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List of *chan boards

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Name Domain Lang Years Logo Notable Boards Commentary
All Chans en 2011–present All known
  • List of most known Chan Boards
1chan en 2003–present 1chanlogo.png /rail/ en, ru 2008–2010 1chanru.jpg /news/all/, /news/
TF2chan en 2009–present Teamfortress2chan.png /dis/, /offtopic/
1channel USA en 2013–present 1channelUSALogo.png there are no boards... only tags...
2ch jp 1999–present 2chicon.png at least 100
  • The BBS textboard inspiration for 2chan.
22chan en 2018–present 22chanLogo.png /b/, /sewers/, /f/
  • A site created for people who want to escape the cancer of 4chan. Has over 20 global rules. en, ru 2010–present /b/, /a/ en, ru 2006—2009 2ch ru emblem.png /b/, /a/
2chan ja 2001–present Futuba logo.png /b/, /a/, /g/, /v/
  • All chan culture originated from 2chan
3chan en 2018–present /b/, /int/, /r34/, /z/
  • Anons vote for the boards, what could possibly go wrong?
4chan en 2003–present NTsite.png /b/, /pol/, /v/
  • A site that used to be kinda good, but is total shit now. en 2009–2014 logo.png /new/, /r9k/, /v/, /meta/
  • Dead as of 2014, rip in penis. en 2019–present logo.png /new/, /r9k/, /gm/, /meta/
6-chan en, es 2008–? 6-chan new.png /a/,/b/
7chan en 2005–present 7chanlogo.png /b/, /a/, /g/, /i/
64chan or en 2016–present 64tan.png /b/, /dgn/ /64chan/ /news/ /loli/ /mental/
  • A site for lolicon and degenerates

76chan en 2014–present /s/,/t/, /i/
8kun en 2013 – present
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/qresearch/ /v/ /pnd/
  • Anyone can make their own board (if it isn't /b/).
  • Died on 5 August 2019, later revived as 8kun.
370chan lt 20?? – present Vezisicon.gif /b/
  • A shit site used to be known as LTChan.
420chan en 2005 – present 420 icon 64.png /b/, /weed/, /jenk/
  • A shit site for stoners.
711chan en 2007 – ???
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  • A shit site about a shit store. Is offline more often than not.
  • 711 actually got the domain rights so rip 711chan forever.
Acrimonie fr, en (/int/) 20?? – present /a/, /mdt/
  • Rare case of non-nippon *chan with an active textboard
Anarchochan Anarchochan en 2013 – present /b/
  • An anarchist imageboard.
Balkan chan balkanchan onion en 2019–present
BBWChan BBWChan en 2008 – present AnenomeeRape.jpg /bbw/, /tits/, /bbwdraw/
  • A shit site about fat women.
Bienvenido a Internet BBS/IB es 2010–present 50px /zonavip/, /2d/, /tech/
  • Spanish textboard + imageboard inspired by 2ch and Futaba rather than 4chan. en 2008 – present Britfagsicon.png /b/ *A shit site intended for britfags but full of stormfags. en 2011 – present
  • A shit site about Boxxy, which she also owns.
  • CAPTCHA is broken, therefore posting is impossible. Completely abandoned.
  • Link is now just a 500 error.
CCluster en 2012 – present
  • Previously Masterchan. They say they are pro free speech, actually just pedos
Chan4Chan en 20?? – present /news/, /games/, /movies/, /shop/
ChAnon romanian, en (/int/) 2011 – present Chanon-logo.png
  • Romanian imageboard.

The ChanWeb en 2011 – present /celebf/, /cf/, /hc/, /fu/
  • Chan Imageboards SFW and NSFW
Dejimachan nl 2009 – present /b/,/rail/
Desuchan en 2007–present Desuscream.png /desu/, /ro/, /ot/, /rp/
Diochan it 2007–present /b/,/s/
Endchan / / / enxx3byspwsdo446jujc52ucy2pf5urdbhqw3kbsfhlfjwmbpj5smdad.onion / endchan5doxvprs5.onion en ?–present /pol/, /yuri/, /leftypol/
  • 8chan 2

de 2010–2018


/b/, /int/, /fefe/
  • A shit site for krauts ernsts.
  • After closing its doors in 2018, it was quickly revived by some Croatian dude. Still a shit site.
Footchan en 2015–present /b/

fscchan id 2017–present /rj/, /omni/, /pew/, /sjrh/, /wibu/, /toku/, /sass/, /med/, /gim/
  • Indonesian imageboard. It was nice and comfy board until some cancershit people from Indonesian forum Kaskus and people of Facebook suddenly comes and asking for shit such as share and like feature. Some of them even proudly provide their mail while confess their crime. Now full of romance-attention-seeker bullshit.
Futaba Channel ja 2001–present Futuba logo.png /b/, /img2/, /40/
  • A Japanese-language site, which also happens to be the first imageboard ever created.
  • All chan culture originated from Futaba, and was m00t's inspiration for creating 4chan.
  • No round-eyes.
FranChan fr 2018–present /fr/, /int/
  • A French-language imageboard.
  • The only french imageboard that's still up today.


ja 20??–present Gurologo.png /g/, /f/, /s/
  • A shit site about guro.
Hispachan es 2012–present /pol/, /ve/, /mx/
  • Largest spanish speaking imageboard.
Heyuri en
IL He, en (/goy/) 2011–present Boardsorgil.gif /b/,/goy/ (/int/),/a/,/v/
InflateChan en 2010–2015 Inflatechanlogo.png /drawn/,/live/,/cg/,/oekaki/ en 2014–present Lolcow.png.gif /pt/
  • A site about mostly female lolcows, known to be popular with the ladies.
  • Created after 4chan's /cgl/ board banned Pixyteri discussion.
Karachan pl 2010 – present Kara logo.png /b/
  • Most popular polish chan since 2010, since middle 2014 it started to become polish 4chan, in the negative meaning of this sentence (normal and moralfags everywhere, underagefags stealing content away, literally nothing happening because everyone are lazy as fuck). Got lots of shit you need to bypass before getting in there and all non-Polish IPs are banned. Currently it has 250-300 online at peak.
Krautchan en,de 2007 – 2018 Krautchanlogo.png /int/,/b/,/c/
Kropyvach ua, en (/int/) 2016 – present Kropyvach logo.png /a/, /b/, /c/, /f/, /g/, /i/, /k/, /l/, /m/, /p/, /t/, /u/
  • A Ukrainian-language imageboard.
Kohlchan en,de 2018 – present Krautchanlogo.png /int/,/b/,/pol/
lainchan en /cyb/, /tech/, /λ/
  • A site for wannabe hackers into cyberpunk. The owner, kalyx, has no standards - begs for money for his apple shit. Their mods are power tripping asswipe faggots (despite the site claiming they're not).
Manelchan pt, en (int) Manelchan logo.png
  • Portuguese chan

Newfapchan en 2011 – 2019
  • A reincarnated shit site for pr0n.
Nanochan nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion en 2018–present /a/, /b/, /g/, /pol/, /test/, /nano/, /meta/
Nextchan en 2016–present /polk/, /next/
Onee Chan en 2019–present 50px /b/, /a/, /g/, /k/, /h/
  • A comfy board for friendly people.
OPERATORchan en 2008 – present Operatorchanicon.png /k/,/t/,/v/,/n/
Pathchan en 2014 – present /pol/,/act/
  • A shit site for /pol/fags and hopeful activists.
Ponychan en 2011 – present Ponychanicon.png /chat/, /show/, /fic/
ptchan pt, en (/int/) 2010 – present /b/, /des/, /int/
  • Imageboard for portugal and portuguese speakers.
SushiGirl en 20??–present Sushigirl2.gif /lounge/
  • For chill people who like Japan.
Tinachan en 2014 – present
  • General imageboard.
Tinychan en
txtchan en 2018–Present /board/
  • Catalogue of most at least somewhat active "2ch-style" textboards and some related imageboards.
  • Hosts it's own textboard.
Wakachan lang 2004 – present? 1chanlogo.png /a/
  • A shit site for weeaboos.
  • Is down or dead most of the time.
Wilchan pl 2014 – present
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  • Third most popular polish chan. Once a nice place, now swarmed and conquered by weaboos and turned into japanese cartoons cesspit.
Vichan pl 2009 – 2010, 2012 &ndash 2017;
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/b/ /fem/ /sex/
  • Shitty imageboard with 9gag-alike content, friendly for white knights. In its first era (2009-2010) it was probably the best polish chan ever, but after it came back in 2012 it became an attentionfags bullshit place that everyone outside hates. Still, its the second most popular polish chan with 80-90 online at peak.
Żywe gówno pl 2016 – ??? ZywegownoLogo.png /b/
  • Yet another polish chan with shitty content. Their userbase mainly comprises of immigrants from Karachan. It reaches about 20 online at peak.
Uboachan en 2009 – present Uboa.jpg /yn/,/mado/,/uboa/,/fag/
Underfoule fr, en 2011 – 2013; 2016 – ???; /a/, /polac/, /ps/
  • Most active french *chan.
  • Admins often forget to pay for the servers.
Uchan ua, en (/int/) 2009 – 2016 Uchan—Logo.png /b/, /int/, /ukr/, /lit/, /a/
  • An old and dead Ukrainian-language imageboard.
U-18Chan en 2009 – present /gc/
  • Large furfag hub of drama and pirated comics. Came from the AuroraFurries.
Yuchan yu,en 2009 – ??? /b/,/yu/
  • A chan for Yugoslavs.
Wizardchan en 2012 – present /v9k/, /wiz/, /dep/

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