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    Fursona. Sexy? Moar liek ugly as hell amirite?

    Kinmotsu7 is a furry artist who draws pornography of Koopas from Super Mario Bros. Judging by all the artwork he's done of Koopas sucking each other off, it's plausible that he has a turtle fetish. He's even a fellow EDiot who will load his sick pics for the lulz.


    If it weren't for his bizarre Koopa fetish, then Kinmotsu would be just another furfag. Like any furry, Kinmotsu attends Anthrocon in hopes to peddle his Koopa smut. In the furry world, art is serious business. Just take a look at this:

    Anthrocon 2008 is over.

    Pictures I drew for myself: 1 Pictures I drew for others as part of an art trade: 3 Pictures I drew for others for money: 1 Pictures others drew for me as a gift or part of an art trade: 5 Pictures others drew for me for my money: 1 Badges others drew for me for my money: 2 Total money earned on art: $40 Total money spent on art: $85



    Seems that he's willing to dish out all his cash for some crappy drawing of turtles having sex.

    Internets Habits

    Kinmotsu7 has used to have accounts on SheezyArt, FurAffinity and DevianTART. He's even visited fchan to spread his Koopa flavored AIDS to the ignorant masses that fucked their way through almost the entire animal kingdom. But since he believes that he's too good for common art sites, he decided to buy a domain name of his own to share his masterpieces for all the world to see.

    Anyways, Kinmotsu7 has been drawing his Koopa shit since 2002 and to this day, he's still creating that smut and some of the most imaginative Rule 34 you'll ever see.

    Koopa Gallery

    Non-Koopa Gallery

    Apparently, Koopas aren't the only thing he dreams of raping. Like some people with impure thoughts of beloved children's characters, Kinmotsu7 stepped up to the challenge of creating more Rule 34 than one can shake a stick at. It is strongly advised that after viewing all the pics in the gallery, it's time for some brain bleach.

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