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His fursona, attractive, muscular... everything LinktheWolf isnt.
LinktheWolf sits on his roof pretending to be deep in thought.
Police.gif Fact Alert
If you know the person named Jared Studelska, call the police or ASPCA immediately!

LinktheWolf (aka Graychild, "Resident Oddball", IRL Fb-favicon.png  Jared Studelska) is a pimple-ridden, scum-sucking, low-life furfag, internet tough guy, and a general attention whore on DeviantART. How did he get this way? It's actually a very simple blend of three parts loser, two parts superiority complex, and one part emo, shown here in this recipe. He spends his weekends writing romance songs and shitty fantasy stories. When he's not doing that he's either masturbating to furry porn, drawing furry porn, or making counterfeit Tamiflu. He's best buddies with internet tough guy iRONAS, and they both plan to take down 4chan and 7chan, and protect the innocent weeaboos and furfags on DeviantART from massive lulz. In reality, they just "spy" on 7chan's /i/nvasion board and report troll accounts to the mods. Like a true idiot, LinktheWolf posted photos of himself torturing cats and dogs on his photobucket, and has been driven out of the DeviantART community by the very lowlifes he had sworn to protect. After deleting fucking everything from his DeviantART account, he has since re-uploaded fucking everything on SheezyART.

LinktheWolf's Lucrative Writing Career

LiketheWolf knows he can't draw worth shit, so he took up writing really crappy stories. Unfortunately, he's so fucking stupid he's incapable of coming up with anything original, so he took up writing fan fiction (even though he never categorizes his shit as fan fiction). So far he has ripped off: Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Legend of Zelda, and Magic: The Gathering. The main reason he sticks to fanfiction is because when he tries original stuff, he falls flat on his face. For example, one of his characters is named "Jesse Sapphireeyes." Seriously. As you can see, absolutely nobody reads or comments on his shitty stories. LinktheWolf also has the impression that songs/poetry aren't truly good unless they rhyme. Doubtless to say, he must spend many hours on composing his love melodies for his boyfriends.

Hey babe, I wanna be your boo.

I’m so in love with you.

I’m telling you its true.

I know you love me too,

The truth is now in view,

I’m so in love with you.


—LinktheWolf, serenading his furfag boyfriends

"Hands on a Miracle" by LinktheWolf. It's a miracle because he's touching a girl. Make that a little girl. Pedobear would be proud.

As I sit here in the basement, you see

Surrounded by sadness, food, and cable TV

I just where my life went so wrong...


—LinktheWolf, "Life and why Mine hates me"

A new day dawns at the local High school,

It's packed to the brim with jocks and tools

But I still gotta go so the fuckheads can call

Let's go point and laugh at the resident oddball


—LinktheWolf, on being a social reject

LinktheWolf: Political Activist, Illustrator, Homestar Runner Fan

Does anyone think he's funny?

Proof that LinktheWolf's brain stopped developing when he was twelve, just like that of a black person, is evident in his completely unlulzy Homestar Runner fanart/tracing macros. He is also anti-Bush, just like 87% of Americans. However, instead of doing something about it, he takes copyrighted photos of the former president and tries to turn them into lulzy macros. It seems as though nobody told him Bush-bashing is about as edgy as a watermelon, and his jokes fucking suck. He also thinks that the Pope is evil and is plotting to brainwash the entire world, 1984 style.

In a sad attempt to escape the horrible reality of being a gangly, unemployed, eternally pubescent, man-child LinktheWolf draws pictures of his fursona dancing around with self-designed guitars and copyrighted music all around him. It's undeniable proof that he's a rock star-- in his imagination.

LinktheWolf's Everyday Life

This is how many views/comments/+faves that most of LinktheWolf's art gets
LinktheWolf HAETS trolls.
Don't mess with this bad dude!
iRONASS and his fuckbuddy LinktheWolf engaging in their favorite sexual activity.
iRONAS and Linkthewolf planning to BANKRUPT 4CHAN!
Linkthewolf played with this as a kid.

Linkthewolf insurgents.png

Journal Summary:

Bawwwww bunny.jpg

Link the Sick Fuck

Atomic.gif Warning!
These images are incredibly graphic and disturbing. They are pictures taken by LinktheWolf after mutilating cats! Looking at them will make you vomit and cry! Well, if you're a crybaby.
The sick fuck admits that he tortures animals
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Concerned animal lovers confront LinktheWolf with his sick fetish:


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