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Kimberleigh Ann Keister

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Info non-talk.png If you find KAK's online batshittery, SCREENCAP THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHIT. She is known to delete every trace of her online existence after realizing she's been discovered.
The Beast Herself upon graduating highschool at age 21.

Kimberleigh Ann Keister is a Reagan worshiping Republican furry artist best known for her rampant art theft in the furry fandom and, more recently, her impersonation of animal control officers in the state of California. In the past, she was known for breeding genetically defective Siberian Huskies, as well as showing them in competitions in the California area. She is 40 years old as of 2016, yet still behaves like a 14 year old. Kim presently wallows through her pathetic existence at a trailer owned by her parents in Magalia, CA (after they bought said domicile for her to rescue her from the low-income public housing project for seniors and people with disabilities where they had dumped her in Gilroy, California.)

It's ok though guys, the reason she spells so bad isn't because she's mentally retarded, it's because she's Japanese.

Due to her particular behavior, she has become known under several nicknames, including KAK, Kimmah, Kimmaugh, KOOK, HamBeast, or the KAK-Beast.

Quick Facts

A portrait of KAK
  • Birthday: Nov. 17, 1976
  • Lives: Magalia, CA
  • Past Residences: Los Banos CA, Gilroy CA
  • University: Gavilon College, Gilroy, CA
  • Graduated High School at age 21
  • Diagnosed with PDD and ADHD.
  • Has called herself an “Art Goddess” on many occasions.
  • Dreams of becoming an animator for Walt Disney.
  • Sought revenge on a neighbor by defecating on their porch.
  • Reportedly flung dog feces at a police cruiser.
  • Is a fanatical fan of the old, and horrid, cartoon program ‘The Road Rovers’
  • For years, terrified and bullied the ‘Road Rovers’ fandom in hopes of becoming their leader.
  • Her main enemy is Kylen Miles, the Grand Dame of the ‘Road Rovers’.
  • She tries to emulate Kylen Miles in every way, including attempting to attend her college, Loyola Marymount University.
  • In love with Matt Daily, AKA Furaffinity-favicon.png Convoy, at the time of attack a New York teen, whom she is still stalking to this day.
  • Claimed she was pregnant to force Convoy into loving her.
  • Habitually lies about everything in her life.
  • Claimed to have had breast cancer in a bid for sympathy.
  • Fooled Road Rovers fan and unremitting fag, Mojo Rover into becoming her mouthpiece and crony. He finally caught Kim in a lie, with the help of PoE regulars, and renounced his dark covenant with the Beast
  • Spent years harassing various military communities looking to get laid
  • Has written elaborate rape fanfiction about Banrai, whom she has never met in person
  • Classes on animal peace officer training taken at Marin Humane Society, failed several times before eventually passing at the bottom of her class
  • Has stolen the identity of several law enforcement and animal control officers from California and Alaska, and in at least one case this has resulted in someone losing their employment.


Proof of KAK's poor judgement when stealing art.

Kim made her first foray onto the internet at large when she showed up on Road Rovers forums and messageboards in late 1999, where she often participated in art trades, forum conversation, and other social activities. For a while, she got along amicably with most members, and eventually she became acquaintances with Kylen Miles, a popular artist in the Road Rovers fandom and animation student at Loyola Marymount University. Kim was clearly deeply inspired by Kylen, and soon began to rip off Kylen's sub-par art in several ways, including creating characters that closely resembled Kylen's as well as copying Kylen's drawings and passing them off as her own. Because the Road Rovers fandom was small and tight-knit, Kim was quickly discovered and subsequently admonished by many members of the community for her actions. However, despite that she was ostracized from the community for her actions, Kim continued to trace artwork not only from the Road Rovers, but also from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, as well as The Lion King fanart.

In Kim's own words, this is what happened:

Also it looks like my stalkers ruin my life..Ypu can see they like talking trash about me and following where ever i go and ruin most my life. The so call Loyola Marymont student went around post my home home phone number all over the net and i get calls days and night with threats and **** like that. I get threats like if you come to LMU you are dead and we going throw over the bluff after we chop you arms and legs off. I amite i used to be friends with that one...But after other RR fans started inore that person and coming to me for commissions and other things she went into rage and out cased me backstabbed and so on..sents then her her friends been stalking and herasssing me!


— Kim's explanation of her situation on

In a statement issued by Kylen Myles on her website,, we find that not only did Kim harass Kylen, but that her family suffered The Beast as well. This eventually lead to Kylen's brother Cory having to take out a restraining order against Kim just to get some peace from her constant badgering. Kim was also banned from the LMU campus for stalking Kylen while she was enrolled there. Kim likes to claim that she was a LMU student, and that she had to leave the college due to stalking by Kylen. In fact, Kylen had to drop out of school due to financial and medical issues, but of course Kim twisted that to her own ends.

I'm not banned from that school, I personaly been there over the summer when I went to the Long Beach Kennel Club in July in Long Beach. I went to LMU's Main addmissions office and there campus police and Told them who I was and about the proublems with Kylen Miles. Kylen indeed "TRYED" to have me banned from LMU, She see's me as the compation and scared that I will do better then her. I gave LMU the Police reports and showed them my copy of the restraing order I filed on Kylen. I did ask addmission if I will have a proublsm if I tryed Appy and they said No!


— Kim's version of events surrounding LMU

Herrassment [sic]

With growing disagreement between herself and the Road Rovers community for harassment and art theft, Kim quickly became estranged from them. She took to criticizing its members through several mediums, including message boards, LiveJournals, and newsgroups. At this point, she claimed that Kylen Miles had actually copied her art, and that Kylen was stalking her due to jealousy of being beaten at an art show. Later she would use this same bait-and-switch tactic on other artists, even going so far as to include a 'Wall of Shame' page on her personal GeoCities website, Wintermist Studios, to call out people she felt copied her own art.

Aside from Kylen, of Kim's favorite targets in the Road Rovers fandom is Matt Daily, AKA Furaffinity-favicon.png Convoy, whom at the time was underage and living with his parents. Kim became infatuated with Convoy, and eventually began claiming that they were dating and then later that they were engaged and that she was pregnant with his child. However, all of this was completely constructed by Kim, as Convoy not only lived on the other side of the United States, but had never met Kim in real life. Finally, after Kim began calling Convoy's home repeatedly, his parents stepped in and barred him from the internet. At that time Kim laid claim to Convoy's Road Rover fan character and began claiming that it was copyrighted to her. Much later, Kim claimed that it was in fact the other way around - that Convoy had made unwanted advances toward her and she only contacted his parents when it got out of hand.

My so call under age boyfriend they talking about is Matt Daily a 20 year old. I don't why they say things like that..Thats very wrong and can get me or anyone in jail for a crime I or They didn't do.

Wel1 look at this if I am 25 years old and i have or invited a 20 year old over that legel. But if a 20 year old invites a 17 year old to her apartment thats illegel (I know of a case, I think they have you know what) I contected the proper people for that. Some people don't even know my boyfriends age.


— Kim's statement about her relationship with Convoy / Matt Daily

During the turmoil between herself and the Road Rovers fandom, Kim also made several false identities to contact various members. Despite creating realistic sounding names for these sock puppets, Kim was always found out due to her consistent spelling and grammar mistakes.

Banned 4 Life From Everywhere


Kim is purportedly banned for life from Elfwood for Elfwood for plagiarism and other violations.

Kim was suspended from the VCL at the start of 2005 for her persistent complaints about the site and the "internet rules" it was breaking. The ban was later upgraded to permanent after threats of sexual harassment charges were made to Ch'marr. As of May 2006 this has been the only exception to the VCL's policy of "no permanent bans". In retaliation, Kim made several attempts to sully Ch'marr's name, including posting to her LiveJournal that he had been arrested for child pornography.

Kim was banned from Side7 for identity theft, intellectual property theft, harassment and subsequent rejoinings after her initial ban.

Kim was banned from FurAffinity in early 2006, after fabricating a story in which, as she claimed, "dedicated hackers" were constantly hijacking her account and posting dozens of new posts in what would have been the span of five minutes. She threatened the site's administrators with legal action through the FBI's "Special Internet Crime Department" and was banned from the site after IP logs of her account activity proved that no one but herself had accessed the account since its creation.

Kim has been banned from deviantART under several usernames (detailed below).

As retaliation to her bans, Kim created numerous groups and profiles in an attempt to defame the administrators and members of the sites she was removed from, including: Furry Art Thief Police on Yahoo! Group, Community.gif KAK_Police, Community.gif pedifile_in_vcl, and Community.gif vcl_pedophilia.

As for Kim's art, it speaks for itself:

Wintermist Productions on Portal of Evil

The controversy caused by Kim's actions reached a fever pitch when Kim was discussed on the Dragonguyver forum and her legend spread to a new audience as her website, "Wintermist Productions", was featured on Portal of Evil in March 2002. Soon after her site was featured on PoE proper and the forum sprang to life. Suddenly there was hundreds of people making fun of Kim, calling her on her numerous lies and empty threats. Kimmah writes a few threatening letters to Chet, who summarily told her to go fuck herself. Kim appeared many times on the forum trying to bully the PoE regulars into submission. Unlike the furries, the citizens of PoE weren't afraid and found her spelling mistakes and insanity very funny. Lawsuit threats flew but it fells on deaf ears, she had officially met her match. At that time, the most informative (however now out of date) source of information on Kim is the "The Kimmah Primer: A Guide for Newbies to the World of Kimmah" written by JockoJones on Portal of Evil

As the forum began to gain momentum a mysterious poster by the name of John Keel appeared. He had created a secret site which has amassed an impressive collection of Kimmah insanity. Finally, the full scope of Kimmah's twisted online life was laid bare and the forum exploded with activity as the original was published to the world.

The Wintermist Productions subforum on PoE was consistently active, and when Portal of Evil finally closed its doors, the Wintermist section was one of the largest sub-forums ever hosted there at over 15,600 posts spanning 18 pages of threads.

G.I. Joe

Aside from furry, Kim has turned up in several other cartoon fandoms in which she exhibited actions similar to what she displayed with the Road Rovers and Furry fandom. In particular, Kim was quite active in the G.I. Joe fandom community. Just a few of the antics that Kim got up to are: copious lying, threatening lawsuits, claiming 'background checks' on several members, and even at one point completely copying another fan, Medic's, entire fanpage and then accusing Medic of copying from her.

Kim's character obsession from G.I. Joe is 'Shipwreck', which leads us to...

In the Navy!

This man does not realize that it is a trap.

Kim has also shown up on several websites and mailing lists for the United States Navy. She was banned from the forum, as well as was shunned from the 'NavalAviation' mailing list on Yahoo for soliciting sex. Kim has also made claims that she was dating (and later married and has children with) a man that is in the Navy or Air Force (this has changed back and forth over time). The only definite proof of any of these claims that has turned up are a few photos of Kim with an older man, proving that at least one she has come into contact with a male and not immediately destroyed his soul.

Is anyone looking for single virgin 27 year old to date? I'm am free to date men from 20 years to 32 years. The only thing that matters, is that you are of good perosnlity.


Now on the down and dirty part of my life!!!! In my 26 years I could not even get a date.That's not even the dirty part of my life, The dirty part of my life is, I'm still a Virgin. Yepper's I'm looking for the one special person to gave it up too. I personally have a major dislike for Civilan Men( 80% tend to abuse there wives in many ways). I personally fall for US Navy Sailors, because I like there slezy ways and there dirty little minds. I like it when they been out to sea for over 4 months and no women contect, I like them fresh from a long mission and they are talking slezy and naughty, Like I'm some sort of S**ty girl. I find it a bit romanic when a sailor talks there salior ways to us girls. I'm fresh meat for any US Naval Sailor!

PS. I have a mouth like a Sailor too!!!!


'Wintermist’s Salido Crow', aka the Shunt Husky

Wolf at one of his many wins, awarded because he was the only dog in the category.

When she's not spewing walls of badly-formatted text at someone on the internet, Kim breeds and shows her Siberian Huskies. After going out and purchasing a bitch, Lassky's Shining Shelleigh (or Shelleigh, AKC registration number: WP35057801), Kim began her very own backyard dog breeding business. She bred Shelleigh to a dog called CH. Chyndadn's Archangel C.G.C (or Niko, from 'Chyndadn Kennels', AKC registration number: WP74962204), and the litter was born on May 19, 1999 and produced puppies. Niko was neutered in 1999, shortly after the birth of Kim’s litter – his first and only litter. Niko’s owner says that the pups “produced some genetic problems that I couldn’t, as an ethical & responsible breeder, continue in my lines”. However, she goes on to say that she has “no control over what happened to the puppies resulting from this unfortunate breeding and the breeder of this litter has chosen to continue these lines by showing & breeding these afflicted puppies”. Of the puppies born from this litter, the only one of note was Wintermist’s Salido Crow, also known as Wolf (AKC registration number: WP 92962404).

Wolf, you see, almost died as a puppy but was saved by the valorous work of the veterinarians Dr. Carla Salido and Dr. Stephen Crow, after which Kim named 'Wolfie'. Wolf was born with a kidney shunt - a passage between two natural body channels - and as such had a 'dead kidney' that had to be removed else he would die. This is the genetic problems mentioned by Niko's breeder, and the reason why Nico was neutered. However, Kim, being ever the enterprising individual, decided that instead of neutering Wolf, she would instead breed him (and thus pass on the chance of severe genetic issues that could result in death.)

There is an excellent run-down on Wolf's show record on

Wolf is now dead.

The Post-Furry Years

In 2008 Keister showed up on a community for animal control officers, ACO Fun Stop, by first registering an account under the name 'KeepItWegging' and then later as 'FleaBag'. At some point while posting on this forum, Kim made a new enemy in user 'tomhato', as she mentioned this person several times on her "KimberleighAnnKeisterTheTruth" webpage accusing them of physical assaults and stalking. It is currently unknown what has spurned this random hatred.

Kim's over-exaggerating has cast considerable doubts on many of her claims of accomplishment. In the past she has described herself as: an animator with ties to the Walt Disney corporation and DreamWorks, having completed a B.S. degree in 4 years a marine biologist, a genies [sic, in the Navy, in the ROTC, becoming a veterinarian, a law enforcement officer, and a 'psych doctor' in training.

Kim's current claim of occupation is 'Professional Dog Handler'. However, she baaweleted all of the pages on this site upon finding out that people knew about it, so here is a handy screencap gallery of the pages.

Kim maintained several separate webpages hosted on Webs and Blogger throughout the early 2010's and would also occasionally pop up leaving derogatory comments on people's pages on Furaffinity.

Kimberleigh Ann Keister was active again on deviantART in mid-2012 despite her previous supposed 'lifetime' bans, with username MysticWavesAnnLeigh(though that account is now deactivated) She spends most of her time on DeviantART leaving rude comments and "trolling" artists. It is also clear based on comments from her accounts that despite her ban, Kim was back and active on FurAffinity as user Yuki-san-gwd, and potentially many other accounts currently unidentified at that time. At some point previous to December 2010 Dragoneer was alerted to her new presence by Matt Daily, as evidenced by notes leaked during the great FA hack of 2010, however no action has yet been taken against many of her accounts.

Kim brought further attention to herself online in 2012 by creating several websites on, including one that means to 'set the facts straight' about her, purportedly created by her mother Barbara. Based on the consistent spelling and grammar errors, this page is actually authored by Kim herself, and this is not the first time she has pretended to be her own mother online. On this website, she targets not only the previously mentioned 'tomahto' from the ACO Funstop forums, but also 'Banrai' as well, whom she claims must certainly be Volk as well as Gore, the original creators of Kim has since deleted the information on this page, but thankfully it was screencapped (see image to the right).

Kim vs. Banrai

This is not the first time that Keister has made Banrai a target. It is uncertain when exactly their feud began, but some speculate it goes as far back as the Road Rovers controversy. What is known is that it's fucking creepy. In 2007 Keister began judiciously defacing several articles on Wikifur related to Banrai. Further edits to Banrai's article by Kim added that Kim had at some point filed for a restraining order against Banrai due to 'slander hate art'. None of these claims, of course, are true.

In 2012 Keister began a new campaign of abuse by contactimg Banrai several times via e-mail with a pre-written statement that was subsequently posted to other forums where Kim was being discussed. Along with the short rant that Kim reposted in multiple places, Kim created a new narrative in which she claims that Banrai is in fact a Kim Keister impersonator, and that everything that was on Gore and Volk's original 2003 website was masterminded by Banrai to tarnish Kim's reputation and to get her kicked out of art school Disney the military Apple SCUBA training Uranus everything important that Kim ever wanted in her poor, pathetic, retarded life but couldn't achieve because of her sub-50 IQ. Banrai at one point made a post to a Road Rovers LiveJournal community, Community.gif rrfans, alerting community members to the existence of a newer repository of information on Kim, and it is believed this is why Kim thinks Banrai is Gore / Volk / The President.

Kim has further shown her ignorance by posting on the Wordpress forums about the new incarnation of, where she states that she believes 'Andrea Brooke' is behind the website, and further goes on to state:

Kim's lesbian fantasies about Banrai, in her own words.

As of March 2014, Banrai has been granted a full no-contact order against Keister, according to posts in her Facebook. Her statement claims that should Keister contact her further, it will result in immediate arrest.

Despite this order being in place, Kim still continues to this day to post insane tirades about Banrai, including a new and extremely detailed account of how Banrai supposedly raped her with her fingers in their college locker room at LMU. Copy And Paste Is Backyard Breeding

At some point, Kim got involved in the persecution of a backyard breeder in Kentucky called 'Laura Pope'. All research points to this individual being a legitimate horrible person (even more horrible than Kim, if you can believe that's possible), and Kim of course began a crusade against them because she is a warrior for Doggy Justice™. was created by the same account that owns the page mentioned above, 'KimberleighAnnKeisterTheTruth' - the account called KimLover. You'll notice if you go to the link that the site is suspiciously devoid of much text, even though the full page hierarchy is set up - but she does have a couple photo galleries set up and they are populated. Interesting enough, this photo of the dog called 'Kiya' shows up on a Google Image search of the photo, and leads to Kiya's Page from the owner/breeder of the dog. There is suspiciously little about this dog ever being in the possession of a backyard breeder there, but other evidence shows maybe she was (that's neither here nor there, and has nothing to do with Kim). Either way, though, further searching around finally reveals that this Webs page is, in fact, completely lifted - from the original (but now defunct) website. It is widely believed that at this point Kim also lived in Kentucky for a period, based on many posts in her Livejournal that mentioned being there as well as IP addresses matching being from the state. It is unknown if she lived there or was just visiting.

A Terror in the Animal Control Community

The cease and desist order that we have sent to Mrs. Keister

At some point after 2010, Kim realized that she had burned every bridge she possibly had in the furry and art community and decided it was time to move on. Given her previous experience breeding defective animals, her obvious career option was to become an Animal Control Officer! Based on her strange obsession with beastly, it is believed by some that Kim might be taking in dogs off the street and using them for her own nefarious pleasures, since the only known man to have come into contact with her has never been heard from again.

It didn’t take long for people in the ACO community to realize what kind of person Kim was - she went through ALEA (animal law enforcement training) and after failing several times, finally passed in 2013. This is as far as her ACO experience goes. She, however, likes to pretend far otherwise.

She has made multiple accounts on social media using the names of ACO’s from all across the west coast, stealing their profile photos from their actual Facebook pages, and then gone around pretending to be those people and causing trouble. This has gotten to the point that some of these officers have gotten into trouble because of things Kim has said and done, leaving them in a situation of having to explain to their superiors what’s going on. This came to a head when she stole the identity of Johnny Leece, an ACO from Alaska, using the name “Grant Spencer”, and pitted that false account against an ACO from Northern CA - Karolyn Francoise Verville. Unfortunately for Kim, these people found out and managed to talk to one another, and her scheme was quickly found out. There are MANY other officers that have had the same thing happen to them, to the point that there is a class action suit being put together at this time with all of the affected officers going in on it. The NACA has been contacted and are investigating the situation further, and their ruling will have further effect on this case.

Youtube Hillarity

Under the username Kim Keister lil' Kim was spotted in late 2015 shitflinging in the youtube comment section of some hilariously lulzy video about a Danish theme park built around a brand of candy called BonBon.

Bon Bon Land Theme Park and Roller Coasters - Denmark

Apparently she took offense to fact that the candies, which the theme park built its rides and attractions around, are themed around cowgirl tits, dog farts, shit, piss, rotten fish, raw sewage and bird droppings - basically using that delightful Danish humor to make sweet candy sound more fun - chiefly because Kim found the amount of tits on display in this childrens theme park to mean that the place was pushing Bestiality and Pedophilia - she liked to describe as the park pushing a "Do me beastly" message.

Considering the tits on display in the thumb of the youtube video... and remember: This is a theme park for kids officially centered around candy... who can blame her? But apparently its because the furries and Bronies are secretly in command, and they're all trying to fuck our animals and children!

She railed against the park for about four months until some faggot who's had been wasting his time replying to her shitposts bothered to google her name and well... whether she decides to DELETE_FUCKING_EVERYTHING is yet to be seen - but she does seem to have a habit of trying to make a clean escape if her past is discovered.

A full screencap of the 4-month comment thread can be found here: Link - do note that its a rather boring read: she just keeps saying the same shit over and over like a broken record, insisting that furries and bronies are all pedos and into animal fuckery, and getting incredibly buttmad when anyone tries to say otherwise.

Update: After a short while she seems to have tried to cover her tracks in the video, leaving only the above screendump on the whole comment line behind - with only her original comment somehow still visible, and she seems to be doing that consistently now, so it dosen't appear that anyone is saying anything mean to her.

Or maybe not? It seems that what Kim has done is simply flag and report all the negative comments about - but whenever she herself replies to them - because the bitch is undeniably thirsty for attention, in the same way that religious nutjob loves to preach - they seem to reappear. Its odd in how the comment thread seems to appear and disappear this - could it just be a youtube bug?. Either way, the screendump here covers most of the fun stuff - everyone beyond that point is just reposts from Kim saying the same shit over and over:

Like a broken record she seems unable to regurgitate anything but the same lines over and over, all of it extremely poorly spelled and with no sense of how stupid it makes her look what so ever. This Anon has had more intelligent conversations with scilons back in 2010 and is no small feat.

Either way it seems that lil' Kim has gone both full hugbox and full retard, gleefully claiming that she can get Youtube to take down anything she wants, because reason. She is a lulzcow blind to the fact that a milking machine hasn't just been hooked up to her, but that she's pushing the button herself to make it work at this point.

Just remember, for maximum lulz: If you meet her, say that she is not a real animal control officer (Or try demanding proof of it... watch the spaghetti flow) and hint of the fact that she probably is mentally retarded, because girl can't write for shit, and seems entirely too dimwitted to actually see how much of a fool she's making of herself.

Kim vs. Banrai 2.0: A REAL LAWSUIT APPEARS

In August of 2016 Kim decided to get back on Banrai's case and attempted to lawsuit her once again, however this time Banrai was tired of her shit. Banrai started a GoFundMe and raised $1000 to fly to California to fight Kim's shenanigans. Without Kim's knowledge, Banrai had contacted many of Kim's other victims and they also agreed to come to the hearing for the legal matter. Kim was, as usual, completely clueless about the entire ordeal and arranged to appear at the hearing by telephone so she could act like she was SO AFRAID of Banrai. This backfired gloriously in her face when the judge informed her that she could not be sworn for testimony and therefore any statements she made were not able to be entered into the court record as testimony. Banrai and the group of 10 ACO's that showed up for the hearing won the case by a landslide while KAK sputtered incoherently on the loudspeaker about how KYLEN MYLES AND BANRAI WERE HARASSING AND STALKING HER WITH ENCYCLOPEDIADRAMATICA AND SHE WAS SO AFRAID.

The ruling from the judge stated that Keister is an unreliable and uncredible witness and a vexatious litigant, and further attempts to pursue this matter would be met with prejudice.

Quotes from the Beast

For people that might take offence to some my recipes from other countries, well this a blog for meat recipes around the world, So if it offense Sea Shepherd if recipes for whale, oh well, if it offends PETA and other Animals rights group if I have culture recipes for listed that someone in that culture might use like sea turtles, dog, cat, horse, monkey, & ect,..Oh well. I own, show, show breed AKC Siberian Huskies and I understand some culture eats dog meat! I don’t eat dog meat and never will, I will say I’ve tried cat meat in form of beef jerky few years back and personally the cat meat was good. But most often these animals are raised for their meat, like we have meat rabbits vs. pet rabbits and some countries and culture they have meat dogs and cats vs. pet dogs and cats. So, please reframe from sending me nasty letters about your idea of Taboo Food and attack me for my cultural recipes. This website is for all meat eaters and verity food eaters and other cultures and No I don’t see Veganism as culture, just a cult!!!


Kim's insights on tracing. It's like rape I guess?
Anyhow Ted was doing a C-section on this cat and opne babys where in there to long and the vet said it was sickly yellow. I said gave it to me, he's said it's DEAD. I said MAYBE, GAVE ME KITTY. He did and worked non-stop for over hour. after 5 mins it took a deep beath and i yelled ..IT'S ALIVE IT'S ALIVE...Thay ran in and they where amzed and they said i have a speical touched. I made sure the kitty got nursing and stuff.. I watched it for over 2 hours and that kitty was getting stronger. I could not let it died or stay dead.. It would been unfair not to try. I tryed and it became back and i so happy. The vets where so greatful, I am the cat's meow..they all laughed.


If your didn't read all off it, her peom is being PUBLISHED in A BOOK! Kim may be fat and ugly, but she's going be famose! You are nothen!!!"


—She paid $50 to be published in that book!

GOD DAMN You Cyber Stalker! That is noit traced..Sorry..If a POSE looks like somthing like it copied you are nuts.. Poises are not Copyrighted. If anyone know of Nighttracker or O'lBrian They have the sme pose and sign holding animals. Thetres aleast pictures like this on the furrie sites. This i just a bunch BS. Karen you should know because you have the sme posed picture on your site...Out 8 of these pose sign holding pictures i not sure who has the orignal..But i am pretty sure it's Melissa O'Brian's "I" go permission a long time ago from O'Brian to use that idea. I know Nighttracker got mine permission for the samething few weeks back when i showed her the black and white version of this.

YOU CAN'T COPYRIGHT A POSE! Anyhow if that was true no one won't have anything to draw! Yes! Now i am very much very POed that you want to try so hard to get me banned from places like my other cyber stalker...Why don't go and get freaking life and stop being a loser that aways trying prove somthing!!!

Brian and Charles I am sorry BUT this women gone to fare! I came hare for freaking haven from them.. but now they claiming i ripped kylen Miles off. I won't ripp Kylen off if my life depaneded on..If people are so fixed that i am ripping that girl off. Maybe i should for the hell of it to take one her images and alter it and posted as "HERE WANTED TO ACUES ME TO RIPPING YOU AFF...SO HERE YOU GO"


Dogs at shows with me in my area/grooming/ set up area is roped off with large signs that state “NO TRASSPASSING/ NO TOUCHING of DOGS WITH OUT PERMUISSON OF KIM KEISTER, PROFESSIONAL HANDLER”


—Dogs are © Kim Keister Do Not Steel

No, I don't really feed the animals! But, why do your Wolfaboos have to call everyone stupid. Is it to make themselves feel better about their pathic looser wolfaboo lives?. No, that is not an insult when it's the facts! You Wolfaboos live in a fantasy(I wish the speical education would see this ban the wolfaboo/furry behavior and punish students that talk,art, and ect Wolfaboo/furry. Wolfaboo/furry is a derange mental illness) people are mentally ill and disabled loosers with no life,..Personally no one likes what you believe aka Wolfaboos,.. we in the real world think you all need mental treatment1


—Kim really hates sparkledogs aka "wolfaboos"


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