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    Legend of Krystal

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    The furries are once again raping our video game characters. Like always, The furries will not let Krystal enjoy her damn sandwich because they are too busy fawning over her and fapping. This shit is from www.legendofkrystal.com, a branch of renara.com. This game is probably glitchy as hell and has sucky artwork because, well, it's a furry game, so what else could it be?

    The Backstory

    This project is the sick lovechild of a team of furry "artists" lead by Renara. They blocked views of their profiles on the forums for non-members, so their profile information will only be accessible if you make an account, but since 99% of you would be too lazy to look it up yourselves, it's not really important unless you're gonna take down their user page, which would be pointless. However, some of their profiles on other websites are available for all to see and are listed under the external links. Take down any of their personal pages or the LoK site FOR GREAT JUSTICE! All new topics and replies to topics have to be approved by mods, though, so post spamming will not work here.

    The Fags Responsible for this Atrocity

    • Renara (The Group Leader)
    • Playshapes
    • -QQ-
    • Vixentamer
    • Obviousmcgee
    • jakejoke
    • trunks2528
    • Ebonpizza
    • Kalypso
    • yoyooyo
    • OmegaXIII
    • pToon-T
    • Eggplants
    • Corta

    The Reason for Discovery

    Normally people do not track down furry groups because they are bored, that would be suspicious and a little creepy. This little abomination was first discovered on www.Gamesofdesire.com when somebody stole the game off the website and claimed that it was their own, despite it failing hardcore. Even though the group found it and gained fame for it, they were not very happy about somebody finding a game on their unprotected forums and copying it onto a semi-famous website like GoD without getting any credit for it.



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