <Jewbacca> well
[23:40] <Jewbacca> actually
[23:41] <zero_cool> that he saw a conversation between god and his angels, and then was given 2 tablets of gold.
[23:41] <gwendolyn> "My sheep will hear my voice". It's that simple.
[23:41] <Jewbacca> mormonism is based off the organization of jesus' disciples
[23:41] <zero_cool> even if it was in a vision, this happened?
[23:41] <gwendolyn> You either "know" the truth ... or you don't.
[23:41] <Jewbacca> mormonism is a remix of that
[23:41] <Jewbacca> but go on
[23:41] <DLB> R-R-R-REMIX
[23:41] <zero_cool> �06�(��Jewbacca�06�)��: let me have the floor for a moment
[23:41] <DLB> of pedophilia and bigamy
[23:41] * BURK sets mode: +v dr_g0sp
[23:41] <Jewbacca> ok
[23:41] <zero_cool> �06�(��gwendolyn�06�)��: you say you know the truth right?
[23:41] <BURK> i think
[23:41] <DLB> BURK: yes
[23:42] <gwendolyn> I know certain things. But not everything.
[23:42] <DLB> g0sp has the floor
[23:42] <dr_g0sp> I think that this conversation and proceeding has gotten entirely off base.
[23:42] <BURK> gwen so you herd sum things
[23:42] <DLB> agreed
[23:42] <dr_g0sp> We need to recapture the intial focus of the tribunal
[23:42] <gwendolyn> I was chosen to see things from the other side.
[23:42] <dr_g0sp> and return to our original agreements.
[23:42] <Blargh> yes i agree
[23:42] <gwendolyn> Agreements...
[23:42] <DLB> g0sp: the court will hear your argument
[23:42] <zero_cool> you were chosen?
[23:42] <zero_cool> so
[23:42] <zero_cool> agaisnt your free will
[23:42] <zero_cool> against*
[23:42] <BURK> indubitably
[23:43] <dr_g0sp> Allright, I believe we were talking about a topless video containing the undeniable truth that the jews did wtc?
[23:43] <Jewbacca> zerocool: which violates free agency, the basis of the mormon religion
[23:43] <DLB> g0sp: you are correct
[23:43] <zero_cool> lol
[23:43] * Pooper has joined #arbchat
[23:43] <DLB> this previous line of questioning is borked, we have strayed from the path 
[23:43] <DLB> back to the matter at hand
[23:43] * NeoLobster has left #arbchat
[23:43] <Jewbacca> ok
[23:43] <dr_g0sp> I think that this discussion arc regarding religion and mormonism is entirely irrelevant, however, I am intrested in hearing some of gwen's unique spin on religion at a latter
[23:43] <dr_g0sp> date
[23:43] <Jewbacca> the matter at hand: TITS OR GTFO
[23:43] <gwendolyn> I said before that I won't exploit myself. It's inevitable, anyway.
[23:43] <dr_g0sp> gwendolyn: now what is it that you are looking for?
[23:44] <dr_g0sp> What are you trying to achieve at this procedure?
[23:44] <gwendolyn> You'll never take it off, I can see, no matter how reasonable I am.
[23:44] <Blargh> gwendolyn i give you my word
[23:44] <zero_cool> �06�(��gwendolyn�06�)��: TAlking like this. Does not. Make you. Sound any smarter. You are aware of that right?
[23:44] <Blargh> if you post tits 
[23:44] <Blargh> we WILL take it down
[23:44] * DLB sets mode: -v zero_cool
[23:44] <gwendolyn> I have no tits.
[23:44] <Jewbacca> no kidding
[23:44] <Blargh> gwendolyn: prove it
[23:44] <dr_g0sp> Reasonableness has nothing to do with it, unfortunately, nor does anything that you think or feel.  As Sherrod has explained, we are well within our legal rights here.
[23:44] <Blargh> gwendolyn: prove it take pictures of your naked chest
[23:45] <dr_g0sp> You'll have to provide something for us to have us provide something for you.  This is the primary rule of the tribunal.
[23:45] <gwendolyn> I'd rather die.
[23:45] <DLB> gwendolyn: if we are to take off personal links and info you must take a picture of yourself with a piece of paper saying I HAVE BEEN TROLLED BY ED
[23:45] <DLB> if you do that
[23:45] <DLB> the lulz gods will be satisfied
[23:45] <DLB> and this proceeding will end
[23:45] <gwendolyn> That's fine.
[23:46] * DLB sets mode: -v BURK
[23:46] <BURK> lol
[23:46] * DLB sets mode: -o BURK
[23:46] <gwendolyn> I have been trolled by ED....
[23:46] <Blargh> lolol
[23:46] <DLB> gwen: yes
[23:46] <gwendolyn> But where will you put it?
[23:46] <DLB> a picture of it plz
[23:46] <DLB> we will enjoy it ourselves
[23:46] <gwendolyn> And suppose you refuse to keep your end of the bargain?
[23:46] <dr_g0sp> He said "personal links and info"
[23:46] <Jewbacca> sue us :)
[23:46] <Blargh> then you're shit out of luck
[23:46] <dr_g0sp> That doesn't mean the page.
[23:46] <Blargh> you don't have a choice
[23:46] * DLB sets mode: -v Blargh
[23:46] <DLB> hush
[23:47] <DLB> we can be reasonable
[23:47] <DLB> there have been even entire pages removed in the past
[23:47] <DLB> hold plz and i will get a link 
[23:47] <gwendolyn> DLB: btw, you also have the aura of a woman.
[23:47] <DLB>
[23:47] <DLB> gwendolyn: that's because i liek teh cawk
[23:47] <DLB> i guess my love is false
[23:47] <dr_g0sp> I think the offer on the table is extremely reasonable.  In addition, the State of Lulz recommends that the page stay up, as this individual is exactly the kind of wonderful trainwreck we need to preserve and document
[23:47] <DLB> though if i was 10 years younger you would be fapping to me
[23:48] <gwendolyn> SOrry, I only like men.
[23:48] <DLB> i am
[23:48] <DLB> you pedo
[23:48] <gwendolyn> no, u.
[23:48] <DLB> gwen: you are doing it wrong
[23:48] <DLB> it's
[23:48] <DLB> NO U
[23:48] <DLB> now
[23:48] <DLB> our offer is on the table
[23:48] <DLB> one simple picture
[23:48] <DLB> not nude
[23:48] <gwendolyn> Well, what do you require for getting the whole thing taken off? 
[23:49] <DLB> and we will remove personal content
[23:49] <DLB> the whole thing?
[23:49] <dr_g0sp> Topless jews video
[23:49] <DLB> THAT would require n00dz
[23:49] <DLB> personal links and identifying stuff
[23:49] <DLB> that's just the earlier mentioned clothed picture
[23:49] <dr_g0sp> As well as a personal aura reading miss cleo style for everyone you've spoken with today.
[23:49] <DLB> g0sp: lol <3
[23:49] <gwendolyn> Why does it have to be nude?
[23:49] <DLB> because deleting a whole article is serious business
[23:50] <dr_g0sp> Because we are well within our legal rights to continue keeping the page up, and as DLB has said, serious business.
[23:50] <gwendolyn> Oh, yeah, just like the rest of the internet. 
[23:50] <DLB> the internet is serious business
[23:50] <DLB> welcome
[23:50] <DLB> it's not very hard
[23:50] <gwendolyn> why nude, though? why that?
[23:50] <dr_g0sp> Unfortunately, gwen, you can't sandlot this and have everything your way.
[23:50] <DLB> gwen: taking down the whole page
[23:50] <DLB> is a big deal
[23:51] <DLB> because you are fucking hilarious
[23:51] <DLB> honestly
[23:51] <gwendolyn> My body doesn't represent me well. I think you'd want something ... more personal.
[23:51] <DLB> no
[23:51] <DLB> not really
[23:51] <DLB> your nekkid body does not make my pants happy
[23:51] <dr_g0sp> We want the nudes and the miss cleo aura readings
[23:51] <dr_g0sp> that's more personal.
[23:51] <DLB> the nudes are for the lulz
[23:51] <DLB> if you want the whole article down
[23:51] <DLB> clothed if you want links and identifying info down
[23:51] <DLB> both with a sign saying I HAVE BEEN TROLLED BY ED
[23:51] <gwendolyn> what is identifying?
[23:51] <dr_g0sp> And the miss cleo aura readings in all cases.
[23:52] <subseven> and "my art makes baby jesus cry"
[23:52] <DLB> gwen: we have some info on you, and honestly it's not that hard to find more based on your web stuff
[23:52] <gwendolyn> Well, I'm sorry, but I can't do nude for anything. It's gotta be something else.
[23:52] <gwendolyn> Oh.
[23:52] <dr_g0sp> Well, then we're at an impasse, aren't we?
[23:52] <gwendolyn> How about I give you a fanfic?
[23:52] <DLB> gwen: take a clothed picture with a sign saying I HAVE BEEN TROLLED BY ED AND MY ART MAKES BABY JESUS CRY
[23:53] <DLB> that's all we require
[23:53] <gwendolyn> I have some more of your "shota" 
[23:53] <DLB> im not a pedo
[23:53] <DLB> you cannot tempt me with shota
[23:53] <gwendolyn> A fanfic you haven't seen.
[23:53] <DLB> we don't care
[23:53] <dr_g0sp> gwendolyn: I think you don't understand exactly who we are.
[23:53] <DLB> the previous offer is all that will work
[23:53] <gwendolyn> Why? that's lulzier.
[23:53] <subseven> we don't need no stinking fanfic
[23:53] <DLB> gwen: no
[23:54] <DLB> it isnt
[23:54] <DLB> picture
[23:54] <DLB> now
[23:54] <DLB> that is the only thing that will do at this point
[23:54] <gwendolyn> what would you do with it?
[23:54] <DLB> it doesnt have to be nude
[23:54] <DLB> gwen: we will lol at it 
[23:54] <subseven> baby jesus and IHBTBED
[23:54] <DLB> that's what we do
[23:54] <dr_g0sp> Do you know who we are and what we are, gwen?
[23:54] <gwendolyn> If I take the pic, you'll remove the links and what else?
[23:55] <gwendolyn> No, I don't wanna go there...
[23:55] <DLB> Gwen: we will remove the links and personal pictures of you
[23:55] <dr_g0sp> Gwen, there are two tiers of offer here.
[23:55] <subseven> oh shi-...we need the miss cleo aura readings too
[23:55] <DLB> how does that sound?
[23:55] <dr_g0sp> We feed off this kind of chaos.  I don't know what you'd call it.  But we actually eat this stuff.
[23:55] <DLB> and we will suspend all of our internet detektiv work to find you and your parents home address and phone #
[23:55] <gwendolyn> You'd never find those.
[23:56] <DLB> oh no?
[23:56] <gwendolyn> oh no
[23:56] <subseven> lol....yeah we would
[23:56] <DLB> we have done it many times before to harder targets
[23:56] <gwendolyn> dun think so
[23:56] <DLB> ok Rose
[23:56] <gwendolyn> Are you positive ... there is absolutely no alternative to a nude pic?
[23:56] <DLB> Gwen: lern to read
[23:56] <gwendolyn> That's an alias, btw.
[23:56] <DLB> i said it doesnt have to be n00d
[23:56] <DLB> a fully clothed pic
[23:57] <DLB> with a sign saying
[23:57] <gwendolyn> I mean for getting the whole thing down
[23:57] <dr_g0sp> You realize that demons can manifest themselves in strange ways.
[23:57] <dr_g0sp> And when you open the door to certian things, god can't protect you anymore.
[23:57] <DLB> and the whole thing
[23:57] <DLB> goes down
[23:57] <DLB> because we have all read your article
[23:57] <DLB> and lol'd over it
[23:57] <gwendolyn> Do I have your written word?
[23:57] <dr_g0sp> This is our offer and it is not open to further negotiation.
[23:57] <DLB> but now it is passe
[23:57] <DLB> gwen: yes
[23:57] <DLB> you have my word as a fellow christian
[23:58] <oclet> sup bitches
[23:58] <oclet> wheres the white bitches
[23:58] <gwendolyn> All you require is that clothed pic with said sign?
[23:58] <DLB> gwen: yes
[23:58] <oclet> DLB: nigga gimme that forty
[23:58] <DLB> that is really it
[23:58] <dr_g0sp> DLB: she doesn't understand
[23:58] <DLB> oclet: lol
[23:58] <dr_g0sp> the two tiers of offer
[23:58] <gwendolyn> Should I smile ...
[23:58] <DLB> gwen: you can smile or not
[23:58] <oclet> gwendolyn: are you a chick
[23:58] <dr_g0sp> gwen: explain to me that you understand the agreement
[23:58] <oclet> how big is ur vagina
[23:58] <DLB> the only requirements are your picture with the sign
[23:58] <gwendolyn> No, I'm a hatchling.
[23:58] <dr_g0sp> and what you will get for what you send?
[23:58] <DLB> and don't hide your face
[23:58] <oclet> gwendolyn: do you smell like ass
[23:58] <oclet> dude
[23:59] * oclet is now known as KnightDude
[23:59] <KnightDude> gwendolyn: ur my bitch now
[23:59] <gwendolyn> I'll get the whole thing taken down, is that correct?
[23:59] <KnightDude> get me a beer
[23:59] <DLB> gwen: that is correct
[23:59] <KnightDude> shutup wench
[23:59] <dr_g0sp> only for nudes
[23:59] <dr_g0sp> right?
[23:59] <DLB> no
[23:59] <DLB> clothed pic is fine for full take down
[23:59] <dr_g0sp> Okay.
[23:59] <DLB> IF she does what we said already
[23:59] <gwendolyn> okay.
Session Time: Mon Aug 20 00:00:00 2007
[00:00] <dr_g0sp> We want the aura readings
[00:00] <DLB> aura readings would be cool too
[00:00] <dr_g0sp> we want the picture with the three slogans on it
[00:00] <gwendolyn> I can do that and the aura readings.
[00:00] <dr_g0sp> "jews did WTC"
[00:00] <dr_g0sp> "i have been trolled by ED"
[00:00] <dr_g0sp> and "my art makes baby jesus cry"
[00:00] <gwendolyn> those three slogans. right.
[00:00] * DLB sets mode: +o BURK
[00:00] <subseven> yes...definitely aura readings
[00:00] <DLB> burk has an addendum to the list
[00:00] * KnightDude is now known as TrippinDude69
[00:00] <BURK> yes
[00:00] <BURK> for the full takedown
[00:00] <gwendolyn> Wait, how many auras am I doing?
[00:00] <BURK> i would like the prases "i am not a dragon
[00:00] <dr_g0sp> all of ours
[00:01] <DLB> gwen: me burk and g0sp
[00:01] <DLB> only 3
[00:01] <BURK> and "i am a pedo" added to the list
[00:01] <subseven> it's an aura reading gang bang
[00:01] <DLB> full take down will be immediate upon revieval of the picture
[00:01] <gwendolyn> Are we agreed on the phrases yet?
[00:01] <BURK> yes of the german hardcore variety
[00:01] <TrippinDude69> gwendolyn: i call it a suckoff
[00:01] * BURK sets mode: -v TrippinDude69
[00:01] <DLB> gwen: "jews did WTC" "I have been trolled by ED" "My art makes baby jesus cry" and "I AM NOT A DRAGON I AM A PEDO"
[00:02] <DLB> those are the phrases for the photo
[00:02] <DLB> for full take down
[00:02] <BURK> yes
[00:02] <dr_g0sp> You can arrange them in any order you wish
[00:02] <DLB> must be full face shot with sign visable
[00:02] <dr_g0sp> to show your creativity and talent
[00:02] <DLB> aura readings are optional
[00:02] <DLB> but im sure you'd love to anyway
[00:02] <dr_g0sp> but preferred.
[00:02] <DLB> and when I recieve the picture
[00:02] <DLB> full take down will be immediate
[00:02] <DLB> full deletion of article
[00:03] <BURK> preferably with your bishop or other spirital elder present
[00:03] <BURK> or a parent
[00:03] <DLB> BURK: hush
[00:03] * dffasd has quit IRC (Quit: �)
[00:03] <BURK> feel free to blank out their eyes
[00:03] <BURK> ok ok
[00:03] <DLB> gwen: are these terms acceptable?
[00:03] <gwendolyn> Wait, where will the picture be?
[00:03] <dr_g0sp> your choice of backgrounds
[00:03] <dr_g0sp> remember, this is as much a statement of artistic expression
[00:04] <dr_g0sp> as it is a surrender
[00:04] <DLB> gwen: it's for me burk, g0sp and a few other sysops on site
[00:04] <DLB> but it wont be on ED
[00:04] <gwendolyn> No, I mean, if you take the article off, are you just going to stick that up instead?
[00:04] <DLB> no
[00:04] <DLB> we arn't
[00:04] <dr_g0sp> For our own personal gratification.
[00:04] <DLB> g0sp is correct
[00:04] <DLB> it will satisfy the demands of the lulz gods
[00:04] <gwendolyn> So, the worst that could happen is that you'll keep the article and add the pic. But I shouldn't have to worry about that ... right? :/
[00:05] <dr_g0sp> Of course not.
[00:05] <DLB> you don't have to worry about that
[00:05] <dr_g0sp> We have ...higher powers
[00:05] <dr_g0sp> that we have to report to and satisfy as well
[00:05] <dr_g0sp> I'm sure you understand that
[00:05] <DLB> the only reason you got so much attention
[00:05] <gwendolyn> Well, let's hope so.
[00:05] <DLB> is because you and your friends tried to vandalize ED
[00:05] <dr_g0sp> There are spiritual ....energies...that we need the picture to quiet
[00:05] <DLB> your article probably would have gone unnoticed really otherwise
[00:05] <dr_g0sp> If we're going to disrupt things so substantially.
[00:05] <gwendolyn> who else vandalized it?
[00:06] <DLB> I'm not sure, a few other people
[00:06] <DLB> i wasn't paying attention to user names
[00:06] <DLB> i just inserted my banhammer rectally on them
[00:06] <DLB> and moved on
[00:06] <dr_g0sp> We could provide you a list but it really isn't relevant.  Your own actions brought this attention upon yourself.
[00:06] <dr_g0sp> and then our ....higher powers....brought you to our attention
[00:06] <BURK> yes the overlords
[00:07] <DLB> gwen: so, do we have a deal?
[00:07] * Pooper has left #arbchat
[00:07] <dr_g0sp> You might not believe it but we don't always enjoy this role in life.  Unfortunately it was chosen for us.
[00:07] <gwendolyn> I'm afraid to trust you.
[00:07] <DLB> gwen: learning to trust others is a part of life
[00:07] <dr_g0sp> You don't really have any other options, anyhow.
[00:08] * DLB sets mode: -v dr_g0sp
[00:08] <gwendolyn> Would you mind if I had a day to think about it?
[00:09] <DLB> well, honestly we would prefer a decision soon, tonight would be ideal
[00:09] <gwendolyn> Well, if you break your promise, what would happen?
[00:09] <DLB> whatever happens though, and whatever you might think, there are those of us who are praying for you and your... situation
[00:09] <BURK> gwen he woud be de opped and banned
[00:09] <BURK> me and the other sysops serve as whitnesses
[00:10] <DLB> gwen: without some trust in ED we could not do what we do
[00:10] <DLB> when we make an agreement
[00:10] <DLB> we keep it
[00:10] <DLB> if it is for the lulz
[00:10] * Tinal has left #arbchat
[00:10] <gwendolyn> All right. I know I'm naive, I know I'm gullible, but I'm going to agree.
[00:10] <DLB> we never said you were naive and gullible
[00:10] <gwendolyn> No. I said it. I know I am.
[00:10] <DLB> we just said your penchant for shota was wront
[00:10] <DLB> *wrong
[00:10] <DLB> and against god
[00:11] <subseven> if we were to renig on this agreement it would impact the likelyhood of future arbchats....and we couldn't have that....the arbchat is a vital component of ediot society
[00:11] <DLB> subseven is correct
[00:11] <gwendolyn> Shota is puke. But I know I have a twisted sexual fetish.
[00:11] <DLB> well, none of us are perfect
[00:12] <DLB> admitting your sin is the first step to redemtion
[00:12] <subseven> yes Gwen, you're a sick puppy....but that's okay
[00:12] <gwendolyn> But you have my word. I agree. 
[00:12] <DLB> alright
[00:12] <DLB> and you have mine
[00:12] <subseven> there is hope
[00:12] <gwendolyn> For now we are neutral.
[00:12] <DLB> I'll be back in a few minutes, post the link to the photo in this channel when you are done and I will personally remove the offending page
[00:13] <gwendolyn> Not enemies. Not allies.
[00:13] <DLB> agreed
[00:13] <DLB> on my honor
[00:13] <DLB> which whatever you may think of me and what i do
[00:13] <DLB> i do take seriously
[00:13] <gwendolyn> Now? Well, my hair looks like shit, but okay. I'll go do it.
[00:13] <DLB> ok
[00:14] <DLB> I'll be afk for a few minutes
[00:14] <DLB> back in a bit
[00:14] <gwendolyn> Well, I did trust you the most. I dont' know why ...
[00:14] <gwendolyn> brb
[00:16] * Blargh has quit IRC (Quit: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~shoa�)
[00:16] <DLB> alright
[00:16] <DLB> I think you have a gift with reading peoples auras, because honestly IRL I really am
[00:21] * falsion has quit IRC (Quit: �)
[00:21] * zero_cool has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer�)
[00:25] <BURK> [02:13] <+gwendolyn> Not enemies. Not allies.
[00:25] <BURK> i think that is a quote from something
[00:25] <BURK> but i cant place it
[00:25] <BURK> well im going to bed, i expect you to update be tommorr d00d
[00:26] * BURK has left #arbchat
[00:28] <DLB> gwen: you there?
[00:28] <DLB> sorry i had a call and had to go to the other room
[00:28] <gwendolyn> im back
[00:29] <DLB> were you able to take a picture?
[00:29] * BURK has joined #arbchat
[00:32] <DLB> gwen: hello?
[00:33] * kraeloc has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
[00:34] <gwendolyn> sorry
[00:34] <gwendolyn> keyboard died
[00:34] <DLB> lolk
[00:34] * kraeloc has joined #arbchat
[00:35] <gwendolyn> now what? where can i upload?
[00:35] <DLB> you could upload to photobucket
[00:35] <DLB> and link to here
[00:35] <gwendolyn> Also, I took two pictures -- can't decide which is funnier
[00:35] <gwendolyn> kay
[00:35] <DLB> lololol
[00:35] <DLB> ok
[00:37] <gwendolyn> Photobucket is down or something. I'm using geocities.
[00:37] <DLB> alright
[00:38] <gwendolyn>
[00:38] <gwendolyn>
[00:38] <DLB> lololol
[00:39] <DLB> that will do nicely :)
[00:39] <DLB> thnxu
[00:39] <Pokchu> lol
[00:39] * DLB sets mode: +b *!*
[00:39] * Timer 1 activated
[00:39] * Timer 1 halted
[00:39] * gwendolyn was kicked by DLB (You are still a filthy pedo though. thanks for playing�)

Round 2 (12/4/09)

Shortest arbchat of all time.

[17:29] * ClerkenwellKid ([email protected]) has joined #arbchat
[17:29] <@Sheneequa> here's the defendent
[17:29] <@Sheneequa> with 1 minute to spare
[17:30] * mediacrat sets mode +v ClerkenwellKid for #arbchat
[17:30] * dlb sets mode +m for #arbchat
[17:30] <@Sheneequa> okay
[17:30] <IRC> Lusit: oh the defendent's here?
[17:30] <@Sheneequa> 5:30 right on the nose
[17:30] * zeek0124 ([email protected]) has joined #arbchat
[17:30] * Sheneequa sets mode +i for #arbchat
[17:30] <@Sheneequa> Welcome to Arbchat
[17:30] <@Sheneequa> I will be your judge
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> This arbchat will be run democratically for kicks
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> After seeing the evidence of both sides I will ask you to /msg me your votes
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> The channel is +m while the trial is in progress
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> it will be -m for some discussion before voting
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> The defendent is ClerkenwellKid aka LittleCloud
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> LittleCloud is a Mormon girl who has a page on ED and has been banned and unbanned by different sysops
[17:31] <@Sheneequa> or sum shit
[17:32] <@Sheneequa> So we will now discuss whether or not she should remain banned
[17:32] <+ClerkenwellKid> I'm a guy.
[17:32] <@Sheneequa> dlb is the prosecutor and will now begin
[17:32] <@Sheneequa> ClerkenwellKid: you are a girl because you have a vagina
[17:32] * ClerkenwellKid laughs
[17:32] * Sheneequa sets mode -v ClerkenwellKid for #arbchat
[17:33] <@Sheneequa> dlb: when you're ready
[17:33] <dlb> this whole thing is pretty straight forward. I was told that littlecloud was fucking around doing things they shouldn't under a sock puppet. I temp banned them because she has a history with us until I could determin what was happening.
[17:33] <IRC> ClerkenwellKid: Whatever, luv. But you must agree to call me by male pronouns.
[17:33] <@Sheneequa> ClerkenwellKid: no.
[17:34] <dlb> after this she showed a massive amount of USI, threatening me and ordering me to unban her
[17:34] <dlb>
[17:34] <@Sheneequa> deal with it or forfeit your case.
[17:34] <dlb> exhibit A
[17:34] <dlb> the first ban was meant to only last a little while
[17:34] <IRC> ClerkenwellKid: But you're being sexist.
[17:35] <dlb> after going behind my back and whining to other sysops to get her unbanned, and acting like a total fucktard I banned her a second time and nuked her IPs
[17:35] <@Sheneequa> ClerkenwellKid: this is your last warning on the issue
[17:35] <~weev> god
[17:35] <IRC> ClerkenwellKid: Please don't be a transphobe?
[17:35] <dlb> exhibit b.  you are a woman
[17:36] <~weev> heres the essential question
[17:36] <IRC> ClerkenwellKid: I guess I need a picture of a dick. Hurr hurr. Yeah. ^^
[17:36] <dlb> nobody cares
[17:36] <~weev> is there anything funny to be gained
[17:36] <~weev> by unbanning
[17:36] * Sheneequa sets mode +b *!*@* for #arbchat
[17:36] * ClerkenwellKid was kicked by Sheneequa ([email protected]) Reason (oops, forfeited)
[17:36] <@Sheneequa> dlb wins
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