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    La Pequeña

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    The stunt-double in the new upcoming film "Rehab ", based on the life and struggles of Amy Winehouse.

    La Pequeña is the moniker of a vertically challenged Chilean drag queen, who is the star of what are undoubtedly some of the creepiest viral videos to hit YouTube in recent memory. Proving the truism that history does indeed repeat itself, La Pequeña has unleashed on an unsuspecting web 2.0 the unholy union of the old-timey fun of a 19th Century carnival freak show, with karaoke so bad it would make drunken Japanese salary men blush with shame. P.T. Barnum must be spinning in his grave.

    Pequena Clinton 08!

    S(he) began to gain notoriety on the internets after a YouTube user who we can only assume to be her pimp began posting a string of bizarre videos of what appeared to be an emaciated midget holocaust survivor impersonating various celebrities and politicians, often while gyrating and grinding on anything and everything as terrible Eurotrash techno blared in the background.

    She's crotch sized for easy access.

    The pint sized Tijuana whore has since exploded across the internet like a bad case of herpes. Being the kind of viral disease that is the gift that keeps on giving, the video was inevitably picked up by the old media, who gurgled at it in retarded laughter for a whole day while they passed it around from station to station like a cheap jug of wine before remembering that they were supposed to be reporting actual news.

    I don't even know where to begin.

    Perhaps one of the strangest aspects of La Pequeña, aside from that shameful boner you got while watching his YouTube Favicon.png Amy Winehouse video, is the inexplicable appearance in some of his videos of a tall man in a gimp mask simply named "Machine." This masked man YouTube Favicon.png appears out of the shadows and proceeds to grind, hump, and face fuck La Pequeña while YouTube Favicon.png mugging for the camera.

    La Pequeña Clinton 08!

    See Also:

    File:Dlisted la penquas biggestfan michael k.jpg
    Penquena's number one fan, Michael K; questioning his sanity

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