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    Kitsep, also known as Matthew Touey or "Mattfoxlikesretro" is a whiny furfaggot with several mental issues ranging anywhere from bipolar to Autism resulting in several sick fetishes. He also has a habit of fucking everything that moves like a whore resulting in him having every single disease known to monkies, his mental issues have cost him several jobs and friends usually through having an "autism moment". Kitsep being the mentally unstable faggot he is has ruined relationships by sleeping with random people in hopes of feeling important. Kitsep also cannot hold down a job thus requiring him to keep moving from furfag to furfag's house since he will go off on the people who sign his paychecks.

    Kitsep like every other furfag believes himself to be a fox because it will get him moar surprise buttsecks, and moar pronz to steal from unsuspecting welfare thieves. He has several sick fetishes that include Vore, Oviposition, and Inflation, most as a result of his mental illnesses. His Autism has caused him to make several very bad decisions like buying a moped and riding it across the United States with the hopes of freeloading off of some furfags that do not know how he works, protip Texas does not like mopeds at all, he decided to get into a few wrecks and blame other drivers. His autism led him to believe he could write and draw but a 3 year old can draw better.

    He has taken it upon himself every time some furfag finally learns that this fox is about as clean as a whore to start spawning various lies and rumors about what that furfag did or didn't do to him. He is known to remove comments and blockfag people who disagree or call him out on his autistic outbursts and wants people to pity him by claiming to have been hit by a sedan.

    Iowa Saga

    a hippie without rainbows.

    Kitsep, being the perverted fox that he is, started his DeviantART "journey" here while he had a moped and freeloaded off of some furfaggot who was supposedly his buttbuddy before his fuck toy figured out that he had severe Autism and like most furfags crawled around on DeviantART posting "good art" like the top image fortunately lulz follows along. Soon after he got his face pwnd by a drunk driver while on his moped of fail he whined about money for it (journal entry). The resulting crash made him e-beg on DeviantART just to pay rent for some shitty studio apartment with moar roaches than Mexico expecting someone to buy his faggy art and stories (journal entry). He later decided to rage at PayPal because they locked his account, looks like he never figured out that if you spend $300,000 on zoo porn they get suspicious.[1] Later on he fell into a suicidal depression because he figured out that nobody likes furfag stories, thus, he made this journal seeking some sympathy from random furfags. Closer to the ending of this saga in his life he posted yet another journal stating what we all already know and also begging for attention like a dumbfuck and proved he has no control over how he spends his money as well as prone to random acts of anger.[2] Apparently he figured out there were other sick fucks that are like him that buy furfag art and don't know what talent is; unfortunately, people don't know an e-begger when they see one as he tries telling the non-existent viewers that his laptop is broken and has to give people their money back which we know he cannot do. In an attempt to garner some attention for a fail car project he tried to give away his godawful art[3] which unfortunately succeeded and allowed him to build the monstrosity that thankfully was short-lived. Little shit now lives at 136 west greenwood ave. Crown Point, Indiana zip code 46307


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