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    Leoian (AKA: Leo or Loick Fahl) is the furry, French author of the fail webcomic Project2nd. However, he was originally known as the crazed, stalker fanatic of the furry webcomic Twokinds as well as self-proclaimed brother/lover of one of the characters. Unlike the other insane, desperate loser fans of the comic (which is all of them), he's taken his obsession to a new level. After having his fursona repeatedly denied being added as a character in Twokinds by the author, he did the sensible thing and stole the comic, butchered it into making himself the main character and published it as his own "original" comic. Thus Project2nd came to existence.

    In this comic and overall online, he depicts himself as being a herm as well as simultaneously having dog and cat genitalia. That said, he spends hundreds of dollars a month filling his furaffinity account with commissions of his "barbed and knotted cock" probably paid for using his wealthy parents' money. In true basement dweller fashion, he is also a shameless weeaboo. Despite the fact he's barely got a grasp of the English language, he spams his Twitter and Facebooks with google-translated moonspeak and claims all his shit is inspired by Japanese culture. If none of this deters you from interacting with him, perhaps the fact he's a lying, manipulative shit to everyone he meets might.


    Brother and sister!
    Bonding time!

    Despite being another generic, derivative furry webcomic that doesn't understand the difference between character development and shameless fanservice, Twokinds has managed to attract enough idiots for it to jew almost $200K out of the fans' pockets. At some point in 2009, Leoian found the webcomic. Not long after, he took a strong interest in the character Flora and started pretending to be her brother. Although harmless at first, it would soon take a turn into typical furry depravity. He began spamming the forum and IRC chats with increasingly sexual images of him and Flora to the point where everyone else was creeped out and wanted him gone.


    Flora is the romantic interest in Twokinds. A complete whore, she spends 90% of the time not wearing any clothes as well as randomly humping the characters. Because of this, she is arguably the biggest attraction to desperate furry virgins who read this bullshit. Strangely, Leoian simply started claiming that Flora was his sister instead of his waifu, unlike everyone else. Soon, increasingly suggestive images started popping up in his deviantart. Finally he just started commissioning porn of him and Flora. Despite this, he still claimed that it's not incest because Tigers do this IRL.

    It's not Flora guise!

    It's not incest!
    Pictured: NOT FLORA GUYS!
    Number one fan!

    Sick of being wrongfully accused of incest, he ditched Flora for a different tiger drawing named Marie. Who is Marie? Flora but with blonde hair. He even went as far as taking old pictures of him and Flora and altering her hair color.

    Since nobody fell for it, he tried once more to change his mate. His new and current ho is basically Flora again but with glasses this time because lord knows that works well for Clark Kent. Can you guess what her name is? It's Fauna. I shit you not. With Fauna riding his dick now, he claims Marie was always just a female version of himself or some stupid shit because that'll surely make him seem saner. Interesting to note that, despite now insisting he is Fauna's mate and not Flora's, he still gets upset over Flora having sex with anyone in the comic.


    As it turns out, the Twokinds fans had a hard time fapping to Flora after continually seeing Leoian's dick defiling her all over the web. Users were annoyed, creeped out by his sick fuckery (by relative furry standards) and the mods took notice. He also had a habit of stalking Tom Fishbach, the author of Twokinds, hoping he could have his character be made canon. Understandably, Tom declined each time, possibly stating that his comic is backasswards enough as it is. To cope with his character being denied, Leoian went as far as to recreate the entire Twokinds website but with his fursona added to the character section and banner. Last Thursday, he finally got banned from the IRC channel and the forums. To date, he is still banned almost everywhere relating to Twokinds. He's still creeps about in other furry comic communities.

    The insanity begins About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    After being run out of the Twokinds community, he started his own Twokinds original comic. It features himself as the mary sue hero as well as Fauna and additional traced Twokinds characters. The comic is surprisingly drawn by him for the most part. Tracing all his deviantart pictures is one thing but it seems even he doesn't expect to get away with tracing an entire webcomic he's also stealing the plot from. As you can imagine, it looks like the work of an autistic child with a pirated copy of photoshop. The plot itself is an indecipherable mess but it's really just there as a means to get his cock into Fauna's ass as fast as possible. Despite being a completely obvious ripoff of Twokinds, re-purposed as a wish-fulfillment fantasy, he adamantly insists it's original and has nothing to do with it. If you have the audacity of of mentioning this to him, or in any website he has some level of control (He loves sucking administrative cock), prepare to be swiftly censored and banned. In fact, he'll go to great lengths to find and censor any truthful information about himself or his comic however possible, even by means of spamming giant, repeating text walls in comment sections in a ridiculous effort to hide criticism. If only there was some kind of bastion of truth that won't give in to his demands?


    Creating original characters is impossible

    As one might expect, the characters are unoriginal, badly written and fan-serviced up the ass already despite the comic having no fans to service. Basically, there are three races (Humans and two types of furfags) in the project2nd world. Why yes, they are the same three races from Twokinds.


    It just wouldn't be a great furry webcomic if the author wasn't the goddamn main character too. Leo (retconned to Lau), much like the main character of Twokinds, is completely useless and has to be led around like a fucking sheep until the plot converges on him boning everyone. He used to be a weeaboo scientist exploring Japan or some shit before he got transformed into an furry tiger and got transported to a fantasy, Twokinds clone universe. It is unclear whether he was a hermaphrodite before or after the transformation.


    In Leoian's furaffinity, she is some kind of nymphomaniac monster that can't stop craving Leo's cock (or vagina, depending on the picture). In the comic she leads Leoian around for no real reason other than the author wanting to bone her. She is also a certified retard, much like the rest of the cast.


    Based on Twokind's Kathrin character. She joins the group for no real reason other than the author wanting to bone her. Noticing the theme here?


    Twokind's Keith. Why he's named Mara instead of Koith or Kent is not really clear but despite the out-of-place female name there to throw people off, it's still pretty much another obvious trace.

    "Definitely not Twokinds' Natani" & "Definitely not Twokinds' Zen"

    In Twokinds they're a duo of sexually confused, inept assassins. In Project2nd they're a duo of sexually confused, inept assassins. With these two showing up, the entire main cast of Twokinds is now officially the main cast of Project2nd AKA "Definitely not Twokinds".


    Yet another stolen character. This time it is Twokind's Nora, who is a dragon in disguise. GEE I WONDER IF NIRAE IS ALSO A DRAGON IN DISGUISE??!

    The Archelis

    The goofy, guitar pick looking villain of the story and possibly only original character. Wants to hunt down Fauna and her acquaintances for reasons unknown, probably just to move the plot along and nothing else. He is Canadian.

    Sythe ripoff, Laura ripoff, Etc

    You get the idea. It's every single Twokinds character.

    #1 Original Comic About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    This image is outdated as he'll simply ban you immediately now
    There. Now nobody will know the truth...

    As if the comic wasn't enough, he created his own forum where he is in control. It's a carbon copy of the Twokinds forums with same boards, copy pasted rules and even him trying to recreate the most popular threads. In an effort to shoot himself further in the foot, he has filters set up to blatantly censor most words that relate to Twokinds or theft. Only trolls and idiots visit it and neither lasts long before being banned for simply showing awareness that Twokinds exists upon registering just to be safe.
    Be sure to leave a friendly message.

    Reaction to Trolls

    Turns out people have been trolling him, uploading his art to porn sites and pretending to be him... Or so he says. Anyway, this is what he had to say about trolls:

    Anyway recently i had some torubles with other web hosing picture and trolling website around the net , if you see one of m pic outside Fa or some leoian around the internet please notify me, I'm only active on few networks.


    —Notify him so he can ban you for having seen the truth

    Hey guys for few weeks now , a group of peoples from a certain network, send defamatory information around create troll website for me and They use my identity to insult peoples on the network I'm in.

    So be carefull, the trolls are acting like me but they like to insult peoples and piss everyone around.

    Any leoian on skype,facebook,steam or on some unusual website isn't me please report it here.

    By the way these peoples are posting on web sharing pics the artwork from my gallery or my comic, The only website you will find my original work is here Da and http://project2nd.com/.

    Don't be fooled by them and report in the comment below please. Most of the information on these website are from troll factory or just defamatory stuff (80% are a ton of lie). Recently Trolls tried to take down commission i paid for, but as the artist doesn't remove the art from it's gallery i don't have to do it. I'm still under frequent identity thief on several network,forum,irc or mostly peoples create fake website with my name so be careful, if you doubt it's me pm me here and i will clarify the situation.Friends I like been blackmailed by the same troll posting defamous note or speech, made of false information, be verry careful with it.

    For now My commissions cannot be posted on any other sharing platform like the e621 like, until we can reward the owner of the picture.

    Most of the admin are aware of the situation but unfortunately we can do a lot of stuff about it.


    —So many things wrong here I don't know where to start.

    All the trolls/haters/spammer will be banned.


    —To people who intend to join his forum. Shots fired.

    Thanks for that guys, I had a rude moth because of some trolls harras me but I'm dealing with it,


    —Trolls gave him a rude moth... How nice of them.

    Stop tagging my stuff as twokinds, those are my characters, they're a part of my project. Do not listen the few trolls who keep pushing the Drama up. Please report it if you see these tag with my pic, thanks.


    —It's not "TwoKinds" it's "Project2nd". It's not "Sonic" it's "Sanic".

    In true retard fashion, he has a tendency to also straight-up ban people who report the trolls to him, even if he asked for it. Apparently, he considers it to be spreading the trolls' words.


    Yes, he traces. Surprised?

    Not that he will ever admit it About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


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