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    Klarawagner = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    the luxury of...

    Klara Wagner used to be a well-known member of DeviantART until she had a little run in with ED.

    Klara's Gallery

    Klara regularly exposed herself by posting nude photos of herself. She loved full frontal nudity, and submitted photos exhibiting everything from her tits to her pussy, with the exception of her eyes. This combination of exhibitionism and sluttyness made her enticing and exciting to watch, earning her a large following. Klara’s most famous works are ‘Lolita’ and ‘Curiosity’.

    Klara's Journals

    Klara's journal pieces extracted loads of comments from others. She had a poll called “I love your work ... I want to fuck you” where she forced people to admit that when they compliment her photo’s artistic value they actually want to bang her. A few said they have another motive, some said they are honest with their artistic critique, and all declared they do want to fuck her. Of course, that greatly pleased her slutty nature.

    The original klarawagner

    The klarawagner and klarawagnerish girls

    Klara enjoyed posing nude and posted many shots from the front with her legs spread open to clearly showcase her vulva. She received numerous remarks on her genitals, with many people remarking that they have not encountered her particular look before. Klara's labia attracted so much attention that girls with similarly shaped pussies are known as “klarawagnerish” girls. Promptly a medical drawing of her labia was made for the textbooks with the definition:

    kla'ra-wag'ner. (n) A specific shape of vulva, resembling that of the artist Klara Wagner. E.g. My girlfriend has a klarawagner.

    kla'ra-wag'ner-ish. (a) Bearing resemblance to a klarawagner. E.g. I have dated a klarawagnerish girl in high school.

    The Klara Burger
    File:Klara docking.jpg
    Klara doing her thing

    Klara's vulva attracted much debate on just how uncommon her labia arrangement really is. The general consensus was that her cunt is unique or rare at least. Klara's outer labia are puffy and bulges out while her inner labia forms two visible lines in the middle of her vulva. Thus her vulva is depicted with the ASCII text (||) and has the official emoticon File:Babycunt emoticon.jpg.

    Experts have speculated that she may just be a hermaphrodite.

    Origin of the klarawagner

    Scientists have pondered the origin of the klarawagner ever since its first sighting. Some even denied its existence. After extensive probing two theories emerged. The fist speculates that klarawagnerish girls were abducted and experimented upon by aliens. The second widely accepted theory is that the klarawagner is in a permanent state of arousal, the natural result of exuberant copulation.

    Klara the Sex Object

    Klara's photos pop up now and again on classy image boards such as 4chan and 7chan where her pet name is Babycunt, for obvious reasons. This side of the internets Klara the artist becomes Klara the sex object masturbated over by scores of teenage boys and guys fantasizing about the best way to have a go at her. Its a well-known fact that some money shots of her exist.

    Klara Wagner exposed!

    Although Klara's photos are popular, she claimed to be an amateur pornographer. A girl that posts nude photos of herself but attempts to hide her identity is desperately begging to be exposed. Klara is very social and flirts with anyone who talks to her. This social-butterfly tendency of hers was, in the end, her salvation. In a private conversation she gave out her real name, which was enough to find her. In real life Klara is an outgoing girl with many friends. She also had a secret that not many of her friends knew about until now. Klara is a nymphomaniac that has frequent sexual encounters with total strangers. She has no problem fucking guys and girls. This goes a long way to explain her behavior on DeviantART, where she was flirting with anyone willing to direct the slightest semblance of attention towards her. It also substantiates one of the klarawagner origin theories. It was discovered that Klara started giving head at the tender age of 13 and went pearl diving soon after. Her favorite pastime is to be gangbanged and covered in semen. Klara's first orgy came at 16, but she'll still settle for menage a trois or plain old secks any time of day. This girl likes cock so much that she has it painted on her bike. The klarawagnerish girl is a real-life sex addict who just loves to get invitations for sex or questions about the over 9,000 (and counting) orgasms she's experienced.

    Everyone loves the Klara Burger!
    A typical comment on her DeviantART Website.

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