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Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, aka "snoopyfemme" and "HackerOnHacker", is perhaps the edgiest, most cringy example of upper-middle class youth anger in existence. Being bored of her violent video games and shitty metal music, Lindsay called up her two dumblr friends, Randall Steven Shepherd and (an hero) James Gamble, and hatched a mass shooting plot at the Halifax Shopping Center.

Sadly, the plot was foiled, as some fucking pussy (suspected to have been Gamble, but not confirmed) left an anonymous tip to RCMP (Canadian cops) about the shooting. Lindsay and Randall were arrested while Gamble was found dead after systematically committing suicide. After the case made international headlines, some dedicated internet vigilantes discovered that Lindsay had a massive fucking online trail, complete with lulzy internet drama and USI. She identified as a Nazi, despite being half Asian, glorified mass murderers, bragged about being a necrophiliac, and much, much more.

Early Online Presence

This comic got her banned from DA. Yes, that is a fedora and trench coat.

Lindsay seems to have been active online since the wee age of fourteen, modding the site Twilight Sucks under the name "Blonde Guardian". According to her Twilight Sucks Wiki page, Lindsay "is no longer a member of tsdc due to her Nazism getting in the way of her ability to be mindful of others." With the need to express her inner darkness, Lindsay became a member of DeviantArt, where she became very active on the forums whining about kids at school and spewing white supremacist bullshit.

All (while simultaneously complaining about the racism she receives for being azn). On the DA forums, she made comments about how David Duke is a pretty cool guy and how violence should be used to sell products instead of sex. Surprisingly, Lindsay also stated that both of her parents are liberal. This adds to the mounds of evidence that all her violent Nazi shit is just the typical immature rebellion found in spoiled kids with no real problems. Much like Tumblr SJW's fighting against their cuckservative parents.

Lindsay joined a lulzy social circle of DeviantArt nazi-fags during her stay. In addition to all her shitty Nazi art, she also drew bogus self-insert porn of herself fucking corpses. (Psychologist note: This is not uncommon among deviant tart Nazis.) She befriended the infamous Torture Device, a Russian nationalist Nazi who draws gore and promotes National Socialism while being incredibly fucking stupid about it. Her friendship with Torture Device gained Lindsay some recognition, until she was banned for an anti-gay comic with swastikas all over it.

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Alexander Slavros Drama

Elliot Lindsay.jpg
Don't race mix with jews, white men! It's much better to race mix with us kawaii asians. :3

Alexander Slavros, real name "Alisher Mukhitdinov", is a "Russian" Nationalist (actually he is one of Churka subhumans who are normally killed by Slavic/Finno-Ugrian Russian Neo-Nazis like Shamil Odamanov and Salakhetdin Azizov) and founder of the forum Iron March. The user base of Iron March mainly consists of teenaged /pol/ fags who think Nazis look cool and don't understand fascism in theory. As you can imagine, Lindsay turned this into her favorite hang out spot. Slavros held an internet relationship with Lindsay, which consisted of him jerking off on skype while detailing his fantasies of raping her.

As it would turn out, Slavros was not interested in Lindsay from the get go and was only playing along for a ruse. When an Iron March user notified Lindsay that Slavros planned to break up with her during a Skype group call, she went completely hysterical and threatened suicide. Slavros provided pictures of his new girlfriend (which are more than likely fake) and Lindsay went mad making creepy Photoshopped images of her and gushing about her desire to kill her.

After the break up, Lindsay leaked pictures of his unusual looking cock and spread some embarrassing dirt about him all over Iron March. Being a lolcow within himself, there was a lot to expose, and Slavros permanently left the internet. Lindsay was left traumatized by the online romance, and continued to bitch about for years up until her arrest.

You can read more about his faggotry here Nevarmind; deleted by the autists on that wiki :( [archive]


YOUR GIRLFRIEND DESERVES TO DIE The world would be a much better place to live in if it were guaranteed that wicked men died as virgins. I’d like to be able to point at a typical bully, abuser, or thug and taunt that no woman would ever want him. It’s the only thing they understand. They have no conception of morality, unable to perceive humanity as having any purpose beyond feeding, fighting and fucking. Especially fucking. We’re taught that women are the arbiters, offering future offspring to those whose genes should be passed on. We’re taught that they drive the process of evolution by selecting only the best and the brightest men. Oh, I wish. Why bother trying to better yourself as a person when there are thousands of battered, raped, psychologically broken and easily manipulated BUT TOTALLY HOT girls turning eighteen every day? They’ll even do anal if you verbally abuse them enough! I try to keep fighting. I try to deliver punishment whenever I can, within the bounds of social decency, which doesn’t get me far at all. Any argument I can try to lay down is always met with “Yeah, well MY GIRLFRIEND…” One day, I’d like to be able to respond “Too bad, son. I’m putting her down. Step aside, I’m a professional.” Of course, that’s a lie. I’m not a professional. But I have to start somewhere. If you don’t treat your toys nicely, I throw them away. Because that’s all that these girlfriends are. Toys. I cannot see them as human beings for they offer nothing to the human experience. They will create no art worth seeing, write no tale worth reading, have no thought that couldn’t be gleaned from Nicholas Sparks novels and trite ‘inspirational’ posters. They have the intellectual curiosity of a germ. They believe that ambitions are something for other people. They seek happiness in nothing but the love they give to others, believing their relationships to be divine and meaningful rather than something that is easily replicated by a Labrador retriever. Therefore they do not know that they are endlessly rewarding the evil deeds of men unworthy, and thus inadvertently weakening society. And quite frankly, they’re not even pretty. Nothing is lost if I put them down. In fact, we have everything to gain. But her mommy and daddy will be sad. :’C I see them all the time. They are constantly smiling, not because they are happy, but because they wouldn’t want to offend anyone by not smiling. They are unaware of the fact that they are prey animals, and that I hate them. They tell me they love my outfit, that I’m so very pretty. My replies are terse. I have no business speaking to them. Their existence drives me to nihilism, and they’re asking about my weekend plans. They think I’m shy when I’m just ignoring them. Of course your girlfriend isn’t like that, I’m sure she’s a beautiful and unique snowflake. She’s had some troubles in the past, but learning to trust you has made her so much better. Please. there is no such thing as a cute couple none of you fucking fucks are cute you’re all stinking sweating bags of meat propagating a race of pig-apes in the absence of a benevolent god who has either fucked off to another universe or been buried under a pile of innocents lying cold and rotten in a mass grave and here you are making gifs of yourselves kissing as the value of human life continues to deteriorate i would sell your souls for a pistol loaded with a single bullet this is how much i hate you this is how much i hate a world that you exist in my prayers for annihilation dissipate into the empty cosmos and die as you ought to your story ends here


—Batshit insane rant about Zipporah

Relationship Bitching About missing Pics
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Failed Halifax Shooting

Advertise your plot to the entire internet why don't you.
The dead dick of James Gamble the prick

As mentioned earlier in this article, Lindsay, Randall, and James all plotted out a massacre at the Halifax Shopping Center. In the typical fashion of a massacre, they planned to open fire on the crowed, set fire to the building, then commit suicide. Lindsay was arrested upon arriving at the airport, while Randell was arrested while waiting to pick her up. James, who possessed all the firearms, shot himself before police arrived in his location. Apparently, Lindsay sold neopet plushies online to fund the trip.

James' family and pastor seem convinced that James had outed the plot before killing himself, but whether or not this is wishful thinking is unknown. Either way, the plan was half-baked and poorly-thought-out as fuck. The retards even hinted about the massacre on Tumblr, going so far as to mention the date it would take place. As a group of self absorbed dumbfucks who don't know when to STFU, it's all too likely that one of them told a friend who most likely snitched them all out to the pigs in blue.

The trio seemed to have been united in that they were all obsessed fans of the Columbine shooters, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold. The Columbine freaks that they were friends with on Tumblr, (known as Columbiners) feel sorry for them and reblog their pictures with captions about how sad they are for them. Though the plan was foiled, they achieved at least obtaining a lot of columbiner-cred and admiration, which is fucking disgusting but probably something they wanted. If you ever want to see some insane shit, search Columbine on Tumblr. Lots of kids posting about how Klebold and Harris were martyrs of their generation and how much they'd like to "finish where they left off" and post selfies of themselves dressed in similar garb to the shooters. You even get thousands of degenerate disturbing fangirls like Lynn Ann and two teenagers only 10 miles from Columbine who tried to reenact lolumbine.

Randell and James had been buddies since High School. According to a friend, Randall was "really shy" while James suffered from "really bad depression." The two shared a Tumblr, where they would post gore and pornography while posing with weapons and trying to look badass. They probably liked to look at each others asses anyways, as they were obviously gay for each other (like Reb and Vod were.)

Court Proceedings

Over a year after the failed attacks, new details are emerging relating to the court proceedings (Scheduled for 2017)- Randall Shepherd appeared in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in November 2016. He plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, and he received a sentence of 7~10 years in prison, possibly able to be worked down from good behavior and mental assistance. Randall bitched out and expressed remorse for his actions. New details emerged, such as how Randall was simply a pawn in the plans (hence his lighter sentencing) and developed a fake ego online, seeking solace in the cesspit that is Tumblr, which inevitably accelerated his mental illness.[1]

Lindsay will face trial in May 2017. Due to her stronger dedication to the murder plot, it is predicted that her sentence will be significantly lengthier (quite possibly life) than Shepherd's.Sentenced to 10 years in Prison on April 12th. You can hear Shepard's court statements which reveal a lot of details, here.

On April 20th, 2018, Lindsay was given a life sentence in prison which is the exact same day as Hitler’s birthday and the Columbine massacre. It’s pretty ironic, given that Hitler and the Columbine attackers were her idols. LMAO. New information revealed that she was planning to lose her virginity with Gamble before the attack. Now she will be spending the rest of her days being grabbed by the pussy by her bulldyke cellmates.


Shooting Fags About missing Pics
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Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 0/20
Accuracy: 0/20 Didnt hurt anyone
Style: 7/20
Butthurt: 5/20 No frags, no crying fags
Bonus: 17/20 Created a failed-genocide squad
Total score: 29/100 (F-)
Don't tell people about your plans, dumb cunt.

Wanted Level:




Mall Cop

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