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    CURRENT STATUS: Deader than a shitbug.

    Foundation August 14th 2008
    Founded by Viper Now owned by maki
    Major Boards /random/, /meta/, /Lucky star/
    Website konatachan.org
    Cur. Status It's sort of back!
    IRC KonataChan IRC

    KonataChan was an imageboard that was started on August 14th, 2008 by Viper, and resurrected on April 24th, 2009 by NekoArc. KonataChan had a focus on anime (Lucky Star in particular); this included sections on drawn loli pron for ronery pedos. Its most active boards were /b/ and /a/.


    Yeah they Got Hacked, Shit rocks.

    In its early days, KonataChan was raided by 7chan, which brought much cancer. Thankfully this was a failraid, and only succeeded in bringing traffic and users to Konatachan.

    KonataChan has been pwned twice. The most recent pwning occurred on the 2nd of January, 2009, by a hacking group who demanded Palestinian Solidarity.

    File:Jaim by Jaimesuper.jpg
    A photo of Jaime, The designer of the Logo and many of the KonataChan header images. Chris Hanson wants him to have a seat over there.


    On 9th February 2009, Viper thought KonataChan didn't have enough cancer yet, and so declared MOD FREE WEEK, where there was to be no moderation of any posts. Not even for CP! Omega was not a happy bunny though, and so unstickied Viper's announcement and posted nothing but shit. Viper redeclared MOD FREE WEEK, but Omega continued to spam the board with CP regardless. This shameless bid for users continues, even though everyone except Viper can see what a stupid plan it is.

    Cancer Free

    Cancer Free was one of Konatachan.org's earlier promises to new users. It's pretty ridiculous to make such a claim, but the staff still works with this in mind.

    The revive

    on 02/10/19 konatachan.org was revived maki and his tranny friend. later that day they contacted NekoArc for the domain and they opened a discord server dedicated to konatachan to support konatachan.org later that day konatachan was back on the net

    Viper takes his ball home

    On April 20th, 2009, Viper's PayPal account was hacked. This caused the hosting to go unpaid, and eventually the site went down. By this point, Viper's fragile mind had already been shattered by the reality of /b/, so he just gave up and KonataChan died. He bawwed because he made no Jew which he was overwhelmingly surprised by.Good riddance to the moneygrubbing bastard.

    To everyone's dismay, the board was revived and this article lives on.


    Viper is likely the nicest, and most accomodating admin ever, which will probably be appreciated by all.He also exemplifies so many aspects of faggotry that he really needs an article all his own. Mesousa is a mod and too good for this shit. Omega is also a mod, and is more active than anyone else. Baws Nihga is KonataChan's premier purveyor of lolicon and probably some sort of pedophile, the FBI will be coming for him later this week. -iL aKa Inuyasha is one of the more "ninja" mods, only revealing himself randomly through the week on various boards of Konatachan, he is also known for frequently banhammering failchan cancer. LoliBattleMachine was a mod it seems, until everyone decided he was an annoying cunt, at which point he was B&.

    Current KonataChan Moderators

    • NekoArc
    • iL
    • Mesousa
    • Reaper_man
    • Omega
    • Holic


    KonataChan has an active community who have come to know each other very well. They create much original content and are very welcoming to newcomers.


    NekoArc is a fellow 420chan, 711chan, bitch who took over the place because she wanted to bring back the community under The NekoArc Network. She absolutely loves catgirls and loli and is sometimes spotted posting drunk. Also crazy. (no really) Will never get laid, so didn't actually suck a dick to get in her amazing position in such an epic board.


    Has 2 Terabytes of scenic pictures and has uploaded them to the /l/ board for some reason.

    Update (7/30/10): Anymou was spotted posting a farewell thread on /b/ after discovering that his donations were helping support NekoArc herself rather than building loli fembots for all the users' pleasure. He was an hero to us all.

    Baws Nihga

    Baws Nihga is the resident black person on KonataChan. Baws is a daywalker half breed Nigger/Monster.

    I always get flak for being an Oreo.


    —Baws Nihga

    Gallery Of Baws Nihga About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    iba is a frequent poster on KonataChan and a known homosexual. Here's iba typically in IRC:

    [00:12] <@Viper_KonataChan> hey iba!
    [00:12] <iba> just telling you
    [00:12] <iba> im gay
    [00:13] <iba> im totally gay
    [00:13] <iba> see ya


    Some faggot


    File:Konatachan lillymon.gif
    Lillymon got her handle from Digimon a shit rip off of Pokemon. Gaymon the homosexual digimon anyone?

    Probably the only official female on the site, Lilly frequents IRC and enjoys drawing pictures of cocks. She also loves to take cunt stretching cocks irl and has admitted it.

    Example of a chat with Lillymon:

    [16:55] <@Viper_KonataChan> it's ED
    [16:55] <@Viper_KonataChan> you make shit up about whatevers
    [16:56] <trenzein> Yeah but they've like, calmed down, and started actually putting relevant information up.
    [16:56] <@Viper_KonataChan> like how lilly like to take massive cunt strectching cocks
    [16:56] <@Viper_KonataChan> use your imagination
    [16:56] <@Viper_KonataChan> http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/c/c3/Baws_Nigha_and_Lolibattlemachine.jpg
    [16:57] <@Viper_KonataChan> that will always my favourite image
    [16:57] <@Viper_KonataChan> baws lol
    [16:57] <Lillymon> It's true I do love a huge cock deep inside my pussy stretching the walls right out. mmmmmm.
    [16:57] <Lillymon> Add that to the article. Create a notable users section and put that in my section. I don't want to do it myself, but I want that there.
    [16:57] <MushroomKingdom> heh
    [16:58] <MushroomKingdom> if you add me i will make a login and diss it
    [16:58] <MushroomKingdom> becuase its for the lulz



    Mushroom Kingdom

    Mushroom Kingdom is a cool guy faggot.
    Admitted to being a lesbian, Mushroom Kingdom is now loved by everyone hated as usual.

    [02:30] <MushroomKingdom> guys, i gotta confes something
    [02:30] <Baws> SERIOUS BUSINESS.
    [02:30] <Baws> Just drama.
    [02:30] <@Viper_KonataChan> your gay?
    [02:30] <MushroomKingdom> I'm a lesbian
    [02:30] <MushroomKingdom> i like girls
    [02:30] <MushroomKingdom> sorry
    [02:30] <Baws> Ew.
    [02:30] <@Viper_KonataChan> wtf
    [02:30] <Baws> Shame.

    KonataChan's Official mascot Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.


    KonataChan has the usual shitload of boards, including one for furries GODDAMMIT. (Not any more furfags! Back to Fchan you go!) /b/ is decent enough, but would be ten times better if it weren't for the fact that every fag is a namefag.

    Adult Boards

    Democratic People's Republic of #konatachan

    On October 28th 2009, our Dear Leader Lillymon declared the Democratic People's Republic of #konatachan. Her strong yet fair leadership shall lead us away from the decadent capitalist ways of the old KonataChan and onwards towards a bright and glorious future!

    Government and politics

    • Eternal President of the Republic: Viper
    • General Secretary of the Workers' Party of #konatachan: Lillymon
    • Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly: Mesousa
    • Minister of State Construction Control: Omega
    • Minister of Public Security: Reaper_man


    Comrade Lillymon has no fear of death, but is wise and wishes for the people of #konatachan not to fear for the future. Hence, comrade MushroomKingdom has been declared her official successor as Supreme Leader. The republic shall live on for all eternity!

    Republic of #konatachan

    At some point in November 2009, a group of capitalist pig-dogs attempted to break from the glorious Democratic People's Republic of #konatachan to form the breakaway Republic of #konatachan. Do not listen to their lies comrades! The traitors shall be destroyed by our respected Dear Leader!

    Update (10/11/09): Victory! The traitorous breakaway republic has fallen thanks to the masterful strategic skill of the Dear Leader! All hail the Dear Leader! The Democratic People's Republic of #konatachan shall live on forever!

    The best ways to get banned from KonataChan

    • Spam your lame shit on /b/ (you know who you are)
    • Get between Gendou and his cheese
    • Pretend to be gay and start hitting on Viper (he likes it really)
    • Be LoliBattleMachine
    • Say anything about Boxxy(most mods agree on this, though Mr. Smith has no opinion as usual)
    • Be Tahko

    il aka InuYasha's Gallery of Faggotry

    il aka InuYasha is a moderator on KonataChan who was dumb enough to post a photo of himself on the internets. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! As a result, his face has become a common source of lulz for members of KonataChan.

    Image Gallery

    La Galleria de Fail About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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