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    What is happening to your computer every time you use Limewire

    Limewire (also Lamewire, Limevirus or Viruswire) was a P2P virus sharing program that tricks people into trying to use it to download music and videos. In reality, you get 96kbps iTunes->MP3->YouTube->MP3 transcoded .mp3 files suffering severe generation loss. For pedos everywhere it is also a hotspot to download cp and loli. If you type in one word, your search list will fill up with tacky home made porn videos because apart from viruses, that is all Limewire really is. So strap yourself in, you're goin' for a crazy ride!...until Lamewire gives you spyware and you lose all your music. Go on and load this Supah_Rihanna_collection_fast_download.exe, and enjoy your AIDS!

    Limewire Pro

    Limewire Pro was nothing but Limewire with a few extra additions that do absolutely nothing to make the program any better. They try to make you pay for the upgrade, but you can get it for free simply by clicking here. Idiots. The only people dumber than those who thought of Limewire Pro are the lusers who pay for it. Seriously though, why would anybody at all pay for it when you can download it for free using the free version of lime wire? Seriously. I am not kidding. Just search limewire pro with the search engine built into limewire. Like WTF?!?!? Are they that stupid

    Limewire Pirate Edition

    RIAA just got pwnd. Less than a month after its "permanent shut down," LimeWire has been resurrected by an anonymous dev team--and it's better and more powerful than before. Or, well, something like that. The easiest way to get Limewire Pirate Edition is by downloading it from an actual torrent tracker.


    What everyone who uses limewire downloads with it.

    Some of the popular songs downloaded on Limewire are:

    1. 16 year old girls moaning
    2. ______Has orgasm over webcam.
    3. Advertisements for gay porn sites
    4. Viruses
    5. Lol kiddie pr0n
    6. Top of Charts - 2003
    8. rare recording
    9. Rick_Astley_Bareback_Furrsuit.mp4
    10. NOT_A_VIRUS.mp3.exe
    11. Stephen Spielberg gets a hilarious prank call
    12. Advertisement for eFreeclub.com with a shitty Bill Clinton imitation.
    13. Download plz so i may hack i mean help your computer :D
    14. not related.wma
    15. [ BEST TRACK EVAR!


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