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    Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
    You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    im tired of you guys thinking you can ban staff when we complain about your spam


    What a beautiful product of nature

    If every kingdom needs a king, kloeri is king of the Land of Autism. A freenode oper and wanna-be gentoo developer, kloeri (Bryan Østergaard) spends up to 22 hours a day online, the other two reserved for self-pleasure. Bryan hates any and all actions that could be described as even mildly fun on the freenode network, and will K-line any chatter who breaks "his" rules. Because of his personality (or lack thereof), he has become a common target of freenode trolls (as well as accusations that his daddy fondled his little-kloeri), much as SlimVirgin is to Wikipedia.

    It's his way or the highway, buddy: no ascii, no colors, no transsexuals, no forcing, and above all, no fun.

    File:Kloeri wanted.jpg
    Have you seen this man?


    If there's one thing kloeri hates more than fun, it's those who cause it, especially dongforce chatters. Kloeri has shut down numerous attempts at dongforce's peaceful merge with freenode, making a bigger jackass of himself with every jupe.


    03:31   aggrav8d: what!?
    03:31   aggrav8d: what do you want?
    03:32   aggrav8d: stupid spambot.
    03:32  <-- aggrav8d [[email protected]] has left #dongforce ( )
    03:36  --> boxbeatsy [[email protected]] has joined #dongforce
    03:37   maractus: hi
    03:47  --> spammer [[email protected]] has joined #dongforce
    03:47   spammer: ji
    03:47   spammer: hi
    03:47   spammer: any spammer here?
    03:48  <-- spammer [[email protected]] has left #dongforce ( )
    03:49  <-- bubblebuddy [[email protected]] has quit (K-Lined)
    03:49   kloeri: since you guys won't take a hint and stop the spamming I'm closing this channel
    03:49  --- kloeri sets modes [#dongforce +Pi]
    03:49   maractus: whos spamming?
    03:50   kloeri: you should be able to guess that on your own
    03:50   maractus: look our irc is always under attack from irc.grove.bz
    03:50   maractus: some dumb meta trolsl
    03:50   maractus: *trolls
    03:50   maractus: i think the spam can be counteracted without the closing of this channel
    03:50   kloeri: and now you no longer have to worry about this channel
    03:50   maractus: ok then (?)
    03:51   kloeri: the real question is if your other channels should also be closed but we'll find out soon enough 
                    I guess
    04:04  --- kloeri has changed the topic to: This channel is closed due to spam
    04:04  --- kloeri sets modes [#dongforce +t]

    Mass kill (good job opers)

    File:Dongforce freenode.jpg
    kloeri getting told
    21:29 @kloeri: okay, you guys clearly are clearly on the wrong network as your little #wikipedia-en showed
    21:29 --- kloeri sets modes [##dongforce -ooo [df]maractus [df]LadyPeanut [df]Elvis_Clay]
    21:29 --- kloeri sets modes [##dongforce -oo gay_irl [df]Meepsheep]
    21:29 <-- ChanServ [[email protected]] has left ##dongforce ( )
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep: :0
    21:29 --- kloeri sets modes [##dongforce +Pif ##you_have_got_to_be_kidding]
    21:29  [df]LadyPeanut:          ..
    21:29  [df]LadyPeanut:         ( '`<
    21:29  [df]LadyPeanut:          )(
    21:29  [df]LadyPeanut:   ( ----'  '.
    21:29  [df]LadyPeanut:   (  kloeri ;
    21:29  [df]LadyPeanut:    (_______,'
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29 <-- [df]LadyPeanut [[email protected]] has quit (K-Lined)
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                 
    21:29  [df]Meepsheep:                                
    21:29 <-- [df]Meepsheep [[email protected]] has quit (K-Lined)
    21:30 <-- [df]Elvis_Clay [[email protected]] has quit (K-Lined)

    Pure rage

    05:02   kloeri: no more silly games
    05:02   kloeri: I'm tired of the spam related to this channel
    05:02  --- kloeri sets modes [#dongforce -oo VunKruz LadyPeanut]
    05:02   JimmyRustles: i haven't spammed anyone
    05:02   JimmyRustles: i'm just trying to rustle some jimmies
    05:02   kloeri: and I'm tired of you guys thinking you can ban staff when we complain about your spam
    05:03  +Quietlyawesome94: Purely in the interests of science, I have replaced the word "wand" with "wang" in the 
                              first Harry Potter Book
    05:03   JimmyRustles: If you pierce the eardrum, you will hear a loud pop, followed by a lifetime of silence.
    05:03   Meepsheep: kloeri, y you take our ops away D:
    05:03   JimmyRustles: what's the best way to get users to our channel?
    05:03  +Quietlyawesome94: "He bent down and pulled his wang out of the troll's nose. It was covered in what 
                              looked like lumpy gray glue."
    05:04   kloeri: if I see or hear about any more spam related to this channel I'm going to forcibly close the 
                    channel and remove all of you from the network
    05:04   JimmyRustles: like if we can't advertise the way we do now
    05:04   JimmyRustles: wait
    05:04   JimmyRustles: im not spamming anyone
    05:04   JimmyRustles: you shouldn't remove me from the network
    05:04   kloeri: and since Meepsheep is evading an earlier kline from today he's going away now

    Kloeri is homophobic

    12:14 -!- kloeri [[email protected]/staff/exherbo.kloeri] has joined ##dickgirls

    12:14 -!- aoregcdu [[email protected]] has joined ##dickgirls

    12:14 < kloeri> wow, another inappropriate channel in the exact same wain?

    12:14 -!- Ryan_ [[email protected]] has quit [K-Lined]


    • "Freenode is not a place for wanna-be hackers to fool around on"
    • synflood.in is an inappropriate hostname and should be klined
    • ##trannies is an inappropriate channel name
    • ascii is the devil
    • gentoo is cool
    • pedophilia is OK


    In late 2016 Kloeri authored the following blog post, titled "ArchiveToday-favicon.pngin defense of pedophilia" defending his attraction to children.

    Some people thought it would be funny to expose my pedophilic habits. Yes im a pedophile but I only watch kids sometimes and that’s it

    The mainstream media continues to publish articles claiming that pedophilia is a “disease to humanity”. I don’t understand this and as a pedophile myself I want to say that I’m normal in every way.

    As a member of the pedophilic community I consider it my responsibility to educate my peers but they usually won’t listen. They forget that pedophilia actually contrats nwith popular ideals and it’s not even a choice. I simply am a pedophlie and nothing I do can change it but I won’t try.

    People need to understand us however so please share this article with your friends. Of course, you’re welcome to ask me any questions.


    ArchiveToday-favicon.pngØstergaard himself

    Speaking at some nerd con



    Bryan Østergaard 
    Vølundsgade 31, 3. th. 
    2200 København N
    +(45) 33 13 78 86 

    Source 1
    Source 2

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