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    Kineticlightning is an e-psychiatrist currently residing on DeviantART.

    An avid member of the snapesnogger fanclub, KineticLightning spends her days protecting the DeviantART diva from the hordes of /b/, 4chan, and the terrible abuse brought on by the average DeviantART user who dares not to praise and worship the ground she walks on.

    Hailing from her home planet the University of Tennessee with the rest of her goth lesbian girlfriends, she seeks to use her skillz in understanding the language of fucktards to change the world by proving the fundamentals of basic psychology to be false and that mental diagnosis of people over the tubes can be accomplished simply by her adding them to her watchlist and reading their online journal from as far away as halfway around the planet. The complete listing of her "patients" is unknown, but snapesnogger and toukan have both received her input on every facet of their online personal life.

    Just read the text in the comment. It says everything that needs to be said.

    When not consulting Miss Cleo to help her cheat on her final exams from prison, KineticLightning indulges in activities such as camwhoring in hopes that an internet stalker will tell her she's pretty.

    Currently there is no news on what e-college she earned her e-degree in e-psychology in, nor what e-facility she served as an intern for, but rumors abound that outdated psychology books from the 1820's and perhaps Wikipedia may have played a part in her learnings.

    Not to be confused with a currently non-active user by the username 'kinetic-lightning'.

    Because degrees and experience mean shit compared to the unbridled power of EGO!

    KineticLightning approves of ED!

    Latest journal entries from this fatty punk rock goth chick say that she is actually flattered by this article and admits wholeheartedly that it's all true.

    Also in the comments are plans to run off to Australia where her and her harem will met up with the famed SnapeSnogger to go get drunk. It has not yet been confirmed if this is in fact a plan to raep the DeviantART out of some twisted and perverse fetish that involves having lesbian relations with whiney internet celebrities.

    Perhaps the ban feature on Snapesnogger's DeviantART would be put to better use to kick this ugly stalker in the manboobs instead of against people who dare to offer the criticism that she's been guilty of having begged for dozens of times in the past.

    Her "Art"

    When you can't draw... SPRITE

    A Camwhore is Fine Too

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