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    Kirbyslover/archive 1

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    Moar info: Kirbyslover.

    What happens when you explain to her what the problem is

    WarioWare2005: I'm so fucking depressed right now because LarcenTyler480 abandoned me!!!

    WarioWare2005: I feel like a baby who got dropped off somewhere



    WarioWare2005: MOTHERFUCKING ASS HOLE!!!

    nintfjr: If you didn't treat your friends badly, no one would have blocked you.

    WarioWare2005: FUCK YOU CUNTFUCKER

    nintfjr: Very well

    WarioWare2005 signed off.

    Another chat on 10/07/08

    another typical chat this happened 10/07/08

    (me): luffy dies

    WarioWare2005 (5:37:44 PM): SHUT UP! DIE!!!

    WarioWare2005 (5:37:46 PM): FUCK YOU!!!

    (me) (5:43:18 PM): (me) (5:38:00 PM): no thanks, im straight


    (me) (5:38:25 PM): i sure am

    What happens when you try to help her out

    Session Start ([me]:WarioWare2005): Wed Oct 17 13:50:42 2007

    [13:50] [me]: http://kirbyslover.deviantart.com/journal/15101534/#journal 
    [13:50] [me]: This is the wrong way to deal with ED 
    [13:51] [me]: When you're on Candid Camera, the best way to deal with it is to just calm down 
    [13:51] [me]: You just opened another can of worms 
    [13:51] WarioWare2005: Fuck off bitch! 
    [13:51] [me]: HAHAHAHAHAHA 
    [13:51] [me]: I try to give yas advice, but ya never listen... 
    [13:51] *** "WarioWare2005" signed off at Wed Oct 17 13:51:57 2007.

    Another lulzy chatlog

    Kirbysfucker is so MAAAAD from being banned that she goes through random AIM handles to cry

    WarioWare2005: Hello, ED scum. I hope you're happy in getting my arse banned
    Kangaroo: ED?
    WarioWare2005: ENcyclopedia Dramatica!
    Kangaroo: LOL
    WarioWare2005: They got me banned. Now I'm crying like a fucking sissy
    Kangaroo: You think I use Encyclopedia Dramatica?
    WarioWare2005: o rly?
    Kangaroo: What are you, stupid?
    WarioWare2005: I'm not stupid! I am a nerd!
    Kangaroo: datz kewl
    Kangaroo: NOT
    WarioWare2005: *growls*

    The journal in question, in case she decides to delete it.

    The journal in question, in case she decides to be a cunt and delete it.

    Kirbyslover is 22 years old

    Honestly, I don't see why KirbysLover is even allowed on the internets, if half the shit she posts is true.

    Song Parodies

    Here is a list of the forty-two recorded songs, of which was generously given to us by an annonymous donor.

    1. (Don't Be Playing) Gauntlet - Parody of Waterfalls, as performed by TLC -- A parody about the arcade classic, Gauntlet.

    2. (Sounds Like) Kazooie - Parody of Unpretty, as performed by TLC -- A parody about one of her cats sounding like Kazooie, (Of Banjo-Kazooie)

    3. (Talkin' 'Bout) Mario - Parody of Living in a Rainbow, as performed by Hi-5 -- Her tribute to Super Mario.

    4. A Rare Freedom - Parody of Like Deserts Miss Rain, as performed by Everything But the Girl -- A rant about Microsoft buying Rareware.

    5. Banjo-Kazooie Love - Parody of Ai no Uta, as performed by Japanese Pop singer, Strawberry Flower -- A tribute to Banjo-Kazooie, Weeaboo style!

    6. Believe in Dribble and Spitz - Parody of Life After Love, as performed by Cher -- Filky parody about Wario Ware Inc's duo, Dribble and Spitz.

    7. B-K Wonderland - Parody of Winter Wonderland as written and performed by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith (1934) -- Tribute to the Banjo-Kazooie universe (obviously a recurring theme among several others)

    8. Blue Hedgehog is About To Die!! - Parody of Pieces of Me, as performed by Ashlee Simpson -- a parody about one of KirbysLover's many panic attacks whilst watching several episodes of Sonic X.

    9. Bottles the Mole - Parody of Brothers in Arms, as performed by Dire Striats -- A somber tale of the Banjo-Kazooie character, Bottles the Mole dying. Note: KirbysLover CRIES at the near ending of this song

    10. Bubsy - Parody of Maybe, as performed by Andrea McArdle (Original Soundtrack of the Broadway Musical, "Annie") -- KirbysLover's tribute to Bubsy Bobcat, long before her dismissal of the series of poorly conceived games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and PlayStation game consoles. Courtesy of ED.

    11. Camera Shy - Parody of Butterfly, as performed by Smile DK -- This parody explains KirbysLover's shyness around cameras.

    12. Christmas Without One Piece - Parody of Silent Night, as performed by various artists -- KirbysLover's tale of her parents forever banning her from ever watching One Piece again. (one of the more pathetic titles)

    13. Curse of the Ware-Rabbit - Parody of Let the Rain Fall Down, as performed by Hilary Duff -- A filk song about the Wallace and Gromit Movie, Curse of the Ware-Rabbit.

    14. Dr. Eggman - Parody of Pretty Woman, as performed by the late Roy Orbison -- Yet another Sonic themed song, about Dr. Eggman.

    15. Hedgehog of The Wind (2006) - Parody of Candle in the Wind, as performed by Sir Elton John -- A "what if..." song, asking what would it be like if Sonic the Hedgehog were to die similarly to the late Marilyn Monroe (or Princess Dai)

    16. Hedgehog on the Run - Parody of Robot No. 1, as performed by Hi-5 -- KirbysLover's tribute to the blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog.

    17. If You Love the Hedgehog (He Will Run Free) - Parody of If You Love Someone (Set Them Free), as performed by Sting (Gordon Summer) -- Yet another tribute to the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games.

    18. Introduction - Not a parody, but more so a rip of the Wallace and Gromit theme tied with a dance beat at the end. (non-vocal)

    19. Lemmings - Parody of Five Senses, as performed by Hi-5 -- a parody about the Lemmings games from the 1990's.

    20. Luffy, My Love - Paordy of The Rose, as performed by Bette Midler -- KirbysLover announces her love to Monkey D. Luffy in song.

    21. Luffy - Parody of Luca, as performed by Suzanne Vega -- Yet another love song dedicated to Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw-Hat Pirates.

    22. My 'Hog - Parody of My Guy, as performed by Diana Ross -- KirbysLover's annoyingly poor immitation of Amy Rose and possibly announcing her love to Sonic the Hedgehog.

    23. Nightmare at Strand! - Parody of Bad Day, as performed by Daniel Powter -- a parody of KirbysLover's trip to seeing A Bug's Life going horribly awry, after panicking over Flick being ostracized from his colony. Note: The toy piano in the backing track only makes this one less enjoyable.

    24. Piñata Island - Parody of I Can See Clearly Now, as performed by Jimmy Nash -- Yet another filk song, but of the XBox 360 game, Viva Piñata.

    25. Professor Pester - Parody of She Hates Me, as performed by Puddle of Mudd -- a filk song about the Viva Piñata lead villain, Professor Pester.

    26. Professor Pester's (Bad) Touch - Parody of Bad Touch, as performed by the Bloodhound Gang -- yet another filk song about Professor Pester and his ruffians. Note: There are three known versions of this song: Demos A and B, along with the official release.

    27. Raving Rabbids - Possibly the first and only original song that KirbysLover has ever written and recorded! -- This original is a "style parody" to the musical stylings of Wesley Willis. Believe this or not, but this original recording does nail Wesley Willis's style spot on! Note: While this is the only original she's ever produced, make note that a looped backing track, in one key does not make a good backing track!

    28. Rayman (It's Not Easy) - Parody of Superman (It's Not Easy), as performed by Five for Nothing -- a parody/filk song about the PC version of Rayman.

    29. Realistic - Parody of Ironic, as performed by Alanis Morissette -- Yet another song about Sonic the Hedgehog, rather, KirbysLover's difficulty of aknowledging that Sonic the Hedgehog is A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

    30. Sam and Max - Parody of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, as performed by Green Day -- a filky parody about the short-lived animated series, Sam and Max.

    31. Save Luffy - Parody of Let it Be, as performed by the Beatles -- KirbysLover sings about her panic attacks and fears of Monkey D. Luffy drowning and/or dying.

    32. Shadow of a Doubt - Parody of Dragostea Din Tei, as performed by O-Zone -- KirbysLover desperately tries to immitate the Romanian pop group. The piece, rather, the song in question tributes Dr. Eggman and Shadow the Hedgehog. Note: There are two known versions of this song, one being a demo version and the other being the official release.

    33. Shadow Scared Me Tonight - Parody of Another Day in Paradise, as performed by Phil Collins -- KirbysLover sings of a panic attack after watching Sonic X. At first, basing the parody on its title, one would assume that she would be parodying Sir Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight".

    34. Shadow the Hedgehog - Parody of Frosty the Snowman, as performed by various artists -- a tribute to Shadow the Hedgehog.

    35. Sonic Advet - Parody of Away in a Manger, as performed by various artists -- One of two parodies of traditional, religious songs about Sonic the Hedgehog.

    36. Starbucks Double-Shots - Parody of Gummy Berry Juice, as performed by Disney's Gummi Bears -- KirbysLover's song about the Starbucks Double-Shot. KirbysLover shouldn't really be drinking caffeinated beverages.

    37. The Lost Vikings - Parody of Three Wishes, as performed by Hi-5 -- A tribute to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's game title, the Lost Vikings.

    38. The Story of Wario Ware, Inc. - Parody of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, as performed by Gordon Lightfoot -- KirbysLover's historical telling of how Wario Ware, Inc. came to be.

    39. Wario World - Parody of Part of Your World, as performed by Ariel, from Disney's the Little Mermaid -- KirbysLover sings about how she'd like to play Wario World for the Nintendo Game Cube.

    40. We Parted Ways - Parody of 2 Become 1, as performed by the Spice Girls -- The parody is mainly about KirbysLover playing Conker's Bad Fur Day and various Rareware titles and her rant of Microsoft buying out Rareware.

    41. What a Friend We Have in Sonic - Parody of What a Friend We Have in Jesus, as performed by various artists -- Believe this or not, but this song, by far has the most disturbing lyrics -- apparently, KirbysLover thinks it's okay to pray to Sonic the Hedgehog and worship him. (i.e. "Take it to the 'hog in prayer...") Additional Comment: Lyrics can be found here.

    42. When I Play Starfox - Parody of Walking on The Moon, as performed by the Police -- A tribute to the popular title, Starfox.