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    How it all started at Ebaumsworld.
    She cleaned it.
    klutzypriss07 uses the 'impatient' emoticon for quivering beef curtains.
    Tiffani putting in work as PR for the Atwater Student Body.
    Despite not being loli, Tiffani earned Pedobear's seal of approval due to the fact that her 18th is happening next Thursday.
    Thank you sooo much
    Attwater high school's athletic director has a reason for this grin: "I saw the videos before they were even on the Internet."
    Xbawks huge meat curtains included.
    File:Beef Curtain Classes.jpg
    A class of incoming freshmen look in awe at Tiffani's beef curtains, notable both for their size and their ability to resist injury from even the sharpest, longest manicures.

    Tiffani Perez (klutzypriss07) is a very proud Mexican at a generic high school somewhere in California. Her boyfriend who is also a very well respected Mexican, left school to get a job working at the local Taco Bell. Tiffani, being the sad and lonely 16 year old that she is, decided to record several videos of herself masturbating. This was a very special occasion for her. She even cleaned IT for him. Although showering in itself is a very special occasion for any Mexican. Anonymous has collectively fapped to these videos for several months, since their existence on Photobuttsex was first discovered, and in hopes of receiving more videos, no raid commenced. However, ebaumsworld noticed the videos several months later, and decided that more work needed to be done than simply fapping.

    A link to her Photobucket was posted on ebaumsworld, and soon dox were mined out from the internets (see picture). ebaums began to send the video links to Tiffani's friends on myspace, and eventually ended up calling her at her home, resulting in many lulz (see below for audio).

    The videos have since been deleted from her photobucket. Many Rickrolls have been posted, but the real videos are still around thanks to lightning-fast Internet connections and the great instinct of Eric Bauman Since nothing funny has happened on ebaumsworld since at least 100 years ago, Ebaumers rejoiced.

    Tiffani holds the distinction of not being a camwhore despite posting videos of herself to the Internets which have been fapped to by many virgins. As a sign of this rare accomplishment, nobody posted TITS OR GTFO in her numerous ebaumsworld threads, despite the fact that the thread started with a picture of a girl, the thread's purpose was to attract attention to this girl, and no pictures of breasts were provided.

    Tiffani is also one of the worst pornographic film producers of all time. Her films showed no tits, no thong, and no ass, making it incredibly hard to fap to. However, she does say "Papi" in the video which is one of the hottest things a girl can say on film.

    The day after the raid, Tiffani password-protected her Photobucket. However, the images in question can still be accessed directly. These direct links are closely guarded by ebaumsworld as they are a valuable source of fap material, and will not be shared with the unworthy.

    Logic behind the move against her

    Tiffani comes off like a very nice girl indeed, so why would Ebaumsworld attack such a person? Well, Tiffani lacks common sense and a general level of intelligence. This raid was a gift to her, so maybe in the future when she's revoked of her Prom Queen title, she will know better to not post inappropriate videos dedicated to her 18 year old boyfriend on the interwebz. These videos were not password protected in any sense, and she made no attempt to hide them. This brief movement was brought onto her by herself.

    As Tiffani was elected Prom Queen of her school she is expected to show maturity and citizenship. Making masturbation videos and posting them online is very degrading behavior, and tarnishes the name of Atwater High, along with her own, and she should be punished accordingly.

    Atwater Student Body:PG 13 version

    Featuring Tiffani Perez as 'Public Relations'


    Too Hawt For ED Videos:

    Tiffani wanted to ensure her wide audience saw her as a person, not just a camwhore, so she made sure to use several signature phrase at the beginning of each video, such as "I hope you like your video," "I cleaned it just for you," and "Love youuuuuuuuu". No further description of these videos can be made because it would be highly illegal.

    First Call

    Transcript of first phone call:

    Ring, Ring

    MOM: Hello?

    ANON: Hello, is Tiffani there?

    MOM: Yes, hold on.

    TIFFANI: Hello?

    ANON: Hey Tiffani!

    TIFFANI: Hey.

    ANON: Hey, uh, this is Internet calling, I need to talk to you about some things.

    TIFFANI: This is who?

    ANON: You know, Edgar... Edgar?

    TIFFANI: Wait, this is who?

    ANON: You know those three videos that you made on Photobucket? Uh, where I came to those for you?

    TIFFANI: Noooo...

    ANON: You sure? I'm pretty sure there are three videos of you on Photobucket where, uh... where it's all pretty nice and cleaned up and I was just wondering if you had any more, or any Battletoads.


    ANON: This is the Internet. You should check your MySpace, and your friends' MySpace, 'cause all those videos sneaked out of there. Horrible. An explosion of fury.

    ANON: Hello???

    Immediately after this phone call, the videos in question disappeared from klutzypriss07's Photobucket.

    Second Call

    Anon was not satisfied, and called again.

    MOM: Hello?

    • Anon laughs*

    (Tiffani in background)

    TIFFANI: Hello?

    ANON: Hey, Tiffani, why'd you hang up? That was, that really hurt me.

    TIFFANI: Hey, I don't care! Who is this??

    ANON: I'm David actually, from the Internet.

    TIFFANI: Who the fuck is David?

    ANON: Whatever you need ... one thing. Do you have any clean Battletoads?

    TIFFANI: What?

    ANON: Clean battletoads.

    TIFFANI: What??

    ANON: Battletoads, but you clean them off for me.

    TIFFANI: Who the fuck is this, like, this isn't funny, like, whatever you saw, like, whatever you did, stop. That's stupid.

    ANON: You're right, you're right, just how it's stupid to masturbate on the Internet, and then put it up on Photobucket without passwords. That's also very stupid! But it's okay, it's perfectly alright, what could possibly happen? What could possibly go wrong, right? Right, Tiffani? Right? Tiffani... Tiffani, come on, it's not like we're strangers to love. Tiffani, you there?

    Tiffani once again decided to end the conversation.

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