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All Of Leafy Videos

LeafyIsHere (Real name: Calvin Vail/Marquez) aka titface / Chin-chan's illegitimate brother is a 13-year-old Chipmunk lookalike who pretends to be 24. He has no chin; which makes him look like Dr. Seuss characters. This explains why he has the voice of a toddler being fucked by Kevin Smith. Leafy is so fucking autistic that he started out by doing shitty Minecraft videos, before he was literally kicked off the servers for being too much of a retard and edging on how much he wanted to fuck everyone's mom. And in order not to scare away the spergs watching his shitty videos, he has moved on to CS:GO where he plays missions that require zero human interaction. Recently he finally lost his virginity, when Whitney Wisconsin let him inside her, if he promised to bark and not wear a condom.


My Name Is Cringe

Remember Retsupurae? Titface is just like the latter years of that, meaning that he is in fact more cringy than the cringe he presents. So despite scraping the bottom of the barrel for autism, the people Leafy talks about always ends up being cooler than him, since they are not him, and probably know how to shower. The titles are so click-bait that it puts Buzzfeed to shame. THE CRINGIEST KID TO EVER LIVE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, THE CRINGIEST KID ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET, THE CRINGIEST KID TO EVER LIVE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH, THE CRINGIEST KID TO EVER LIVE IN THIS WORLD, and so on and so on. He also uses boobs and bulges to attract more peeps, and he is such a faggot that Pyrocynical of all people was able to take his format and slightly improve it. He spends his days covering YouTube drama while CS:GO surfing hoping that one day god will mercifully kill him with memes.


Titface's fanbase is composed almost entirely of edgetard faggots and 10 year old kids who will defend their sugar daddy Leafy to the death. These fags will always revert to using "KYS" (Keep Yourself Safe) as a response to most negative comments, and will proceed to throw a temper tantrum in public like the mental midgets they are. Another reason those fags tell people to KYS is because their parents killed themselves because of how much of a disappointment their child is.

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LeafyIsQueer Versus H3H3Productions

After going after an autistic fat fuck who started crying, as this is the only target that Calvin could have any chance of defeating he started getting some flack by H3H3 productions, who called out this chin and ball-less motherfucker. This single video ignited quite a shitstorm between H3H3Productions and LeafyIsHere, dividing YouTube and creating vast amount of lulz. Unfortunately the video that made Tommync2010 cry was taken down by its creator, and an apology video took its place.

A spastic circle-jerk ensues.
The autist video

Leafy VS. Evalion

Leafy got triggered and butthurt when the YouTube user Evalion made various lulzy and /pol/-esque true videos about evil Jews and loving the great Heil Hitler. He responded to her by making a typical leftist crybaby attack video against her, calling upon his 3 million 12yo fanboys to mass-report her until she got b&. His autistic attack was successful, and she was terminated (twice) after a two day insurgency conducted by these cocksuckers.

Unstirred, Evalion responded to Leafy on Twitter with a video "exposing" him for being a Nazi

Leafy VS. Idubbbz

Leafy got triggered and butthurted when Idubbbz made a content cop on him. Idubbbz is now hilariously the top video when you search for "leafy" on YouTube and the hashtag Twitter-favicon.png #nochin was trending on twitter the day the video was released. After the video he started losing thousands of subscribers and his 12yo fanboys started to mass-spam his twitter until he made a response. He eventually did the but it was very weak, much like his chin. After realizing how dumb he looked he even started deleting comments saying that his response was very weak and debunking points he made in the video.

De-fucking-stroyed by iDubbbzTV
His response
The follow up

The domain of leafyishere.com ArchiveToday-favicon.pngeven linked to idubbbz' video, but now it is just a desolate wasteland of not interesting.

The Fall (And Rise) Of A Tyrant

It's DramaAlert all over again!

Last Saturday, YouTube user iDubbbzTV has admitted to being a mentally ill sexfreak that can only get off by watching his girlfriend get fucked by 30 black dudes while he pegs himself with a cattle prod. So of course his fanbase unsubscribes and goes back to the jewtuber they abandoned in the first place.

Despite what the thumbnail is, leafy talks about a lesser-known video from 2016, ignoring the video that actually has valid points and isn't a last minute video hopping on a dramatrain

So Leafy comes back to YouTube like the plague came to India. Since his return, Leafy has been getting double the views he always got, so there's obviously been an inflation in the retarded children populace since 2016. Recently, YouTube added this new feature that allows you to notify people about the video before it even fucking comes out. So because of the chink virus, there's been an increase in children with no friends that make the internet their friend, and they all post unintelligible spam in the youtube chat waiting for the video to come out like some even more retarded form of IRC.

But what goes to show is, no matter what, the Jews-er, Leafy wins. Before he came back to YouTube, he'd been studying business and economics, as to better understand the youtube game and life in general (which explains why he still gets 1million views in an hour of the video's release every time). If you spend some of your own time to watch his videos (with adblock retards), you can see he also subtly shills his trashy t-shirts and does some obvious viral marketing. So even if islut, fat jew and his horse lookalike wife, or any other no name youtube twat, makes a video on Leafy and he loses relevancy again, he'll simply go back to enjoying his life, snorting coke off a hookers ass and playing video games. Meanwhile, every other jewtuber that spent their ad revenue on sports cars are going to be flipping burgers, since the same people from TV will just make an alternative to lure in kids, and YouTube will become a new streaming service like netflix (see: YouTube TV).

Leafy Title Generator

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The Most Horny Woman On Earth Wants To Rape Me


You need to work on the voice, not annoying enough.
Imagine being destroyed by Onision
Accurate representation of his fans


LeafyIsTitface About missing Pics
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