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    File:Furaffinity-favicon.png Linuxwolf, (Also known as Lunixwolf, Banthis and Keepitup,) is a failed troll furfag who became infamous on Fur affinity after he enraged the dogfucker community with his faggotry. He caused major lulz when he posted his "social experiment" on his journal, which was in reality a desperate plea for attention. The raging furfags then flooded the journal with over 9000 butthurt comments. Wondering what he could do to make the situation better for himself, Linuxwolf then made several sockpuppet accounts, spamming the profile pages of those furries who flamed him with faggy poetry and copypasta.

    Linuxwolf, Internet toughguy

    In response to the furries intellectual critique, Linuxwolf asserted his manlihood;

    You know I actually love how all of you guys decided to come out of the dark to shoot one person down. That's really showing some dedication. I came up with this idea because it shows truth. And you idiots know it's right. So Instead of showing your true colors and admitting your all jackasses. You cry like fucken 5th graders. So I have to step in as the teacher and put you all in a line. People that read this and don't comment know I'm right. Or are right now trying to think of something that hasn't been said. Now I don't give a fuck what you really think. You proved your all assholes and have nothing better to do but to insult one guy. I bet you feel proud. Do I feel bad or am I hurt by what any of you said? Nope. Why? Because none of you know me. Your insults are ice in my water. Keep them coming. Or Show some balls and admit I'm right.

    He then went on to post his home address in his journal and then challenge people to "come get him,"

    Ya I really want some of you to actually come and get me.

    I live in Cromwell, KY. Look it up. Green River Church Ln, Cromwell, KY, 42333.

    However, a quick google on this address reveals that the house at this address is actually being foreclosed upon. Nice try, Linuxwolf! But we all know that you live with your parents really!

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