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Liberal guilt

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Not to be confused with Liberal quilt.

Liberal guilt is a perfectly natural phenomenon exclusive to homosexuals and Grungefags by which people feel guilty for being born and/or raised in culturally, economically, socially or genetically favorable circumstances. Those blessed with liberal guilt take for granted that being a wealthy, healthy, white, straight male makes one more lucky than everybody else, and therefore that those so enlightened should feel guilty for existing.

This image accurately sums up the liberal collective
Liberal Guilt in action
A liberal debates a mudslime, finds out their religion and promptly apologizes profusely.

It's common knowledge that you are responsible for everyone else's problems when they are less lucky than you. Therefore, people afflicted by liberal guilt are responsible for the problems of the entire universe. They should be hated by every variety of minority unless they do charity work and state how tolerant and sorry they are for having been born.

They should be especially sorry for events that happened years before they were born, like slavery. Niggers are in no way required to be thankful to those suffering from liberal guilt; any free food/money/guns/white wimminz/other gifts that the Black Jesus receives are merely a small price for how much the negro population has suffered. Liberals who build a nigger's house for free shouldn't expect a smile, much less a thank you from the holy baboon.

For those experiencing liberal guilt, it is frowned upon to pursue any kind of happiness or satisfaction via material pleasures, vacations, laughing, resting, not feeling guilty about things they had nothing to do with, eating or breathing. It's acceptable for the guilty to assume that since they're not poor or disadvantaged, they're bound to be happy with their lives, especially considering that they have money, the source of automatic happiness - and that clinging onto any kind of additional personal satisfaction is superficial and egocentric.

Liberal guilt-inspired gaming.

Liberal guilt is caused by:

Liberal guilt is a variant of white guilt. The two often appear interchangeable, but don't be fooled - there are differences. Liberal guilt in its purest form usually involves any or all of the following:

  • Obsessively sorting household refuse for recycling, then transporting said refuse to a recycling center in an SUV
  • Involvement in any number of ineffectual nonprofit organizations, which advertise with slick yet "natural"-looking brochures and periodicals
  • Owning a hybrid
  • Being an arrogant ass about owning a hybrid
  • Spending one's time and energy trying to change/heal/Oprahfy the world not through any sort of action, but by participating in hackneyed, blasphemous and Westernized imitations of Eastern religion, positive thinking/visualization or extreme usage of scented candles
  • Buying organic
  • Buying anything manufactured by Apple

Not to be confused with Liberal quilt or libertarian guilt, which occurs whenever a yank visits this page.

How to Identify Liberal Guilt

Telltale signs of libfags and their guilt are as follows:

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Liberal guilt
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