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    Linux Mint

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    The official logo for Linux Mint.

    Linux Mint (aka Ubuntu) is a pretentious re-branding of Ubuntu by an anti-semetic french faggot. It's a re-branding in the sense that newfags to Linux don't know how to use the terminal and instead, opt to download an entire new copy of Ubuntu with a different desktop environment. Don't believe that it's NOT Ubuntu with a different DE? Do the following in a terminal with Ubuntu:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:merlwiz79/cinnamon-ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cinnamon cinnamon-session cinnamon-settings

    Congratulations, you now have Ubuntu Linux Mint installed! You can now inflate your USI to the highest of degrees. For full effect, disable security updates!

    Why Linux Mint?

    Many faggots who use Ubuntu got pissy when Mark Shuttlecock continued to fuck the Linux Kernel with his rich African space cock. He kept adding Mac wanna be shit such as Unity, and ignored his userbase. However, rather than getting Debian, or just uninstalling Unity, a worthless human being named, "Clement Lefebvre" started making a Desktop Environment called, "Cinnamon". It's essentially trying to be like Windows, but looks as ugly a dead nigger midget ripped to shreds inside a goats asshole, or a better example, it looks like RMS naked. Clement then also broke hundreds of legal laws by installing a bunch of codecs that you may or may not need into his new profound distro. With all these wonderful new features, he called Ubuntu, Linux Mint! Complete with it's own green logo which resembles that of vomit. After this people started jumping ship because this guy "listens" to them unlike Mark Shuttlecock. Oldfags hate Linux Mint, because it doesn't help to bring back any of the good old stable and useful shit from the Unix days but rather reeks of Ubuntu faggotry. Another reason oldfags hate Mint is because general autists who use it think they're 1337 when in reality, they're even more dumbfounded than your mom using Windows.

    Anti-Israel Rant

    Back in 2009, Clement had a rant talking about how much he hated jews and actually requested that they stop giving their jewgolds to him (like jews give away any money anyway). This of course caused massive butthurt and Clement, like the faggot french pussy he is, removed the post and apologized.

    Here is the full message:


    This is not the place to talk about this but I am deeply touched by what is happening over there. I feel disgust and guilt with us passively witnessing it and our money and weapons supporting it. I don't want to use my name or this project to push my own ideas about this but I spend a lot of time working and giving away, sharing and receiving to and from a lot of people.

    I'm only going to ask for one thing here. If you do not agree I kindly ask you not to use Linux Mint and not to donate money to it.

    I hope for these people to be able to live decently in the future and for me not to have anything to do with the misery they're in at the moment.

    I promise not to talk about this anymore. I don't want any money or help coming from Israel or people who support the action of their current government.

    Thank you for your understanding. This is very important to me.

    The irony is that this blogpost caused some users to leave Mint and go back to Ubuntu, as if they were using a different distro in the first place.

    Security Updates Controversy

    Awhile back, Clement's distro made news because he stopped allowing the Ubuntu security updates on his distro. Why? Well simply put, Clement is a retard.


    Linux Mint has caused many other worthless people to create their own "Distro". Crunchbang is a prime example of this. Crunchbang was created by faggots who wanted a DE on Debian by default. After 10 years of doing practically nothing, the people behind it couldn't maintain a copy and paste job, so the community took up the task of reviving it under "Crunchbang++". Linux Mint has also been a highly used distro instead of Ubuntu, despite being the same fucking thing, and has "divided" the Linux community, leaving a shit stained stamp on Linux history.


    A wild meme appeared on Summer 2014 in /g/ featuring a new Linux Mint big update preview, the update had a promotional website where you could see all the new OS features and some new concept art. Many freetards click-baited on the link and found thai ass breakers, they finally realized that even women dicks are longer than Linuxtard ones.

    > 2014
    > Still not using Linux Mint master race
    The new update will bring browser sandboxing, native virtual machine, HTTP2 compatibility and much more, a Linux Mint update have never took so long to develop
    Source: www.longmint.com

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