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    Lascivus Lutra

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    Lascivus Lutra aka "Lassy" aka Gerald "Tony" Sultan is a 47 year old furfag and known pedo from Amherst, Ohio. He is a former sailor of the US Navy because of his love for semen. His furfaggotry was spawned from watching that all too well know CSI episode. Sources claim that Lassy couldn't resist the murry purry furfagottyness of one "Sexy Kitty" and joined the fagfandom immediately. To his delight, the furry fandom was full of young, supple, teenage boys, all of whom he just knew wanted to have a ride on his wrinkly old man cock.

    the original Pedo Otter


    Lassy says that he "morphed" from his human form in 2003, taking the name "Lascivus," which he claims to have taken because it means playful otter in Latin, but we know it's because he is a douche and can't spell 'lascivious'.

    taste my creamsicle!

    Not only does Lassy proudly attend fagfests, he so wanted to be like the Sexy Kitty he idolizes that he created a furry costume for himself. This bright orange atrocity is meant to make little boys think that his wrinkly old man dick tastes like a creamsicle.

    Like many furries, Lassy has learned that he can profit off of his fellow furfags. While he is too fail to make actual fursuits for his faggoty brethren, Lassy creates all sorts of furfag paraphernalia and sells them to the highest bidder. Of recent he has also been making horrific creations out of ears attached to safari hats. Does he take pictures of little boys wearing them and fap to them later? Of course.

    Pedophilia aka enter Anubis

    File:Young boy flesh.jpg
    Little Anubis, Lassy's favorite meat

    When he discovered the furry fandom, Lassy was any other suburban husband. He had four children and had been married for 17 years. He was an former sailor, working at a telco company. But what went wrong? Was it the temptation to fuck the many dogs, cats and various other animals that roamed the halls of his happy home? The world may never know. But Lassy fled his happy family in exchange for the furry fandom, devoting all of his time to seducing young boys.

    I think we found you

    They label way to many people as sex offenders nowadays. It makes it near impossible to know where the real pervs live. They could be right next door...


    —Lassy, on the subject of registered sex offenders

    Sometime in 2006, Lassy found a supple young furry sixteen year old boy by the name of Nathan, aka Anubis Light. Enticed by the spunky orange yiffsuit, young Anubis was smitten with the old man. Somehow the pair managed to evade Ohio law, which lets kiddies fuck each other when they are at least 16, but within 4 years of each other. Anubis is now 19, legally fuckable, and is still taking Lassy's wrinkled old man flesh.

    Fear that ED will mark him a pedo?

    I worry about viewing a site like that and then finding out the picture is on my computer somewhere... similar to one of his pics at the bottom, he looks pretty young in the pic. Last thing I want is someone trying to say I have pedo pics on my computer just because I followed a link to an ED article


    —Lascivus Lutra


    For several years, Lassy was the admin for a furfag forum known as the NEOfurs, or North East Ohio Furries. Recently much delicious drama has been stirred up involving a resident dogfucker who calls himself Derby. Questionably being a dogfucker himself, Lassy took the side of his bestiality loving tiger "furrend" in the drama, resulting in a furry drama shitstorm. After much bawwwing that the other furfags weren't being fair, he resigned his Nazi control over the furfags who reside in Ohio's northern regions.


    Furnival is Lassy's pet project. It started as a yearly picnic, whereat local furries could run around in the woods digging holes, for God knows what and eating berries, and participating in general furfaggotry. Lassy loves these sort of public outings, as it gives him an excuse to touch young children who unsuspectingly run up to hug the bright orange dreamsicle creature. After his bawww drama on the NEOfurs forums, Las devoted all of his energy into making this pedo-con the place to be for the furfags and dogfuckers in the surrounding area. Like with his tyrannical rule of the Ohioan furfags, Lassy overtook this project with much bawwwing, and a need for control that suggests only that surely he is compensating for a small, shriveled phallus.


    Lascivus the PedoOtter! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Want to find PedoOtter?

    • AIM - Lascivusotter
    • Yahoo - Lascivus_Lutra
    • ICQ - 235788072

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