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    Liberty Forest

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    Liberty Forest also referred to as www.ronpaulforums.com is a website where all the Ronbots of the internet go to relax and fap to pictures of Ron Paul after a long day of spamming. Besides being complete filled with anarchist and insane mother fucking lolies, they also jack each other off. Not only do the moderators not give a shit about anyone using the forums, but half of the users are also trolls.

    This forum has been up since last Thursday and is a "thriving" ecosystem for any faggot that wants to overthrow any and all government. Don't let this upset you, because there is much more faggotry here then you would expect. This can range from crazy Jew following ass crunchers to a long range of debating about who was less of an idiot.


    All you have to do is register like you would do with any other trite idiotic website and submit, now comes to the hard part.... You have to wait for over 9000 years to be approved. Yes, apparently the cock grabbers didn't figure out how to make a bot.

    The Moderators and Administrators

    These people are ban happy retarded children that will ban you for just about everything. For example JacobR248 was banned from the first forum he posted. All because he posted pro-Joo views. Still it instilled epic lulz for all to enjoy so that's a 1 up for Liberty Forest.

    List of Admins and Moderators:

    CaseyJones is the common douchebag of these forums, he struts around like an asshole pretending his opinion matters.

    MsD is a crazy mother fucker Texan anarchist that wants and believes the United States will collapse with bloodshed. People lol at her whenever possible.

    LibertyEagle is a Mod that decided to protest Liberty Forest or some shit, because they didn't give her butt secks or something. Nobody gives a shit about her strike though.

    Cowlesy is a dirty 40 year old virgin that gets ban happy at times. He is most commonly popular for contributing over 9000 dollars to a money bomb of some sort. If the guy he pledged his money to loses, he plans on committing seppuku right in the mother fucking forum.

    The Users

    The users are a bunch of hopeless faggots that constantly spam money bombs expecting you to throw in 50 bucks every day. Then they go around extending their e-peen by posting how much they contributed to whichever bull shit candidate that just ends up losing.

    List of Users:

    Abe is one crazy Muslim that speaks in mostly clicks and "Allah" noises. He doesn't really do much but lol half the time.

    Jenn is just a user that goes on vent without a mic. No one really gives a shit about her but hey, wimmenz are wimmenz.

    Harris is or was a cock sucking trolling Larouche follower that went around trolling the shit out of everyone and ass raping Britain for everything. He got banned one day for no reason and hasn't given a shit since.

    Rosenzweig is a crazy Jew bastard that just chills in the chat for no reason; he is indeed an AFK faggot.

    How to troll Liberty Forest

    Step 1: Create an account.

    Step 2: Make a post calling everyone a crazy anarchist and pretend to be a neocon.

    Step 3: Bad mouth the Moderators and Administrators.

    Step 4: Spam in more posts the money you donated to Obama or McCain or whomever they hate the most.

    Or alternatively.

    Step 1: Create an account.

    Step 2: Go into their chat.

    Step 3: Piss everyone off and call everyone an anarchy peace of shit.

    Step 4: Say you are Harris.

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