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    On April Fools Day of 2007, community manager/forum moderator Tseric of the WoW forums pretended to be a full-blown forum troll. Almost every topic in the general forums got a short response from him simply saying, "lol wut." Since then, "lol wut" has become a catch phrase between WoWfags, and also as a test for marijuana intoxication.

    This eventually became an image macro based on the surrealist digital painting "The Biting Pear of Salamanca" by Ursula Vernon (File:Deviantart-favicon.png ursulav). The furry photographer at the bottom of the original picture is mostly cropped out. (The artist kindly requests that you thieving motherfuckers stop trying to sell the pear picture on t-shirts without at least giving her a cut.)

    As of 02/06/08 the LOL WUT Pear has been recognized by the staff of DevianTART as one of the greatest works to have graced the site.

    How Not to Use LOLWUT

    LOLWUT is not any of the following:

    • "LOL, WUT?"
    • "LUL WOT"
    • "LUL WUT"
    • "LOL WAT"
    • "WAIT...WHAT"

    If you use any of these, you're doing it wrong.


    note: they made a game about this video


    Their racism is ironic except when it's towards white people, actually. They're openly, positively, proudly racist (as many many people are) towards the diverse array of cultures that recently bred and spread from Europe.


    —LOL WUT


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