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    Info non-talk.png Keep in mind that Kirbyslover will delete her artwork/journals the instant she gets so much as a single negative comment. Therefore, make sure you screencap before you flame. Also, remember while reading this article that she is currently over 22 years old.
    Mortal Kombat cosplay FTL.
    File:Oct04 31.gif
    A typical encounter with Kirbyslover

    Kirbyslover began on the internet as a Futurama cross fanartist long before joining DeviantArt (which she is now banned from). She (yes, that land whale is a woman) emailed her works to be hosted at leelazone.com.ar, before it became futurma-madhouse.com.ar. Her work can still be seen at Futurama Madhouse. Her blatant and poorly executed copy and pasting was humorously well received at the site. She changed her ways after some creative criticism, and started drawing the characters herself, which is a step up from the "collage" work featured at Futurama Madhouse, though one could argue that she was better off with the collage stuff.

    Kirbyslover is a 22-year old, very sensitive artist from DeviantART. She is HIGHLY TALENTED, posting very original art of things such as Wallace and Grommit, Sonic the Hedgehog, that alien guy from WarioWare and Bubsy Rayman. She wants in the pants of cartoon characters, occasionally furry ones, and treats every single bad thing that happens as if it were the most traumatic event ever.

    Some of her redeeming features are her astoundingly horrible people skills, talking to "shrinks" because her parents make her, contemplating becoming an hero for reasons such as not being able to play Banji-Kazooie, obsessing over terrible cartoons and video games and creating Mary Sues based on the aforementioned cartoons, for use in yiff art.

    You don't need to be a "shrink" to realize that this harpoon-worthy monster has more than one mental illness leading to her delusionally channelling her affection towards these cartoon characters out of need to be accepted. Unfortunately, not even a mudkips really cares for her, leading to yet another failure on her part.


    File:Kirbyslover grommit.jpg
    If Kirbyslover was a furry, one would suspect this was a drawing of her fursona. It has to be some kind of self-portrait
    File:Something smells by kirbyslover.jpg
    Whenever Kirbyslover draws, a gothic loli dies of suffocation. Please, think of the gothic lolis.

    As stated previously, Kirbyslover is a wonderful artist. 100+ hours in MSPaint. On a quick look at her gallery, she is easily passed off as just another retarded DeviantARTlet. But if one delves deeper, they find she posts such wonders as frog yiff between Slippy Toad and her self-insert, more policy violations than you can shake a stick at (most of which she's removed because if her gallery got deleted she'd probably have another nervous breakdown), including bizarre, unexplained crossovers and uh... she thinks she had sex with a cartoon character? The point is, Kirbyslover wants hot dickings from her favorite (male because she's totally not lesbian) characters. Meanwhile she like to portray her favorite female characters completely out of character.

    Like all DevianTARTlets, Kirbyslover cannot accept criticism. In fact, if her fanart gets made fun of enough, she will stop drawing it. So far she claims she will never draw Bubsy again because of ED. To date, 90% of the artwork that was linked from here was deleted, so the secret to driving her away would be to link to every image in her gallery, or just the whole gallery itself.

    In recent news, we discovered that KirbysLover had been temporarily banned from DeviantART, sometime three years ago, for harassment of another deviant. This lead her to open a Sheezy Art page, however, good times at DeviantART didn't last, as KirbysLover failed to learn from her mistake and was permanently banned from the site. The exact date of KirbysLover's banning has yet to be confirmed, but as of 10/7/08, KirbysLover was permanently banned from DeviantART.

    This user is no longer a member of DevianTART
    Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

    7:49 pm FUCK YOU, ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA!!! I'm so fucked off. After getting home from the mall, I found out my DA account is no more.



    Current Mood: irate Current Music: Joan Osbourne- One of us



    Chalk that up as a win for Anonymous.

    Kirbyslover wants secks from cartoon characters

    File:Kirbyslover frog1.jpg
    Are you ready to be deflowered?
    HAWT: anagram for WHAT?!

    As you may have noticed, Kirbyslover has a disturbing number of self-inserted Mary-Sues in an array of bizarre fandoms. This in itself is fair enough - most DevianTARTlets love to draw their fursonas or whatever hanging out with their favourite kawaii animu/games characters.

    But of course, what Kirbyslover really likes is taking her Mary-Sues and pairing them up with the grossest canon characters she can find. I mean for fuck's sake, it's a frog! What the hell?! This one has a dong for a head. King Dedede is the height of class. And goombas will never, EVAR be sexy. There are others - this is just the cream of the crop.

    It's disturbing enough that she does this with her Mary-Sues, but when she dispenses with the middle-man and just writes about her getting it on with cartoon characters personally, it starts getting really creepy.

    The Slippy porn was the result of two Deviants who put her up to it. Claimed it would make her gallery "awesome". When threatened with the Banhammer, she was quoted as saying "Who were these two loosers(sic) that tried to single handedly make my gallery "awesome"???? I'm going to find you two!" The fact that she fell for such an obvious troll is hilarious beyond words.

    And the fact that she's 22 years old and fell for it makes it even funnier.

    Her deviantTART Journal

    Drawing porn involving various male characters fucking her self-inserts and unusually happy images of Ashley from WarioWare is just one source of lulz. Another source is her absolutely wonderful DA Journal. Her journal seems to indicate that she thinks it's perfectly normal to act like a 5 year old in public. She rants on about such important topics such as how evil her parents are for not letting her watch shows that make her flip out over the main character dying, hitting her like any responsible parent would do, and how she wants to murder them for said hitting, as well as a random retard on a short city bus. You can tell you have some absolute non-typical emo gold when she deletes an entry soon after she posts it, such as the one where she, in her words, "threw a temper tantrum" over a FUCKING STICKER BOOK. What is amazing is that she mentions this but withholds something that probably wouldn't have made her look like she's a complete fucktard. But then again knowing her it's every bit as bad as the airport incident.


    Please remember that Kirbyslover is 22 years old.

    Gallery of Batshit Insanity

    KirbysLover on other shit art sites

    After the discovery of the news of KirbysLover having a Sheezy Art site, our top analysts in intelligence started long, extensive searches, which were successful. This success lead us to KirbysLover's Sheezy Art page, which can be found here. The site is rarely maintained as her gallery only has three things at the moment. However, her journal shows similar traits to that of her LiveJournal and DeviantART journal which is still available for public viewing.

    • Note: sources indicate that KirbysLover may re-activate her Sheezy Art account to replace DeviantART as she was banned, but it's unlikely because of ED's demonic doings.

    KirbysLover can also be found on Photobucket as she was forced to leave DeviantART. Let us be glad that her suicidal thoughts aren't plastered all over her photobucket.

    Kirbyslover is a very talented musician

    Kirbyslover does not restrict her fanfaggotry to shitting out MSPaint pictures of her favorite kawaii desu characters, she is also an EXTREMELY TALENTED songwriter and has written 87 written song parodies about such characters as Kirby and Sonic the Hedgehog, which can be located at this following link: http://www.amiright.com/parody/authors/andreahuckstep.shtml

    However, these written lyrics barely scratch the surface of her lyrical genius. According to several sources, whom wish to remain anonymous, KirbysLover (also known as QueenDDD, Queen DDD, or Queen DeDeDe [in some circuits]) there are forty-two known recordings of her song parodies that have surfaced on the internet. These can be found in the archive.

    At one point, to attempt to promote her music, KirbysLover showcased her music on MySpace, but unfortunately, KirbysLover's MySpace site was shut down shortly after its online debut.

    Other notable mentions on KirbysLover's parodies is that while she does not have her own band [seeing that she's too unfit to successfully interact with other people] to assist in producing her music, her only source for backing tracks are Karaoke .mp3's and [poorly sequenced] MIDIs she downloads via internet for her [unfunny] parodies.


    File:Kirbyslover bubsy.jpg

    Aside from being a talented artist, Kirbyslover is 22 years old. And very mature for her age. She has a LiveJournal riddled with entries to attest to this fact. As you read through the journal, there is a fact that you must not forget.

    Kirbyslover is 22 years old.

    All entries in her journal are public, and most of them are about such shocking issues as "what am I going to do if Sonic dies?", "[if I don't] get Mario DDR, [I'll] be emotionally drained for all eternity", "Thanks to some advice from Sonic which became a meme on YTMND, I was able to report the idiot who was touching me in the wrong spot" and the like.

    This being said, the reason her LiveJournal is locked against commenting is because one person posted MEAN comments. How uncalled for. Yet she still keeps it public. The mind boggles.

    Example of one of her very mature livejournal entries:

    Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

    6:57 am On the verge of panic during Sonic X... On June 28, 2005, I was told by my parents I was not allowed to watch One Piece anymore for my own sanity.

    During the final season of Sonic X, little did I know that I was going to be in for alot of stress, especially for April 1st when there was an episode where Shadow was trying to pursue poor Cosmo for no reason. He had injured Sonic and Chris Thorndyke. As the episode was progressing, it was pushing me over the edge to the point where on the verge of panic, I had ATTEMPTED to call my shrink. Strangely, I didn't know his number. So what do I do? I called the operator to see if she could give me the number to Easter Seals. I was screaming on the phone (hopefully my dad wasn't hearing me) "GOD, PLEASE DON'T TAKE SONIC AWAY FROM ME!". This Sonic X episode was a shell shock, not to mention I had missed the episode before that thanks to United Airlines (which shell-shocked me for life). After the Sonic X episode had ended open ended, my dad comforted me (while I was crying). However, minutes after he left, I knew I would be thankful because the police suddenly pulled up into my driveway. I told them the story about what was going on during Sonic X, but the policeman was friendly, mainly because he told me that his daughter watches Kim Possible. I was still upset during that day, but after the police left, I kept this whole thing a secret and pretended it never EVER happened, because if my parents, Mr. Shiffer, or Dr. Williams heard about this incident, my parents would have banned me from Sonic X like they did with One Piece. I still have kept this a secret to this day, and I have the hope my parents (or Mr. Shiffer) will NOT read this entry whatsoever.

    I was terribly traumatized by "a cartoon's death" since I was booted out of a theater crying like a toddler when they exiled Flik from ant island, and the grasshoppers got very upsetting. To this day, I still haven't been able to go to a movie by myself, regardless of its rating. No wonder why my parents have a shrink for me.


    KIRBYSLOVER IS TWENTY-FUCKING-TWO YEARS OLD. Imagine what happens when she finds out harry potter dies?

    Serious Business - the airport incident

    By far the most serious business that Kirbyslover (who is 22 years old) has been involved in is "the incident at the airport". Said traumatizing incident is so serious that she now has PTSD from how the airport treated her.

    Nothing that can be written here can beat her own accounts of the incident (which is at least 100x moar serious than anything you could imagine)

    That's right. She has PTSD from the fact that the airport bumped back her flight several hours and as a result she missed an episode of Sonic. Which is more retarded: The fact that she believes this is true or the fact that she plastered this all over the internets?

    In case you've forgotten, Kirbyslover is 22 years old.

    A typical chat with Kirbyslover

    Anything that comes to contact with Kirbyslover will die a slow, painful death. Yes, even robots.

    WarioWare2005: I'm frightened

    WarioWare2005: I'm frightened

    WarioWare2005: I'm frightened+

    WarioWare2005: I'm frightened because my internet's going to fail on me

    WarioWare2005: I'm frightened because my internet's going to fail on me

    Xx Marie Chan xX: <_<

    WarioWare2005: Don't you know what had happened to me when my internet went down on me?! I had one of the worst panic attacks which sent me to the ER

    Xx Marie Chan xX: >_>

    Xx Marie Chan xX: look

    Xx Marie Chan xX: the internet will always come back

    Xx Marie Chan xX: you crazy addict

    WarioWare2005: I hope as hell my dad's not downloading anything off his computer because any time when my folks are using the internet to use the webcam, download, etc., it causes my internet to get hogged. Plus, I can't stand seeing the death clock on Firefox explorers, because when I see one for a long time, it could mean my internet's death is imminent

    Xx Marie Chan xX: the what clock? XP Just share your computer and internet, that's what I do

    Xx Marie Chan xX: you are on all the time

    WarioWare2005: Ever use Firefox and see the "Loading" spinner at the upper right hand part of your screen? I called it the death clock, because following a router problem on my computer, we occasionally get these connection problems which occur for almost 10 seconds to 30 minutes.

    WarioWare2005: Mom told me if the internet is still having problems after 30 minutes, we call the internet company

    WarioWare2005: and I'm having a low, low self esteem because I'm hungry and I can't cook because I was blatantly interrupted by the fucking electrician. I'm going to go bald from stress!


    Xx Marie Chan xX: why don't you doodle or read a book?

    WarioWare2005: You know, without my computer, I can't play Banjo-Kazooie on the emulator.

    Xx Marie Chan xX: and?

    WarioWare2005: When my power went out on Friday the 13th, I had no way to play Banjo-Kazooie whatsoever.

    Xx Marie Chan xX: uh huh

    Xx Marie Chan xX: and what is so special about that?

    WarioWare2005: I'm having an unhealthy obsession with the game...:'(

    Xx Marie Chan xX: then break it

    WarioWare2005: I still can't go into the kitchen because of the electrician, and I'm so ravenous I'd want to eat my leg or arm


    Xx Marie Chan xX: emo




    Much like the famed and srslytough Spax3, KirbysCockSucker has threatened ED with a lawsuit for telling the truth and showing the world how much of a retarded fuckwad she is.

    Perhaps rather than screaming about not getting to see episodes of Sonic X, crying and spazzing over her parents making her do chores and [obviously] not getting her way in exchange for supporting and providing her with room and board as well as wiping her ass, threatening to kill people for AIM and her internet connection not working properly, and drawing shitty Nintendo character fanart, this fatty fuck should go outside. With any luck, the rays of the sun will cause her to shrivel up and burn away like the vampires in the Wesley Snipes film, Blade if the cruelties and evils of the world we live in don't get to her first.


    Apparently, she BAWWWWWWWWWWed herself out of exsistance, mainly by Deleting Fucking Everything. She was afraid that YouTube would mute her videos. Her 15 friends were devistated.

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