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    Police.gif FACT ALERT:
    This is serious shit and has been known to cause drama and IRL Ban Hammers. Actually using this might get you v&. The information on page is provided for entertainment purposes only.
    100px Fact Cat says:
    If you don't want to get v&, use this from an unsecured, public IP adress. That way they don't know who did it.

    File:Low Orbit Ion Cannon.png
    The Low Orbit Ion Cannon.
    Probably the biggest LOIC hive you'll ever see.

    LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) is an app, written in C# and developed by praetox that was exploited during Project Chanology to attack teh $cifags's many web sites. It attempts to DoS the target site by bandwidth raeping, sending TCP, UDP, or HTTP requests to the site until its ass looks like goatse. It is also in the Dangerous Kitten tools pack.

    WARNING: this will cause srs nerd rage and make asspies have meltdowns, which will result in episodes of bawwing. Use at your own risk.


    To use:

    This works by having many people spamming at the server at once. The more people who run LOIC the bigger the damage will be.
    Protip: If LOIC gets stuck and doesn't send anymore requests in HTTP/TCP mode, restart flood. Also, higher number of threads means bigger kick but at the expense of your CPU/bandwidth.

    Protip for Microshaft XP and Vista users

    If you have Windows XP with SP 2 or higher or Vista you can't run LOIC right away as Microshaft's lameass restrictions won't let it really work. To break past the restrictions, you can do one of two things (moar info in Other Links section):

    1. get Windows TCP/IP patch and run it first
    2. Get Ubuntu Linux and Dual Boot like a badass motherfucker!

    Protip: Use JS LOIC, see below, runs on all systems.

    Windows 7 users

    After you've applied the TCP-Z patch, run the original LOIC (WIN), packaged with Dangerous Kitten. If you use IRCLOIC you are moar than likely gonna surprise sex your Internet Hate Machine's capability to browse HTTP websites with your browser. Only other applications that require the internet will work, unless you reset your router or modem, which is a colossal pain in the arse.

    Epic Fail Cannon, Gay Pride Cannon and /War/rior's Battle Cannon

    It's a trap. Only use either the original LOIC or IRC-LOIC. Delete EFC, GPC or WBC if you already have them, then run a scan. For more information check out this newpost: http://www.anonnewswire.org/entry/2009/07/31/efc-has-a-backdoor/

    The programmer who made the "Epic Fail Cannon" thought it would funny to include a nice old trojan in the EFC code. While LOIC represents the glory and power of anonymous, in its collective power to dominate anyone found deserving their wrath, then being forced into it is just not cool because lulz is only lulz when everyone is part of it, not when its some sweaty basement dweller stealing your hard-earned bandwidth which is better spent on downloading porn

    This is obviously a case of the EFC's maker being a gigantic cock-gobbler who loves the cock and would like some forcibly delivered to his gaping, leaky and woefully unlubricated asshole. If he's any smart, he'll get some curtains and a dog.

    File:Ion Cannon Strike 1995.jpg
    The result of your handiwork

    Info pl0x

    The original LOIC requires Windows and the .NET Framework to run it.

    A New Java-based LOIC is also available on Sourceforge that will run all all systems including Linux and Mac without needing faggy Microshaft's .NET framework!

    This is a group-effort sort of program. One person running LOIC alone will not do much, but when multiple people run it at the same time the damage builds up fast. Help the cause: run LOIC today!


    If you want to get an idea of how slow a website is, fire at it with HTTP mode. If some connect, then it's still not bad - noone's gonna get anything out of the website


    —Praetox on IRC

    I think TCP is the best method, then HTTP comes second


    —Praetox on IRC

    Example of proper usage.


    Newfag and NewEraCracker updated LOIC for the Operation Payback to fix bugs and stuff.

    This version has a hivemind feature which allows you to let someone else control the program to fire the lazor and choose targets via IRC.

    This updated version works on Windows XP or later, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. It also works on Linux with Mono or Wine with .NET Framework 2.0.

    You can also start as hidden.


    Java LOIC

    Works the same as normal LOIC, just doesn't require the .NET framework to run.

    Open this file with 7-Zip for Java LOIC

    Also contains a hivemind feature that is controlled via a Twitter account of your choosing.


    One most recent variant of LOIC is a new proof of concept that is floating around called JS LOIC. The “JS” in the title stands for JavaScript. JS LOIC is web based it can be run without needing to download or install anything. JS LOIC is more secure rather than requiring a user download program to run, someone can just visit a web page with a single HTML file and press a button to carry out their part of an attack.


    Get the motherfucking sauce from sourceforge, that's what it's there for. Sauce for the new IRC-LOIC is included in the download packages on Github.

    Newfags FAQs

    How do I use a proxy with LOIC?

    • You don't. If you do you will simply be DDoSing the proxy instead. Think of it as trying to shoot a RPG at your neighbor's house behind your own fence. You will just end up destroying your own fence.

    What if I get caught and V&d?

    Proptip: Don't use LOIC from home, but use it where it cannot be proven that its you who did it. Like someone else's unencrypted wireless internet, or at a public library.

    See Also

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