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Las Pegasus Unicon

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Sandi and Edward Haas celebrate their successful scam with a toast. STO LAT!
Eddie Haas. This guy couldn't look more like a child molester if he tried.

Las Pegasus Unicon was an ill-fated convention for My Little Pony fans that was brought to a swift and ignoble end after the con's organizers, Sandi and Edward Haas, stole all the con's funds and fled to Mexico. None of the artists or invited guests were paid, and the hotel hosting the con threw everyone out onto the street for not paying their bills.

These events caused a storm of butthurt throughout the brony community that rages on to this day, and several of the show's voice actresses have since refused to do conventions. Some argue this is just an excuse for them to avoid the pitiable, socially awkward pony fuckers that attend these sorts of events.

Sandie and Eddie can say they received the double pleasure of making $150,000 tax-free while entrapping 1,100 Bronies. Meanwhile, the recently disbanded /mlp/ enjoyed many lolz at the cost of the Brony faggots who actually had the Stupidity to go to a pony convention in the first place.

The Setup

Las Pegausus Unicon took place at The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend of February 22nd, 2013. The convention was organized by Sandi Haas and her husband Eddie, a pair of con artists who were both convicted of raping an entire petting zoo in 1997. After being released from prison, they both became pagan ministers and spent their weekends fucking goats and trying to summon Baphomet.

After a long string of shitty jobs, such as making balloon animals for children, rescuing animals to sell to Korean restaurants, and running blackjack tournaments for homosexuals, they decided to pull off a heist of epic proportions: They were going to scam bronies.

It was a brilliant idea, really. Bronies are notorious for being extremely stupid, overly trusting, emotionally stunted manchildren, and for having lots of money and nothing to spend it on. They decided that the best way to enact their fiendish plan would be to organize a My Little Pony convention. They would set it up so that they were responsible for collecting all the money from ticket sales and using it to pay the convention's costs. Then they'd just take their thousands of dollars and walk out the door, flipping off all the horse wankers as they left.

The Pitch

Sandi and Eddie went about advertising the convention on various brony wesbites, building up a lot of hype about how awesome having a My Little Pony convention in Vegas would be. They invited many of the voice actors and writers from the show, bolstering their line-up with a number of famous fan artists & musicians. Bronies were soon clopping themselves raw in anticipation, as they often did for their orgies conventions. Nobody seemed to be terribly suspicious of the fact that money from all the ticket sales would go to Sandi directly, who made the sweetest of promises to pay all the convention's costs after she got her $150,000 in untraceable cash.

The Scam

Remember how you used to wonder back in Grade School if this would actually work? Well, it does!

In addition to stealing all of the money from ticket sales, our heroes concocted a bunch of other schemes as well. One of them was to force all of the convention attendees and vendors to use fake money they provided called "Unicon Bits" to buy and sell merchandise. Afterwards, people would exchange their Unicon Bits with Sandi for real money. You'd think any idiot would have been able to see through this, but people just saw it as festive and went along with it.

The plan was for Sandi and her husband to wait until they received all their money, then find some devious way to escape the convention centre without being stopped. Their initial plan was to poison Tara Strong (one of the show's voice actresses) by feeding her eggplant, which she is allergic to. As emergency crews rushed in to perform gratuitous amounts of CPR on her, they'd make their escape. Unfortunately, although Tara Strong isn't very smart, she was able to recognize the eggplant, and the plan was foiled. After failing to come up with a new plan, they decided to go old-school and just pull the fire alarm and run. It worked.

Soon after they made their escape, the hotel approached the convention staff and asked them to pay for their rooms. It was at this point everyone realized they'd been had, and there was a mad dash to liquidate as much merchandise as possible to raise enough money to pay off the hotel. One enterprising soul suggested that the voice actresses start giving handjobs, and was promptly hit in the face with a shoe.

In the end, they weren't able to raise enough money, and everyone got kicked out. Some of the less successful voice actors and show guests were too poor to pay for return tickets home, having expected to be compensated by the con. They ended up sleeping in cardboard boxes on the side of the road until bronies raised enough money to pay for their plane tickets.

The Aftermath

The talent was paid with bad checks that bounced

After everyone got kicked out of the hotel, there was a huge fluster of activity on various brony forums and video streams. People scrambled to figure out what went wrong, and many amateur detectives tried to piece together the day's events. Eventually, they figured out Sandi Haas was a con artist who had taken all their money and fled to Mexico. Further investigation led people to realize that the con had been organized with all the brilliance and efficiency of a two year old, and that this was obviously just a one-time thing perpetrated by dumb criminals to make money off of bronies.

Sandi and Eddie Haas remain at large to this day, and there is a bounty of $14.99 on both their heads. To try and smooth things over with the convention's angry guests, a group of bronies founded a charity group called LasPegassist in order to raise money and reimburse them. Even so, several of the show's voice actors, such as Tara Strong and Nicole Oliver, have vowed never to attend conventions again.

Witness the Fail of an Entire BronyCon Gone Wrong

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Because you know you want shitty balloon animals. Or to tell potential customers about their scamming ways.

  • Name: Sandy and Eddie Haas
  • Business: Curious Critter Creations
  • Address: 117 North Pearl Street
Las Vegas, NV 89110
  • Known Aliases of Sandi Haas:
  • Adao Sandi
  • Cindi Adao
  • Sandi Lea Adao
  • Sandra Adao
  • Sansi Adao
  • Sandi Lea Miller
  • Sandi Edward
  • Lady Silver Star
  • ladysilverstar71
  • Mughi

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