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lololololol my body is just liek yours.

Klondikebar (Carlos Colon aka c0nfl1kt, aka CarlosControlsTheUniverse, aka mrstickslives) is a fat fuck faggot from the EDF. One day, he stumbled upon LulzyLulzersson's photo album, one in which he shows his masculine, god-like rip. Klondikebar commented on Lulzy's fat, long Dick Neck to make himself feel better about his fat fuck self. He added the photo album to the Dick Neck article. Klondikebar fucked with the wrong NIGGER. Sometime last Thursday, a great passing of fate occured, Lulzy was banned (for 1 week) for posting the Arby's Vagina Burger in a vagina tasting discussion thread. Being the no-life faggot that he is, Lulzy decided to browse Encyclopedia Dramatica. He stumbled upon the Dick Neck article. Lulzy soon noticed the article links to his album. He saw that Klondikebar added the link. Being the Lulzy LULZ man that he is, he replaced all of his dick neck pictures with Klondikebar's ginormous asshole of a face.

Yeah, I know, mine is, too. I just couldn't resist throwing in a meme.


—klondikebar, After Lulzy tells him that his neck is not in-fact long, just wide and muscular; klondikebar, the fat fuck, in reality has no neck.

The Butthurt

Baaawwwwwww -- call the wambulaaaannncee
klondikebar trying to BAAAWWWlete the album he added. LULZ.

Once the fat fuck faggot realized what halt gone down, he went on a butthurt message spree (see image).




One can only assume he went on to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING afterwards.

After Lulzy refused to take the images off due to the great LULZ potential, the fat fuck went on a BAAAWWWWWfest complaining to the mods.


(LulzyLulzersson) added pictures of me to his album without my consent and I tried asking him nicely to remove them. Can you help me out here? Thanks. If he insists on keeping them. Can you convince him to block the face. I mean, that's kinda shitty since I didn't do anything to him. All I did was add his album link to the neck dick article AFTER someone had already made the joke. The original album had HIS pictures and he just replaced them with pictures he stole off my old myspace and obviously shooped a few because he thinks he is a comedic genius. I went to the ED article and removed the link in his behalf, yet he refuses to remove the pictures. Let me know, thanks.


Klondikebar, butthurt after getting owned, complaining to a mod.

Klondikebar was soon labeled a "FAGGOT" for his faggotry.

Seeing this, we can conclude that:

  1. Klondikebar obviously loves to give cock, but he can't take cock.
  2. It seems that he's a gigantic lying fag machine. Why would Lulzy ask him to remove the link if he already replaced all of his images with a fat faggot?
  3. He was the 1st and only one to make the dick neck comment -- more lying faggotry.
  4. Lulzy is extremely gay.
  5. Also, cocks.

might also be a IRL pedophile, seeing as how all his IRL friends are 16-year-old girls. He's also a Gaiafag.

Gallery of Fatty Walrus and Butthurt

Here's some pictures of a fat fuck you might know. As you can see, he has a huge fucking dick neck.


—LulzyLulzersson, album description

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