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    Lemon Demon

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    Lemon Demon, also known as Trapezoid, Deporitaz and Neil Cicierega is a minor Internet celebrity, flash artist, musician and (former) SA goon. He is also Anon, given the fact that one of his songs is entitled "CP" yet is merely a cover version of the theme song from Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Neil is best known for the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, and the fact that he recorded 4 albums without receiving much attention and then getting famous on the Internets (even the gay ones) because of the Ultimate Showdown.

    Neil Stephen Cicierega

    Part of the US Army, maybe you've heard of it?
    Neil with his big fat bassist from Lemon Demon
    Neil's musical talent knows no bounds

    Best known for his valuable contributions to society, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and Potter Puppet Pals, Neil is in fact a huge fag. Known on the SomethingAwful Forums as Trapezoid, he was recently called out in Helldump for being a part of the terribly shitty band Lemon Demon (also known as Trapezoid in the past) when he decided to start posting incredibly unfunny shit. Neil lived at home with his parents until he was 23, but has since moved into an apartment with his girlfriend. He somehow considers himself some kind of rich and famous celebrity, in complete seriousness.

    Neil: the very embodiment of an internet winner

    Breakdown of badassary:

    On 4 October 2010, Neil was PERMABANNED from the SomethingAwful forums for running out of lulz and simply being a whiny douchefag.[[1]]


    When several photos were found of Neil cross-dressing it was assumed that the clothes belonged to his sister, which was flatly denied by both Neil and his sister who both asserted that the clothes belonged to his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. Hilarity ensued however when Chloe (forums member "pilot") came into the thread to explain that they weren't her clothes at all. This leads everyone to believe that Neil is a big faggot who dresses in his sister's clothes.

    Here's the whole set of his tranny pics: http://web.archive.org/web/20050220040053/http://www.limekle.com/neilita/

    Love life

    Chloe Dykstra, Neil's first love, who ironically looks a lot like Neil crossdressing.

    Neil has had only two girlfriends in his entire existence. He is currently with married to a chink called Ming Doyle, and his ex is minor actress/model Chloe Dykstra. During Neil's callout thread, it was discovered that Chloe was also a SA Goon and was extremely hot.

    Despite being clearly a good catch for someone like Neil, when Chloe asked Neil to move out of home with her he buckled under the pressure and refused to leave the comfort of the family home, stating that he didn't want to live too far away from his family (40 minutes drive was too far away). Neil's dependance on his family and reluctance to change is a typical symptom of AIDS.

    There used to be a gallery here, but apparently Neil is a faggot and claimed the girl was underage, even though her tits were so hugely out of proportion for her skinny body that she obviously got implants. Where did the pics come from? Well after breaking up with Neil, she decided to be a porn star:

    okay so this is pretty bad. ugh. i figured i might as well tell you guys because eventually you'll all find out anyway.

    I'm really low on money, and I wouldn't have been able to pay my rent this month. And I refuse to ask help from my parents. So I've been working on a movie. It's not as bad as you think it is, but it's still pretty bad. Pretty typical... stuff. Here is my reasoning:

    • Sex is not that special to me; I don't treat it as anything more than it is- an animalistic act.
    • It's all safe nowadays, I won't be catching anything.
    • Everyone's seen my boobs anyways.

    It pays enough to keep me going for a little while until I can get another commercial or whatever. Everyone has to make a living somehow. I love you all, and I trust you'll be supportive.


    —Chloe in her blog, broke after spending all her money on implants

    Creation of Encyclopedia Dramatica Article

    • On November 2nd 2008, Encyclopedia Dramatica editor "Helldump" created an article on Neil. The user has to date not edited any articles unrelated to Cicierega.
    • On November 6th 2008, Encyclopedia Dramatica editor "Nopenopenope" amended the article with a bunch of defensive bullshit, and has to date not edited any articles unrelated to defending pale, AIDS-ridden aspies.


    According to a Goon helldump, his family is just as lulz as Neil himself.

    • His father Jerry believes he's been abducted by aliens.
    • His mother Nancy is a practicing Wiccan and took all of her kids out of school because of Neil getting bullied.
    • His younger sister Emmy is a semi-famous artist online, storyboarder on Gravity Falls and is hawt as shit. But supposedly just as much of a dick as Neil. Commonly seen on her Tumblr and Twitter cracking dumb jokes. SomethingAwful username: Bindi. Is fucking the Nedroid creator.

    (to other editors: please expand this section. here's the helldump link [2])

    Epic Lulz commited by Mr. Cicierega

    • Animutation - moar or less his brainchild, depends on who you ask.
    • Lemon Demon - His current band. Liek, featuring guitar players and a drummer and whatnot, unlike Deporitaz. 7 albums currently exist - Clown Circus, Hip To The Java Bean, Live From The Haunted Candle Shop, Damn Skippy, Dinosaurchestra, View-Monster, and Almanac 2009. Sadly his music fails because he sounds like he has a cold in every song. Blow your nose, you filthy wretch.
    • Trapezoid/Deporitaz - Now defunct. Neil had to change the name because some fags had called their band Trapezoid before he did, but because he already had given up Trapezoid when they told him, he just used an anagram of the former name. If Lemon Demon is geeky music, then Deporitaz is so geeky you shit isosceles triangles after listening to him.
    • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - That flash animation you saw on ebaumsworld back in 07 that was LOLZ SO FUNNY XDDD

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