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    Kodomo no Jikan

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    You know, I remembered hearing about this title back when our lolicon wars were raging, but I never really looked it up; your synopsis there doesn't mention how old the Rin character is, so I had to look it up.

    She's in 3rd grade. And apparently this manga is pretty popular with the loli crowd so I have to assume it's unsubtle about what the point of the whole thing is.


    While I can't possibly endorse this release - the whole concept makes my flesh crawl - so far, not even the hardcore gay porn you find in manga aisles has managed to cause any kind of a stir. This is - I think, anyway - the first lolicon title that's explicit enough to be released here with shrinkwrap, so the potential for danger is probably higher than it is with yaoi manga, but for right now I'm not sure I'd be panicked about this release.

    Is it gross and wrong? Yes. Do I wish Seven Seas would just leave this particular Pandora's Box alone and maybe consider not releasing comic book kiddie porn? Of course. But they will anyway. Maybe we'll get lucky and nobody will buy it and they'll stop barking up the pedo tree, but for now, we just have to hold on and hope that this is silently put into only a few markets, disappears, and is then never heard about again.


    —on may 18th 2007 epic bans was beginning

    Kodomo no Jikan (translation: "A Child's Time") is a spank-fest followed religiously by the likes of respectable gentlemen who lurk notfourchan and renchan, parading itself around as a proper anime and manga series.

    This is the pure essence of it, Nyoro~n-style.

    Controversy and History

    This manga was originally scheduled for release under the title Nymphet in 2007. Somehow this title didn't raise concerns immediately for American censors. Not until it reaching the watchful eyes of Anime News Network and its crowning king of Zac Bertschy. This is where things get legendary. TL;DR, Zac dismissed it as "another lolicon nip trash series made by another horny dude" in an epic trolling by pure assumption and all because he was "anti moeh manly manga and anime manly man".

    The author, Kaworu Watashita states that the only problem is "differences in culture between the two countries" and called it "unfortunate." After all the bookstores dropped the title thanks to Zac's "review" of the series, the publisher dropped the series only a few weeks afterwards. The lulz really started when bloggers in the U.S.A. started BAAAAAAAWing over it and citing the first amendment. Troll by telling them it has nothing to do with the government, more with their shit society, pedophilic fatso hypocrite Prosperity Gospel slop eating teachers, priests, movie directors, bored Chardonnay binging housemom winos, cops, and politicians, and that Japan hates them anyways.


    It revolves around the aforementioned teacher and student but also has major parts from several other characters. These characters add humor by kicking the teacher in the balls while calling him a lolicon. The other half is "fanservice," serving as fap-bait for any pedophiles. Another staple of the series are double entendres that are generally really corny and unlikeable. Other than that it's TROO LOEV 4EVER and getting raped by her creepy uncle.


    Little Girl Rape Squad

    • Kokonoe Rin: Perverted blonde pigtailed leader of the group who is constantly whoring herself out to the teacher because she wants some harbl. She is a whiny bitch who went all emo after her mom got AIDS and died. Her lesbian friend made her all better though.
    • Kagami Kuro: She is called "Kuro-chan" which means "black" because she is cool and goth and stuff. Although her name is "Black" she is not a nigger. They scare Japs. Anyways, she always wears slutty cosplay outfits like full catgirl attire, or EGL. She is a faggot obsessed with Rin and wants to rape her but also has an eye for their Vice Principal. She has an extensive knowledge of sex and fetishes which is to be expected of Japanese women.
    • Usa Mimi: The clumsy secretly-intelligent glasses-wearing ditz. She has MASSIVE tits. In fact, one episode revolves around this fact where she does boring shit like shop for a bra and gets embarrassed and cries. She BAAAAAWs at the slighted provocation. She is wildly in love with the rapist. She wears glasses which is apparently a fetish for Japanese people, but more because she is TTLY SMART. The last teacher yelled at her for being a crybaby bitch so she left. The new teacher is a COOL DUDE, MAN and got her to come back. She is ignorant of all things sexual. In season 2, pretends to be Rin's dead mother and allows her to suckle her nipples (srsly).


    • Daisuke Aoki: Or, "Aoki-sensei," as he is called in moonspeak. He is a moralfag who will not stick it in Rin's pooper no matter how much she asks. He is a pathetic virgin who freaks out at the slightest mention of sex. He is rather boring besides the fact he is constantly harassed by lolis. Every once in a while he has epic battles with the rapist. Lusts for Houin but puts date on hold to save loli in distress.
    • Kyouko Houin: Or, "Bouin-sensei," the onomatopoeia ("boing") for massive tits in Japan. Just in case you didn't catch that, she is stacked. This is a significant problem for her as she gets groped by her students. She is wildly in love with Aoki, but he turns her down because he loves the loli. She has a cosplay fetish and gets jealous of Shiro-chan.
    • Shirai Sae: Some old hardass bitch who yells at everyone to work harder. Noone liked her in high school cause she wouldn't put out. Is idolized by Kuro who nicknames her "Shiro-chan" (white). In the season 2 special, Shiro fantasizes about her teenage self having a lesbian relationship with a teenage Kuro.
    • Oyajima Kenta: Some pretty chill guy who looks like Brock. The best character by far.
    • Nakamura-sensei: Some pussy who got sick when team loli raped him for being an asshole to Mimi. He quit.


    • Kokonoe Reiji: Josef Fritzl in training. Rapes Rin because her mom is dead. His parents died after they abused him for teh lulz. Vulnerable to safety scissors.

    Cancer Patients

    Stuffed animals

    • Pedobear: he's yellow but it's him. He is called "Chuck" (Chakku) though. Also he is a backpack. Rin's mother Aki gave it to her.

    TV Tropes Related Drama

    During the Great Pedocide Of April 2012, this was one of the first things Fast Eddie put on the chopping block as porn and pedoshit, and one of the pages that caused a metric ton of butthurt by its mere removal.

    Go download this torrent to find copies of the HTML source of the pages TV Tropes tried (and failed like they do at so many other things) to eliminate from the internet.

    A copy of the original TV Tropes article has been reconstructed for ED here.

    Delicious Quotes

    Sankaku Complex

    omg I want to rub her cotton clothing...


    Tyciol of Sankaku Complex every fucking online community ever made, commenting on a figurine.

    Cucumber futa Rin: DO WANT


    —rargy of Sankaku Complex, starts a chain reaction where anons say "DO WANT" 29 times.



    —Artefact making himself feel better.

    Not Four Chan

    Ooh, some rare Kuro-service...



    Need for parental acceptance?

    For some reason I look at this, though, and think of how all women feel like a little girl around a man they like (at some point or another). I can't tell you how many couples I see and the girl reverts to a little kid when with her man. It's just that overall vulnerability with someone.

    Deep shit, yo.


    —Anonymous, trying too hard

    for a bunch of lolicons you guys take this shit way too seriously


    —cake, a mod speaking truth.

    TV Tropes

    Breast Sponge: Rin offers to give Aoki a back wash, but realizes she can't do it properly because she doesn't have the pubic hairs to "scrub".


    —from their Kodomo page

    In Kodomo no Jikan, Rin mentions that the best way to keep your underwear from showing under your bloomers is to not wear any.


    Kodomo no Jikan is the manga equivalent of Lolita.


    —Dude WTF are you smoking?

    I actually like the fact that this manga is portraying child sexuality is a healthy, non-prudish way,


    —Anachy, one of the many resident pedophiles in TV Tropes

    Wait....fanservice of Mimi is sick and wrong? But she's...her physical appearance makes her look like she's old enough to date someone like Aoki anyways!(as shown in the latest chapter)


    —Here's another, named Signed

    Loads and loads of Lolicon?? Check! Fanservice filled to the brim? Check!! Fanservice based on all the cute lolis with pantyshot filled to the brim? CHECK!! This is THE best anime that involves fanservice! Too bad some idiot in Anime News Network and a couple of prudes around the internet had a vendetta to kill any chance this series have in the West...worst part being those complaining about the series obviously Did Not Do the Research. Talk about Complaining About Shows You Dont Watch.


    —another quote by Signed

    Watched three episodes so far, seems like a pretty fun series so far! I kinda have a dream of becoming a teacher someday and I feel I'd react exactly like Aoki would, goddamnit.



    Isn't it a bit ironic for you to say that when you read a comic where a kid wrote "I hope you cream inside of me"? Of course, I mean nothing bad about it, I just find it a bit ironic.




    Gallery of Loli

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


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