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    Limbo of the Lost

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    The box art for this highly anticipated game.

    Limbo of the Lost, or "LOL" is a totally original and innovative point and click adventure game. You play as Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs to explore Limbo in the Keep of Lost Souls. Unlike real games, this is a giant pile of ripoff, tracing, printscreen, and fail.


    Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs is the captain of the Mary Celeste, a ghost ship. Since this is an oxymoron, Destiny decides to use him as a hitman to take out Fate somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

    Seeing is Believing


    The Majestic Studios threesome.
    10 years in development.

    In the early 90s, Creative/Project Director Steve Bovis and Tim Croucher came up with the brilliant concept for this game. They began work on it in 1995 with help from Laurence Francis and the original intent to make LOL for the Atari ST. It was later ported to the Amiga 1200 and CD32, but at that point it was shit nobody cares about anymore, so the publishers threw it down the well.

    When the threesome realized they needed to tighten up the graphics, they taught themselves super high-tech tools like Poser, Photoshop, printscreen and an open source engine called Wintermute. They founded Majestic Studios and started making their very own 3D game. After realizing that computer science and art are hard, they decided that it would be easier to just steal take inspiration from other games and films.

    The project is more influenced by film and literature rather than other games, we want the experience to be as original as possible and as such we have made a calculated effort to keep away from other games in the genre. Limbo of the Lost is an experience first and foremost, secondly wrapped up in a game media and genre.


    —Steve Bovis

    Works that inspired Limbo of the Lost include:

    This list is not comprehensive.

    Comparison Gallery About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    When Majestic Studios' publisher, Tri Synergy, found out that Steve and pals had been stealing, tracing and plagiarizing, they shat a brick and stopped distributing LOL. Bethesda Softworks should pursue a lawsuit against Majestic Studios since LOL is the worst game ever, though that has yet to be seen. In the meantime, Steve's daughter has been lavishing praise on her dad's game by making sockpuppet posts all over the hugglenets.

    The internet, however, has risen to the occasion and is enjoying the corruption of LOL. A "name the stolen asset" meta-game has become a large part of this endeavor.


    Early screenshot of the upcoming sequel.

    I could talk about this project for hours but I would prefer you to play, experience and enjoy it, so I will hush up for now. But before I say a fond farewell I will tell you this much, If anyone can honestly tell me after playing the game that they did not have an enjoyable gaming experience or have a favorite character that they have met whilst playing the game, I will never mention or speak of the sequel — LIMBO of the LOST II — Temptations of Tarot.


    —Steve Bovis

    Good god, I hope not.


    If you haven't played the game then don't watch this video as it contains spoilers. This is quite possibly the only redeeming feature of the entire game. If you have seen this ending as a result of actually COMPLETING this batshit game, then it's about time you became an hero. Now.

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