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L-L-LUNAJACK! will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

A lunajack in progress

A Lunajack (usually written L-L-LUNAJACK!) is a method used on 4chan /b/ by a fan of minor Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood to derail threads. It consists of an initial image of Luna, together with the text L-L-LUNAJACK!, followed by a stream of photos of Luna, both in the movie and IRL. Lunajacks have been used to combat sugar bitch Emmafags, tits or gtfo Tonksfags, blatantly weeaboo Cho fags, cockmongling Fleurfags, Peter Parker-syndrome Ginnyfags, and the rare and elusive Padma/Parvatifags.

How to Lunajack:

  1. In the text field, type something involving L-L-LUNAJACK!, the mantra, or the copypasta further down this page.
  2. In the image field, choose an image of Luna, and submit.
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!!
  5. Repeat 1-5 until the thread dies, to cleanse the thread of heathen non-believers.

PROTIP: When Lunajacking, always engage CRUISE CONTROL.

The History

In the weeks following the release of the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (July 13, 2007), a growing number of /b/tards became followers of Luna. This culminated in a proposal to make her the only thing sacred on /b/. Despite great efforts, that effort failed, as usual, because of rules 34, 41, and 58. Luna is considered delicious pie, not cake, as one anon called her a "pie-face, when your face is the shape of a pie" with an accompaniment of a motivational poster. Some have suggested that Luna has a "voice that could melt diamonds." For a number of weeks, the Lunajack was briefly a proven way to counter the effects of Candlejack; however, it is believed that Candlejack has found a way to circumv

The Obsession

For whatever reason, Luna has a stranglehold over certain retards. Rather than the generally accepted and expected "stick it in her pooper and do a barrel roll" comments, Luna is usually greeted with cries of admiration and longing by the giant pathetic fags that /b/tards are. In frequent renditions of copypasta, Luna is not the one you'd go on a one-night stand with, but rather pick her up on a date on Friday night, introduce yourself to her parents, take her out for a light dinner and a movie, drive her home, then walk her to her door step and kiss her on the cheek while promising to call her the next day. This bizarre enigma of human compassion has befuddled even the greatest minds of 4chan.

Some argue that it is because Luna is very much like the average /b/tard, especially when first encountered. Luna is depicted as socially awkward and almost completely isolated. But no one really cares because she's so cute. In recent interviews and videos, Luna's unsurpassed mixture of polite and proper behavior and sheer nervousness make her beyond adorable. Luna's IRL persona further matches that of many casual /b/tards: well-read, quite geeky, and a little socially backward.

Evanna(Luna) is my dream girl. I think she might be a bit Gothic. Oh that's even better!! I'm in love!!!



Known Facts

  • Luna's patronus is a mudkip.
  • She is one of two Harry Potter characters who exist IRL; the other is J.K. Rofling.
  • Luna can see zombie bat horses because she saw her mom bite the big one. This makes her very good at finding mindfucks as well.
  • People like to take her shoes.
  • Just when you think it's died, someone will do a Lunajack.
  • Last year Lunajacks cost the US economy over $28bn.
  • Luna IRL is a vagetarian. Ew.
  • She is not a natural blond. Sorry to disappoint at you, but it's true. [1] She also wears extensions
However, as Lynch has naturally dark blonde hair, her hair had to be bleached light blonde for the role of Luna.



Luna Lovegood Drinking Game

  • Begin by watching this interview
  • Every time Luna uses the word "ehm", take a shot.
  • If you cum before dying of alcohol poisoning, you lose.


How to meet creepy little girls with affected accents and precious weirdness IRL

Evanna Lynch, love of your life, fire of your loins isn't all that unique to those who have taught at the Mother of all Nerd Camps: Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth. Evanna herself attended CTYI (Centre for the Talented Youth of Ireland) which is loosely affiliated with and modeled after Johns Hopkins' program. Should you decide to apply to be an instructor (BA required, MA desired), teaching assistant (required to be in BA program at a prestigious university), or an RA (a residential assistant who watches over the little fags, limited intelligence and Greek membership helpful, must be maniacally outgoing), you should know that application deadlines are usually January 31 of the year you wish to teach or herd nerds back into the nerdery. There you can meet and groom any number of precious little geniuses like Evanna Lynch, keep in touch with them, and visit them when they go off to college, and maybe get lucky.


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