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    Leeroy Jenkins

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    Thanks to Leeroy Jenkins, Jeopardy jumped the shark completely. Alex Trebek later hanged himself.
    File:Saving Private Ryan Hax.gif
    Followers charging into battle.

    Once upon a time, in an obscure game called World of Warcraft, there was a party that was about to go on a raid. The party was planned meticulously; each member knew his or her place in the plan, which according to one member had a 32.3333(3)% chance of succeeding.

    Then, all of a sudden, one member of the party, a young upstart named Leeroy Jenkins, decided to run into the dungeon with a feral cry which rivaled that of Howard Dean himself, leading a foolhardy but brave charge against his foes; his party soon followed him, and a great battle was fought.

    Pwned had never been so well-defined.

    Then, a most miraculous thing happened: Someone uploaded a video, complete with Ventrilo conversation, to the internets. Soon all the world was made aware of Leeroy's foolishness. Photoshops were made; samples were remixed; YTMND collectively orgasmed. The phenomenon spread across the world, and for a time all were united in laughter at LEROOOOOY MNNJEEEENKIIIINS!

    And there was even drama: WoW nerds got to argue endlessly about why the strategy was good/bad, and whether the video was done for the lulz or not, thanks to the half-hour long planning session included in the video.

    Making everything about it sadder and sadder is how very obviously the entire video was completely set up as comedy from start to finish. Even ignoring the actual strategy, the players on the video are heard clearly failing at containing their laughter when everything goes to shit.

    But all crap things must pass. Leeroy became officially old meme on November 3, 2005, a full twenty minutes after the video was first uploaded, but at least he has chicken. Leeroy would go on to become a legend in the world of World of Warcraft. Leeroy would even become the official announcer for the WoW tournaments at the Blizzard convention, BlizzCon (yes, they really do have sanctioned WoW tournaments. It's quite pathetic, isn't it?). Link.

    Also, duplicating Leeroy's feat earns you the specialty title "Jenkins", so everybody can see how much of a laughably uncreative dipshit you are.

    The Original

    At least I have chicken.


    —Leeroy Jenkins


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    Leeroy Jenkins is dead.

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