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    Ku Klux Klan

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    If you have been offended by "Ku Klux Klan",
    please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page.

    File:KKK members.jpg
    The KKK only admits the best of the best.
    Where is the KKK when you need it?
    Sony ad.jpg

    The Ku Klux Klan (also known as the Kaped Kastrated Kunts) is a group of "spook"-hating ghosts with Halos on the top of their heads that work together for Crackers. Sent by the supreme overlord a.k.a Pikachu who types in ALL CAPS, they pride themselves in hunting The evil nigger and Conniving Jews (Even though Jews do rule the new world) for their delicious genitals. The KKK is fond of ropes, crosses (the kind that burn), mouth breathing and Jesus. It is believed that the KKK is the best group ever made.

    Their online propaganda department is led by Argent and Violetkitty411 who recently fled YouTube due to the increase of niggers posting videos after being welcomed by renetto, whom they have accused of being a race traitor. This has sparked an online race war that has the potential for weapons of mass lulz to be unleashed.

    Not to be confused with KK.

    Myths About the KKK

    Myth — George W. Bush was rejected on the grounds that he's too stupid.
    Fact — George Bush doesn't care about black people and is, in fact, a member.
    Myth — KKK stands for Ku Klux Klan.
    Fact — This rumor began in 1995 after an episode of The Simpsons featured a character named Ku Klux Klam. It actually stands for Kadabra Katorta Kalamazoo Krazy Krusty Klassics Kutiemark Krusader Kreampied Krunchy Kunt Kasserole kok krunching kikes Kool Kids Klub Kewlio Kitty Klub :3333 Krispy Kreme Kangaroos
    Myth — KKK stands for Kooky Kike Killers.
    Fact — This isn't true, but members like the thought of it.
    Myth — The KKK and Skinheads are all alike.
    Fact — One group is old, bald, borderline retarded and fat; the other group is just bald.
    Myth — Minorities were hung by the KKK.
    Fact — Minorities were hung by the KKK because they were well hung.
    Myth — The KKK ride horses.
    Fact — The KKK ride small furry animals.
    Myth — Everyone in the KKK hates niggers.
    Fact — Everyone in the world hates niggers.
    Myth — Anonymous is the KKK.
    Fact — Only to butthurts and scilons. People often make this mistake because of how often Encyclopedia Dramatica righteously makes use of the word "nigger".
    Myth — Ritual incest with a female family member is required on the part of male initiates to the upper ranks of the KKK.
    Fact — Ritual incest as an initiatory prerequisite was abolished in the early 1960's due to empirically-confirmed dysgenic effects within endogamous KKK bandit-clans.

    KKK Jailbait

    KKK theme song

    How to troll the KKK

    Typical KKK member on gayscape.
    How ironic
    • Ask them what their Runescape level is
    • Give them a history book
    • Wear a black colored outfit instead of a white one at KKK meetings.
    • Join the KKK as black person/any other race not white.
    • Tell them that black is your favorite color.
    • Remind them who the president is.
    • Tell them you have a black friend/parent/business partner etc. etc.
    • Bonus points if you're married to a black.
    • Barbeque some hotdogs
    • Rub their cocks
    • Ask them if they married their cousin
    • Make them watch Harold and Kumar
    • Talk to them like a ghetto nigger
    • Ask them why they are on the internets
    • Tell them the world would be much better without them
    • Ask them if they like to play with themselves
    • Tell them to save their outfits for Halloween.
    • Mention their hats look like dildos.
    • Tell them to go tan.
    • Force them to watch interracial porn.
    • Ask them to please stop haunting niggers.
    • Say they are self conscious about their looks.
    • Tell them you are white but fully approve interracial marriage.
    • Make a video about the KKK (this pisses them off to no end).
    • Shout out "Death to klan!" bonus points if you get them arrested for them attempting to hack you!
    • Mention they look retarded in their ghost costumes
    • Tell them the south will rise again is nothing but stupid shit
    • Tell them who won the Civil War (COMBO: - they don't know)
    • If they already know then say the Confederates lost the war because the Union was better than them
    • Say you agree with gun control
    • Say you agree with the second amendment, especially the part that lets the nigras bare arms.
    • Tell them how the rodeo is.
    • Email them some interracial porn videos.
    • Leave a bag of watermelon on their doorstep
    • Ask them how hunting is. Bonus points if they say hunting supports their family
    • Tell them you fucked their daughter. Bonus points if you say you fucked their son (and he liked it)
    • Mention that they are fat as fucking hell
    • Show up at a Klan rally and scream: "EXPELLIARMUS!".
    • Go to a membership registry dressed as a wizard and ask to be enrolled at Hogwart's (may not work since they can't read books).
    • Mentaio about girls
    • Get a Chinese restaurant to deliver to their house (or any place that has all non-white employees).
    • Call them a quere
    • Disagree with them.

    IRL Klansmen

    IRL Klansman imparts valuable information on Niggers and Jews while wanna-be Nazi fails.


    It seems that black people might not be the safest choice to pick on...

    Heritage Connection

    Music beautiful music endorsed by the KKK

    Jewish takeover

    Sometime around 2000 the Klan was taken over by the ZOG as a wholly owned subsidiary of the ADL.Not making this up! Much. This led to diplomatic disagreements with their friendly neighborhood Nazis, who deeply offended them with pork barbeque and scheduling the torchlight swastika rally to conflict with the Hannukah candle lighting. Nowadays the Klan is seen mostly in New York personal ads like "young swarthy Klansman seeks physically perfect Mohel for traditional circumcision cleaning."

    See Also

    Well Known Members of The Klan




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