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    Lia Marie Johnson

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    Lia Marie Johnson = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    Lia Marie Johnson is a Youtube Nobody and the fap-material of every 15-80 year old pervert destined to a life of unrewarding girlfriendless onanism. Discovered by TheFinebros on Jewtube she later became the target of unwarranted attention from every Pedo and teen online. She is probably one of the sole reasons that internet tough guys and keyboard warriors lurk Vblogs and watch singing online. She sadly suffers from Bieber fever and acts in this retarded web series called My Music (it basically a show full of internet attention whores and wanna-be actors). She also blocks and flags videos and channels that criticize her. She is also an attention whore who only seeks worshiping activity in her comment section which needs comment approval.

    Hi I'm Lia :D Like most teenagers, I'm not sarcastic at all. Actress, Singer, YouTuber & I always wear my sunshine. ☼


    —Lia's Twitter intarduction

    People who trolled Lia

    A Youtube channel TheDarthVaderJR trolled Lia by exposing her private facebook profile. The profile got immediately deleted, but this troll managed to take some screenshots of her dirty conversations with Kostas Garcia. Here is the trolls video complaining about Lia's annoying fans

    Lia on 4chan

    Lia has unfortunately been targeted on 4chan, appearing on numerous threads and forum boards. Knowing 4chan, the only thing people on the threads evar talk about is how they want to rape and abduct her. This is likely due to her commentary about Boxxy.

    How to troll Lia

    • Send her messages about abducting her
    • Send her messages saying she is bad at singing and has no future ahead of her
    • Call her a Internet attention whore
    • Mention her doing sexcam with Kostas Garcia through Skype
    • Tell her she has a mole

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