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    Google's latest invention, a grassy knoll, as harmless as it may look, is about to pwn Wikipedia for the lulz.
    Lawl, Google likes Boobpedia too! Excellent choice of model, too. And do I look like I fucking care if you know who my favorite porn actresses are? No, I don't, because I'm not a pedophile. If you've got nothing to hide, there's no reason whatsoever to oppose mass surveillance!

    Knol, aka knulz/nullz, is the latest liberal propaganda machine of the U.S. of A-holes, and, like that other wiki, a quackery and ignorance machine. It is run by the CIA via its puppet, The Google. It seeks to outpropagandize the Wikimedia Foundation. Indeed, Google have bravely ventured into the world of the academic beyond Google Scholar, and have set up their own new encyclopedia, one which some argue will be the death of Wikipedia once and for all. This made the pseudo-intellectuals at the Wikipedia Review get their panties in a collective twist with joy and pleasure as something that presents a real and genuine threat to TOW is a big thing indeed.

    Despite the drama, there are a number of significant differences between Knol and Wikipedia. This may mean that it turns out to be something that got everyone worked up and turned out to be nothing at all; but on the flip-side, it may mean that the Wikipedia admins are left finally pwnt, weak and powerless once and for all. A certain Wikipedia Review member recently described the situation this way - by encouraging links from Google to Wikipedia so that Wikipedia grows larger, Google is "fattening the pig up for slaughter", as it is currently thought that there is nothing to stop Knol users passing off any and all GFDL-licensed content from Wikipedia as their own work - and not only that, they can make money from it!

    Policy and the Basic Ideas

    Knol requires that the editor use their real name whilst writing an article. This means that Knol is definitely serious business, and allows for better treatment of experts on certain subjects, who do not need to deal with sockpuppets and edit wars over certain controversial issues that the Arbitration Committee at Wikipedia always ends up taking action on, because these experts will pretty much own their articles. This is because Knol will allow at least 100 articles on the same subject, like Adolf Hitler or the United States, each with its own POV slant. Want to push a POV? No problem, just head down to Knol! Just don't expect anyone to choose your article though, because it is shit. Providing your douchebaggery IS copypasta worthy, it will be ripped off no matter what, so you can ignore the whole Creative Commons Cuntbag 3.0 Elite licensing which is nothing more than a snob tag to attach to your POV. (It is also not known how Knol will tackle such issues as notability, BLP and the criteria for speedy deletion, but that's another story).

    In that sense, Knol looks on the surface to be like a glorified Citizendium or Wikinfo, allowing original research as much as the author likes, making it possibly even less accurate than Wikipedia! Daniel Brandt will still not be satisfied with Knol of course, as he can see through the bullshit of Google's "don't be evil" policy, because ironically Brandt is concerned with the data logging carried out by Google despite the fact that he collects huge amounts of personal information himself.

    Apparently, you can rate and review Knols and add comments, unlike Wikipedia who maintain a strict, anal talk page policy that goes something like "THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR GENERAL DISCUSSION OF THE ARTICLE'S SUBJECT", because any edits made unnecessarily means that Jimbo has less money for choosing the finest quality hookers in every city he travels to for business meetings and Wikimania, whilst expecting to be greeted like the Pope in every city he visits. This means it is rather like Wikia in that sense, and tolerates more cruft than Wikipedia itself.

    Most importantly however, Knol can earn you some juicy, delicious cash. That's right, your article could be making you money if you sell your soul and your dox to Google, through the ad revenue generated by the end-user who ends up looking at the piece of trash you have written. Since doing things like recent changes patrol or being a Wikipedia admin should in any sane person's mind require payment anyway, this Knol is the death Knell for Wikipedia, and not only that it won't require any of the bullshit associated with the moderation at Wikipedia because it'll be a lot more crisp, clean, professional and mature.

    A Comparison: Knol vs. Wikipedia

    Knol Wikipedia
    Lots of moneys and profit = Faster Poor non-profit = sluggish and frustrating
    Free of Wikipedos all the good articles are "disputed"
    Mostly accurate information by verified experts Mostly inaccurate information by random sockpuppet Wikipedos
    Undisputed Misinformation All Fact Marked as "Citation Needed"

    Knulzy quackery

    After only a few weeks, the knulz were already being infested by quackery and useless knulledge. Examples:

    • tara-gilligan/feminist-analytic-philosophy
    • andreas-kemper/diskriminierung
    • andreas-kemper/sexismus
    • randall-paulsen/the-relationship-between-mindfulness

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