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    Kirbyfan1234 (aka Zoe / Zoi) is a teenager obsessed with the Kirby character King Dedede, who is often depicted as out of character in her work. She is so obsessed that it comes off as being both creepy and weird. Her character would be all right if only her persona wasn't a major Mary-Sue with a pêchant for bestiality.


    Zoe's personality is basically non-existant, save for the fact that she loves Dedede. She fangirls to the point where it seems like she believes Dedede is a real life character. Oh, and apparently she likes baking and video games. We have yet to see any real talents in the field of baking, as any images of her baked goods look like a child made them. As for video games, she has been known to play various Kirby games, though it should be noted that in one of her comments she claims she no longer plays. Why? Because she could not hurt King Dedede. She also claims to play Animal Crossing, but other than that, nothing. Thus, she would appear to be a casual gamer.

    Zoe often gets upset at those who go against her Mary-Sue X Canon shipping, and has been known to write butthurt journals looking for sympathy because of it. At one point she even started to harass an Ask King Dedede account on deviantArt.

    She also tries so hard to be "Random XD" to be funny/entertaining, but fails miserably.


    Zoe has developed a currently small yet very dedicated fanbase since 2009, which seems to grow by the day. Whenever she is upset for whatever silly reason of hers, they are there to support her, which only seems to make her obsession worse.


    Right from the get go, you know she's crazy. Just read her deviantID.

    Welcoming: Hello there! Welcome to my profile, I'm Zoe, And i'm King Dedede's number 1# fan.

    About me: I'm very sweet, sensitive & helpful. I love gaming, drawing, & baking things. :) And of course, I'm obsessed with Dedede. ;p'

    What i like to draw: Kirby characters. Because Kirby is a part of my childhood. I usually draw Dedede because I looooooove him to death! :love: And i do draw other things besides Dedede, I also draw Kirby, Sometimes Nyan cat & Om nom, & a bunch of random doodles. :P

    My dreams and Imagination: I'm already doing my dreams! I have so many drawing ideas, So i draw basicly all the time!! :meow: And i'm learning how to bake things, like cookies, cake, brownies, Because i can feel it in my code that i have the talent to bake. :B

    Why I love Dedede so much:


    Well, Because he is a Penguin, And my favorite animals are Penguins, So since he is a Penguin, I GO CRAZY FOR HIMMM!!!!! But thats not the only reason why I love him! There are more reasons!! A LOT I CANNOT EXPLAIN BECAUSE I'M NOT VERY GOOD AT EXPLAINING!!! But I'll tell you them anyway, I also love Dedede because He is very Silly & Clumsy, He always makes me giggle whenever he's being silly, & He always brings a smile to my face whenever I'm sad. Cause whenever I'm sad/angry I just look at a picture of Dedede, and he quickly makes me smile & feel all warm inside.. I actually have a lot in common with Dedede, We both like to eat a lot, We're both clumsy, and, We both HATE shots.. I used to like Kirby A LOT, But then one day, I just fell madly in love with Dedede, And now, He's my hero.. I still like Kirby, I'm just more interested in Dedede.. He makes me happy whenever I'm sad/angry. He's extremely special to me.. :heart: I love him MORE than anything else in the entire world!! :love: I don't care what the others say about him not being real, HE IS REAL TO ME.. I think Dedede is so cute that, HE IS 100% CUTER THAN REAL PENGUINS!! :squee: Cause I like Blue penguins with Big hammers instead of Boring Black & White penguins that don't have hammers. & Even if I stop loving him like a husband like I do right now, I will never stop being a fan of him.. He'll always be in an extra special place in my heart.. If you knew me IRL, I'd talk about Dedede around you, EVERY SINGLE DAY.. I never get sick of talking about him, I imagine about him all the time, I make songs about him, I don't get sick of looking at him, and I can't ever stop thinking about him!! :love: I LOVE HIM SO FREAKIN MUCH THAT I WISH HE WAS REAAAALLL!!!! I'd squeeze him to death and tell him I love him so much that I'd die for him!! Everytime I look at him, My heart pounds extremely hard, and then I get all crazy, excited, hyper over him, and then, I start squealing like Mouse and go "EEEEE!!! EEEEE!!! DEDEDEEEEE!!!!!! :love:" And then I feel like I'm blushing!! I even cry over him too, Sometimes I get sad about him, So I cry.. I even cried when I didn't had a Dedede plushie! But now I have one!! I don't think Dedede is a Bad guy at all! So if you say he is, Then you're wrong. He just only wants to kill Kirby because he was jealous that Kirby got more attention than he did.. But now he doesn't want to kill him anymore. Even if he is Selfish/Greedy/Mean, I still FREAKIN LOVE HIM TO DEATHHH!! He is my Hero & my Beloved.. I have 12 nicknames for him, But I don't think I should tell you.. Dedede will ALWAYS be my favorite King Penguin, AND NO OTHER KING/PENGUIN CAN TAKE HIS SPOT IN MY HEART!!!'''

    If that doesn't say crazy, I don't know what does. And honestly, I really hope she meant to put inspiration instead of imagination.


    Her "OC" (*cough cough* self-insert *cough cough*) is a bland character who easily fits into the Mary-Sue character. She claims that Queen Zoe/herself has a personality, but there is none to be found. Much like you'd expect, every character seems to love Zoe and either have a crush on or be best friends with her, as you'd expect. Her 'backstory'(if you can even call it that) has a lazy explication of how she 'met' Dedede and is both boring and nonsensical. She even has the typical dead parent trope.

    First off, she has two guys chasing after her. King Dedede, of whom she claimes to be 'married' to, and Escargoon. Though, she claims that Escargoon does not love her anymore; that doesn't make it any less Sueish. On another note, every picture depicts Zoe as a loving wife to Dedede. Nothing else. No talents are portrayed, the persona seems to be totally dependent on Dedede with no hopes of being able to do anything on her own.

    Pretty much everything about this character fits into the typical definition of a Mary Sue.

    Name: Zoi

    Full Name: Zoi Rose Vanillio

    Nicknames: Dove, {referred to by Dedede} Sweet-cheeks, {referred to by Chad} Queen, {referred to by Waddle dees}

    Age: 26

    Birthday: April 5th 1988

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Eye color: Dark Blue

    Hair color: Dark Brown

    Skin tone: Fair

    Weight: 110 pounds

    Height: 5'4"

    Scar: On left arm

    Clothing: Casual: plain white dress with a rose-colored buttoned sweater, brown pumps, white earrings, and hair down with a rose colored headband. Royality: Dedede's crown and comberbun-dress, with red heels, wavy/curly hair, star earrings, and sometimes his robe.

    Personality: kindhearted, hardworking, brave, stubborn, naughty, and playful.

    Likes: Stars, Winter, Silly pranks, Happiness, Color of Rose, and Sunny Days.

    Dislikes: Rude People, Liars, Punishments, Perverts, Nightmares, and Arguing.

    Habits: Twirling her hair when nervous, Secretly eating a bunch of sweets when nobody is around, Talking in her sleep, and does obsessive Cleaning.

    Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Traveling, Gardening, Singing, and Helping out.

    Talent: Cooking/Baking.

    Weapons: a Hammer about the size and weight of Zoi herself, it has the marking of a large pink heart print on both sides of the barrel, and it's not only for smashing, It can also shoot out Kitchen weapons aswell! a Masked Hammer, and it's about the same as her other hammer, the same height and weight of herself, has the same heart-print on both sides, but this hammer can blow out Ice, and shoot arrows. and last but not least, a regular Axe. with some pink detailing on the handle.

    Location: Popstar, Dreamland, Castle Dedede.

    Husband: King Dedede

    Children: Princess Emily & Prince Oscar

    Pets: Nyan Cat & Om Nom

    Mother: Rosanna

    Father: Davis

    Friends: Tiff, Kirby, Bandana Dee, Chef Kawasaki, Escargoon, & Meta Knight.

    Enemies: Prince Chad, Beardo & Mac, 3 Naughty Dees, & Customer Service.


    • FAMILY:

    Rosanna: Zoi and her Mother, Rosanna. It's hard to say if they got along or not. because Rosanna was killed during an Shooting spree while she was grocery shopping. Zoi's Father, Davis, didn't found out that his Wife had been killed until he watched the News. Davis was Heartbroken.. Knowing that he couldn't do anything about his Wife's death. Zoi was only 3 years old when her Mother got killed. so she didn't know what was going on, or where her Mother was. 3 years later, when Zoi was 6 years old, her Father finally told her, that her Mother was killed. and Zoi was very upset.. Even if she doesn't remember having a Mother, she wished that she would've still been alive..

    Davis: Zoi and her Father, Davis. They're very close, but once in awhile they don't get along. Back when Zoi was 6 years old, She liked watching Cooking shows. and she wanted to learn how to Cook. so for Father's day, while her Father was still asleep, she got up early, and tried to cook breakfest for him. but she accidently slit her left arm, and bled. She cried, and her Father got up. shocked to see that she tried to cook for him, she ended up hurting herself instead. He took her to the hospital, and got her treated. He was upset that she hurt herself while cooking. but, He did thought it was sweet of her that she tried to cook him breakfest.

    Dedede: Zoi and Dedede are.. Inseparable. They get along very well, but once in awhile they have very small fights. They met each other when Zoi and her Father first came to Dreamland. She was 14, and Dedede was 16. It was love at first sight for Dedede when he saw her. but Zoi didn't fall for him right away. When they hung out together, They often liked doing each other's hobbies. how Zoi liked to read, Dedede read with her, too. and that Dedede liked playing Video games, Zoi played with them with him, too. even if Dedede didn't know how to read, Zoi helped him. and Zoi didn't know how to play Video games, so Dedede taught her how. as they hung out more, they became best friends. and Zoi started developing feelings for him. As they got older, she was 16, and he was 18. He took her out on their first date, a picnic underneath the starry sky. It was simple, but she loved it. They ate sandwiches and cupcakes she made. and watched the starry sky together. then all of the sudden, Dedede got nervous, but he had courage, and told her, that he loved her. and it turns out, Zoi said the same thing. She loved him, too. It was a night they'd never forget. for they shared their first kiss. As they got even older, she was 20, and he was 22. Dedede built Zoi her own hammer. to protect herself from enemies, and perverts. They fought enemies together. till one day, Dedede proposed to her. It was the happiest day of their lives. as Zoi said yes, their wedding was planned. It was a Wintery theme. since they both loved Winter. at the wedding, There was soft falling snow, sparkly blue and white ribbons, golden bells with peacesigns on them, a huge vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, and little figurines of the couple. All of their friends were there, and even Zoi's enemies.. As they got to kiss passionately, they cried tears of joy, and their friends did, too. but Zoi's enemies were steaming and growling of jealously. for Zoi was now the Queen of Dreamland. As they celebrated, Dedede helped Zoi cut their wedding cake, and danced together, to their song, Together Forever. when their wedding was over, Zoi hopped on his back, as they flew to their honeymoon. after being married for a couple of years, she was 24, and he was 26. Zoi saw other cappies with their own kids, and felt that she and Dedede should start a family. She was very shy, but she told Dedede that she wanted to have kids with him. and he was surprised. He was speechless at first, but then, He agreed with her. for he wanted to raise kids with her too. after a year later, They had two beautiful children. a baby girl named Emily, and a baby boy named Oscar. it was the second happiest day of their lives. for their babies came into the world. Emily and Oscar were sweet, loud, and a little mischievous. A year later, Zoi was 26, Dedede was 28, and their babies were 1 year old. They were a one big happy royalty family. Along with their pets, Nyan cat and Om nom, too.

    Emily and Oscar: Zoi and her babies are very close. She often bonds with them by feeding them, singing to them to help em sleep, tickle their tummies, giving them a bath, and letting them sleep with her and Dedede.

    Nyan Cat & Om Nom: Zoi and her pets are close. She found them in Whispy Woods while taking a walk. Nyan and Nom were injured and lost. and they were trying to keep each other alive. Zoi was shocked, knowing that they had no home, She decided to take them home, clean em up a bit, and feed them. for she made them her own pets. she showed them to Dedede, but he wasn't interested at first. because he was jealous that Zoi spent a little more time taking care of the pets than with him. but he eventually started to like them. and took care of them aswell. *

    ~ FRIENDS:

    Tiff: Zoi & Tiff are close friends. They like to read together. & explore thoughout Dreamland. 

    Kirby: Zoi & Kirby are close friends. She likes to have Kirby help her with baking. He often follows her around wanting to play.

    Bandana Dee: Zoi & Bandana Dee are good friends. She talks to him if there is no one else to talk to. Bandana also has a small crush on Zoi.

    Chef Kawasaki: Zoi & Kawasaki are good friends. They like cooking together. Sometimes they even compete with each other aswell!

    Escargoon: Zoi & Escargoon are neutral. They aren't close friends, but they do get along once in awhile.

    Meta Knight: Zoi & Meta Knight are neutral. They don't talk very much, but they are still friendly with each other. ~

    / ENEMIES: Prince Chad: Zoi does not get along with Chad at all. He always stalks her when she's awake, sleeping, and even in the shower. He "loves" her just as much as Dedede does. Chad follows her everywhere. and nosebleeds over her too much.

    Beardo & Mac: Zoi doesn't get along with Beardo & Mac either. They always annoy and stalk her. going though her clothes when she isn't home, and forcing her to marry them.

    Moris, Hunger, & Blah, The 3 Naughty Dees: They act the same way as Chad, Beardo & Mac. They stalk and annoy Zoi. They edit pictures of her and put her in a bikini. and even dress up as her.

    Customer Service: Zoi doesn't trust him. knowing that Dedede is wasting his money on demon beasts that turn out to be failures. /

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Backstory: Zoi was born in the US. Raised mostly by her Father, because her Mother passed away when she was 3 years old. Because of this, She suffered from depression until her late teen years. for Her Education, She was Homeschooled. because Her Father was afraid that other mean kids would pick on her if she went to School. when Zoi was 6 years old, her Father decided to get the job as a Policeman. to protect his Daughter, & avenge his Wife's death. it was also when Zoi got a terrible scar on her left arm. Years later, Zoi was 14 years old. She developed her love for the stars. looking out in a window each night, wishing she could get a closer look at them. after Her depression started fading away, She decided she wanted to explore into Space, to learn more about the Solar system. Her Father wasn't sure about the idea at first, but then He decided to take the risk. They rented a Spaceship & flew into Outer Space. Zoi got to see the stars she always wanted to see up close.

    After a short time later, They came opon a star shaped planet. Zoi & Davis never seen anything like it. Zoi was curious what the planet was like, and what sorts of creatures lived there. Davis was curious aswell. so they decided to travel onto the planet they call, Popstar. When they landed, it was bright, sunny, & colorful. It was a peaceful land named Dreamland. They arrived in Cappytown. where Zoi met her friends, Tiff, Kirby, Bandana Dee, Chef Kawasaki, Escargoon, & Meta Knight. and even the Prince of Dreamland, Dedede. because of all of her closest friends, she decided to live in Dreamland.

    Oh, and if you're curious as to what the "beautiful OC" looks like, here she is. File:Queen Zoi Vanillio.png


    While Zoe claims to have improved her artwork, nothing can be shown for it. Despite redoing some of her old pictures, they still have the same shitty quality even after several years of 'practice'. Even when she claims to have changed certian qualiries about it(i.e. the style of they eyes) there is no real difference, looking practically identical to her 'previous' style. She would literally have to tell you what the difference is for you to spot it.


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