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    File:The Heroine by KyraShangea.jpg
    Kyra thinks she could scare the shit out of some people with this, but she doesnt realize, is that this reeks of FAIL

    File:The Bitch Herself.jpg
    Notice the clear abuse of the Fat girl angle shot
    Kyra's favourite OC character, Austin, her bitch.

    KyraShangea is yet another stupid attention whore TARTlet that is a tiny bit famous for her funny and awesome "tutorials" where she "teaches" people how to give proper criticism and how to address "popular" artist on DevianTART. She is known for getting butthurt for every little criticism/flame she receives, at which point she resorts to several things, posts a journal up bitching about how retarded/mean the person is, writes a poorly worded construction of how the other person's argument is incoherent and that they are being rude (thus clearly rendering the criticism invalid am i rite?) or makes an edit in her deviation stating she DOES NOT WANT people to be an asshole (criticize her).

    Kyra is incapable of maintaining a solid position on any issue. When she wants things to go one way, the facts tend to sway her way. Her page views for example are her lifeblood, removal of them would be fatal. However depending on when and who she's talking to, they are either too few in number to make her "important", giving her a reason to be depressed, or great enough in number for her to ignore the whines of peons, and carry on making the same art mistakes she always does. After all, OVER 90,000 people can't be wrong!


    How it all began...
    LOL WTF?
    Angsty...aint she?

    Kyra is known for her inhumanly long journals, for she uses her journals to shield herself from butthurt, to talk shit, to complain about the most recent tragic event in her angst-ridden life, or to show off her latest contest. Since she's too much of a fucking cunt to confront her many of her critics, she writes about them in her journal, then goes home and cuts herself.

    Kyra has stated, "The last movie I went to see was the Blair Witch Project, which is the main reason why I've stopped camping. That and the time a wolf mounted me." (quote from scrubs)

    Please also note that all of the journals with the edits by Kyra, has been baleeted due to being butthurt from HelgaGPataki's pwning and realizing how much of a fucktard she is.

    Kyra's boyfriend

    Skeeve_Kam the retard and his girlfriend, the elephant
    Retard Kyra.jpg

    Skeeve_KAM, known also as Aahz, Octagon, and occasionally Zero_Cool (Because he's unoriginal), is apparently her boyfriend IRL, more likely the only male who can tolerate her for more than five minutes. A nobody on DA as well as all other online activities with the sole exception of the fact that he still plays Runescape. Not only does he still play Runescape but up until a month ago he was highly involved in a RS clan known as Scarlet Empire. According to Google, he runs his own website at Land of Skeeve where he and Kyra's art fans circle jerk and talk about the best way to wipe one's ass on their own personal web forum.

    Based on the photos, Skeeve_KAM is a pale-skinned Mexican gangster thug sporting a hat that shows some gang affiliation. He looks like a very tough guy who is liable to flip out and go psycho at any moment. He could look normal if he'd shave off his Mexican-gangsta-styled facial hair, took off whatever he calls a hat, and stopped making facial expressions like this where it looks like he's depressed over all the drive-by shootings in his neighborhood.

    Apparently, he is also butthurt that we're making an article about his retarded girlfriend, and tried to edit it a bit with his retarded faggotry, no seriously check out what the retard wrote,

    Not only does Skeeve "tolerate" Kyra but he loves her dearly. He amongst other of her friends are working with her to teach her some fundamentals of living on the internet such as dealing with assholes and flamers which is what this whole issue is about.



    This is why we shouldn't let wannabe retards on ED. They'll shit on everything.

    Also, see Talk Page for Moar lulz from this fag.

    Criticism < Kyra

    One of the many things she does not know how to accept, is constructive criticism. She also does not know how to deal with flames and opinions; she gets severely butthurt each time she receives them. Her most common methods are to either A: flame back, then claim victory and report the offending account for swearing, and/or B: Write a lengthy journal entry about how mean people are to her.

    16 Elements

    Kyra's horribly unoriginal attempt at fiction. Complete and total bullshit. According to her, not only are Fire and Water elements, but so are Forest, Ice (a separate element from water), Sound and Kairos. Please, don't ask about the last one, nobody knows. It has taken longer than Duke Nukem Forever to write, and there is no hope of it ever finishing. It appears to be exactly the same as all other fantasy novels, and Austin is expected to make an appearance.


    Kyra's shitty attempt at a comic, staring all of her friends! Remember you drew comics about your friends in elementary school? Well, Kyra did, and now she wants to do it again, in stickman-anime style. And, according to her comic, each of her friends are anorexic duplicates of each other. The plot has something to do with shadow monsters and electricity. Austin is expected to make an appearance.

    HelgaGPataki VS KyraShangea

    As you now know, Kyra has been shitting drama all over the place, and Helga-Pataki (Now banhammered, but thats okay! She made other accounts, she would like to remain anonymous due to KyraShitnea's faggotry), a brave TARTlet, decided she would let Kyra know how much of a stupid douchebag she is, also giving her a warning to stop being a fucking cunt. As always, Kyra didn't listen, sound like anyone? Snapesnogger Maybe? Now we know who her "boyfriend" is! OMFG Snapesnogger's lesbian girlfriend, they belong to each other!! Come on you gais! We could always dream on!

    Shortly afterward, Kyra commented on Helga a few times, then hid everything, erased the journals, then blockaded Helga, fearing Helga would comment back. Well Kyra, if she really wanted to strike back, she could go through your activities and leave comments to your comments on your friends' shit.

    The WRONG CATEGORY incident

    WTF? But still...LULZ
    Wtf is she saying? LOL

    KittyKatHitUWithABat(Lets call her KittyKat for short) is your average retarded 12 year old girl, she would normally comment on Kyra's shit you called art, and once got into an argument with her, and kittyKat withdraws from the argument, stating she does not want problems. Kyra happily claims victory over the 12 year old.

    Kyra thought it would be so helpful to tell Kittytard that one of her shitty deviations, is in the WRONG CATAGORY, she then gets into an argument with her, and then decides to report her, like wtf? You call that helping? Many think it may be because of the comments kittytard left to the right, and Kyra decides to take revenge. Thus, KittyKat had a simple suspension on her ass, sending kittytard on a quest to vendetta.

    File:Kyra Vs KittyTard.JPG
    Kyra posts this journal up during the drama with KittyTard

    Though, this was not over, KittyKat wanted to get back at Kyra, how? By posting a lulzy comment on one of her deviations, pretending to be someone else(You'll find it rather quickly if you scroll down a bit), and posting a journal up stating how she will get back at Kyrashitnea.

    KittyTard Vendetta.jpg

    A while later, a comment surfaced from KittyTard's journal, a Tartlet by the name of BubbleTrip976, Bubble left a comment pwning KittyTard, and KyraShitnea, he had commented about our kyra before, and when she commented angrily with butthurt, he didn't respond, he really didnt give a shit about what she said, and and he honestly didnt give a shit now, because he knew she was just a fat, bimbo, pathetic, hypocritical, attention whoring, lying, low self-esteem bitch. Thus ignoring her for teh lulz

    After KittyTard posted that crap journal, a swarm of Kyra's fantards started posting on her journal, bashing her. KittyTard had no chance whatsoever, with her fail trolling skillz. So what does KittyKat do?

    Surrender, and lick Kyra's ass. It was a sickening, and very much disgusting display of her dignity being thrown away, at the feet of Kyra, begging her to forgive her retarded ass. Never have I seen such faggotry. Someone please fucking troll her and Kyra, they're so pathetic, its sickening.

    You Bout To Be Raped By Atlas


    Some time later, after things cooled down, when Kyra stops being butthurt and not caring at ALL. A sexually explicit Troll by the name of AtlasTheTroll, decided he would troll Kyrashitnea for teh lulz, at about 10:00 p.m. January 3rd.

    For a while, there was no reaction from Kyrashangea... the troll waited patiently in the dark, lurking, and trolling, and when all hope seemed to be lost, finally, he got a couple of responses some Kyra AND her fantards.

    Camera Whoring

    She has posted a lot of crap up on DA, most of it filled with AIDS and cancer, but there is also a lot of pictures of herself. She posts them, claiming that she is ugly, (now of course, she's fucking hideous), but if she thinks she looks that bad, why does she post it up then?

    Simple answer, to get a bunch of bullshit lies stating she was not really ugly. Which her adoring fans are all too eager to supply her with, in order to help inflame her already bulging ego.

    Kyra's Fantards

    AngelWalker-her page

    Used to be one of her bestest asskissers, but now more often than not fed up with Kyra's shit. Not much is known about her, please add info here.

    EvaLilith-her page

    Has taken over the role of Kyra's best friend and asskisser-in-chief. Lives in fantasy role-play land with Kyra, contributing heavily to the shitstorm that is Kyra's existence and her childish delusions of being something. There are several instances of EvaLilith running to Kyra's side to defend her against the evil internet meanies and ever-so-selflessly licking the diahrea that flows unstemmed from Kyra's ass.

    Tyshea-Her Page

    Is a fucktard fantard who would comment every now and then, she is ready to defend Kyra when someone is doing it WRONG. Also licks Kyra's ass when she gets the chance. Has a tendency to cuss and look really retarded when argueing with people. As she quoted

    first of all, mr construct-crit, its "construcTIVE" criticism

    unless you missed the "l" and meant to put "construct clit" which, god knows, how you plan to do that, but considering someone like you (though you claim to be a "mr") has a penis. though i also doubt if you have a vagina. secondly, you dont even have any art in your own fucking gallery. lets see if you can do better, hmm? oh wait, i dont even care to find out.


    —Tyshit doing it wrong

    Bitch please. Though Mr.Construct Troll was doing fine until he fucked up, BAAAD...Learn MOAR fgt.

    MOAR drama here...]

    Nonzev-Her Page

    Is a fantard whos always there to lick up Kyrashitnea's diarrhea, was there to defend Kyra with her almighty anti-flame-KyraSword, slashing and bashing at anyone who dared question Kyra's faggotry. She was also there when the WRONG CATAGORY Incident happened. She also needs to go back to school, since she cant spell. As proven here.

    all I have to say is u r a jerk with nothing better to do than talk down on other people. thats real sad grow up.....


    —Nonzev Cant spell

    Key-0-Her Page

    Is also a suckup fag, who was the one that wrote the journal about Kyra getting trolled by Atlas, just so he or she whatever IT is, can get praise. Kyra doesnt evan cosider her a friend to do be on the Kyra's cool list. You can try to pucker those lips up all you want, it will NEVAR happen..

    More to come...

    Some Butthurt

    News, apparently, Kyra and her bitches are so butthurt about the article, they thought it would ease their pain to rewrite it when it quickly got reverted back to normal and got themselves banned. Nice try fags. :) Some retarded quotes from the fantards:

    What makes you think we're friend of hers? We just like to fuck with articles.



    though Teddiz is here, shielding herself by using Encylopedia Dramatica.



    Teddiz is also not smart enough to realize that Kyra would not be on this site. :D



    Note from Creator of the article: You retards could at least get my name right. Its not that hard, say it with me, TEEEEEDDDDDDDYYYYYY.

    FunFacts About Kyrashitnea

    • She likes pie
    • She learned her lesson after the article has been built - oh wait, no she didn't.
    • She makes really corny jokes like "The cake is a lie" (Facepalms)
    • Shes not funny. (Shes really not)
    • Still has a huge ego like InvaderMar that needs to be torn down. An ego almost as big as her ass.
    • She honestly thinks this article is a bunch of lies. This is an example of her being delusional.
    • She's a hypocrite
    • she wants people to pat her ass, but when other people want her too, she disses them.
    • She's a coward and she probably doesnt know it(She goes to lala land all the time)
    • Her actual name is Bitch
    • LOL, actually, her real name is Jamie.
    • She is indeed a Mary Sue fucktard, since she added herself in her story, her character is named Jamie, how cute. She has also written a story about some guy at work falling in love with her and becoming depressed when he discovers she's engaged. Everyone knows it's her ego talking, though.
    • Has Mitsusei as a best friend.
    • Only watches her friends, nobody else due to being ignored. LULZ.
    • Thinks fanart and tutorials are the most awesome things since... Well, aside from her boyfriend. And pie, evidently.
    • Nannerpus. Shows a longing for a good tentacle-raping that she just won't get from her boyfriend's spic dick.

    Best Fuckbuddies

    People she Loves

    • Helga-G-Pataki
    • Teddy
    • BubbleTrip976


    It seems Kyra doesnt butthurt anymore, and if she does, she doesnt make a big deal about it like she used to, but she's still rough around the edges, and if she slips up, Atlas, the troll, will be there to screencap that shit for teh lulz,

    remember Kyra, he's watching you...He's always watching you.

    Links And Her Diarrhea

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