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    File:Larathen fighter character sheet by larathen.jpg
    Larathen's meh :\ fursona! Note Lar's amazing art and mad spelling skillz (Yes, he really drew this).

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Larathen is yet another whinyass and ungrateful furfag gracing the glorious and ever lulzy realm of the internets. He and Vegex are enemies but in fact should be lovers, due to their similarities, mostly in the hopeless faggot section. Both are crybaby, art-begging douchebags in their own unique ways.

    The Ways of Larathen (meh :/ :|)

    Larathen is an awesome-funny-cool dude... or so he thinks. His favorite thing to do is bother popular people, grovel around for gift art, and bitch n' moan whenever he isn't included in somebody's group picture (They left you out for a reason, faggot). He also uses them as stepping stones to get more pageviews by making them plaster his shittily drawn squinty-eyed iguana blob all over the place so more folks will be drawn in to look at his art. Whining and complaining for free drawings of his dhurrsona sucking the cocks of other dhurrsonas happens to be one of Lar's favorite pastimes as well. If they don't do it, he will whine and cry until he gets his way -- and when you DO draw him something, he will bawww about it not being what he wanted and shove it right back in your face. He rly iz grateful, u guiz. Srsly.

    If he contacts you on IM, he will bitch about how horrible his life is. Typical furfag behavior, right? He won't take advice, and will sob until you lick his cum-encrusted asshole. If you do not answer him immediately, he will throw an immense pissy fit and then threaten to become an hero. We can only hope he'll actually hold up to his claims someday.

    He also believes that he can't improve on his art unless he gets gift-art/moar pageviews so please, nobody draw him anything. Ever.

    Anthrocon Drama

    At 2007's Anthrocon, Larathen's true faggotry was unleashed for the entire furry public to see. He was trying to chill out with all the popular artists, and when they ignored him, he went into a fit of idiotic rage. The guy violently shoved leelee only because she wasn't paying attention to him. Hell hath no fury like an enraged Leelee! She gave him a wicked scolding which caused Larathen to then apologize profusely right after, afraid he would lose his lolpoplar niche in the furry fandumb. Leelee, being the nice kiddo she is, accepted the apology.

    There was also some more minor bullshit from Lar at the con which involved him deciding to draw in someone else's sketchbook without their permission. This person was not pleased, and had to keep themselves and their room mates from destroying the horrible drawing (which is hilarious btw). Another person resorted to hiding under a table when Larathen came by, because she didn't want to be seen by him. They even tugged at surrounding people's pants legs to ask if he had left or not. There's also another rumor that he took a grab at Seel's tits, but this is A LIE! Seel doesn't have tits.

    It's just that when he was hanging with us, he just stood there and was mute for the most part. Giving us a partial scowl and the ol' cross-eyes. He really only did hover around us. I don't remember him trying to jump into the conversation all that much or anything. He really was there just to say he was - it would seem. Then there was the time he went to seel, gave her a "hug" with his arms in the positions so he could touch her breasts. She later told Blitz about it. This was also at AC. I was hearing about how he was being moody and bitchy about not being included in the cool guyzs groups, mostly from LeeLee or the people with her. TBH it would be his fault for not engaging with us. It's expected that we ignore him in that case, he has no right to say we were being assholes and ignoring him or whatever. And I'm just disappointed how he'd get upset at leelee for no damn reason. At that time, I barely knew leelee aside from the microraptor giftart she drew for Adele. She made an effort to be social and I found her to be really sweet and funny. I just don't understand why he'd get upset with her. I mean, didn't they (leelee's entourage) let him stay free of charge in their room? GG for being grateful.



    I would just like to add that I had to sit down the row from him at an AA in a convention, and he is so goddamn loud and obnoxious that constaff had to ask him to be quiet three separate times. And he made a pass at me. :/



    Larathen's... uh... 'Art'?

    Larathen's artwork pretty much shows you how fucking self-centered he is. 95% of his drawings are of his fursona, usually copypasta of the head from the shoulders-up pulling a retarded :\ face in every single motherfucking picture. Over and over again. He's also supposed to be a raptor or some shit but looks more like an iguana with Downs instead (for someone who's said they've luvved dinos all their life, you'd expect them to actually know what one looks like).

    He also overprices his commissions. It costs $25-35 dollars for a full digital piece WITHOUT a background, though clearly anyone with more than half a brain wouldn't buy this shit. On a side note, Lar also rarely finishes most of his commissions, but apparently has the time to churn out pics of that lizard-shaped mound of green fecal matter that is his fursona. An honorable business man, indeed.

    Not Gay

    Larathen is not gay. Nope, not at all. Don't let the massive amounts of gay porn including his fursona in gallery fool you: He is the straightest mother fucker alive. Some view him as a buffet of manliness. See, he uses all the gay porn in an ironic sense: He's so fucking straight, that him taking it in the ass is the last thing he would ever do. ISN'T IT INGENIOUS!?

    Larathen goes on to declare how not gay he is over AIM chat:

    tehleeleemoreau: lol cause yur so NOT GAY
    zeLarathens: OH NO TOTALLY NOT
    zeLarathens: IM 10% THRAIGHT
    zeLarathens: WAIT NO
    zeLarathens: 100%
    zeLarathens: THAT WAS A TYPO
    zeLarathens: fuck
    tehleeleemoreau: LMAO
    tehleeleemoreau: Oh god
    tehleeleemoreau: thats going in ED article!
    tehleeleemoreau: XD
    zeLarathens: ):
    zeLarathens: IM NOT GAY
    zeLarathens: THERIOUTHLY GUYTH
    tehleeleemoreau: nope too late
    zeLarathens: D:
    tehleeleemoreau: POST
    zeLarathens: bawwww
    tehleeleemoreau: *rofles*

    Sorry Larathen, it doesn't work like that.


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