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    How LaraTheDarkAngel sees herself

    LaraTheDarkAngel (also known as Muneera Fakhro) is a whiny 16 year old girl who lives in Bahrain, Arabia. She’s known for killing her own pets and being emo about it. She has by now killed over 9000 cats and turtles. She also enjoys infesting DeviantART with crappy art, shitty fanfictions and tl;dr journals.

    I became addicted to feel the pain and see the blood


    Totally NOT emo


    Error creating thumbnail: Image file size seems to be zero.
    Her Tag Line says it all

    Lara has been using DA for over a year and is self-aware of her emoness as seen in her Tag Line. Her past journals have provided great lulz, sadly she has deleted most of them and replaced them with wannabe happy journals about her cat killing spree. This in comparison though is only half as horrible and inhumane as her art.


    See what we mean?
    The pills reached it's maximum but I don't feel any difference, I had a few suicidal thoughts yesterday and I made some minor cuts in my stomach, and one kind-of-deep one in my upper arm, and it makes my arm a bit numb


    —A typical Lara journal entry

    Lara claims to have “bi-polar depressions”. This basically helps her not having to go to school (which explains her shitty grammar) since her parents are extremely gullible and believe all the bullshit she comes up with. Her constant BAWWWWWing also got her parents to buy her tons of pets (which eventually have or will die anyway), digital cameras, notebooks, new PCs and scanners. She however loses her interest for these brand new (and expensive!!!1) objects after 1 week. She also visits the psychiatrist once in a while. The psychiatrist usually gives her some pills that mostly don’t work. We assume the psychiatrist’s doing it for a good reason.

    The Journal Gallery

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    How do I held pets?

    Looks so happy and alive, doesn’t it?

    Another animal, a bird, a Parrot, my grandma's parrot, who hates me and always tries to bite me and open the cage's door to attack me, he has grey feathers and a red tail, and he's pretty smart too.


    —Anything is smart that attacks Lara

    A fuckload of cats and turtles have died in the same walls as Lara resides in. It is known that the first cats were held in the basement, never seeing the light of day. The turtles had the luck to live upstairs in A FUCKING FISHBOWL WITH NO WATER IN IT. She claims that her father won’t buy her an aquarium for the dying creatures because he can’t afford one. Yet he has enough fucking money to buy a brand new PC and accessories for her.

    The only cat known to have survived her torture was named Carina. After she gave birth to three little kittens in the kitchen while Lara was on holiday in Malaysia, the grandmother of the cat-killer honored her granddaughter by throwing the kittens “accidentally” in the trashcan. The mother cat went ape shit crazy after that incident, so Lara decided to throw her out of the house.

    Here is the last we ever saw of Carina, fighting for freedom and telling Lara to fuck off.

    The Pet Gallery

    Gallery of pets About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]



    Lara’s gallery is mainly filled with crappy art, yet most people she knows comment [[lie|positive on her art. The reason for such positive feedback is so that she doesn’t BAWWWWW all the fucking time. Mostly she draws “You-Gay-Ho” related pictures or takes photos of her dying pets. Also note that she doesn’t know how to use a bloody scanner and instead uses her camera to make lame arse quality photos of her already lame arse quality drawings.

    The Art Gallery

    Gallery of art About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Asking For It

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    She's totally asking for it.


    If she IS a man, this is what she’d fap to.
    Man or Woman? You decide.

    Nobody quite knows what gender Lara is. This is mainly because nobody really wants to know. I mean srsly, would you want to know how she he it looks like naked? Some people claim to have seen her vagina and that it looks something like this. This however cannot be true since nobody would have survived that sight. She also claims in one of her journals that her outer beauty is important to her and that she tries everything to stay in shape. We think if she'd just put a bag over her head she'd have moar luck with her outer beauty.

    Trolls? On my DA?

    Lately, great warriors of the lulz have been visiting her DA page. Sadly their awesome messages were quickly deleted, leaving only her BAWWWWWing friend's comments. According to those comments, a pretty cool guy named linzcrg told her to become an hero. She then responded with a tl;dr journal, where she is clearly asking for moar and denying the truth. She also claims that her father doesn't want to pay for her pets' health. If this is the case, any logical thinking human being would not even have pets in the first place, or try and get the money otherwise. But since Lara is a selfish whore and doesn't seem to care about animals she keeps on buying new ones anyway.

    If you as well want to tell her what you think about her: [email protected]

    Her White Knight

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Some argue that this picture is shooped and that YumeMegami is actually trying to defend Lara.

    The Reaction

    Somebody's scared about the truth.
    Flagging and hiding every comment shows how tough you are.


    Lara tells the truth about her past, yet still lies about the future of her born-to-die Pets.

    Since Lara is so clever, she believes that people on the internets forgive cat abusers. This has caused her to make a tremendously long journal filled with drama remorse.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Apparently, liking cats justifies the fact that you killed a bunch of them.

    Out of hope of being left alone, she then shorty after made another journal about her healthy turtle.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    So maybe she did learn her lesson after all? Not really.

    Another one bites the dust

    A Troll also shared some Gmail drama between herself and the cat murderer (WARNING: Contains tl;dr text)

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Gmail Troll Lara.jpg
    Lara BAWWWWWing and RAGEing while getting trolled.

    Lara + pr0n?

    I See What You Did There!

    Lara used to be quite against pr0n back in her days, but since last Thursday a pr0n virus keeps sending messages through her msn account.

    She also started to draw a bunch of Yaoi pics, because everybody knows that’s SO KAWAII!

    See Also

    File:Lara Failbook.jpg
    Facebook is obviously lying.

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